Right After They Move Into A New House, This Couple Notices Their Dog Doing Something Hysterical

It takes a lot of time and energy to train a dog. But once you’ve gotten their attention, they’re smart enough to perform just about any trick. Though it can be some seriously hard work, it’s definitely worth it in the end.
For one pet owner, however, training her pooch quickly became a much stranger challenge than anticipated. The dog understood the general concept, but eventually decided to take matters into his own paws showing his owner that there’s actually more than one way to do things…
Golden retrievers aren’t always considered to be the smartest dogs around. They can be trained, but even once they master a skill, they tend to do things… well, in their own special way.
That was definitely the case for one owner, who shared her experience through Tumblr. When she first adopted her rescue retriever, she got straight to teaching him how to let her know when he needed to go outside to use the bathroom…
She eventually got the pup to go to the front door whenever he felt the urge, but for whatever reason, he decided to add an unusual twist to this simple act.
 The dog seemed to think that licking the door was also part of how to indicate that he needed to go. Sometimes he would stand at the door just to see what was going on, but unless he was licking, they knew he didn’t need to pee.
Though strange, the owner was just glad that his training was complete… until they moved! A transition such as this can be stressful for everyone involved, even dogs, and this poor guy was no exception to the rule. 
Settling into the new place was tough for this dog’s owner, but at least she knew what was happening! This dog was so confused at first, that it actually led to something pretty hilarious…
The dog knew that if he needed to go outside that he could let his people know by going up to the front door and licking it. However, the only problem here was that he wasn’t quite sure where the new front door was! 
Since there was only one front door into their new home, his owner was sure he would figure out where he needed to lick to go outside. But that wasn’t the case!
The dog, however, was proving himself to be a little slow on the uptake. Whenever he needed to go outside and relieve himself, he would still lick the door… only it was never the front door, just whatever door he happened to find! 
His owner couldn’t believe it. The poor pooch was licking every door he saw when he needed to go outside – bathroom doors, bedroom doors, even the doors of kitchen cabinets! 
The dog’s antics were so funny and confusing that his owner couldn’t figure out if the dog was brilliant or a little bit slow! At the old house the dog knew to lick the front door, but now…
If his owner was in the shower, all he had to do was lick the frosted glass door and she was out putting the leash on him – in a towel! 
His owner was also starting to think that maybe her dog just knew he had found a shortcut – lick whichever door is nearest to his owner for a trip outside.
She hoped it was that… otherwise it meant her dog actually thought each door led to a “magical Narnia” that, whenever licked, would turn into a portal leading straight to canine relief! 
It may have been smart on the dog’s part, but it made life for his owner pretty frustrating. If a little bit of time passed and no one saw the dog, they had to run from room to room just to make sure he wasn’t licking doors! 
His owner knew that if the dog went off to lick a door in a distant room, she only had a little bit of time before he would have an accident… and she obviously didn’t want that to happen!
She often told people about her dog’s nutty behavior, and people got a kick out of it. But she felt like people didn’t understand how odd it was to walk into a room and see a dog putting his tongue on a random door. 
To that end, she decided to start following her dog around with a camera in the hopes of catching him in the act of getting his slobber on in a frantic bid to explore the great outdoors.
Before too long, she noticed her dog get up from the kitchen floor and wander alone upstairs. She crept up after him, camera in hand…
What was he doing? Why, he went into her  bedroom to start… licking her wardrobe door! This is definitely a dog who needs a little bit of direction! At least his heart – if not his bladder – is in the right place. 
This dog may not have gotten it exactly right, but doggone it if he isn’t still trying! What a sweet little guy he is, bless his heart.

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