Family Taking A Terminally Sick Puppy Home Gets A Huge Surprise

As much as we’d like for our beloved pets to live forever, that’s never the case. And even though we do everything we can to keep them healthy so they can enjoy a long life, sometimes, when the situation is dire, the best thing we can do is just ensure that they’re comfortable in the end.
That was the mission of one family in Ankara, Turkey, who volunteered at their local animal shelter where a number of dogs needed hospice care. And even though they spent countless shifts helping out, nothing could have ever prepared them for the puppy named Faith…
The sad truth is that there are millions of dogs being crammed into shelters around the world. There are simply not enough resources or volunteers to help each and every dog in need, and sometimes shelters in poor areas even lack necessities like food and water for their animals.
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That's the reason why a woman named Mary and her three daughters decided to get involved with their local animal shelter after moving to Ankara, Turkey. They wanted to be the extra sets of hands the shelter so desperately needed.
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The local shelter was so overrun that at one point there were over 4,000 dogs in need of medical care, food, shelter, and love. The shelter workers just couldn't keep up and oftentimes ran out of food to feed the animals.
So Mary and her two daughters started bringing food to help the dogs who needed it the most. They loved playing a part in the dogs' lives, but it was heartbreaking to know that some of them would pass away in such an uncomfortable setting.
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Mary decided she wanted to adopt the shelter dogs who were dying so that they could have the most comforting and loving end to their lives. This decision was one that changed her family's life forever — and in an unexpected way.
Faith was one of three puppies in a litter the family took home. Sadly, the first two passed away shortly after they arrived. Given that Faith was the smallest puppy in her litter, the family prepared themselves for Faith's likely fate.
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Sure enough, Faith struggled immensely the first few days away from the shelter. She could barely walk because her legs were so weak, and she was suffering from distemper, a viral disease that affects many animals including dogs.
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Distemper affects many vital systems in a dog like the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. The final stages of distemper affect the spinal cord, and it can cause seizures and loss of coordination. Life at the shelter and the disease really affected Faith.
In fact, Faith was so weak that she seldom, if ever, left the box she had been brought to her new home in. She seemed so sick that she didn't want to do anything other than observe what was happening from the safety and security of her box.
And yet, for reasons they couldn't explain, the family started to fall for little Faith. She wasn't the biggest or the healthiest puppy, and they knew she didn't have long to live, but she was winning them over.
Nobody expected her to survive, but they were going to make her as comfortable as they possibly could anyway. The family could sense that she had a warm personality and loved affection. She closed her eyes when they stroked her fur and took in each and every second of it.
One day, the family brought Faith to the vet to have her distemper evaluated. The vet wasn't sure if Faith was strong enough to survive any treatment, but he felt it was worth trying. Mary wanted to do anything possible to help Faith.
"Once we took her out of there and took her to our vet, they started care for the distemper," Mary recalled. "Once she was eating regularly, she just started improving, and we took her home."
Faith needed to be quarantined from Mary's other three chihuahuas even though they'd been vaccinated prior. The virus was still extremely dangerous and needed to be completely taken care of before introducing Faith to other animals.
Mary's daughter's room became Faith's "hospital room." Faith was in good hands because it was her daughter that first laid eyes on Faith and knew she wanted to help comfort this little pup.
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Even though they saw signs of improvement in Faith, the first month was touch and go. They only thing they could do was pray that the treatment was working and that Faith had enough fight left in her.
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A month passed and Faith seemed to have made a miraculous recovery! She was cleared by the vet and deemed a healthy dog. But although Faith had beat distemper, she still had one challenge ahead of her. She needed to learn to be a dog.
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Mary introduced Faith to her chihuahuas by just placing Faith's kennel in front of them and letting both parties feel each other out.  They warmed up to one another fairly quickly, but now it was time for Faith to feel grass for the first time ever.
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Mary recalled, "The girls would take her outside, and she would just kind of stand around." But it didn't take Faith long to learn because Mary constantly took care of street dogs in the area. Faith was soon running around and playing as a dog should!
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Faith made a full recovery and lived her best life with the family that saved her. Mary explained, "You can't help every single animal who's suffering, but for the ones that you can, you make a difference." And she's not the only one who advocates that view.
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