-- Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This

We think that humans are only creatures capable of empathy and compassion. Some people, however, claim that other species can be more compassionate than humans will ever be. For example, let's think about dogs for a minute. They are incredibly loyal and ready to do anything for their owners. In addition, they will show you how much they care about you no matter what.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
There are so many heartwarming stories about dogs who rescued their families. But, how many stories of an animal saving another animal have you heard? Well, this is one such story. Keep reading to find out more about this dog who saved another animal in need.

Avid Animal Lover

Who is exactly the person who owns a superhero dog? He is a man named Mark Freeley and he works as a personal injury lawyer in East Setauket, New York.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Mark is an avid animal lover who is also the proud owner of two adorable dogs. One dog is an English Golden Retriever named Storm and the other is a Border Collie called Sarah. Mark also enjoys the company of a small bunny called Speedo.

One of a Kind

Mark's love for animals appeared when he was just a little boy. He loves all his pets equally, but Storm is truly one of a kind dog. As Mark says, he is the heart of the family.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Storm helped Sarah to adjust to her new surroundings after she had been rescued. Also, he was so gentle and kind that he allowed Speedo to sleep on his back every now and then. However, his gentle nature also got him in trouble a few times.

Guardian Angel

If you're still wondering what makes Mark so special, why is he different than all the other animal lovers, let us explain. Mark does pro bono legal work for local animal rescue centers and he also fosters dogs for them.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
When it comes to helping animals in need, Mark is the one to call. Every time he takes a new puppy in, Storm is around to help him out. What a great team these two make!

Learning from His Dog

Every time Mark takes in puppies, they size Storm up. Since he is such a gentle and caring dog, the puppies become comfortable with him very quickly. They even start thinking of him as some sort of a plaything.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
For example, they constantly climb over Storm and nip at his ears. But, Storm was understanding and he never got irritated or annoyed. Mark started learning from his dog and trying to become as patient as Storm is.

Let's Play Fetch

Once he realized Storm gets along with other animals well, Mark came up with an interesting idea. He decided to adopt Sarah and was looking forward to taking them both out to the park.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
One of the first things he tried to do was teach his dogs to play fetch. Mark thought both of them would love it and that they would have an amazing time at the park. However, Sarah was a fan of fetch but Storm not so much.

Unwilling to Play Along

Mark was surprised to see that his Storm, the most cooperative and helpful dog he ever met, suddenly became so grumpy. No matter what he threw, balls, sticks, or a frisbee, Storm refused to chase after the items.

Storm is a Golden Retriever and these dogs love playing around. However, Mark thought that Storm could be an exception. Little did he know that Storm's instincts would pop up when he least expected them to.

Taking a Stroll Together

There was one thing that Mark and his dogs absolutely loved doing together. Storm and Sarah's favorite activity is taking a long stroll along Port Jefferson Harbor.

Fortunately for Mark, this beach was very close to his home and he noticed that his dogs loved spending time at the beach. He thinks that his dogs like this walking route the most probably because they love looking at the boats.

One Special Weekend

Since beach walks is something that all three of them enjoyed, Mark made sure that they go to the beach as frequently as possible. Even though the beach is near his home, it wasn't always easy for Mark to set aside some time to visit it.

Because of his busy schedule, Mark would sometimes take the dogs to the beach only on the weekends. However, one weekend was very special... Storm behave quite unexpectedly and in a way Sam could never imagine.

That Very Afternoon

It was just another regular afternoon and Mark was taking his dogs to the beach for their stroll. But then, something incredible happened. It was mid-July and the weather was unbelievably hot.

But, this didn't bother Storm or Sarah. Despite the blazing heat, both dogs were very excited to go out. The ocean breeze was abundant and it helped keep the dogs cool.

A Beautiful Day on the Beach

Mark feared that the weather might be too hot for his dogs. But, once they got to the beach he was glad to see that the temperature wasn't that bad at all. The gentle breeze made things much better.

Then he and his dogs proceeded to their usual route and they enjoyed watching the waves and the boats. It was such a majestic and calming scene which, unfortunately, didn't last for too long.

Storm in the Water

All three of them were enjoying spending time at the beach on a sunny day. However, Mark soon noticed something unusual about his dog. All of a sudden, Storm started bounding and he got closer to the water.

Mark was surprised to see Storm behaving in such a way, but he thought that his dog was just overheated. Sometimes, summers in New York can get a bit overwhelming. And, to make things even hotter for Storm, he was a long-haired dog.

Storm's True Intention

Whenever Mark took his dogs to the beach, they would play around or walk on the sand. However, this time something was different. For the first time ever, Storm got so close to the water.

Mark was quite intrigued. He was wondering what made Storm get so close to the water, because he had never done that before. Soon, Mark would see the real intention behind Storm's actions.

Fetching Something Unusual

Mark was closely observing his dog's behavior. He knew that there was definitely a reason why he behaved in such a way, but he couldn't figure it out. At first, he thought that Storm wanted to cool down a little bit.

However, once Storm jumped in the water he started swimming towards something. Mark noticed a lump in the sea and realized that Storm was planning to get closer to it. He just hoped that the lump wasn't a dead fish.

Something Unexpected

Storm and Mark have been buddies for a few years, and Mark knows all his likes and dislikes. So, he knew that Storm had a big appetite and that he would munch on any meat whenever he got a chance.

However, Mark worried that the fish might be poisoned or rotten and that it could make Storm sick. But, it didn't take Mark long to realize that something else was going on. Storm wasn't trying to grab a snack at all...

A Brave Rescuer

Storm was getting closer to the lump that lured him to the sea, and Mark still couldn't figure out what exactly it was. Sinc Mark didn't jump in the water, he had to wait for the dog to return so he could finally find out what the lump was.

It took Storm a few minutes to get back and he was carrying something in his mouth the entire time. As he got closer, Mark knew for sure that it wasn't a fish. However, he still couldn't figure out what it was.

Another Concern

There was something else Mark was worried about. Since Storm swam far away and he didn't follow him, he feared that his dog might get in trouble. The water could be too deep and the thought of Storm drowning terrified Mark.

He waited anxiously for his dog to come back. The only thing Mark could do was stand on the beach and hope that Storm returns safely.

Swimming Back Ashore

It would be scary for any dog lover to look at their dog jump into the sea. After all, you never know whether your dog is a good swimmer or what may be lurking underwater.

Storm seemed to be quite confident and like he knew what he was doing. But, still, Mark was afraid that something bad might happen to him, especially when he was swimming back ashore. He was carrying something in his mouth and it definitely wasn't easy to swim like that.

An Unbelievable Catch

Mark was standing by the shore and waiting for Storm to get back. He grew even more worried after thinking about the object that Storm was carrying in his mouth.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
What could it be? Was Storm fooled by some garbage that was thrown in the sea? Did he waste his time and energy to bring a pile of trash to the shore? However, soon Mark was about to find out the truth.

Mystery Revealed

Storm was swimming fast and it didn't take him long to get back to the shore. Mark was excited to see that his dog is finally safe. But, he was also very curious.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Mark wanted to find out as fast as possible what his dog had come with. It turned out that all of his guesses were wrong. Storm wasn't carrying trash or dead fish. He actually jumped in the water so he could bring a baby deer to safety. Mark was sad to see the tiny deer, because it was highly unlikely that it was alive.

Fighting to Survive

Storm would not give up on the baby deer. He would nudge it gently with his nose and try to help it by licking it on the neck. All of a sudden, Mark noticed the deer shivering.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Poor thing was in shock but it was still breathing and fighting to survive. Mark quickly called help and Storm lay down next to the deer. He wasn't sure whether the deer could make it, but the fact that his dog wouldn't give up on it made Mark want to fight for its life.

Help Is On the Way

The baby deer was very lucky because Storm's owner was an animal lover and he spent his entire life helping animals. As soon as he noticed that the deer was in trouble, he called Strong Island Animal Rescue League.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
And, after waiting for a few minutes, the rescue team finally arrived. They were equipped with nets and leashes and ready to help the deer out. The director of the group, Frankie Floridia, and his partner, Erica Kutzing, were also there.

Gaining Its Consciousness

As they were waiting for the rescue team to arrive, Storm actually tried to help the little fawn. Thanks to Storm, the deer actually gained its consciousness even before the people from the Strong Island Animal Rescue League arrived.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
When the rescue team arrived, they helped the fawn wobble on its legs. Mark and his dogs watched it dart back inside the water again.

Flight Instincts

Mark was so surprised by the deer's reaction. Even poor Storm seemed so confused. He couldn't understand why the deer ran back inside the water when he just helped it get out.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
However, there is a perfectly good explanation for this behavior. Deer are "animals of flight; they are going to take off wherever they can go,” Mr. Floridia revealed later in an interview, “In a yard, they will smash through a wooden fence.”

Second Time's the Charm

The deer seemed calm at first, but after realizing that it was surrounded by some strange creatures, its animal instincts kicked in. Can you imagine being a helpless little deer who wakes up to two dogs and three humans? It would make us panic as well.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Even though Storm had just come out of the water, he was not hesitant to run back in and help the poor deer one more time. What a brave boy he is!

What A Catch!

Luckily, this time the animal rescue team was there as well, so there was nothing to worry about. Mr. Floridia himself took off his shirt and ran into the sea so he could help Storm out and save the deer again.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
The deer swam frantically in the sea but had not swum past about 250 feet before these two brave rescuers managed to catch up with it.

Mr. Floridia Gets Injured

The deer was scared and it started freaking out when the dog and Mr. Floridia started trying to catch it. It became almost impossible to handle the deer. However, Mr. Floridia and Storm were up for the challenge.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Unfortunately, all this effort resulted in a knee injury for poor Mr. Floridia. However, he was so happy that they managed to get the deer out of the water that he didn't even notice the pain. As soon as they got out, he handed the deer to Ms. Kutzing.

Fawn Finally Calms Down

All this time, the poor fawn couldn't understand that all these people and dogs were trying to help it out. He was trying to fight them and it was quite challenging to hold it.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
The baby deer was constantly thrashing during the time Ms. Kutzing carried him back to her van. Then, she laid it down on a soft towel. It was only then that the little deer started to calm down.

All Hail Storm the Superhero

Finally, when the deer was calm and rested, the rescue team gave it a closer look. They found out that it was 3 months old and that its species is white-tailed deer. However, it was unclear how it got into the water...

They assumed that the deer might have fallen off a sandy cliff and landed into the water. The only reason why it survived is because of storm. This Golden Retriever became known as the superhero who saved the deer’s life.

Road to Recovery

After Storm rescued the deer, Kutzing and Floridia decided that they will hand it to Save The Animals Rescue Foundation, so they could take care of it properly. The foundation gave the deer all the medical attention it needed immediately.

A few days later, the fawn was in stable condition. He was drinking baby goat formula and had to be given some antibiotics. Because of the fall, it had a few injuries which needed to be taken care of.

Becoming a Media Sensation

Unfortunately, the physical injuries weren't the only thing the fawn suffered from. It also had to deal with subcutaneous emphysema. Translated, this meant that the deer would need to recover for quite a while before the rescuers could return it in the wild.

At that moment, the fawn wasn't ready to go back and handle the wild on its own. And, when it comes to Storm, he became a media sensation. Everyone praised this good boy and called him a hero.

Storm Is Going Viral

What Storm did was truly remarkable and Mark wanted everyone else to know how amazing his dog was. So, he posted a video of the entire event on his personal Facebook page. In a matter of hours, about 5.2 million people saw the video. But, this was not the end.

Mark was asked to appear on TV shows with his incredible dog. Even the New York newspaper was in awe of his brave deeds. Mark was very proud of his puppy. “It was so touching,” Mr. Freeley revealed, “It showed he really cared and was worried about the fawn.”
And, here are a few other brave animals that helped others in need.

Canine Mum

One tiger cub was born at the Stroehen Zoo in Germany, and, shortly after, its mother abandoned him for some reason. All of a sudden, one incredibly unlikely helper came to the rescue.

Who are we talking about? We're talking about an adorable and kind-hearted Dachshund called Monster. He adopted the cub and, unfortunately, died suddenly. However, his daughter Bessi stepped in as a mother and things started going for the better.

Feline Babies

In this photo, you can see Cholli with a litter of cougar cubs. Similarly to the previous case, Cholli, a beautiful German Shepherd, adopted these little cubs after zoo staff in Russia became concerned that their parents might turn aggressive.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
How did they get along? Well, as you can see in the photo, everyone is clearly comfortable and they seem to like each other's company.

A Cat and Her Bobcats

After a domesticated cat Zoe came across wild bobcats in an abandoned house, she decided to step in and adopt them. It didn't take long for the baby bobcats to get used to Zoe and form a bond with her.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Zoe had kittens on her own and all of them got along just fine. This was such a happy cat family! Zoe is such an open-hearted cat that is ready to help anyone.

A Lab And Her Rabbits

Met Koa, a beautiful Labrador, who lives in San Francisco. She is a 6-year-old dog who discovered two baby rabbits near her home.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
Koa was so gentle with them and she took them in as if they were her own puppies. Believe it or not, Koa had never given birth but her motherly instincts immediately kicked in. Koa is an excellent example of how caring and compassionate dogs can be.

Joey, the Kangaroo

Joe is a poor kangaroo who fell out of is mom's pouch. Unfortunately, his mom was killed in a car accident and the same thing would have happened to Joey had it not been for his special friend.
Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes a Superhero Dog For Doing This
The dog in this photo is called Rex and he is the one who helped Joey out. He was quick but also gentle enough to notice Joey and take him to his owners.

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