When bugs or little critters invade your home, it can lead to feelings of vulnerability and frustration. You didn’t invite them in, after...

Strange Noises Under The Porch Lead To A Scary Encounter For One Homeowner Strange Noises Under The Porch Lead To A Scary Encounter For One Homeowner

Strange Noises Under The Porch Lead To A Scary Encounter For One Homeowner

Strange Noises Under The Porch Lead To A Scary Encounter For One Homeowner

When bugs or little critters invade your home, it can lead to feelings of vulnerability and frustration. You didn’t invite them in, after all, and now you have to shell out big bucks for exterminators or traps. But not all infestations are created equal—at least, not if you speak to this woman.
This homeowner had an infestation under her deck that would’ve sent most people running for the hills. However, she took a surprising and bold approach to dealing with the issue: she offered the invaders a little treat! What unfolded was a scene that was creepy, uncanny, and oddly cute all at once.
It looked like something out of a horror movie: as an unidentified woman dropped cat food onto her deck, dozens of alien hands reached through the slots and hungrily grabbed it. What was going on?
Chunk’o What / YouTube
No, she didn’t have mutant children hanging out under her patio, and this wasn’t some creepy Halloween display. She had an infestation that would’ve sent most people away screaming. But she reveled in it, even as she knew who those hands belonged to.
Chuk’o What / YouTube
Why, it was a pack of raccoons! While she didn’t know how they made their way under there, the woman was happy to provide their rumbling bellies with some sustenance while they hung out…
Whatever your take on raccoons, the footage she captured was undeniably eerie. The raccoons grabbed whatever food they could get their little paws on, blindly reaching for kibble as if they’d never eaten a day in their lives. The scene polarized people across the world.
Chunk’o What / YouTube
Was it cute? Was it creepy? Was it somewhere in between? No parties could reach a consensus. But one thing was for certain: the woman was courting serious trouble, at least if you consider a similar story out of Tennessee…
Chunk’o What / YouTube
Karyln Shamley lived in a house in Hickory Hill, a middle-class neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. She didn’t exactly have a nest of raccoons living under her deck, but that would’ve been far more appealing than the raccoon drama she faced.
Just before Christmas 2017, the mother of four noticed a hole in the roof of her home. “I’d say in November I discovered it was leaking over there,” she said. “It got worse in February.” By May, the raccoons knew about the hole, too.
Toward the end of the month, Karyln went into her bathroom and saw an unsettling scene: a raccoon was “in the shower with the seven babies. It’s just sitting there looking like, ‘Yeah. This is my house now. You can leave,'” she said.
A family of raccoons under a deck? No problem. But a family of raccoons inside your house… in your tub? No thank you. Karyln knew she had to evict the pesky creatures quickly—but how?
Karlyn ran out to buy a few raccoon traps, hoping to catch the mother and her seven offspring. Traps in hand, she returned home—only to find a scene far more unsettling than critters in her bathtub!
“As soon as we opened the front door,” Karlyn explained, “it’s like seven babies crawling on the banister. The mom is just sitting there staring at us, so we just drop the trap and got out of there.” That was when the raccoons’ rampage began!
“They like literally trashed my house,” she said. “It’s garbage. They’ve been eating on my kids’ clothes.” A battle with the landlord resulted in zero gain. He refused to fix the roof because Karlyn hadn’t paid rent in months (ironically because of the holes in the first place).
Eventually, the poor mother had to move out for awhile—it seemed the raccoons had won. The takeaway? If the woman feeding the critters under her deck wasn’t careful, the raccoons would take over her home entirely… and she’d be the one begging for food from under her own deck!
Chunk’o What / YouTube
A raccoon roommate, however, isn’t always all bad. Sure, they’re trash-eating, disease-carrying mammals with destructive potential that should not be kept as pets, but some have been known to be pretty cool. Just take this little raccoon named Loki, who was adopted by Kat Wagg and her husband.
Katt Wag / YouTube
Loki started out on the mean streets like most raccoons. As a baby, his mother abandoned him, leaving him subject to the elements. He was dehydrated and infested with parasites and likely to die. Until a miracle happened…
Katt Wag / YouTube
Kat and her husband found the starving fella and brought him home. There, they nursed him back to health and taught him manners. They planned to release him back into the wild one day, but Loki wasn’t like his garbage-munching brothers…
Kat Wagg / YouTube
Loki never returned to the wild; he liked life at home too much! Thankfully, he never took over and ate kids’ clothes. “Most animals naturally respond to the call of the wild,” Kate wrote. “Loki was a rare exception and wouldn’t leave.”
Kat Wagg / YouTube
Instead, little Loki played in the grass and ate popcorn on the couch as if he was someone’s roommate. He lived the dream—and he didn’t even have to grab cat food from under a deck to do so!
Katt Wag / YouTube
Chances are, raccoons in your home will bare consequences more like those Karyln faced. The woman feeding raccoons under her desk should hope that she was dealing with personalities closer to Loki’s than the others!
Chunk’o What / YouTube
Just watch as this family of raccoons hang out under the woman’s deck and grab at the cat food she drops to them. You be the judge: is having hungry raccoons under your deck cute, terrifying, or uncanny in the worst way?
As Karyln found out, raccoons don’t really make good pets: there are very few Lokis in the world. If they’re living under your deck, you don’t want to risk having them in your home!
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He Rescued This Husky From Drowning In A River. But The Worst Part Was When He Saw Its Legs…

A man was passing the Watercombe River in the South African town of Farmall when he suddenly heard a noise. After taking a peek, he discovered the horrifying source of the commotion: a husky had been tossed into the river to drown.
The man sprung into action with the help of a few other pedestrians. What they discovered next was a terrible example of animal cruelty that has shaken people to the core.
After hearing a noise near the Watercombe River in South Africa, a man spotted this poor husky struggling to stay afloat. It had been thrown in the river with its legs purposely bound with wire so it would drown. Along with a few other good samaritans, the man helped rescue the dog — whom he named Spirit — and rushed to the Blue Bush Animal Clinic. There they figured out the chilling reason why the dog had been so abused.
01-husky-legs-tied-riverFacebook / Blue Bush Animal Clinic
The abuse was likely caused by illegal poachers in the area. “Possibly the dog was snared and the poacher, finding something in the snare that he didn’t want to eat, then bound and tried to drown him,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.
02-husky-legs-tied-riverFacebook / Blue Bush Animal Clinic
Thankfully, Spirit is recovering and finally receiving the love and care he deserves.
03-husky-legs-tied-riverFacebook / Blue Bush Animal Clinic
“He’s still weak and his lungs aren’t great, but a very good sign is his appetite, he’s eating like a hobbit… first breakfast, second breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, first supper, second supper…”
04-husky-legs-tied-riverFacebook / Blue Bush Animal Clinic
What sort of monster does that to an animal? Suppose the same person that would be into illegal poaching in the first place. Thank goodness Spirit was rescued in time!
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