This is a story about a mother that would do everything for her daughter, no matter what. Grace Li always knew that her mom would always b...

-- Mother Rushes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her! -- Mother Rushes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her!

-- Mother Rushes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her!

-- Mother Rushes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her!

This is a story about a mother that would do everything for her daughter, no matter what. Grace Li always knew that her mom would always be there for her, and what she wrote to her mother in a short text message, and the events that followed, only proved her she was right.
If there’s one person in the world whom we can depend on and turn on to no matter how old we get, that’s our mothers. The saying that “mothers are simply the best” didn’t just spring out from nowhere. Take it from your experience. How many times did your mom look at your face and knew right away what needs to be done without you having to say a word? How many times did she pretend that everything is fine so that you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing? You can only smile to yourself once you’ve remembered those moments.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
Unfortunately, most of us tend to get caught in the cycle of our busy lives and we soon forget to appreciate the person who is always there for us. This story about a mother and daughter will make you believe that no matter how old or how far you may be from the one delivered you onto this world, one thing will remain constant. Mothers will always be mothers and no amount of true love and affection can rival what she can give.

Here's What Grace Wrote to Her Mom That Made Her Fly All the Way from Texas to New York to See Her >>>

A Woman of Achievement

Grace Li is a 22-year-old woman residing in New York. At her young age, she can already call herself a woman of achievement as she works as a biology teacher in one of the prestigious high schools in the Big City. She loves what she does and her future looks so promising. During her free time, she reads books about mythology or either practice her talents in Asian-American Arts.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
Grace’s fascination for Biology was inherited from her parents who both love science. Although her mom and dad can provide for her needs, she chose to stand on her own. She wanted to establish a career without the influence of her parents. So far, she’s doing great at it.

A Loving Mother

Shixia Huang is a cancer researcher who lives in Houston, Texas. She is the loving mother of Grace. She works as an Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and spends most of her time in her research about the genetic changes involved in the transformation of normal human cells into cancer cells.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her

However, no matter how busy Shixia Huang can get, she always makes sure that she has time for her daughter who lives more than 1, 700 miles away. There was never a day when she failed to ask how her Grace has been. For her, Grace will always be her little baby girl.

The Perks of Living Alone

Despite living apart from her family, Grace loves the feeling of being independent. She enjoys the freedom to decide for herself. She had always been a good daughter and in return, she had gained the trust of her parents.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
However, her success quite comes with a price. Grace has to live all by herself in her modest apartment in New York. Though she has friends and neighbors whom she can turn on to whenever she misses her family, the saying that there’s no place like home seems to be true in her case.

The Mother and Daughter Bond

Long before she flew to New York to practice her profession, Grace and Shixia had developed such a strong bond. As an only child, Grace received all the love in the world her mother could give. Although she is also her father’s apple of the eye, Grace admits that she is a mommy’s girl.

During Holidays and other special occasions, Grace flies home to Texas to be with her family. But on normal days, they take advantage of the power of technology to send their sweet thoughts to each other. Lucky for them, they are living in the modern era where either of them can say, I am just a text or a call away. She had no idea that one day, this will happen literally.

Planning Her Weekend

Grace goes to school from Mondays to Fridays and spends her weekend doing her passions. She often attends Arts exhibitions with her friends. She always makes it to a point as well to attend seminars about new discoveries in Science, particularly in Biology.

The first days of the week went well for Grace. She did her normal routines and was starting to think about how she will spend her weekend. But then, something changed her whole plans. This was when she sent a message to her mother. 

A Call from Her Daughter

Shixia Huang was at her office in Texas when her phone beeped. Excitedly, she opened the message upon seeing her daughter’s name on the screen. Upon reading the two words on the screen, she decided to call her right away. Grace sounded fine and even told her about her weekend plans. But as they say, you can never hide a secret from your mother.

When the call was over, Shixia looked at her watch. It was already 4:30 in the afternoon. Earlier, she had planned to work late as she had so much to do. But upon hearing what her daughter said, she knew right away that she had to change plans.

To the Rescue

Checking online, Shixia found the first ticket to New York available. It was surprisingly cheap. With no second thoughts or whatsoever, she arranged a flight to the Big City. She just dropped by at her house to get some things and went on to the catch her plane. After what she heard, she didn't want to miss one second. 

The distance from Texas to New York is no joke. Depending on the airline, the travel time varies from three to six hours. It was not an easy feat for her, but it was nothing compared to her love for her daughter. In her heart, she will always be the little baby that she held in her arms all those years ago.

Grace Was Still at Home

Back in New York, Grace was thinking about her message and the conversation with her mom. She didn't know that what she had said had affected her mom so much and got back to her usual routine. 

She spent her time on twitter and as she loves to write and read tweets from her friends in her free time. She was looking for a weekend event as well. Time passed by and she was about to cook herself some food when her doorbell rang.

A Delightful Surprise

Grace opened the door and what was waiting on the other side almost made her heart dropped to the floor. It was Shixia, delighted and exhausted --all the way from Texas. Her face showed a mixture of relief and concern upon seeing her. Needless to say, she was flabbergasted.

Just earlier, she was just talking to her mother on the phone. The call was made after she sent a message –a brief message. She wrote, “I’m sick.” And here’s her mom, closing the gap between Texas and New York to be with her. She was so happy she could cry.

Nothing Can Stop Her

Despite Grace trying to sound normal and excited, Shixia can sense that her daughter needs help. Those two words seemed like a coded message and a mom doesn’t need more clues to know what needs to be done.

The long flight from Texas to New York was only the first step for Shixia. She knows what her daughter wants to eat whenever she’s feeling sick and she knows how to properly pat her head whenever it’s aching. While she’s busy attending to her daughter’s needs, she had no idea about what her daughter really felt for her unexpected visit.

But What Really Happened to Grace in Those Moments Before the Message? 

A Stubborn Headache

Grace had been so busy in the previous weeks. She had just finished a toxic workload and was about to check interesting events scheduled on the weekend when she felt that her head was aching. It was not a new thing to her as she knows fatigue and stress can cause it.

Instead of overreacting, she just took medicine from her kit and tried to sleep. In her experience, she just needs to take a rest and then everything will be okay. Living alone had taught her that she can only depend on herself whenever she’s not feeling well. However, it seemed that her body needs more than just medicine.

The Coded Message

 After a few hours, Grace was still feeling ill. Her headache even worsened and she’s slowly feeling helpless. She tried to practice the “mind over matter” thing and went on to open her laptop. She browsed her Twitter page and tried so hard to pretend that nothing was wrong.

Ultimately, she went back to the bed again and grabbed her phone. She is twenty years old and she knows that it’s just an ordinary headache. All of a sudden, she felt like she was a little girl once again and proceeded to send a message to her mother.

Unexplainable Feeling

Later on, Grace was amazed when she realized that she actually felt a little better after her mother’s call. As a Science enthusiast, she knows that there’s an explanation for it. However, she still can’t put into words how that brief call had lessened her headache considerably.

As she was feeling better, she got back to her normal routine and that's when the door rang and she got the surprise visit of her life.
From that minute on, her whole feeling was getting a lot better. 

Extremely Thankful

Looking at her mother rummaging on her small kitchen so she can finally eat her favorite food, Grace couldn’t help but stare at her and wonder how amazing her mother is. She texted her that she is sick in the most casual way she can. She had no idea that those two words meant a lot to her mother. Indeed, she was one of a kind.

Together, the two of them ate side by side as they did back then. They talked about Grace’s job; they talked about her friends and more. They also planned how they will spend the weekend with each other. Evidently, Shixia missed her daughter so much and she wanted to catch up. Before they went to sleep, Grace knew how she can make it up to her mom even in a little way.

Mother Knows Best

The next day, Grace’s headache had subsided. She told her mom that she was feeling well already. She planned to take her out and to treat her for being so cool. However, Shixia made herself firm and even demanded Grace to go to the doctor.

According to her mother, even a simple headache must not be taken for granted especially with the kind of work she does. Grace’s job requires most of her concentration and her mother was worried that it might lead to a worse situation. For the sake of her mother’s peace of mind, Grace promised that she would see her doctor for a checkup. Still, her mother had more to do in mind.

Putting Everything in Place

As any mother would, Shixia inspected her daughter’s humble abode and did some cleaning. While doing so, she kept on telling to her daughter what a kitchen should look like, what she needs to have in stock in her fridge and how to make sure her place is clean from dirt.

Late in the afternoon, they went to the grocery where her mother bought more healthy foods and even food containers. When Grace asked what she will do on those food keepers, Shixia calmly told her daughter that she would cook a lot so she can make sure she’ll recover soon enough. Although Grace was aware that she is lucky she was her daughter, her mother’s simple act of kindness still never fail to amaze her.

Sharing How Proud She Is

Grace couldn’t be more proud of what her mother has done for her. She knows that all those acts are all-natural for a mother, but still, the high school teacher wanted everyone to see how great her mother is. She took a picture of her mom and shared it on Twitter along with a heartfelt caption.

It took only a few minutes to put the Twitter on fire! Grace was both shocked and delighted when she saw the reactions of her followers. In the next events that followed, even strangers had shared what they felt for her mother.

Flood of Reactions

Unexpectedly, the thread sparked a wide variety of reactions, and these included people saying how much they missed their mothers. Thankfully, Grace has very insightful advice for everyone. “Friend I have an easy solution to that, just TELL HER YOU’RE SICK AND POOF,” she shared on a comment.

When she showed the people’s reactions to her mother, Shixia just smiled and told her that any mom would do what she had done. However, Grace can see on her mother’s face that she was happy as well. After all, she deserves to know that she’s one of the best moms in the world!

The Actual Text That Started It All

If you think that Grace’s text was a detailed description of the pain that she was suffering, you’re wrong. In fact, it only bore two words: “I’m sick.” Two words, six letters, and those are enough to make Shixia worried to the point of flying from Texas to New York just to be by her side.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
Grace’s particular tweet has gained 2,300 retweets and 8,700 likes. Those numbers showed how people adored Shixia for what she did. Even the comments they received were overwhelming as well. In fact, they even engaged Grace into meaningful interactions.

Well-Deserved Praises

As if Grace couldn’t thank her mother enough, lovely comments poured in from different people on social media. In a way, it seemed like the entire universe transpired to make the remarkable mom feel appreciated as she should be.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
Comments came in different forms. “your mom is the cutest,” said one. “Moms mean business!” wrote another. To top it all, one comment beautifully put it this way. “It’s that invisible umbilical cord. If your mum lives until you are 100 she’ll still cross the world for you.” Imagine getting all of these lovely words after receiving that one brief text.

Never-Ending Love

Being a mother is no doubt one of the toughest jobs in the world. It consumes one person entirely. A mom works tirelessly to make sure her kids are clothed, fed, and loved. It is an endless profession, one that doesn't require to be compensated by money, only by love and respect. For Grace, she would always treasure her moments with her mom and even plans to make some changes so she could stay close to her family.
Mother Takes the Next Flight to Her Daughter After She Gets This Message from Her
Let’s recall one of Shixia’s inspiring lines from this story. “No matter how old my daughter is, I will always cross the world for her. When I could not do it physically one day, I will surely do it in my heart.” If this story taught one thing, it would be how moms deserve nothing but the best in this world.

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