Many parents hope for at least one boy and one girl to experience both sides of the coin. Such was the case for Katie and Angelo, a Califo...

These Parents Hoped For A Girl, But Then The Unexpected Happened These Parents Hoped For A Girl, But Then The Unexpected Happened

These Parents Hoped For A Girl, But Then The Unexpected Happened

These Parents Hoped For A Girl, But Then The Unexpected Happened

Many parents hope for at least one boy and one girl to experience both sides of the coin. Such was the case for Katie and Angelo, a California couple who already had two sons. After trying for years to conceive another child, they were delighted to find that Katie was again pregnant. They hoped that the doctor would say it was a girl, but the news they got instead was something they couldn’t have expected.

Excitement Over The New Baby

Katie and Angelo already had two sons that they couldn’t be more grateful for. At the same time, they were hoping to complete their family with a baby girl. Plus, the youngest would have her two big brothers to watch out for her.
The parents were overjoyed to find that Katie was pregnant for the third time. Having been through this twice before, they thought they knew what to expect. In reality, they had no idea what they were in for.

Preparing For A Third

Katie and Angelo had been married for several years and proved to be a very strong couple. They managed to handle parenting their two sons with grace and ease. This made them confident that they could handle another bundle of joy.
The couple couldn’t wait to expand their family. They shared the good news with family and friends, and they eagerly waited to find out if the baby would be another boy, or if it would be the girl they hoped for.

Taking Precautions

Though the couple already had two children, they knew better than to get ahead of themselves. Each pregnancy is different, so they had to take this one just as seriously as they had the first two.
Katie would be going to all of her checkups as planned, and they would have to be aware of any potential risks. Though they seemed like parenting pros by now, a big part of being smart is not getting overly confident.

Heading Into Her First Checkup

Katie headed into her first doctor’s visit since finding out she was pregnant. The expecting couple felt confident things would go as planned, but they knew there was always room for something to be off.
Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, they wanted to make sure that everything was looking normal and healthy with both Katie and the baby. At the initial appointment, the doctors were pleased to announce that everything looked great.

The Ultrasound Revealed Something

As Katie began to progress into her pregnancy, things started to change. The doctors performed an ultrasound and discovered that things were actually not going as expected. Katie and Angelo grew nervous as he explained they would need to see a specialist.
This doctor’s visit was unlike any checkup they had experienced before in their lives. Though they knew that there was always a risk of something going south, they expected that everything would be fine.

Growing Anxiety

The couple grew nervous about what could be going on. What started out as any other day was quickly turning into an anxiety-ridden trip to the hospital. The couple grew nervous as the doctor explained that Katie needed special care.
Though Katie and Angelo had done nothing wrong, they began to wonder if there was something they could have done better. Had they gotten too comfortable with pregnancy after all? Did they make too many assumptions going into this?

The Doctor’s Unexpected Explanation

The couple quickly grew hopeless as they discovered that Katie would need special care. After all, she had already been through two pregnancies, and this hadn’t happened before. The feeling of helplessness overtook them.
They looked to the doctor for answers, and he was as straightforward as he possibly could be. As the conversation progressed, Katie and Angelo realized that something was going on that they hadn’t even thought about. They couldn’t believe what the doctor was explaining to them.

The Pregnancy Was Deemed High-Risk

Katie and Angelo’s hearts sank as the doctor explained that the pregnancy was “high-risk.” Thiss meant that Katie would need 24/7 care, so she would need to stay in the hospital for the time being.
The doctors had to be close by in case any emergencies happened. In other words, Katie would need far more monitoring than she had previously needed while carrying her children. But why? What made this pregnancy so different that she had to remain in a hospital bed?

She Was Pregnant With Multiples!

A big reason for Katie’s close monitoring was because she was pregnant with more than one child! Katie wasn’t only at a higher risk for complications, but so was each and every baby she was carrying.
Katie’s high-risk pregnancy took on a whole new meaning as the couple realized how much was on the line. Their hope for a girl melted into the background as they discovered that they were about to have more children than they thought.

They Were Having Triplets!

Katie and Angelo weren’t having one child, and they weren’t having twins. They were going to have triplets! This meant that they were about to have more than twice as many children in the house!
Going from two children to five is quite a leap! The parents knew that they could handle another addition to their family when they decided to get pregnant. But would they be prepared to take on another three children to raise?

The Babies Weren’t All The Same Size

Discovering that you’re going to have triplets is stressful enough, but then there was the added concern of it being a high-risk pregnancy. The problem was that two of the babies were smaller than the third.
This seemed hard to believe considering they were all three triplets and a part of the same pregnancy. Katie and Angelo weren’t doctors, so they couldn’t have foreseen how different a multiple pregnancy would be compared to their first two.

It Was A Dichorionic Pregnancy

The doctor proceeded to explain what was going on beneath the surface with Katie’s pregnancy. With triplets, there are three possible forms that the pregnancy can take. The first is called trichorionic, meaning each baby has its own placenta and thus they all are fraternal.
The second is monochorionic and means the babies are identical and share a placenta. The third is dichorionic, meaning that two of the babies are identical and share a placenta, while the third is fraternal and has its own placenta. This was the case for Katie.

A Manageable Complication

Since Katie was experiencing a dichorionic pregnancy, it meant that two of her babies would be identical and shared a placenta. Meanwhile, a third child was fraternal and living in its own placenta.
The complication was that the fraternal triplet was larger than the identical ones. Though it was another thing to worry about, the doctors were confident that everything would be fine. At the same time, they did not want to take any risks.

The Risk Of A Premature Delivery

The Centers for Disease Control report that there is an increased risk of giving birth prematurely, meaning before 37 weeks of pregnancy, when you have multiples. The more children you’re pregnant with, the more this risk goes up.
That means that Katie had a great chance of delivering early with triplets than she would with twins. Since two of the babies were already smaller than the third, the doctors had to make sure that they would be ready to be born.

They Needed To Delay The Delivery As Long As Possible

Given Katie’s unique situation, the doctors had to be sure that the babies were ready to be delivered when the time came. Their main concern was having the children born on time, since that would give them the greatest chance to be healthy.
This was the reason Katie’s initial doctor recommended a specialist. He wanted to be sure that Katie and Angelo were under the care of someone who deals with multiples all the time.

Stress Would Only Make Things Worse

As the complications piled up, Katie and Angelo’s concern only increased. They not only had to figure out how to plan for three children, but also had to make sure that the pregnancy and delivery were as healthy as possible.
To make matters worse, stress would only make the pregnancy even more high-risk. Katie had to remain calm to ensure that she and the babies were as healthy as possible. The couple had to release their concerns and breathe through it.

Excited For Three More Children!

Rather than melting down over the worst-case scenario, the couple could find relief in looking forward to their three miraculous children. They weren’t being blessed with just one baby, but three!
Though it wasn’t what they expected, the couple embraced the fact that triplets were on the way. They grew excited as they thought about a house full of five kids! Their boys would be big brothers to three little ones, and that put a smile on their faces.

They Were Girls!

In all of the commotion, Katie and Angelo had nearly forgotten about their early desire to have a girl. At this point, all they wanted was to have three healthy babies. Still, they were elated to discover that they would in fact be having a girl.
They weren’t just going to have one baby girl, though. All three triplets were females! The couple got their wish threefold, which became a silver lining in an otherwise stressful situation.

It Was A Challenge To Stay Positive

Even though Katie understood the importance of staying calm, she found it more and more challenging to do so as the weeks progressed. Being in and out of the hospital only served to remind her that this was a high-risk pregnancy.
On top of that, she now had three babies to be worried about instead of just one. The emotional and physical toll was growing as she woke up every day wondering what would happen.

She Started To Hear Negative Stories

To make matters worse, Katie started hearing negative stories about twin and triplet pregnancies. In an interview at the hospital, she said, “A lot of stories are told to us about unfortunate pregnancies.”
While the people sharing these stories may have thought they were helping by offering caution, they were really making the situation worse. Katie wouldn’t be able to shake off the stress if she had worst-case scenarios fogging her mind all the time.

Another Complication Arose

The medical team referred to each baby as A, B, and C. For them, Katie’s pregnancy was just another day at the office as they were used to these sorts of pregnancies. Their ease helped soothe Katie and Angelo’s nerves, until the next complication arose.
The medical team discovered that there wasn’t enough fluid getting to baby B. Though the situation wasn’t yet dire, it did seem to be getting worse. Now, baby B was smaller than the other two, rather than the other way around.

Katie’s Specialist Came To Her Aid

It’s a good thing Katie’s original doctor had recommended a specialist, because they ended up needing one emotionally as much as they did physically. Dr. Angela Watson was used to seeing these kinds of cases and knew just what to do.
Angela had assisted many expecting moms as they went through complications. After all, this wasn’t the first time that triplets were ever born. She offered the kind of understanding and reassurance that Katie needed.

The Importance Of Empathy

According to Dr. Watson, the most important thing during this time was empathy. She explained, “Telling mothers that you understand that it’s truly hard for them, that’s a gamechanger for patients and their overall outlook.”
She stressed the importance of having a support system: someone to cry on the shoulder of and who would listen and be there. Mothers like Katie also need others to motivate them and keep them optimistic and reassured so that they don’t become overwhelmed.

Admitted To The Hospital Early

Since Katie’s pregnancy was high-risk, the doctors had her admitted at just 27 weeks. Though she would have loved to stay in the comfort of her own home for as long as possible, it was getting close to the time when she could go into an early labor.
The doctors did everything that they possibly could to guarantee a successful pregnancy. Though being in the hospital was a constant reminder of her condition, Katie persevered.

The Doctors Kept A Close Watch

Katie adjusted to spending her days in the hospital and knew that the medical staff had her best interest in mind. For weeks, her pregnancy carried on and things were progressing as well as they could given the circumstances.
The goal was for her to carry them as long as possible, and things were finally looking up. Then week 32 rolled around and everything changed. Just one day after her 32nd week, Katie went into labor.

Going Into Labor

Many women feel relief when they go into labor since they know that the pregnancy is finally over and they’ll soon meet their little one. This was especially true for Katie and Angelo since they had spent months worried about the health of their babies.
Making it to the 32nd week was great news because it meant that the risk was low enough for the doctors to comfortably deliver all three babies. They were finally in the clear.

They Delivered The Babies Via C-Section

After all that had gone on, the doctors and parents alike agreed that the best plan of action would be to deliver the babies via cesarean delivery. The doctors had complete control over the surgery and, at last, the complications were over.
Katie and Angelo couldn’t have been more relieved to see their three healthy babies. After the rollercoaster of emotions they’d been through, they were finally able to breathe easy and feel the full wonder of their newborns.

Examining The Babies

Once the babies were out, they had to be closely examined and cared for. The nurses and doctors ensured that the newborns were breathing properly and that everything was okay.
Despite all that they had been through with the pregnancy, the triplets were all healthy as can be. They were transported to an intensive care unit while Katie recovered from the exhausting ordeal. At last, she could sleep well and know that her babies were safe.

The Triplets Finally Had Names

Now that the babies were born and in stable condition, they no longer had to be referred to as A, B, and C. Katie and Angelo officially named their triplets Trisha, Danielle, and Rebecca, signing their birth certificates with elation.
The parents were finally able to hold their bundles of joy, and couldn’t believe how healthy they were. The preterm babies could be predisposed to more complications, but the doctors were happy to inform Katie and Angelo that all three seemed simply perfect.

Heading Home With Three Girls

Katie and Angelo had hoped for a baby girl, and ended up with three. They experienced the utter fear of not going home with any of the triplets, but the exact opposite happened. After all they had been through, the parents were more grateful than ever for their precious children.
Angelo described holding his baby girls as “Such a beautiful feeling. Too beautiful!” Both parents were overcome with happiness over the triplets. At last, their two sons would be big brothers to three.

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