In the wee hours of the morning, a woman heard a very strange noise coming from the outside of her house. The noise was loud enough to sca...

happyworld - Something Unexpected Happened When A Couple Of Dolphins And A Dobermann Came Face To Face! happyworld - Something Unexpected Happened When A Couple Of Dolphins And A Dobermann Came Face To Face!

happyworld - Something Unexpected Happened When A Couple Of Dolphins And A Dobermann Came Face To Face!

happyworld - Something Unexpected Happened When A Couple Of Dolphins And A Dobermann Came Face To Face!

In the wee hours of the morning, a woman heard a very strange noise coming from the outside of her house. The noise was loud enough to scare the hell out of her. This was the first time ever she had heard such a strange voice that also in the middle of the night when the whole of the town was fast asleep. Driven by curiosity and gripped by fear she sprinted towards her home’s main door only to see an utterly surprising sight that made her body shiver. The noise was coming from the canal located down the road. It was not only her who had heard this noise there were many others who had come out to see this memorable sight. The uproar had taken over the whole of the town and you would never be able to guess the source of the noise and the reason why was it made.


This strange incident took place at Florida, Marcon when an eleven-year-old Dobermann named Turbo went missing from his home. Cindy Brunett, the owner was out and returned late night only to find her beloved dog missing. Frantic with worry she looked for her pooch in every corner of her house but failed to find him. In order to find a dog, it is necessary for the owner to have at least the faintest idea of where could it most likely to go, unfortunately, Cindy had no clue. By now, It was clear that the dog had gone out but the big question that persisted was where exactly?


Having no clue of her dog location, Cindy drove from every pillar to the post of the city to look for him in the middle of the night. According to her, she left the house at 8 and came back at 2 which meant that the dog went missing sometime in between. She forgot to lock the latch as she was in hurry and perhaps Turbo had wandered out or maybe someone came inside and took the dog away. Despite her constant efforts she could not find her dog and had to come back home empty-handed. 


As mentioned earlier she had no idea as to why Turbo went out and where can he go. He had never done something like this before. Perhaps he went astray while chasing a cat or was too hungry looking for a trash bin and failed to remember the path he was treading in. The dusk changed into dawn and yet no trace of the dog was found. According to American estimation related to dog database, about four million dogs out of eighty million goes missing every year. No need to say chances of finding a lost dog here was very thin. Naturally, Burnett was extremely worried when a news regarding her beloved pet hit her ears. It was something she had not anticipated in her entire life.

Where Can He Go?

Whereas Cindy was exploring each street of the town looking for her dog, Turbo was ambling carelessly around a canal. No, he wasn’t kidnapped nor had he gone astray. It would also be untrue to say that the dog had run away from the house. He was just walking out aimlessly. It was surprising as the canal was just a stone throw away from Burnett’s home and despite that, they could not find the dog. It is rightly said that sometimes destiny plays a very important part in our life that turns our life upside down, same happened here. Had Burnet found the dog early she would not have been able to witness an incident that was about to leave an indelible mark on her life and that of Turbo. The dog was strolling on the side of a canal unaware of the storm next moment was bringing for him. And finally, the moment came!

Falling To The Death

Due to the darkness, the dog could not see things more clearly and while walking at the shore he accidentally slipped into the canal. Scaringly, the very canal in which the dog had fallen into was leading to the ocean. Unfortunately, there was no one around to save him. The dog kept struggling to rise above the water but the walls of the canal were too big and slippery to get scaled by a dog like him. Just like every dog misses owner in such scaring situation, Turbo too began to miss his mother but it was too late to repent of his step. Nevertheless, he tried reaching the ground but failed miserably.

Worthless Efforts

It was obvious that no matter how much this pooch tries, he wouldn’t be able to climb the enormous walls on is own. No doubt, Turbo was given the basic dog training but that was in no way going to help him go above the water. It was an impossible feat as the canal was deep and that is why Turbo could not get a foothold. He had almost sunk when his eyes captured the most unwanted figures in this situation. It may surprise you to know that the dog continued clambering to get above on the surface for whole night that stretched to 15 hours. Well, the real trouble began when some dolphins made their way towards the helpless dog.

Again A Trouble

Though the best-known thing about dolphins is their high intelligence that ranks next to the human only, they are sometimes very dangerous owing to their very intellect that sometimes can become worst for its confronter. They do not hesitate in attacking anyone if they sense a threat to them or encroachment in their territory. Not many people know that the dolphins bear a negative image for being brutal to their ilk especially the female counterparts. Many news regarding human fatalities has been recorded all over the world. The dog who had tumbled down into the canal was now confronted by two dolphins. It is to see how was it going to turn out!

The Beautiful Trap

Marco Island is adjacent to the coast of Southwestern Florida. Due to its vicinity to the gulf sometimes dolphins get into this canal which runs through the city. The construction had no boat lock system nor it had a canal gate that could stop the foreign mammals to enter the premises. On that fateful night, some dolphins had wandered into the canal to create history. It is important to point out here that a dolphin behavior varies according to the situation and the individual they encounter.

The Confrontation

Conquering fear of losing one’s life is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if it is about an animal. Dolphins kept approaching the dog. No doubt, Turbo was consumed with fear on seeing the giant figures advancing towards him. He really needed to get out of it as soon as possible. The dolphins had entered the canal and were now swimming near Turbo. It had been many hours with the night darkening with every minute that successfully gagged the desperate efforts of the mute animal. What do you think the dog was going to have? Meanwhile, the dolphins kept encircling him. Did they mistake Turbo as a threat or something else was on their mind? 

Strange Behaviour

Eventually, the dolphins started circling the dog. While the giant fish swam back and forth, Turbo remained glued to the wall of the canal. Strangely, the dolphins started splashing loudly into the water. Their activity further petrified the dog who had never seen something like this before. The sound of splashing was so loud that it appeared as some kind of tornado had occurred in the canal. The dolphins kept doing this for a long time. The reason behind their weird behavior would astonish you.

Making A Splash!

These high intellectual mammals had figured out that the dog was in danger. And they wanted to help the poor dog out. Sadly, they were not able to put him out of the water on their own so they needed to find out some other option. They decided to make loud noises by swinging their tails to attract the people residing in proximity to the canal. Apparently, the dolphins were trying to help the dog. This incident buttresses the fact that dolphins are indeed very intelligent.  

What An Idea

The dolphins had really come up with a mind-blowing idea. They knew they will be able to make enough noise to attract the attention of people by splashing their big tales or flukes. Did you know that usually this giant species slaps its tail against water in order to communicate with each other? They even communicate verbally by blowing a whistle and having a slew of other audible clicks. Now you must have understood that how do dolphins communicate with each other. Here in this incident, they put their ability to the best use.

Spotting Turbo

Hearing the noise a woman neighboring the canal emerged out of her house and saw the poor dog drowning in the canal with two dolphins assisting him. It had been morning now so it wasn’t difficult for the woman to spot the three of them. One of the people arrived at the spot and called 911 whereas the woman threw herself into the water and pulled out the dog who had been surviving the ordeal for last 15 hours. It is important to point out here till then the woman did not know that Turbo was missing nor Cindy knew about the drowning of her pet. 

Shivering With Fear

Fortunately, the woman successfully saved Turbo with the help of fireman. Though Turbo was fine, he still was shivering with cold and fear and looked terribly exhausted. The saviors swam back to where had they came from after helping Turbo. Admirably, the eleven-year-old dog was doing well despite the terrifying incident happened to him. The lady took the dog home and after a short while Cindy too learned about the incident and came to the spot to fetch her dog.


The ordeal Turbo faced did not only affect him mentally but also ailed him physically. The dog remained thirsty for 15 hours despite being surrounded by the water. The water was salty and even if he had taken a sip he would have gone even more dehydrated. So, Turbo was very dehydrated when he came out of the canal. It was surprising for everyone to see the dog looking perfectly fine even after going through such a terrible situation.

The Real Heroes

Initially, people thought that the woman solely had helped the dog. However, the woman spilled the beans and gave all the credit to the dolphins. Burnett said “The lady here who had gotten him out of the canal said, ‘No, the dolphins were with him,'” she continued “it was a miracle. “If he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn’t have been able to.”  

Becoming The Sensation

The friendly gesture of dolphins made news worldwide. Snackay wrote  “In fact, they made so much noise that some people who lived nearby happened to hear them and investigated why they were being so loud. Then they noticed the dog trapped below the wall in the canal water.” Whoever learned about the incident and about those dolphins could not help but be mesmerized by it.  


The dog had been missing for fifteen hours! Huffington Post reported, “Owner Cindy Burnett said her pooch had been missing for more than 15 hours when neighbors heard a loud splashing in a nearby canal.” After hearing the noise the neighbor contacted the rescue team.

Writing History

NBC Miami said, “Turbo has fully recovered from his ordeal and actually had a chance to thank the dolphins who rescued him, although he was going into the water to do it.” The heroes of the incident remained oblivious till the time the camera was panned towards the water. However, we could not see those heroes again but this remarkable story of their intelligence is going resound in the minds of people generation after generation.

The Protectors

Dolphins have been enjoying the reputation of being the protectors of humans for ages. In 2002, an Austrailian fisherman Grant Dickson was on the verge of losing his life when a pod of dolphins came to his rescue. The incident took place when Dickson’s boat capsized and he slipped into the water. The fisherman was all alone. He remained clung to the corner of the ship in order to stay safe. 

Sunk In Despair

The fisherman and his other crew member were sailing at the sea off the coast of northern Queensland on their prawn trawler when their boat suddenly upturned throwing all of them into the water. Whereas the other two members were feared to be drowned, he managed to save himself by holding a grip on the corner of a boat. The accident had caused severe injury to the fisherman that resulted in lots of bleeding. Dickson had realized by now that he was into a big trouble but had no idea of what was coming next!

Greeted By Dangerous Mate

Shortly after falling into the troublesome water, the fisherman found himself in middle of a shiver of sharks. Apparently, the smell of Dickson’s blood had invited the shiver of sharks! The sharks began circling him and were all set to tear up the fisherman when something miraculous happened!

 Surprising Rescue!

As the sharks began approaching Dickson with one of them very close to him, a huge pod of dolphins crossed the way between the two. According to the fisherman, it seemed as the dolphins were trying to rescue the man and it was only because of dolphins’ intervention the sharks swam away. It all happened in a flash of second whereas just a moment before he was surrounded by the hungry sharks now he was alive with no trace of the predator around him all thanks to those altruistic pod of dolphins.   

Crediting Dolphins

The thirty-six-year-old man stayed clung to the side of the dinghy for about forty hours. It was almost after two days a passing ship spotted him and eventually rescued him. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he recovered quickly. While convalescing he made the revelation about the dolphins. He made it clear that today if he is alive it is all because of the dolphins. The man also mentioned about his crew members who got lost in the sea. With 18 aircraft the rescue team covered 2,000 square nautical miles but failed to spot the missing crew members! 

Fun Coupled With Unexpected Turn

Todd Endris is a surfer by profession and was surfing in California with his friends when he got the toughest lesson of his life. He would have never imagined that the very day was going to be the most remarkable day of his life. The young surfer was sitting on his surfboard when suddenly a big white shark made its way towards him. In no time the shark attacked the man. In fact, it attacked him three times. It peeled the skin of the surfer like a banana and the third time it tried to swallow him by biting his right leg into the mouth. Endris tried to save himself by hitting the shark in his head while he had his leg into its mouth. But unfortunately, the shark was too stubborn to give up.

End Of The Life?

Endris had thought that the very day was his last day. He explained, “the second time, he came down and clamped on my torso — sandwiched my board and my torso in his mouth.” He had never imagined that a day so fun filled would turn out so horrible. There was no one around who could help him out of the trouble. He had to fight on his own and battling with a giant and hungry shark was quite a feat to pull off! 

Help At Hand

It was then a pod of bottlenose dolphins came to his rescue. The surfer was completely injured exhausted and the shark was just an inch away from him when a group of dolphins swarmed the distance between them. It seemed the dolphins had intervened intentionally. They truly wanted to help surfer. They arranged themselves in a protective chain to help the 24-year-old man. Endris took advantage of that and moved towards the surface. He finally made it but was heavily injured. 

Survived Attack

However, Endris managed to prevent internal injury. His abdomen was turned towards the side of the surfboard that prevented any injury to his intestine or any other organs. He was immediately provided the first aid by his friends after coming back to the surface. Apart from that, he had to undergo therapy for several months to come back to his former being. After the days of recovery, he went back to the very spot and surfed once again. Endris successfully dodged shark, thanks to the pod of dolphins but unfortunately could not survive the car accident that ultimately caused his death. 

Stranded On The Beach

A pygmy sperm whale and her calf were stranded on Mahia beach located in the northeast of Wellington, New Zealand. After lying there for many hours these distressed whales finally grabbed the attention of a local man who informed his neighbor Malcolm Smith about them. Smith was a conservationist by profession. Malcolm with his team quickly went to the spot and tried to rescue the whales. The team kept trying to refloat the whale and her son for more than one and a half hour. Each time they would come back to the beach. According to Smith despite their efforts “they kept getting disoriented and stranding again. They obviously couldn’t find their way back past [the sandbar] to the sea.” Gauging the seriousness of the problem the conservationist decided to resort to the most unwanted option.

No Solution!

They decided to kill the two! Instead of letting them die gradually and more painfully they decided to kill them more humanely. This particular beach is defamed for the death of many whales in the same way. According to reports, several whales lost theirs by getting stranded on the surface of the beach. It seemed these two whales too were going to meet the same fate when something unexpected happened.

Here Comes The Saviour

The conservationist saw a bottlenose dolphin called Moko coming towards the stranded whales. Moko was a very popular dolphin among the people. It used to come to the surface to play with the humans. Moko made its way straight to the whales and started assisting the rescuers. Juanita Symes explained “Moko just came flying through the water and pushed in between us and the whales, She got them to head towards the hill, where the channel is. It was an amazing experience. The best day of my life.”  Dolphin apparently guided the whales towards the sea. 

Were They Communicating?

It is believed that Moko and the whale were communicating with each other in their own way. The whale was perhaps conveying its fear to dolphin by blowing whistles. Mr. Smith said, “What the communication was, I do not know, and I was not aware dolphins could communicate with pygmy sperm whales, but something happened that allowed Moko to guide those two whales to safety.”  


It was amazing as at the point when Mr. Smith and his team were contemplating on giving up on the whales, a dolphin came and changed everything. “It was looking like it was going to be a bad outcome for the whales, which was very disappointing, and then Moko just came along and fixed it. I pushed them out to sea two or three times, and they were very reluctant to move offshore.” Mr. Smith had decided that the only option now was left to kill the whales “I was starting to get cold and wet, and they were becoming tired. I was reaching the stage where I was thinking it’s about time to give up here, I’ve done as much as I can. I was close to putting them out of their misery.”

Talking In Their Own Language

Mr. Smith narrates the whole incident “The whales made contact with the dolphin, and she basically escorted them about 200 meters parallel with the beach, to the end of the sandbar. Then she did a right-angle turn through quite a narrow channel and escorted them out to sea.”She obviously gave them enough guidance to leave the area, because we haven’t seen them since. Moko returned to the beach soon afterward and resumed her water games with the locals. He continued “It was amazing. It was like she grabbed them by the flipper and led them to safety.”

Yet Endangered Species!

No doubt, along with being intelligent, dolphins are a very friendly creature. Though they have always come forward to help humans and other species some of this miraculous creature are facing endangerment thanks to the careless nature of humans. Those who fall into this endangered category includes New Zealand Maui dolphin, South Asian river dolphin, Amazon river dolphin and many more.
The Dolphins have displayed their altruistic character many times.

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