It’s truly heartbreaking while seeing an animal in pain or distress. The only thing worse is the helpless feeling that comes with it for n...

happyworld - What These People Did For Puppies Stuck In Trouble Is Amazing! happyworld - What These People Did For Puppies Stuck In Trouble Is Amazing!

happyworld - What These People Did For Puppies Stuck In Trouble Is Amazing!

happyworld - What These People Did For Puppies Stuck In Trouble Is Amazing!

It’s truly heartbreaking while seeing an animal in pain or distress. The only thing worse is the helpless feeling that comes with it for not having the resources to give that animal the aid it needs. But, in this case, the people didn’t lose hope and produced a result worth watching through their sincere efforts.

A Cry Of Distress

A man was walking back towards his home after work, suddenly he heard a crying voice which seemed to be of baby animals. The problem was that he could not understand where they were coming from until he followed the sound to a construction debris.

A Shocking Sight!

On reaching the debris, the man was shocked on seeing three puppies crying for help! As the man stepped forward to help them, he saw that the problem was much worse as the puppies were completely stuck in a pit of tar. Seeing this, the man got puzzled as he didn’t know what to do next.

Time Was Running

The worse thing was that the tar was hardening very fast and he couldn’t go on with the two obvious choices of pulling the puppies or exposing himself to the substance, as they both were dangerous for him as well as for the life of the puppies. 

Called For Rescue

The man made a sensible decision of calling the rescue organization, “Animal Aid Unlimited”. He knew that he won’t be able to save the puppies, so why not call the specialists. The rescue team arrived quickly, on first sight, it seemed to be a very uphill task to save the puppies, even to them.

A Tough Situation

After trying hard to release the puppies, the rescuers realized that pulling the puppies from the tar won’t help and they would have to separate the tar later as the puppies were very badly stuck in it. 

Took Them For Treatment

They decided to move the puppies along with the tar they were stuck to, back to their treatment facility. They were just hoping for the best, as they had no idea for how long the puppies were trapped, or if they could survive till the treatment is done.

Miserable State Of Puppies

The condition of the puppies was far beyond worse, as they had suffered damage inflicted by the tar. Some were in very bad shape and one pup couldn’t even close her mouth due to the tar that had stuck. They all were crying miserably as they were in a lot of pain and fear.

Tried To Comfort Them

The team decided to firstly carry out the primary task of comforting the puppies as they would harm themselves even more if they panicked. The rescuers decided to rehydrate them by using their fingertips or an oral syringe as these were the only methods possible. 

A Long Ordeal

After rehydrating them, the team proceeded to initiate the toughest task of removing the tar covering the puppies fur. To do this, they used clippers and scissors in order to cut the largest chunk of tar.

Massaged Oil

After removing the large chunks of tar from the fur, the rescuers came up with an idea of massaging a thick layer of oil on the puppies’ coats, as it was the only way to soften the hard tar for being washed away later through the water.

A Hopeful Sight

The tar took almost two hours before beginning to get soft. Fortunately, the puppies for the first time started to show signs of movement by starting to wriggle. It was inspiring for the workers who were giving their all to the task, but there was still more work to do before the puppies could be declared completely out of danger.

Oiling Sessions

A single oil massage was not of any help in removing the extremely stick tar from the puppies fur. So, the team started to give oil massages to the puppies in sessions, while in between, transferring them to vats of warm water, so that the warmed tar could rinse off.

Hard Work Paid Off!

After many oil massages and simultaneous warm water baths, the team started to witness the beautiful result of their hard work. As they were finally able to see the sweet young puppies who were underneath all of that viscous tar.

The Puppies Were Relieved

Due to the efforts of the Animal Aid Unlimited team, the puppies seemed to be out of danger, ready to start a new life. The last few hours were very miserable for the pups, but because of their sheer courage, they pulled through and finally, saw the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Exhausted Puppies

Unfortunately, the process of being manhandled and constantly massaged and cleaned was taking a physical toll on the puppies. It was so exhausting that they started falling asleep even as they were being cleaned!

They Were Recovering

Luckily, the sleep they were taking were of help to them, as it would aid in speeding up the recovery process. With every oiling and with every bath, they seemed stronger, healthier, and more eager to get back to the business of being regular puppies!

After A Few Days…

Thankfully, after a period of few daysthe ardent task carried out by the rescuers produced truly wonderful results. With most of the tar removed, the puppies became totally unrecognizable. They were back to their original shape as everybody had hoped.

The Team Was Ecstatic

The puppies started to receive kisses and adoration from the team in abundance, as they were finally, clean and happy again. The puppies too seemed to be happy, as they were playfully moving around and playing with the people present there.

An Amazing Surprise

Just because of the puppies sheer luck and the rescuers’ honest efforts, the team was able to locate the puppies mother. The moment when the puppies reunited with their mother was truly heartwarming.

Became Their True Self

The puppies were in a relaxed and natural state after meeting with their mother, as they started to frolick and play with each other without any sign of fear on their faces. Finally, they had the watchful image of their mother over them.

A Dream Come True

The rescuers couldn’t believe what they were seeing in front of their eyes. The sight of the puppies running free and playing together was one which they had only dreamed of a few days earlier, and to see that coming true was truly unbelievable for them.

A Sweet End

Being reunited with their missing mother made their incredible recovery all the sweeter. With their mother standing by, they were able to get the nutrients they needed to survive as well as learn valuable life lessons from her (such as “don’t play in a tar pit!”)

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