There are the lucky ones who find their soulmates in their high school sweethearts, and live on to marry them for their happily ever after...

-- This Man Held On To His Ex’s Gift For Half A Century, He Finally Opens It -- This Man Held On To His Ex’s Gift For Half A Century, He Finally Opens It

-- This Man Held On To His Ex’s Gift For Half A Century, He Finally Opens It

-- This Man Held On To His Ex’s Gift For Half A Century, He Finally Opens It

There are the lucky ones who find their soulmates in their high school sweethearts, and live on to marry them for their happily ever after. Well, this story is not about them. For Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen, their high school love story was just that: a high school love story and nothing more - as their romance was short-lived.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
What wasn’t short-lived was Vicki’s Christmas present for Adrian shortly before they broke up; and 47 years later, the gift was still left unopened. While he indeed kept it, Adrian never thought of opening the gift - that is, not until almost half a century after receiving it. Curiosity finally got the best of him after decades of battling with it, and the revelation of the mystery present led to quite an unexpected turn of events thereafter.

Humble Beginnings

Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen were high school sweethearts back in the 70s. Shortly after they met, sparks flew and they dating. It was the first serious relationship for both of them, and neither knew what to expect from each other.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
The couple met at George S. Henry Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario where both attended high school. Adrian was only 17 years old at the time, only two years older than Vicki. There was probably some real connection between the two or perhaps it was just puppy love, but Adrian felt a strong bond with her and believed that they had just as strong a foundation for their relationship. Quite unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst and their young love was soon put to the test.

Christmas Vacation

In the middle of Christmas vacation preparations in winter of 1971, Adrian’s world has come to a terrible pause when he found out that Vicki wanted to end things with him, just out of the blue. Aghast and remorseful, Adrian couldn’t believe that this ironic tragedy was happening in the middle of such a supposedly joyous season. He had initially thought that he and Vicki were meant to be together forever. As it turns out, they weren’t.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Initially, the young couple was supposed to celebrate the Yuletide season together. In the end, it seemed that Adrian was left alone and the only thing he had was his broken heart - or so he thought. It was only after nearly five decades did he find out why exactly his beloved high school sweetheart Vicki had decided to end their relationship.

A Parting Gift

To add to the irony of the sad break up during a supposedly joyful season, Vicki had also left a Christmas present for Adrian which she had purchased prior to the break up. It was unclear at the time whether this was meant to be an innocent Christmas gift Vicki bought for her beau or a deliberate parting gift with a deeper meaning into it.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
On the one hand, this could probably be an explanation as to why Vicki decided to leave Adrian. On the other, it may just be something she saw at the mall that reminded her of him. Wanting nothing but to forget and ignore the pain, Adrian decided not to open the Christmas present. His decision to keep it was quite puzzling, though, and so much more what he did with the sealed gift.

Left Broken-Hearted

It was a horrible day for Adrian: his first serious girlfriend had just dumped him without any explanation right before the holiday festivities and, much worse, she left him with a present that he felt was staring at him mockingly, as if telling him that it was a consolation prize since he had just lost his beloved.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Despite mixed feelings of anger, sadness, and above all, confusion, Adrian still decided to keep the present under his Christmas tree. He wasn’t quite ready to open the gift and find out what’s inside so while all the other presents under the tree was opened on Christmas Day, that singular present from Vicki remained sealed and untouched.

The Years Fly By

The years flew by and what started as an act of denial, confusion, anger, and sadness became some sort of a tradition for Adrian. Each year, he would place Vicki’s unopened gift under his Christmas tree with its clear tape turning yellow and it’s blue wrapping paper fading into a whitish blue as the years go by. “I told my family I’m never going to open that present,” exclaimed Adrian.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Year after year, this personal tradition continued on for Adrian during Christmas. These years later turned into decades, and Adrian thought that this tradition, unlike his relationship with the one who gave it to him, would last forever. However, he thought wrong once again as nothing really lasts forever. Something - or rather, someone - was bound to notice this odd tradition and put a stop to it. After all, clinging on to long-lost love isn’t exactly healthy for anyone.

Putting Their Foot Down

Years went by and Adrian finally met Janet, the love of his life and the woman of his dreams. The couple eventually got married and had children, living quite a happy life as a family. Strangely enough, Adrian still kept his personal tradition each year despite having a wife and kids.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Understandably, Adrian’s children were very curious about the mysterious blue present and constantly bugged him to open it year after year after year. They never succeeded in letting him give in, no matter how hard they tried. However, when Janet finally stepped in, things turned out differently and there was nothing Adrian could do about it. After all, a happy wife means a happy life!

How Long is Too Long?

It has already been decades and Janet, tired of the same old routine which Adrian had fondly referred to as ‘tradition’, decided that it was high time that she put a stop to this. She was adamant that it had already been too long to preserve a high school memento from Adrian’s first serious relationship, and it was not out of jealousy that she had decided to stop this seemingly childish sentimentality once and for all.

More than 40 years have passed since Vicki gave her parting gift to Adrian, and it was only then that Janet decided to tell him that she didn’t like the idea of him continuing on with this tradition of his. Adrian kept putting the gift under his tree each Christmas and placed it lovingly back in its hiding place each time the holidays passed. The question is, why would Adrian continue to do this when he knows that he has a loving wife who witnesses all these?

A Special Keepsake

For Adrian, the mysterious blue present was a keepsake that reminded him of his youthful years. It was a memento he was not ready to let go of and it was something that no one around him could understand. Wanting to justify this, Adrian took to social media one year to tell his story. Little did he know that the responses he would get from posting this wasn’t quite what he had expected.

It was during the holidays at exactly December 23, 2017 when Adrian decided to post his story on Facebook, explaining the details of the mysterious blue present. This only left more people curious about who Vicki was and what was beneath all that wrapping paper. It just seemed incredulous that someone had the discipline not to give in to temptation and just open it right then and there! Everyone got intrigued about the gift and led to a development far from what Adrian had expected.

Facebook Changes Everything

Adrian shared in his Facebook post more details about his break up with Vicki all those years ago. Apparently, she had told him straight up that she was leaving him for an older guy named Wolf, whom she lovingly called Wolfie.

This story encouraged a lot of readers to conduct an online ‘manhunt’ for all the women that had previously broken Adrian’s heart, in the hopes that somewhere along the way, they might find Vicki. Eventually, it was Adrian himself who had decided that it was perhaps time to find her once and for all, and reconnect after so many years. As expected, this task proved difficult to achieve.

The Imposters

It wasn’t long before national news noticed Adrian’s story, which prompted his 15 minutes of fame and a fair share of fake Vicki’s who claimed that each one of them gave him the mysterious blue present more than four decades ago. It was ridiculous, yet in the midst of all that, the real Vicki had still not turned up.

About three women claimed to be Adrian’s high school sweetheart, Vicki, but knowing that he shouldn’t be easily fooled, Adrian asked the three women a few simple questions that only the real Vicki would know the answers to. Unfortunately, all three failed this test and Adrian had to continue his search for his long-lost ex.

Reaching Out

As with all other trends, the media hype of Adrian’s story died down. He took this cue to continue working on this case by himself and to search for clues that may lead to where Vicki could now be. Not long after, his efforts rewarded him by leading him back to a diary entry he wrote back in 1977, during which he was a college student at Humber College.

In this entry, Adrian had written about his chance encounter with Vicki’s sister, Stephanie. He had asked her how to get in touch with Vicki, to which Stephanie responded with a few phone numbers that should have been his direct access to her. Unfortunately, these numbers were of no use to him then. This doesn’t mean, though, that his entry was written in vain.

A Cold Trail

Adrian had written in this 1977 entry the phone numbers that Stephanie had given him, and there were three. The first was supposed to be Vicki’s home phone number, but quite predictably, this changed after more than 40 years. The second was for Sears, where she used to work. However, she was no longer connected with them when he tried to reach out.

The third and last was for Vicki and Stephanie’s parents, which didn’t do much at all either upon calling it nearly five decades after. He had also tried the phonebook but all he got was a 91-year-old woman of the same name who also lived in Toronto. At this point, Adrian didn’t even know where or how to find Vicki next, so he felt that the trail had already turned cold… or has it?

Going Viral

Since Adrian’s story about the mysterious blue present had become viral, one of his high school friends who was apparently mutual friends with Vicki on Facebook read his post. Adrian’s search for his long lost ex was finally making progress! This coincidence would later lead to even further development in the story.

Adrian’s high school friend sent over to Vicki a link to his viral post. It was only then that the two exes had finally reconnected and gotten in touch with each other. This led to an invitation from Vicki that extended to Adrian and his wife, Janet, to visit her in her British Columbia home. Expectedly, Adrian was thrilled about the reunion! It was long overdue, after all, and took a tremendous amount of effort from his end. It had been a very long time since his heartbreak and now that he’s a happily married father of two, what would this meeting mean to Adrian?

A Magnificent Reveal

It was in the last few months of 2018 that Adrian and Janet went to visit Vicki. It was quite a day for them all, and it came as a shock to Vicki when she found out that Adrian had kept her gift unopened for half a century! He confessed that it took great guts to open it after having his heart broken for the first time, and he had never gotten around to seeing what was inside. Finally, the two decided to end this mystery in quite a unique way.

The two thought it best to reveal the contents of the mystery gift live on television for all the followers of the viral story to see. They decided to open the sealed present together at a Christmas charity event which they both sponsored, and when that fateful day arrived, everyone who followed the story was thrilled and excited to find out what the almost-five-decades-old gift was.

The Explanation

During the charity event and while they were live on CTV, Vicki confessed that she didn’t really remember what she had gotten Adrian anymore, but she did recall the events surrounding the present. It was one day at the mall when she had been out shopping for Adrian’s Christmas gift that she bumped into a boy.

Confirming Adrian’s previous testimony, it was a boy named Wolf. Vicki had been gushing over him for so long that when she bumped into him at the mall, it was a happy coincidence for her. They talked and the next thing they knew, Vicki and Wolf kissed. It wasn’t in Vicki’s intentions to hurt Adrian in any way so she knew that she had to do the right thing and end things with him before the news even got to him from somebody else.

Kissed By Another

Vicki recalled that she felt horrible about the fact that she not only let him kiss her, but that she kissed back. This was the real reason behind her decision to break up with Adrian then, albeit it being the holiday season, as she couldn’t really take the guilt eating her up, knowing that she had been willingly unfaithful to her then-boyfriend.

But as with all other truths, the time has finally come for the big reveal. The two high school sweethearts were finally about to open the 50-year-old present that brought about curiosity to tons of people who heard about its story. The suspense was unimaginable, and Vicki and Adrian were about to break it.

The Reveal

A lot of cameras were rolling and focused on the two, so Adrian decided to give Vicki the honor of opening her mysterious blue present. Upon doing so, her face turned red with embarrassment as she exclaimed that she could not have given such a present to Adrian.

People were abuzz and wondering what the gift was, and as it turns out, it was a book with a collection of comic strips by Kim Grove called “Love Is: New Ways to Spot That Certain Feeling”, which was inspired by letters that Grove had written to her own husband. It was quite an understandably embarrassing moment for Vicki, but that wasn’t the only surprise for that day.

A Bit Careless

As Adrian inspected the item, Vicki told everyone that she had been “a bit careless of his feelings” back then and that it just goes to show how “ignorant a 15-year-old can be”. Cheeks red, Vicki retrieved the book from Adrian and told him that she should have at least left him a note or a letter inside that made it a little more personal and sentimental.

The people who had been following the story were puzzled to find out that Vicki had given Adrian a book about love right when she broke up with him before Christmas all those years ago. Fortunately for her, she found that she indeed wrote him a personalized note that was kept inside when she scanned through the pages of the book. As with many things about this story, it still wasn’t quite what anyone had expected.

Other Speculations

When asked what she thought the gift would be, Adrian’s wife Janet had initially thought of it to be an Archie Comic from the 70s. On the other hand, Adrian himself imagined it to be a wallet. But whatever it was, he knew that it would be far more expensive than any other high schooler’s typical gift as Vicki had been working with Canadian Tire at the time for $1.25 an hour.

Vicki realized that her initial guess should have been a book, as she now recalls visiting bookstores frequently during the 70s. She also shared her insights with CTV on the events of that fateful day almost half a decade ago.

A Short-Lived Romance

Unfortunately for Adrian, Vicki revealed that she didn’t really perceive their relationship to have been a serious one at the time. She had always believed that their high school romance was nothing more than just a fling, short-lived and casual. It came as a surprise to her to find out how much their whole relationship meant to Adrian, who saw the break up as a terrible moment in his life.

However, more than 40 years have passed since that encounter so Adrian told Vicki that he didn’t hold any hard feelings for her as he was already happily married to Janet. In light of everything that had happened surrounding the not-so-mysterious blue present, Adrian announced to the crowd his plans for the Christmas gift that he had finally opened after all these years.

Moving On

Despite everything that has happened between the two high schools sweethearts, Adrian announced that he will be framing the book and its blue wrapping paper to hang somewhere in his home and remind him of his past. However, the reveal wasn’t the only thing that made headlines that day.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Vicki and Adrian also made headlines because the gift opening which was broadcasted live on CTV also doubled as a fundraising event for the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, which raised more than $130,000 in just one day! This money was used to buy presents for children in need for Christmas that year, but this wasn’t the end of the surprises in store for everyone following the story.

Continuing to Live On

The surprises didn’t end there, as Adrian decided to immortalize the memory of this viral story by writing an entire book dedicated to the not-so-mysterious blue present. He announced this during the live TV coverage and took this opportunity to promote “The 47 Year Old Present”.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
After the whole set of events that surrounded the 47-year-old gift, Adrian, Janet, and Vicki remained good friends. So much so that both women had even contributed several chapters to Adrian’s book, as they talked about their own views on the subject. However, the book wasn’t quite done yet. Apparently, there was still something that Adrian wanted to add.

Prospects for the Future

Adrian inspected his book shortly after its release, focusing mainly on the last chapter. He wanted to rewrite the ending which should be focused on the televised reveal, as he wanted to keep his book as updated as possible for all his readers. However, it wasn’t where his future prospects ended.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Seeing as writing was one of his hobbies, Adrian decided that he wanted to incorporate his story into another one of his passions: camera work. He had announced his plans to release a documentary surrounding the 47-year-old gift, which he had filmed himself. However, how did his close friends and family feel about the whole thing?

A Documentary

The documentary will be containing interviews of people involved in the story such as Adrian himself, his wife Janet, and his high school sweetheart Vicki. Is it really that much of a surprise, though, that someone wasn’t really happy about the idea of a book and documentary surrounding these events?
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
It was Adrian’s son who felt that the whole idea was, in his own words, “stupid”, as was his father’s meaningless actions of clinging on to a 47-year-old gift from his ex-girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, Vicki also shared that the whole thing seemed quite worrisome and questioned Adrian’s decisions. Nonetheless, their story only gained an even bigger audience.

Happily Ever After

The story didn’t stay within the borders of Canada as news brands across the U.S. and Britain also covered Adrian’s story. What was perhaps the best thing that had happened amidst everything was the fact that everyone involved remained in good terms with each other, and were even friends.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
With both of them happily married with kids, Vicki and Adrian had no hard feelings toward each other and decided to utilize their past into something they believed would be good. Suffice to say, Adrian’s heartbreak almost half a decade ago as an innocent high school student brought about something that may have eventually changed their lives--a story that gained traction and spread across audiences around the world.

Paying It Forward

Although it came quite like a surprise, Adrian was happy that his story had made a positive impact on other people’s lives. It was then that he realized he could take advantage of the situation for a good cause. With the Christmas gift as the center of the story that went viral, Adrian thought of hosting a charity campaign. He was thinking that the funds can be used to buy Christmas gifts for the less fortunate children.

It was such a simple idea and Adrian was delightfully shocked when he found out there were too many people who took part in his campaign. The fundraising had brought in a total of $1, 300, an amount he never expected in the first place. In his joy, he excitedly shared the wonderful news on Facebook. He also took the time to extend his gratitude to everyone who participated in ‘The 47 Year Old Present Opening’ held at Boutique Gallery Bar by Gracie Jane.

Blast from the Past

Adrian Pearce had discovered his passion for writing. He wanted to create something great which led him to get in touch with old colleagues. He was hoping the other people from his high school could help him remember the important details that can complete the puzzle. One of these people was Vicki’s sister, Victoria.

It turned out that seven years after getting his heart broken, he ran into Victoria and had a quick chat. However, they never had the chance to talk about the controversial gift. It was one of the reasons why Adrian was trying to talk to everyone that somehow, in one way or another, had been a part of his story.

Inspirations from a Time Gone By

There are moments in life that are just plainly unexplainable. There are unnamed feelings we can’t express and most of the time, we let the melody or the lyrics of a song explain what we are feeling at a certain moment. Surprisingly, Adrian can still remember the feeling when Vicki dumped him on that fateful day. The song by Johnny Winter, “Be Careful With a Fool”, had burned in his memory.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Adrian wanted to include the lyrics of the song in his book. It was the perfect description of how he felt at that moment. However, it wasn’t as easy as he planned because of the copyright issues. But over the years, he had moved on and was confident to say that he had healed. He even said that he can listen to the song over and over again without feeling that familiar twinge of pain in his heart.

Book Challenge

At the beginning of 2019, Adrian expressed his love for reading on his social media account. He even counted the books he had read in the previous year which totaled to 43! His love for reading had inspired him to write and he was serious in pursuing his passion. He even attended writing workshops to help him improve his skills.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
Besides the book he was working on about his unique Christmas present, he also shared that it wouldn’t be the last. But this time, the book will feature his adventures as a cameraman. He was creative and he was unstoppable!

Frozen in Time

Although Adrian had treasured Vicki’s gift for almost five decades, he knew in his heart how much he adores his wife, Janet. He loves to look back on the past and was particularly delighted to think about the memories he shared with his wife. He even posts throwback photos of them on his social media account from time to time.
Man Kept Exs Christmas Gift Unopened for 47 Years, Until Wife Had Enough
In January 2019, Adrian proudly shared a picture of him with his wife. It was taken around 1972 and they were sharing such a cute moment. The date when the photo was taken was another proof that he had long moved on from the heartache Vicki had caused him. Although he had held on to his ex-girlfriend’s gifts for so long, at least we know he hadn’t spent his years living with a broken heart.

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