-- A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat That's Breaking the Common Stereotype

Being blind is understandably a devastating disability. It doesn’t take an expert to know that everything becomes harder once you’ve lost your sight. Although modern technology and medecine are trying to make living easier for blind people, life is definitely harder when you can’t see the world around you. Unfortunatly, while there are continuous efforts for humans, the same thing can’t be said for our blind animal friends. Especially for canines, you might think that their strong senses of smell can cover for their disability. But the sad reality is that a blind dog, just like humans, needs some help.
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
Take the story of Terfel, a blind farm dog who stayed in his bed because he can’t see. Although dogs are considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world, they still connot hold a cane or operate modern devices. Terfel had learned to accept his fate. His movements are limited. But one day, help finally came in the most unexpected form.

Limited Mobility

Although the statistics of blindness vary from time to time, people with visual impairment can benefit from some clever devices. Lots of experiments and research is being funded to find ways to help people with eyesight problems. The braille system, smartphones, smart glasses are the most common reading and recognition devices. These products have dramatically improved the quality of life for blind people. But what happens if you’re a blind dog?
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
Unfortunately, finding solutions that can aid our blind furry friends is not a priority. With nothing to assist him, Terfel had to live his life far different from most farm dogs that are wild and carefree. Instead of running outside, he spends his day on his tiny box bed.

Rough Times

Terfel is 14-years old and lives in Holyhead, North Wales with his current owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown. Judy adopted the farm dog when the previous owner threw him against a brick wall.
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
Terfel was only a puppy when the heartless incident occured. Aside from being partially deaf, the terrible act had also altered his vision. Judy Godfrey-Brown was not looking for another dog at that time. However, she simply couldn’t ignore a crying puppy. It was clear that Terfel’s upbringing wasn’t a good one and that he needed a new owner.

The Happy Times Didn’t Last Long

In Judy’s care, Terfel began to grow active and healthy. Although he had some disabilities, it didn’t stop him from being an obedient puppy.
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
However, it seemed as though life would never go easy on Terfel. When he was eight years old, another unfortunate incident happened to him. Judy had noticed that Terfel’s eyes were slowly becoming foggy. When Judy took him to a veterinarian, cataracts were spotted on his eyes. With each passing day, she witnessed how things became more and more difficult for the poor farm dog.

Total Loss

From foggy, Terfel’s eyes turned into a milky white color. Eventually, walking became too hard for him. He would bump into furniture and ended up hurting himself. Judy had to rearrange the things in the house so that the blind dog would have some space to move.

But even though Judy had made some adjustments, Terfel still struggled to move around the house. After multiple injuries, he seemed to give up and spent most of the day on his bed. The sad reality that he lived could break anyone’s heart.

A Brilliant Idea

To make sure he got a good dose of exercise, Judy took him for a walk every morning. However, as years went by, Judy found it harder and harder to take Terfel outside as his legs began to ache. It seemed that the farm dog had given up on himself and he would only move when Judy used a little force.

Judy can’t bear the sight of Terfel wasting away on his tiny box bed. She loves her pet so much and she wants to make him happy. She doesn’t want him to spend the rest of his life on his bed. Then one day, a brilliant idea had crossed her mind.

The Newcomer

Judy was so excited about her idea and it didn’t take long for her to carry out her plan. One day, she went home with a stray cat. She named the newcomer Puddidat. She took the cat to Terfel. He was curled up as usual in his basket. Although he can’t see his owner and his visitor, his poking ears were a sign that he knew a newcomer had arrived.

Judy knew she was taking a risk. Judging by the mean attitude that the cat showed to other cats, she wasn’t so sure if the two pets would get along well together. However, it seemed that Terfel’s life was about to change.

Something Special

According to Judy, Puddidat is a bully cat. He loves to have the other cats under his control. He was quite a wild one as well. However, it seemed that Terfel has a soft spot in his heart.

Perhaps Puddidat was aware that Terfel needs help. His cold demeanor towards other cats doesn’t work on the poor dog. It was quite unlikely as dogs and cats can be compared to antonyms. The cat had found a friend in his new residence.

Defying Expectations

When Judy had taken home Puddidat, she knew she must have a plan B in mind. She was aware that most dogs and cats hate each other. She knew Terfel was different. However, deep in her heart, something was telling her that she did the right thing.

Within the first weeks, Judy had noticed that Puddidat prefers to be with Terfel rather than going outside and bonding with other cats. Seeing the two of them forming a sort of friendship still made her heart happy. 

Amazing Intuition

Cats are known to be very sensitive and intuitive. They have a way of communicating with others that are sometimes indescribable. Judy called Puddidat’s intuition as a sixth sense. From the very first day she took him to Terfel, the stray cat had never shown his mean side to the poor dog.

Looking at them when they are just lying on Terfel’s bed, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. Even though the sight of them together is quite becoming normal for her, Judy can’t help but whisper a prayer of thanks from time to time.

A New Role

The first months of Puddidat in his new house, he spent mostly with Terfel. Judy decided to have another tiny box bed beside the dog so that the two can sleep side by side. But as days passed, the cat seemed to feel the need to go out. However, he just can’t leave his new friend behind.

But Puddidat has still another surprise not only for Judy. Aside from being Terfel’s companion, he had taken on another role that was really unexpected from the likes of him.

The Seeing Eye

One day, Judy was delightfully surprised when she saw Terfel walking on the hallway while Puddidat was serving as his guide. The cat and dog were walking side by side and the cat was so patient with Terefel that it made Judy cry.

Judy had worked as a public servant for several years. She knew how satisfying it is to help someone who’s in need. Clearly, Puddidat is doing the same to Terfel without her bidding. The mean cat must have a golden heart after all.

The Living Crutch

Terfel had given up walking around the house in fear of bumping into things and hurting himself in the process. But with Puddidat around, it was clear that something had changed. He had gotten his confidence once again to leave his bed and move around the house.

Although they do it slowly, Judy was delightfully shocked at the progress. Puddidat served as Terfel’s living crutch. The feline helper dedicates himself to his newfound friend. He became the poor blind dog’s seeing eyes! Now Terfel can go out and enjoy the grass!

Truly Unique

According to Judy, it was not the first time that Terfel had met a cat. However, those previous cats didn’t get as close as Puddidat had. The farm dog was uncomfortable when other creatures rubbed up against him.

The affection Terfel was showing to Puddidat was new to Judy. Judy had spent years earning the trust of the poor dog that had an unhappy upbringing as a puppy. Perhaps, there’s something really special about the mean cat. They go along well like brother and sister.

The Routine

Terfel and Puddidat became inseparable. The duo gets around the house like twins glued to each other. According to their owner, the cat uses his paws to guide the dog. Puddidat is a little bit ahead of him and he stops Terfel when there are blocks in front of them.

Due to their routine, Judy has noticed that Terfel is gaining back his confidence. Although he moves with noticeable slowness, she can see the happiness on the dog’s face. Puddidat would even open doors for his friend so that he wouldn’t get hurt.

Welcome Back to the Outdoors

When Terfel began to move confidently inside the house with his cat aid, Puddidat decided to take the actions to the next level. The intelligent cat didn’t just help the dog move into corners and couches; he also guided his canine friend outside the house as well!

Looking from afar, no one would think that Terfel is a blind dog. Puddidat made it sure that his friend would get back to his farm dog roots. Now, Terfel would only go back to his basket when nighttime falls! 

The Cute Pair

According to Judy, when Puddidat takes Terfel outdoors, they are a glorious pair to look at. The cat is on the lead while Terfel’s nose is on his aid’s tail. They would circle around the garden and roll over in the grass as if no one was disabled.

Even the neighbors admitted that they are not used to seeing dogs not chasing cats. The lovely pair soon gained fans and everyone in their community want to see the closeness of the two.

A Big Help

Judy is not getting any younger. She can feel that her strength is not the way as it used to be. With Puddidat around, she doesn’t have to worry about Terfel anymore. It’s such a relief that his beloved dog had found a loyal and helpful buddy!

To compensate for his great effort, Judy makes it sure that the helpful cat is being taken care of well. Her dear pets do not cause her a headache as most of the time; they just want to play and enjoy the fresh air outside. One way or another, Puddidat had made her life easier, too.

Extremely Grateful

It’s not only Judy who thinks that Puddidat and Terfel is such a rare duo. She admitted that she didn’t play a big part in the unusual friendship of her two pets. It just unfolded, slowly and sweetly.
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
Judy believes that there’s a special language between her dog and her cat. Although she can take care of the two, it seemed that they are more comfortable relying on each other. She can’t help but smile knowing that her brilliant idea had gotten a long way.

The Savior

With her old age, Judy couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Terfel if Puddidat didn’t come into his life. She had never expected that a stray cat would turn into a guardian angel. Her 14-year-old dog might have lost his eyesight. However, he had gained a friend for a lifetime.
A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype
Everyday, her two pets make her believe that any kind of challenge in this life can be handled with the help of a friend. Puddidat, being a cat, doesn’t expect anything in return from the blind dog. She could only hope that other people can also realize the important life lesson brought by these two.

A Friendship Between a Blind Farm Dog and a Bully Cat Thats Breaking the Common Stereotype

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