Owners Who Catch Their Cat Stealing Money From Strangers Have To Make It Right

You would have to do some serious searching to find someone whose life has not been changed by a pet. Rain or shine, pets are always at your side offering their endless love and affection, and that kind of thing affects you.
Some pets, though, find ways to impact more than just their owners. These pets go so above and beyond what anyone would expect from them that they end up providing warmth, comfort, and happiness to thousands of hearts.
Take this cat from Tulsa, Oklahoma, for instance, whose love for the game of cat and mouse is having a major impact on the town’s entire community…
When it comes to heartwarming moments of tenderness and affection, cats aren’t always topping our lists. Sure, there are plenty of cats who love snuggling up beside their owners or pointing their bellies skyward and begging for a good belly rub, but an equal number of cats like nothing more than to sink their claws directly into your ankles as you walk by.
Still, with all their quirks and eccentricities, cats have found a way into our hearts. One cat in particular—with the help of his human counterparts—found a way to channel that affection into a positive change for his community…
The hilariously named Sir-Whines-A-Lot, an always-on-the-clock director of feline operations at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, marketing firm known as GuRuStu, provided a great deal of comfort to the marketers at the firm. He enjoyed naps and offered stress relief. He also had a peculiar habit…
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
See, one day, GuRuStu founder Stuart McDaniel noticed something just a bit strange about Sir-Whines-A-Lot’s favorite napping spot: there were fat stacks of cash piling up. Even stranger, Stuart hadn’t added Sir-Whines to the payroll. How was this cat so flushed with cash?
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
That’s when Stuart discovered this cat’s elite marketing chops. When the employees left the office for the day, Sir-Whines stayed behind and did what cats do best beside sleeping–he looked really, really cute. Passersby could not resist the enticing stare of a cat with activated charm…
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
With his good looks and feline charm, Sir-Whines-A-Lot coaxed the fine folks of Tulsa into a little game of high-stakes cat and mouse. When people passed, they wanted to play with Sir-Whines, so they’d reach into their wallets and pull out a dollar bill to slide between the crack, hoping he’d chase after it for a few moments…
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
Of course, these people also assumed that when they left Sir-Whines-A-Lot, they’d be leaving with the dollar they’d played with. Sir-Whines had other plans, however, and as a dominant cat-and-mouse player, he started snatching money up like a Wall Street stockbroker.
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
Eventually, word of Sir-Whines-A-Lot spread. “It’s become a game,” Stuart told reporters. “It costs you a dollar to play, ’cause the cat’s going to get your money.” Because he collected so much money, Stuart and the company decided it was time to put the fruits of Sir-Whine’s thievery to a good cause…
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
It didn’t take long for Stuart and his office to figure out the perfect place for Sir-Whines-A-Lot’s cash. In his youth, Sir-Whines himself had been a homeless cat until Stuart and the office rescued him. That made the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless the most sensible place to donate Sir-Whine’s money.
With the growing publicity of Sir-Whines-A-Lot, GuRuStu needed a Facebook page for the money-filching feline. They developed the CASHnip Kitty moniker, where Sir-Whines is described as “a hustler with a philanthropic heart.”
CASHnip Kitty / Facebook
Word of Sir-Whines-A-Lot’s good deeds spread so far and wide that between-the-door donations didn’t cut it anymore. Soon, letters of thanks, packages with cat toys, and larger donations flooded the office, all thanks to one kitty’s love for a game of cat and mouse.
And for those who didn’t wish to donate the old-fashioned way, Sir-Whines-A-Lot was still happy to accept money through the crack between the office doors
What a great way to raise money for a good cause. Sir-Whines-A-Lot may be a simple kitten, but there’s no doubt his games of cat and mouse are having a positive impact on the world! Find out more about the cause here.

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