College Student Walks 20 Miles At Night To Get To Work, And His Boss Gives Him The Best Gift Possible

When it comes to work and business, many of us have experienced the moment when you have to push through no matter what and perform to your very best. Walter Carr, a 20-year-old college student from Homewood, who is hoping to become a marine, knew that there was no turning back when his car broke down the evening before his first day at a new job, located 20 miles away. So, Walter did not hesitate and looked at the situation from a rather brave perspective. What did he decide to do? Take a long walk.
He started his journey in the night and arrived at his destination around 4 a.m. Little did he know that these 20 miles of dedication were about to change his life for good. While Walter was walking alone at night, police officers drove past him and decided to stop and ask if everything was OK. Once the brave 20-year-old told his story, they immediately took Carr and drove him to have some delicious breakfast before work. After they ate, the officers drove Walker to his work, where he was supposed to help a family move and starting a new job. When he and the policeman arrived at his work, the house owner Jenny Hayden Lamey was amazed by Walter’s dedication and commitment to his responsibilities so she posted a heartwarming message about him and created a GoFundMe page for Walter to help him out. Quickly enough, many good people fell in love with the young man and started donating his money. The page was supposed to raise $2.000, and now it has over $34.000 (who wouldn’t walk 20 miles for that amount of money?).
And that’s not all! The owner of the moving company where Walter works was so amused by his commitment, he decided to give Walter his own car as a random act of kindness. Well, that’s a boss we could all dream about! It’s safe to say that a 20-mile journey turned out to be one of the best things that happened to Walter!
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Meet Walter Carr, a 20-year-old who moved to Homewood after him and his mother lost their home due to Hurricane Katrina

Image credits: Walter Carr

A couple of days ago, Walter was getting ready for his first day at a moving company when his car broke down unexpectedly

Image credits: Carol Robinson

Since his job was 20 miles away he decided to walk, he started at midnight and was planning to reach his destination in the morning

Image credits: Carol Robinson

While he was walking his 14th mile alone in the dark, a couple of policemen saw him and asked if he’s alright

Image credits: Carol Robinson

After Walter told what happened to him, they took him to have breakfast and gave him a ride to his work where he was supposed to help a family move

Image credits: Pelham Police Dept

When he arrived at his destination, the owner of the house couldn’t believe how committed Walter was to his work

Image credits: Jenny Hayden Lamey

So she wrote a heartwarming post about him and even created a GoFundMe page for Walter to help him out

She was planning to raise $2.000 for Carr and it quickly grew all the way to $34.000

Image credits: Carol Robinson

And that’s not all! Once the CEO of the company where Walter worked heard about his employee’s commitment, he gifted him his own car!

It’s safe to say that Walter couldn’t believe what was happening to him that day!

Image credits: Carol Robinson

Carr’s story touched many people and became a symbol of courage and kindness, they even came up with a hashtag #belikeWalter to support this young man!

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