Everyone always says that dogs are people's best friend, and for a reason! We've all heard all sorts of stories about dogs protec...

Stray Dog Helps Pre-School Kids Cross Street Every Day Stray Dog Helps Pre-School Kids Cross Street Every Day

Stray Dog Helps Pre-School Kids Cross Street Every Day

Stray Dog Helps Pre-School Kids Cross Street Every Day

Everyone always says that dogs are people's best friend, and for a reason! We've all heard all sorts of stories about dogs protecting their owners or saving people's lives, but this dog took things to a whole new level! It turns out that there's a stray dog from Georgia that helps toddlers cross the street day after day. But how is this even possible? Read on and find out!
Photo: Lovely Kupata

The Georgian Stray Dog

In early 2020, world came out that there was a stray dog from Georgia that would always help pre-school kids cross the street safely. At first, most people figured it was just another fake news, but it turns out this is as real as it gets!
Photo: Lovely Kupata
The pooch not only became a local celebrity, but he made headlines all over the world as well. So meet Kupata, Georgia's most famous dog, who probably worked as a traffic officer in his previous life!

The Video

It all began when a man named Bega Tsinadaze uploaded a video that went viral. The video shows a group of toddlers on their way to school waiting for the cars to pass before crossing the road, when suddenly, this happens.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
Suddenly, a mysterious stray dog comes to save the day by stopping the traffic. He basically risked being run over by cars just for the sake of the children. How cute is that?

Kusha, The Star

The video was filmed in Batumi, a small town located in the Central Asian nation of Georgia. Even though the pooch doesn't have an actual owner, everyone knows who he is. While his actual name is Kupata, the neighbors affectionately call him Kursha.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
Kupata went from being an anonymous stray dog to a worldwide celebrity, and all thanks to that video! So much so, that the dog now has his own Facebook and Instagram profiles as well as a huge fan base!

Full-Time Traffic Officer

Surprisingly, Kupata's act of bravery wasn't a one time thing. On the contrary, the pooch does the same thing every single day. We could even say he's a full-time traffic officer!.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
In fact, many locals believe he's the best and most loyal traffic officer there is. "Kupata gets angry when a car crosses by every time", one of the locals told The Dodo. If you don't believe me, then take a look at the photo above!

The Bravest Pooch

Each time vehicles start edging forward, not only does Kupata start barking furiously, but he stands right in front of them and waits for the last kid to cross before stepping aside.
Photo: Good News Network
"“He takes his job very seriously. And sometimes he waits for children for one hour, to make sure that they feel safe in the park and they cross the street safely”, another local said. Now that's what I call committing to one's job!

2-Year Working Experience

The person who runs Kupata's Instagram and Facebook profiles explained that he's actually been helping pre-school kids cross the road for nearly 2 years. It was about time the world got to know about him!
Photo: Lovely Kupata
Patience and work ethics are Kupata's greatest virtues, as sometimes he spends even more than an hour waiting for all the children to cross the street on their way to school. But why did he begin doing this in the first place?

Expression Of Gratitude

Truth be told, nobody knows why Kupata chose to become a traffic officer in the first place. The fact that he looks after these schoolchildren as if they were his own offspring is something truly amazing. But here's a possible explanation.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
Kupata was born and raised in the streets of Batumi and the only reason he survived was because some neighbors would always fetch him some food and water. Therefore, Kupata's voluntary work may be a way of showing gratitude towards the community that helped him when he was in need.

They Look After Him

I know what you're thinking: if he's such a hero, didn't anyone adopt him by now? Well, actually, a whole bunch of people look after him and give him food and water on a daily basis.
Photo: Georgia Today
"He came here 5 years ago from somewhere when he was a puppy, and since then he’s been living in the staircase of one of the apartments and people have been caring for him", said the person who runs his social media accounts.

He Grew Up With Kids

Even though lots of people look after him, Kupata has two best friends: a middle-aged woman named Nona, who feeds him, and a little girl named Beka, who looks after him and plays with him after school.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
However, Beka isn't the only child he plays with! "Kupata grew up with kids, he loves playing with them. There is a park next to his place, so he is always playing with kids in that park", a local said.

Kupata's Personality

So we know that he's playful and that he takes his job seriously, but what else do we know about his personality? Let's see what the owner of his Instagram account commented on the issue.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
"He hates drunk people and always barks at them. He loves sleeping a lot and he also enjoys eating sausages. Besides, he loves to play with children", the man said. Is there anything about him that isn't perfect?

Well-Deserved Gift

Gladly, Kupata's sacrifice and hard work didn't go unnoticed. Not only is he loved by the whole town (especially by the kids' parents!), but he was recently given the best present a dog could ask for.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
The Adjara Tourism Department decided to honor the pooch by buying him a doghouse, and you know what the best part is? His brand new house has a People's Choice star that reads his name!

Giant Painting

But this doesn't end here! Apart from having his own house, he now features in one of the town's largest artworks! Don't believe me? Then check out the picture below!
Photo: Lovely Kupata
A local artist made this giant painting of Kupata on the walls of one of Batumi's buildings. Is there any doubt that he's an A-list star? I don't think so!

Worldwide Sensation

But not only is Kupata famous in Batumi; he is now famous all over the world. Ever since they published his video on social media, the footage was picked up by media outlets from all over the world.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
"Since we published the video on how he is helping kids cross the road, many local people and tourists came to see Kupata and take some photos with him", the guy running his Instagram said.

Internet Star

It goes without saying that Kupata is now a major Internet star. Everyone loves him, which is mirrored in the fact that his video has received over four million views on Twitter. Beat that!
Photo: Lovely Kupata
Also, his video was shared by the positive news outlet Goodable. "In Georgia, there's a stray dog who's made it his job to protect this kindergarten class — so they can cross the street safely.”, read the caption.

Leisure Time

It should be clear by now that Kupata is one of the most loved dogs in the world, and and it's easy to see why. "Love this. Dogs are arguably the greatest creatures on earth", said one of his many fans.
Photo: Lovely Kupata
But even heroes need some leisure time, and after his long days at work, Kupata enjoys taking some rest in his new home. It's the least he deserves!

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