Need To Stay Alarmed “The results of scientific tests confirm our observations,” Stroobant’s statement added but had to keep reality in ...

happyworld - Find Out Why This Giant Panda Giving Birth Left The Zookeepers So Emotional! happyworld - Find Out Why This Giant Panda Giving Birth Left The Zookeepers So Emotional!

happyworld - Find Out Why This Giant Panda Giving Birth Left The Zookeepers So Emotional!

happyworld - Find Out Why This Giant Panda Giving Birth Left The Zookeepers So Emotional!

Need To Stay Alarmed

“The results of scientific tests confirm our observations,” Stroobant’s statement added but had to keep reality in check. “We should at this stage remain cautious. It is still possible that Hao Hao is experiencing a phantom pregnancy or that she loses the fetus,” Stroobant explained. The zoo wanted to be very conscious and cautious of Hao Hao’s condition and kept a close eye on her.

Giving Birth

So when the calendar marked June 6, 2016, Hao Hao was soon proven to be a real one, that it was not a pseudo. That day, during the wee hours in the morning, she could successfully give birth to a cub. The little baby panda was all pink in color, it had absolutely no hair on it and was also blind. The zookeepers could not believe their eyes.

A Weird Gesture

So as soon as she welcomed her baby, Hao Hao went on to doing something that was totally unexpected. She actually picked up her newborn baby using her teeth. The panda that just gave birth to her young one, held the baby panda in her mouth picking it up from the floor it was wiggling on. The panda’s zookeepers could not hold back their tears as they watched on…

Tears Sweep The Room

Even the little baby panda was crying on her own too. However, the tears that were shed across the room were all tears of joy. Pairi Daiza’s staff were so glad that their month-long efforts have finally resulted in something fruitful so they could not hold back their tears. The panda took her baby in her mouth to cleanse and protect it and the baby panda crying was a sign that it was alive and breathing.

The Gender Revelation

After a few moments following the birth of the new baby panda, Pairi Daiza’s director, Eric Domb, was glad to announce at a press conference to address the topic about the newborn panda. “It’s a boy,” he exclaimed. To make it even better, “Everything went exceptionally well,” he added. It was indeed one of the most celebrated days the park had ever witnessed.

Baby Pandas

Pairi Daiza’s zoological director Tim Bouts even spoke about the new panda and reveals that it looks like “little pink sausage,” when he spoke to interviewers. It is a good thing to note that pandas are born temporarily hairless and also blind. This basically means that they would need the constant attention and care of their mother until they can stand on their own feet.

A Risky Period

The newly welcomed baby panda was very lucky as the staff working at the zoo were there to help out. Since many cubs fail to thrive when they are born, it was going to take a lot of hard work and effort to keep the little one alive and healthy. “We are still in a risky period,” Bouts told the press, talking about how troublesome it is to sustain a newborn baby panda’s life.

Baby Panda’s Progress

The zookeepers decided to wait for a while before naming the newborn panda. They wanted it to grow up a little bit before deciding on a name. So when the baby panda turned the age of one month, the zoo decided to post a video online that showed the progress the little guy had made. The cub that was born hairless was now covered in black and white fur and was now 2.5 pounds heavy.

Trying To Walk

As of August of 2016, Baby P., which was what the staff at the zoo called him before settling on an official name, was about 11 pounds heavy. During this time, the panda who was nearly three-month-old already made the effort to take his first steps. The camera was able to capture the cute little panda as he wobbled about trying to get on his feet.

Naming Baby P

By the month of September, the zookeepers were beginning to feel like it was the right time to official name Baby P. They took to the internet to help ask the public to draw in their opinions to help choose the name of the baby panda from 5 pre-selected names. The options were Xing Hao, meaning “Good Star” in Chinese; Ou Xing, “Star of Europe”; Hua Li, “China and Belgium”; and An Tuan, “United Peace.”

Treasure Of Heaven

So when the public made their votes, there was a 40 percent vote that had been cast in favor of “Tian Bao,” that translates to Treasure of Heaven The zookeepers were all in agreement with this name. The Chinese Ambassador to Belgium and the Belgian Environment Minister were both in attendance fot the panda’s naming ceremony. Yes, it was a big deal.

A Tourist Attraction

So when June of 2017 came, it was already Tian Bao’s first ever birthday. He had received a super special gift. Can you guess what it might be? Tian was gifted with a new swing set. The little bear was certainly happy to get his new gift and to play with it. Most of the visitors that came to Pairi Daiza had come to take a glimpse of the baby panda.

Back To China

But in the end, Tian Bao will inevitably have to go back to China. According to the parents’ loan agreement, Belgium will have to keep them until the year 2029, but the little guy would only be able to stay at the zoo till he is 4 years of age. When he reaches this age, he would be shipped back to China and introduced to the wild where he actually belongs.

A Massive Impact

The efforts that have been put up by the Pairi Daiza have undoubtedly affected the condition of the giant panda’s population and prospects as well. In the month of September 2016, the species overall condition changed from endangered to vulnerable. The total number of the panda bears had crossed 2,000. It is most definitely the result of the hard work that wildlife parks like Pairi Daiza have done.
Here are some interesting facts about giant pandas that you may find informative. It is good to learn more about these wonderful bears rather than just admiring their cute physical features…

Staying With Mom

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It turns out, female pandas naturally gives birth to one or two cubs after every two years. When these cubs are born, they would initially stay with their mothers for about 18 months. After they get a hold of themselves, they are then ready to live their own lives and be independent. As we have said pandas are born hairless and blind so, they need the attention of their mother 24/7 after they are born.

No Hibernation

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It would be a good thing to note that unlike most of the other bear species, pandas do not have a time of the year when they hibernate. If seasons change and wintertime come, they usually just head downside their mountain homes to get to warmer temperatures. Here they do not sleep but on the contrary, continuously devour the bamboos present.

An Endangered Species

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We all know and love panda bears because they are so cute and lovable. But we must remember that these bears face a very big problem in life. These bears are actually endangered. Moreover, there are reports that claim that around 1,000 of them dwell in the wild. If you wish for your children to be able to see or meet a panda, we suggest you do something to help preserve them.

Age, Size And Weight

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Have you ever wondered how big and heavy these bears are? Giant pandas usually grow up to be between 1.2m and 1.5m. An adult panda bear usually weighs between 75kg and 135kg. Scientists have not been able to predict just how long these bears can survive and stay alive in the wild, but in captivity pandas usually live to about 30 years old.

Newborn Pandas

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When a panda is born, they come out pink and are measured to be about 15cm. In case you need a reference, that means that a newborn baby panda would only be the size of a pencil! Also, pandas are also born blind and can only open their eyes after they reach about six to eight weeks old. It is surprising to see that a tiny bald little creature would grow up to be so adorable and cuddly.

Not Solitary Mammals

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There is a notion that these chubby mammals are solitary animals who love to spend time alone. It is assumed that males and females only interact during mating season. But after extensive researching, researchers have found out that these bears actually meet up even outside of breeding season. Pandas can interact with each other using scent marks and calls.

Where Do They Live?

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Giant pandas, usually known as pandas, are black and white bears. In the wild, these bears are usually living in dense bamboo forests, staying at high altitudes in the mountains of central China. That is why these bears that have found a massive popularity worldwide because of their cute features, are so low in number. They only reside in China and can be found staying in captivity outside of China.

A Panda’s Diet

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These adorable bears are omnivores. However, there have been a few incidents where these bears have fed on small animals and fish. But all in all, bamboo counts for 99 percent of a panda’s diet. They need to munch on bamboo for a considerable amount of time daily. That is why they are found only in China as the country naturally has a lot of bamboos.

Bamboo Freaks

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Panda bears can really eat a LOT! Their daily meal has been said to last for about 12 hours where they constantly eat their food. This would amount to about 12 kilograms of bamboo per day! Panda needs to eat bamboo every day to remain strong and healthy. Because of their special diet, these bears cannot thrive anywhere else if there is no bamboo.

Scientific Name

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These bears are rare and every panda bear that stays outside of China is actually put on loan by the country. The scientific name for the giant panda is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. This roughly translates to “black and white cat-foot”. Do you think this suits them considering how adorable and lovable these bears are? We think even their scientific names are truly cute just like them.

Six Fingers On One Hand

Giant panda bear (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca), ChinaThere is one thing that makes pandas stand out from other species of the bear family. What may that be? Well, these bears have opposable “thumbs,” which, in coordination with their other 5 fingers help them grab bamboo and remove the plant’s stems and leaves before chomping on them. No wonder they look so cute when they hold their meal in their hands.

Pandas Can Be Dangerous

An adult giant panda bearEven though we constantly see videos of panda bears rolling around and tumbling around, we should not get fooled by their hug-able appearance. These bears could actually crush your body with their heavyweight that. Moreover, they possess very sharp teeth that can even cut through tough bamboo. Their animated faces should not be a distraction to the fact that they can turn aggressive too.

Pandas Love Their Naps

Panda Bear Sleeping on a Tree Branch, China Wildlife. Bifengxia nature reserve, Sichuan Province.After enjoying their meal for two to four hours straight, pandas love to take long naps to energize themselves. Since they do not sleep throughout the night, their naps are crucial. During summer, these bears can actually take naps for six or more hours. Panda bears are known to take the weirdest sleeping positions. These bears can sleep lying down, upside down, legs apart, on branches of trees, etc.

Pandas Role in Their Habitat

A panda in a forestPandas live off of bamboo found on their natural habitat. They are actually proven to be very helpful to the ecosystem as they help spread the seeds that in turn result in the vegetation of bamboos. So, this again results in other wild animals like the multicolored pheasants, blue dwarf sheep, and the golden monkey to thrive in the forest too. 

Some Pandas Are Clueless About Sex

Two pandas are hugging and frolic togetherFemale pandas can copulate only two or three days per year. This is one of the main reasons why they are so slow to grow in number. To make matters worse, some male pandas do not even know how to perform sex which makes it impossible to reproduce. Many pandas in national parks have exhibited this problem where male pandas just stand at the back of female pandas confused and lost during the mating season.

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