Ever thought, what will happen to your pet once you turn old? Who will take care of it? Imagine the old age makes you forget about your de...

The Discovery Of An Abnormal Looking Cat In The Cellar Changes This Couple’s Life Forever The Discovery Of An Abnormal Looking Cat In The Cellar Changes This Couple’s Life Forever

The Discovery Of An Abnormal Looking Cat In The Cellar Changes This Couple’s Life Forever

The Discovery Of An Abnormal Looking Cat In The Cellar Changes This Couple’s Life Forever

Ever thought, what will happen to your pet once you turn old? Who will take care of it? Imagine the old age makes you forget about your dear four-legged buddy. Scared? Of course, anyone would be. None of us want to face reality and reach that stage of life.
Almost each one of us fears the nearing old age. Aging comes as a challenge in our lives. It becomes even tough for the people who fall prey to it in an instant. Not only grooming and self-care gets difficult but caring for your family and friends also becomes strenuous. And this makes us completely forget about our beloved pets.
But, this one would want you to turn old. Not for yourself, but for a happening future of your pet. Read in here to find what a beautiful journey this cat had.

The Old Man

An 82-year-old man was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was living there alone and had no family members to look after him. With his age, it was getting difficult for him to look after himself and the situation worsened when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Things became tough on his end. It was then when one of his relatives named Paul Russel living in Churchill, Pennsylvania helped the old man to shift to an assisted living.

The Shift

Russel was convinced that at this stage of life the man could not be left alone. He needed medical assistance 24*7, so shifting him was the only option left. In Russel’s words, the old man doesn’t know anybody anymore. As the man was shifted to his new home, Paul suddenly recalls that he owned a cat as well. But where was she? She couldn’t be located in the house. Paul decides to revisit his relative’s home to find her.

Siamese Cat

Paul remembered playing with a Siamese cat at his relative’s place. The cat named Siam. Paul carries some supper for the kitty until he figures out what will he do with her. While he was making a move towards the house, someone mentioned to him, that the old man owns a second cat as well. Russel decides to have a closer look at the place to find both the cats. He wasn’t aware of his relative owning another pet. Well, what he finds next was something he must not have been prepared for.

A Strange Sound

On entering the house, Paul could easily locate Siam in the backyard. While he was feeding her, he heard a strange sound. Similar to that of a big thing darting against something. He was sure, that it must be the second cat, hiding from him out of fear. He looks inside the house to locate the cat. What he sees next was quite horrifying. What did he see?

A Closer Look

Paul comes closer to see what exactly it was. He uses a flashlight to figure out the sound. He reaches to the old creepy cellar. The house had no signs of electricity. It was all vacuum and sounds of Paul’s heart beating faster. He was not sure as to what exactly was he looking for. It appeared to be something like that of a horror scene.

The Second Pet

Though Paul had no intentions to scare the little being, he already had. Finally, he could locate the second creature. At the instant, it scared him. Paul says, “It was covered with some blanket maybe, it had something wrapped around”. Paul offered some food to the animal, as he smelled it, he came close to him. As the pet approached him, Paul almost frightens to death. Was the animal that scary?

An Octopussy

Paul could not believe his eyes. He was not sure as if what he saw was a cat or an octopus residing there? Initially though frightened, Paul gathers courage and caress the strange animal. The animal shuddered but later calmed as well. It had long tentacles like things all over the body. It had a face like that of a cat. Was it an octopussy? Whatever, it might have been, but it was quite sure that the old man completely forgot about it.

The Forgotten Creature

Alzheimer’s is a destructive disease for anyone to face. It is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder where the patient loses his thinking skills and memory. With time it even becomes challenging for him to carry out his easiest daily chores. Having a pet to look after makes life even tough. Surely, the disease made the old man lose the sight of his cats.

A  Calico Cat

It was a poor cat, who has been unkempt which led to her deteriorated condition today.  This was Russell’s relative’s second cat which the neighbors were talking about. What Paul mistook for a blanket and ‘Octopussy’ was actually the cat’s own hair. They had matted and entangled over the years and appeared like dreadlocks.

The Poor Fellow

It was quite conclusive that the old man due to his disease had absolutely lost the track of this Calico cat. Paul felt pity towards the creature. Her condition bothered him. She appeared to be overweight and seemed to be in a lot of pain.  Paul and his wife Jill were sensitive to these beings. They were compassionate toward her and wanted to help her. They decided to name the cat Hidey and consult a Veterinary Physician for both the cats.

What Next?

The cats were scared of the new caretakers. Siam, however, adapted quickly to the new environment; but Hidey would run away. She would be hiding under the beds and in the corners. It was quite evident that the cat was in a lot of pain and was traumatized. Paul and Jill paid special attention to Hidey. They could not wait to help the being and get her out of pain. Once they were able to gain the cat’s trust, they took the cats to the Animal Rescue League & Wildlife Shelter in Pittsburgh.

An Unusual Condition

The vet too was tensed to see such a condition of the cat. He pointed out that the cats must be some 17-18 years old. Siam just needed a regular healthcare treatment, but Hidey, her condition was worrying. The poor cat’s hair has entangled to an extreme extent. They have turned into long dreadlocks of approximately 8 inches in length. The vet and his team had to search online for a treatment as they never witnessed such a case. Even after extensive research, they could not find a case similar to this. Now, they only relied upon their knowledge to find a cure for this helpless cat.

Shave It Off

After trusting their instincts, the physicians came with the solution. They decided to shave off the cat’s hair. Hidey was given the general anesthesia, to make sure that the vet could shave off the dreadlocks without harming the pitiable being.  It took quite a few hours to get the cat out of her aberrant appearance. The cat had accumulated nearly two pounds of dreadlocks! It was shocking to everyone around. The cat was already overweight and these locks made her condition even worse. But, how did she grew her hair this long?

Self Grooming

Cats are the self-groomers. They love pampering themselves. Not only do they enjoy brushing themselves up but would also ask their owners to do so. Then why did  Hidey not do this? As per the vets, the cats grooming has a lot to do with their weight. As Hidey was quite overweight, she could not manage to care for herself. The hair which she shed, had nowhere to go and they braided together into dreadlocks.

Needed Care

Not only are the cats responsible for their grooming, but we as owners also need to take care of them. Just like we enjoy pampering ourselves, our pets also enjoy that. Since Hidey was obese, she could not take care of herself. Unfortunately, her owner also fell prey to Alzheimer’s. The man who could barely remember his own name, could not be asked for anything more.

A New Begining

After getting the cats treated and vaccinated, Paul and Jill decided to adopt these cats. They brought the new members to their home, which was already a home to three cats and two dogs. Siam and Hidey took a little time to adapt to their new home. Initially, Siam would run away from her siblings but with time she started enjoying in the cozy and warm atmosphere. However, Hidey was still scared.

Coping Without Dreadlocks

It was quite tough for Hidey to manage life without the overgrown fur. She was so used to those dreadlocks that she felt something missing. Hidey did not enjoy people caressing her. She would run away from everyone. However, her bond with Jill strengthened over time. Jill was amazed at her progress and she was sure that Hidey would soon love everyone else.

The Makeover

After receiving an abundance of love and care, Hidey started living a happy life. Russel’s showered their love for the cat. They dressed her in clothes and hats. She would now show her kitty antics. Earlier she was supposed to be dragged out of the bed, but now she would herself come out to gain some attention. She would run around the house and play with her siblings. She started with her mischiefs as well. You won’t be surprised to find her in your blankets.

Miss Limelight

As soon as the cat got her makeover, the Animal Rescue Centre flooded their website with her story. Her transformation from a shabby, helpless, unkempt cat to a gorgeous Calico gained a lot of attention. Her pictures with her new owners and family caught all the eyes. Hidey was portrayed wearing tiaras, dressed in little frocks and a lot more. Her cute sight became the talk of the town. Russels and Hidey were now recognized everywhere they went.

Caring Family

TV stations, websites and news reporters approached the Russels for interactive sessions. Everyone wanted to broadcast the family which fed almost 6 pets. Russels were praised for their heart being sensitive to these mute creatures. If they wished, they could have disowned this shabby and dreadful looking cat. But, no, they decided to gift her a beautiful transformation. Getting her rid off those dreadlocks was the best decision they could have made.

The Reaction

There were all sorts of reactions to Hidey’s makeover journey. While some could not stop admiring the cute cat, there were some who could not stop appreciating the Rusell’s. The media was captured with different reactions. Some people said that the images of the dreadlock cat were fake, while some would term the cat as sick. There were many who blamed the old man for the pitiful cat’s condition. What would have been your take on that?

Fake Photos

People were outraged by the viral cat’s photos. No one was ready to believe that the cat actually had two pounds of dreadlocks over her. People could not wrap their hands around the fact that cats could stop grooming their self. Some people thought to name the photos Fake was the best option. However, The Animal Rescue Centre immediately reverted to those comments and said, “such a condition can be possible in real life as well if one stops grooming their pets on time”.

Depicting Concern

There was also a part of the population like that of Wanda- Bailey who were genuinely concerned about the cat’s health. They raised their inquisitiveness about the formation of dreadlocks and self-grooming consequences. Health issues can make daily chores difficult, not only for the humans but also for all other creatures on this planet. Keep reading to see how these mute creatures of God make a difference in our lives especially when we turn old.

Lost The Cool

Amongst the criticizers, there were a handful of people who outraged at the elder man. They did not read the entire story stating that the old man was a patient of Alzheimer’s and just showed their anger towards him. People termed the sight as sickening, terrible and disgusting. There was a lot of criticism, but The Animal Research Centre clarified all their doubts.

A Nobel Step

In December 2016, one of the team members from the Animal Rescue team posted an emotional letter on Facebook. Where he talked about Hidey’s condition and its followed consequences. Also, he made a special mention of the elderly citizens in that post. He shared his views about the plight of ignored elder family members and neglected pets. He used Hidey’s incident to aware others of the situation and even motivate them to come forward and help these beings.

A Lesson

Hidey’s condition was so unusual that even the internet could not serve a solution to it. But, it became a medium to help out other pets who were in need. How? The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center started a fund to support the animals which were in pain and those who could no longer be taken care of by their owners due to approaching old age and health consequences. This Programme initially tried educating the people about the following concerns related to the relationship between pets and humans and grooming tips for pets.

Healing Power Of Animals For Elderly

Pets are the most loyal friends of ours. No matter what happens, they would always stick by us. Their cute little pet licks are enough to reveal our tensions and stress. No doubts as to why they are termed as an old man’s best friend. Since our four-legged partners live in the present, they are always jolly and fun to be around. This makes elderly people also active and persuaded them to live in the present.

The Best Companions

Old age is a phase where our children are busy with their lives and making a living. This is the time when the elders feel neglected. The much-needed care and love of their children are what they get from the family pets. The pets have a positive effect on the memory of a human. Studies show that pets can help you with long-term memory, and for patients of Alzheimer’s they are the saviors.  Also cuddling and running after your dogs and cats is associated with a healthy heart.

Some Considerations

Animals have a healing effect on elders as they keep them happy all the time. While they are the best companions, there are certain considerations which elderly pet owners must take care of. A middle-aged pet is a good choice for healthy elders. The pet won’t be as energetic as a puppy and won’t even crave the attention of their owners. Cats are more suitable for physically challenged elders as they don’t demand that much care which a dog would do. However, the elders need to be pet-friendly to love one at this phase.

Grooming The Pets With Long Hair

Now, most have us have brushed our teeth with the fact that cats are self-groomers. Agreed. Yes, they are.  But this doesn’t mean that they don’t need care from their parents. A cat however well might groom herself, but demands human grooming them too. As evident from the case of Hidey, cats or let’s say pets with long fur and hair need special care. Regular brushing and combing of the pet’s fur is a must. One may consult a vet for chopping and trimming the long fur of these animals, to avoid hurting them.

Find The Right Tools

For grooming your cat, always use the appropriate tools. A wire brush, under-coat comb, and a flea comb are the most suitable ones. Use a wide comb in case your cat is shedding off her hair due to seasonal changes. Always start with a wide comb first followed by a brush and then the undercoat. Detangle her locks first and then pave your way down the hair.

Talcum For Knots

Sprinkling talcum on your cat’s fur and help you with combing the knots. This will also ensure that her hair is detangled. Use your fingers later to comb her hair and undo the knots if any. Detangle her hair by splitting them into various parts. This will ensure a painless grooming session for her.


If a hair strand is badly entangled, you may need to use scissors. Carefully cut the untidy entangled knot. Make sure you cut away the hair as far as from as possible to avoid any cuts. Before making a cut, detangle the hair with your fingers to the extent it could be and then chop them off. In severe cases, professional help is recommended.

A Positive Hope

The team at Animal Rescue League Shelter had high hopes attached with this program. They were sure that through this step, many pets will find new homes even when their loving owners would not be able to look after them. They will find a home away from home.

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