To celebrate his 9th birthday party, Mahlon Layne got up nice and early in the morning to prepare. His excitement was on a completely di...

-- Heartfelt Plea of a Mother After Her Son's Birthday Party Didn't Go As Planned -- Heartfelt Plea of a Mother After Her Son's Birthday Party Didn't Go As Planned

-- Heartfelt Plea of a Mother After Her Son's Birthday Party Didn't Go As Planned

-- Heartfelt Plea of a Mother After Her Son's Birthday Party Didn't Go As Planned

To celebrate his 9th birthday party, Mahlon Layne got up nice and early in the morning to prepare. His excitement was on a completely different level when he was decorating his house for the party. On the other hand, because no one RSVP’d, his parents were anxious, but they hoped that everything would go as per Mahlon's plan.

Mahlon's mother started to show signs of nervousness when the time comes for his friends to come to the party. She had to bear witness to the disappointment on the face of Mahlon when he was asking "where is everyone?". His 9th birthday party was very special to him and one he would love to remember for the rest of his life. But it looked like it was a night to forget for him.

Always a Simple Child

Mahlon was someone who always remained calm even in a house which was filled with chaotic babies and adolescents. He had qualities of being an animal lover to such as extent that he chose to be a vegetarian and was understanding and sympathetic of everyone. He always found happiness in making everyone smile.

Since Mahlon was homeschooled, he lacked the company of many friends. He found joy in playing with just his siblings. For a specific amount of time, Mahlon was fine with birthdays being just a family event. Kirsten, his mother, knew that there would be a time that it won't remain just a family event, and Mahlon would like to have his friends take part in them.

Wanting to Make Friends

On his 8th Birthday party, Mahlon expressed his wish of having more friends involved in the event after celebrating it as just a family based event throughout his life. So Kirsten tried to invite some family friends for his next celebration event which was held at Chuck E. Cheese.

Unfortunately, to Mahlon's disappointment, no one showed up, and it was again a family only event. Mahlon looked around and observed how much everyone else was enjoying. That day, Kirsten assured him that next year, his 9th Birthday would be different because he'd be attending public school. He was overjoyed and replied to her, "Yay! I can't wait".

Preparing for the Party

Soon enough, it was that time of the year again for Mahlon since as October rolled around again. His birthday was fast approaching, and he was still new in town and getting used to attending public school. His 9th birthday which was planned to be with his friends had a theme based on his favorite book series, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

Kirsten wanted to make this birthday the best one yet for his baby boy. She ordered custom "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" birthday party invitations, even being on a tight budget. Mahlon loved the invitations and excitedly distributed them to his friends from class and one friend from Taw Kwon Do. He could hardly wait!

Party Theme From His Favorite Book

Mahlon kept track of the days left in his first Birthday party with his newly made friends. Since Kirsten had six kids, she couldn't afford an expensive party. Still, she did her best to make that day a special one for her boy.

In her efforts to make it a special day, she bought decorations, searched for all the theme games for the kids to play and even bought a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" cake topper. Since no one responded to the birthday invitation of her son, she was not anxious than excited while making the arrangements. 

Here Comes the Big Day!

So it was the Birthday morning. Mahlon was so excited that he got up a couple of hours before the morning even started. He was so enthusiastic that he helped his mom with all of the preparations. From setting up the games, blowing balloons and hanging streamers, he was all up for it.

Hours before everyone was scheduled to arrive, Mahlon cleaned his room, had a bath and got his outfit ready for the party. The excitement of the best party ever could have been seen on his smiling face. It was meant to the best day of his life so far. He expressed his excitement to his mother by saying “This is the happiest day of my life, Mom. I can’t wait until my friends get here!”

Waiting and Wondering Where his Friends are

So after all the wait, it was time for the biggest party of his life and Mahlon was filled with energy and passion. On the other hand, Kirsten was trying her best to hide the jitters she was having. Since everyone was running late, she hoped that they were just finding it difficult to find the house.

Since they were new to the neighborhood, Kirsten didn't have any contact information of the other parents, but she made sure that their address, phone number, and everything was listed correctly on the invitations. As the cars came up the street, Mahlon was anxiously watching outside and hoped for those cars to be his friends'. 

No Responses

Kirsten shared her concerns and anxiety with her husband the night before the birthday and thought about whether they should cancel the event or not. His husband assured her that everyone would show up because who doesn't want to attend a Birthday party? Some friends of Mahlon also confirmed that they would come to the event. 

Kirsten made a decision not to cancel the party at the last moment because there was a possibility of the kids showing up even if the party was postponed. The hope was there because when she planned the birthday party of her daughter, some girls showed up even after not responding to the invitation. She wished for the same to happen for his son's birthday party as well. 

A Parent's Ulimate Nightmare

Every car that came down the street passed the house, would make Mahlon nervous and disappointed. Everyone realized that they have to face the worst-case scenario when Mahlon's dad got home from picking up the pizza for the party and no one had shown up. 

A boy who was filled with joy and excitement a couple of hours ago was found sitting quietly at the table with a disappointed look on his face. After seeing his father arriving, he could control his emotions and quietly said “No one came Dad. I guess I’m not very popular at school.”

A Disappointing Birthday 

Kirsten was heartbroken by seeing his beloved son sitting disappointed and broken, surrounded by all the arrangements she made for him including the decoration, games, and food. She lost control and broke down in tears after running to the bathroom.

She couldn't stop her tears while her husband and father made their best effort to calm and adore Mahlon in the other room. But she refused to give up and wiped the tears and went back to make another attempt of making this day a memorable one for her child. She was willing to do anything to distract Mahlon from what just happened. 

Bringing Positivity to a Bad Situation

In an attempt to salvage what had just happened, the whole family decided to enjoy themselves by playing all the games, eating all the pizza and singing Happy Birthday song over the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” cake. After a long time, Mahlon was seen smiling when he was opening his birthday presents.

Still, on the back of her mind, Kirsten knew that Mahlon would never forget his 9th Birthday. To distract Mahlon from his disappointing day, Kirsten's dad suggested that they should take him to the bowling alley. Mahlon seemed happy with the idea and made a special plan for school tomorrow.

A Cry to All Parents, to Please RSVP!

Kirsten and her husband being the parents of their child who had faced such a disappointing event, broke down after the kids went to sleep. Kirsten had very rarely seen her husband breaking down, but even he could stop his tears from the thought that his child had to face such a day and how shattered he must be.

Filled with anger and frustration because of what her son had to face without deserving any of it, Kirsten decides to express her feelings in her blog. She highlighted how her son's birthday party was miserably wrecked. Then she left a note to all the parents pleading, "Parents, please RSVP." After taking her frustration out, she logged off, but she was not aware that her blog would take a life of its own. 

Happy Mahlon

It’s the next morning, and Mahlon woke up for school. Kirsten was still anxious because she thought he would hate to face the kids who he thought were his friends. But Mahlon surprised his mother. She could keep the smile off of her face after seeing his son that morning.

Mahlon gathered all the goodie bags from last night which he prepared for his so-called friends and had a smile on his face. He still wanted to give them out to his friends even after their no-show. As Mahlon has always been a peacekeeper, he decided to move on and forgive his peers even after they made him feel terrible just a few hours earlier. 

The Worldwide Response

Without Kirsten's knowledge, her blog became an overnight sensation. She just meant to take her frustration out because of the events which unfolded last week, but the blog post caught the attention of some readers which she never thought of. The response she got from the blog was entirely positive. 

People showed sympathy for the unfortunate situation she had to face as a parent, and many other parents shared similar stories from their birthday parties. Everyone expressed their love and support for Mahlon by wishing him Happy Birthday. The response was very astounding. Along with all the positivity coming towards Mahlon, that was not all he was getting.

A Flood of Birthday Wishes

Because of the blog post, Mahlon started getting birthday cards and gifts from all around the globe for his 9th Birthday. The number of gifts really exceeded any expectations he could have ever had. He got more gifts then he could wish for both his Birthday and Christmas combined. An electric guitar was one of his gifts!

Even the media outlets participated in sending gifts to Mahlon, and they even covered his story. The little boy was overwhelmed and couldn't be any happier by the response he got and the stories that everyone shared of being stood up on their birthdays. It proved that he was not alone. Mahlon was not aware of the gift he was about to receive that would change his life forever and make him a celebrity in the neighborhood. 

Making Happier Memories

After everyone contributed to make Mahlon's 9th Birthday a memorable one, the Oregon Fire Department once hearing about Mahlon's story, decided to do their part in making his birthday even more special. They invited Mahlon and his family to a private tour of the fire station.

The Oregon Fire Department made the whole family feel special by letting them wear the firemen's gear and gave them a ride of the town on top of their fire truck. Mahlon enjoyed his ride, and he waved to the audience. Mahlon felt like this is the best day of his life, but there was something even more exciting planned for him. 

An Extra Personalized Birthday Gift

Since the news of Mahlon's missed birthday party was circulating everywhere, it grabbed the attention of someone who was very close to Mahlon, Jeff Kinney, author of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” So the special birthday surprise he got was a personalized birthday wish Jeff Kinney and Kirsten planned for him.

Jeff's work was very close to Mahlon and the best thing that ever happened to him was this facetime with Jeff. Mahlon was thrilled to have a conversation with Jeff, and he even showed him around his office, and they exchange their thoughts about "Wimpy Kid." Again, that was not all that Jeff had in store for Mahlon. 

The Best Gift he Could Ever Ask for

The best present Mahlon got for his birthday was a pre-released copy of Jeff Kinney's upcoming book. Mahlon was sworn to secrecy, and Jeff asked him to enjoy the book only at his home. Since he got the best gift ever from his childhood hero, he felt honored and kept the book as safe as it can be.  

Mahlon was so inspired by FaceTiming and Jeff and reading his book in advance that he decided to start a comic book of his own. Even after all of it, Jeff wanted to do one more thing for Mahlon and his family. 

Meet and Greet with his Idol

Jeff thought that is talking to Mahlon over the phone and sending him a copy of his upcoming book was not enough. So he decided to meet the whole family in person. The whole family was offered a once-in-a-lifetime dinner in Seattle with Mahlon's hero. It doesn't end here. They also got reserved front row seats of Jeff's new book release.

Jeff even called Mahlon on the stage after announcing his new book of the Wimpy Kid series. He asked Mahlon to draw his comic book character named Jack and asked him to express his feelings after getting all the love and surprises he got after his birthday. Mahlon remained as sweet as he always was even with all the fame he got. His sweetness leads other kids to take notice and like him. 

A very Late Response

Even as Kirsten's blog gained so much popularity, the parents of the children who were invited to the party didn't make any effort to describe the reason for the absence of RSVP. But there was one mother who realized how she affected Mahlon's birthday party. 

She came up and presented a sincere apology. She also explained that there was no specific reason why she didn't respond to the invite. Kirsten acknowledged the bravery and honesty of the mother and without any second thought, forgave and forgot. The mother also wanted the children to be friends, so she invited Mahlon to her home for a playdate.

Mahlon's much Anticipated First Play Date

Mahlon had great admiration for the strange people who showed their support and love when he felt broken and all alone. The whole thing led to Mahlon finding confidence in himself, and he believed that he could be a good friend. 

Mahlon had a great time at his first playdate, and the children planned to do it all over again at Mahlon's house the next time around. After seeing the grateful behavior of the classmate's mother, Kirsten was very fond of her, and a friendship between them started. Since Mahlon got a tremendous amount of love from others, he was looking forward to giving the love back to others as well. 

Giving Back

The huge chunk of the audience that Kirsten was able to reach with her blog was never expected by her. Similarly, she was not expecting the number of gifts and cards Mahlon received on his birthday. Mahlon, like the angel of a person he was, wanted to return the love which he received on his birthday.

When he came to know about the sad incidents of the other people on their birthdays, he wanted to make sure that no should have such a sad and disturbing experience on their special day. He decided to give away a lot of his gifts and toys to charity a couple of months after his birthday at Christmas. Kirsten also received an amazing response because of her son's action. 

The Negativity from the Blog post

While the majority of the responses were highly positive on Kirsten's blog, there was some criticism as well. Several unknown people accused her of using his son's disappointing Birthday party to increase views on her blog.

That criticism led to Kirsten believing that she might have mishandled the situation created by her son's traumatic Birthday party. Apart from all the love the whole family got after the event, they were now a point of discussion of many. That made Kirsten question herself about posting that blog publicly. 

All the Best Intentions

After the blog post got so much popular, Kirsten received plenty of good responses and included in those responses; there was a special one. A mother decided to make sure that her daughter attends a classmate's Birthday party after reading Kirsten's blog. 

The mother shared her story of being the only ones to attend the Birthday party of a new student in the class, and how the involvement of 2 individuals only still made the event so special for the new kid. This story eliminated all the doubts that Kirsten was starting to form in her mind regarding her decision to post the blog publicly. She also hoped to get a better response on RSVPs for his son's next birthday party. 

The Next Year, Mahlon's 10th Birthday

So it was that time of the year again. The month was October and Mahlon's 10th Birthday was approaching which made Kirsten very nervous. She still had memories of the dreadful party last year. On the contrary, Mahlon was motivated and wanted to make this Birthday his best one ever. The question is, would he have to face the disappointment again this year?

Kirsten saved all the things she prepared at the last Birthday party, and when she went through all of them, it reminded her of the disappointing experience of last year. It was clear in her mind that if no one will RSVP, she will cancel the party without any second thought. So when the time came, invitations were sent out and the whole family waited for the first response. 

A Second Try at The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Party

As Kirsten was feeling nervous, she asked Mahlon whether he was comfortable with all those decorations along with the memories of last year. But Mahlon showed a big heart and said, “But mom, since no one came last year, I didn’t get to play any of those fun games with my friends. I just want to share those games with them.”

The whole family was delighted to receive the response of the invites because except for only one family who had other commitment, everyone RSVP’d yes to Mahlon's 10th Birthday Party! Mahlon had a completely different emotion than the last year. He felt special and loved, and he celebrated his birthday with his friends and had the time of his life.

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