Kitten Rescued From A Dumpster Turns Out To Be An Extremely Rare Animal

For some unfortunate reason, we live in a throw-away culture where people are willing to discard anything that inconveniences them. It’s upsetting to know that some are able to detach themselves from a thing that, at one point, held significant meaning to them.
Pets are, too often, the victims of this culture. People buy animals for themselves or their children, only to realize later that they don’t actually want them, or that they don’t have the resources to care for them. Instead of trying to find a loving home, they feel abandonment is an easier solution.
When one woman heard the cries of an injured kitten alone in a dumpster, she knew she had to help the abandoned animal. After her trip to the vet, though, she was shocked to find out that the one-week-old kitten was actually a very unique creature…
When a woman heard muffled cries coming from a dumpster, she went to investigate. She came across a one-week-old kitten, whom she named Martyr, barely able to open his eyes. It wasn’t until she brought him to a vet that was when she realized how truly remarkable her find was…
cat 1Vodkaholy / Imgur
Martyr had lost a paw to gangrene and suffered from a broken leg, but was luckily in stable condition.
After the vet examined the little guy, he explained to the mother that Martyr was a very rare breed. He was a calico breed of cat, which is relatively rare.
cat 2Vodkaholy / Imgur
The fact that Martyr was a calico wasn’t even the most remarkable part. Only one in 3,000 Calico cats are male! That made the seemingly random discovery all the more special.
cat 4Vodkaholy / Imgur
It’s been six months, so far, since Martyr’s mother found him. His leg and paw have both healed perfectly, and he’s quickly growing into an energetic and loving family member! 
cat 5Vodkaholy / Imgur
It’s sad to think that an amazing animal like Martyr was abandoned, but, we can take solace in the fact that there are people in this world willing to help.

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