Jacob Mouzon, 17 and Drake Campbell, 18 were both accused of horrendous crimes including the act and attempt of murder, armed robbery and...

Awesome - The Judge's Ruling Triggers Sea of Tears in Defendants of Murder Case Awesome - The Judge's Ruling Triggers Sea of Tears in Defendants of Murder Case

Awesome - The Judge's Ruling Triggers Sea of Tears in Defendants of Murder Case

Awesome - The Judge's Ruling Triggers Sea of Tears in Defendants of Murder Case

Jacob Mouzon, 17 and Drake Campbell, 18 were both accused of horrendous crimes including the act and attempt of murder, armed robbery and burglary. When they stepped in front of the judge in a courtroom filled with audience members, their actions did not resemble those of battle-toughened criminals.


They were clearly aware of the price that they would have to pay for the crimes committed, but did not expect the judge to pursue justice for the victims to such a full extent. When they heard the punishment which awaits them, they began crying uncontrollably.

Two out of Five

The perpetrators did not commit this crime without assistance. They were supposedly linked to an unnamed gang in the area, with the three remaining suspects in the case being accused with the home invasion and the murder which followed. The group was terrorizing the town of Huger, and their subsequent capture was a great relief for the populace of this town in South Carolina.


One of the members of the group involved in the crime, Kenneth Junior was, in fact, the older brother of Campbell. The judge's arguably extreme and overtly harsh verdict however resonated profoundly with the safety of citizens in Huger, and some did not come to terms with it very easily.

The Deed

Not everyone can agree with the punishment of the judge, but the reasoning behind it is logical.

The perpetrators had ferociously murdered Kadeem Johnson, also a member of the gang, and his girlfriend. The pair were awaited by 5 men at their doorstep upon returning home, which was when the situation started going south very fast.

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The crimes committed by the high-schoolers are sickening to say the least. After the encounter at the door, the victims were forced at gunpoint to retrieve inside the house, where they were robbed, and the house was thoroughly plundered in the search of possible valuables inside.

The looters also stole the girlfriend's purse and $3,000 in cash, but as it seems, the valuables were not the only thing they had come for. After they had finished robbing, the accused had viciously executed the couple in their own home.

Viciously Assassinated

Looking into detail, we can see that these were no normal killings. The first victim's death was not caused by attempting to fight back or even trying to flee. The scared-to-death man was forced to lay on the ground with his hands and knees, after which he was mocked, tied with duct tape and subsequently assassinated with a shot to the back of his head.


However, the accused had one more thing to worry about, and that was the girlfriend of the victim. Their actions against her were what had enraged the judge into punishing them so severely.

The Other Casualty

Soon after the slaying of Kadeem, the gang members focused on his horrified girlfriend, who had just witnessed the assassination of her boyfriend. One of the gang had pointed a gun at her, causing her to beg the assailants for her life while holding her hands in the air.

She was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the hands when she was trying to defend herself. The further details exposed in connection to the crime proved that the chain of events that followed was even worse.

The Escape

After the gang had shot the couple, they decided it was time to flee, aiding their departure were two stolen vehicles from the victim's property. The next decision that the culprits Campbell and Mouzon made was interesting, to say the least.

They decided not to leave town, as they were convinced the police would never expect them to stay in the vicinity of the crime scene. Instead, they decided to find a hideout in a forested area nearby.


The police had soon caught up with the three assailants, as they had help from their special tracking bloodhound unit. By that point, the culprits had been hiding in the forest for about two days, and their all-around appearance was not too good.

Although they did not suffer any serious or threatening injuries, they all received EMT treatment and recovered shortly. However, they were yet to discover that their physical pain would be the least of their problems after the judges' sentencing.

Pleeding Relatives

In the suspects' first appearance in court, the family of the accused Mouzon believed it was their last opportunity to convince the judge to give the teen another chance at life. Mouzon's sister begged the judge, "Jacob’s my best friend. I know what he did was wrong, I completely understand that, but he’s not a bad person.”

The family had basically claimed that even though the teen's crimes were very grave in nature, he would never commit another crime again. The judge was a tough nut to crack though, as he did not even agree to favor him the possibility of bond.

Campbell's Side

The family of Mouzon was not alone in defending the assailants though, as Campbell's mother had also joined them. She struggled to paint an image of an exceptional American citizen and even stated that her son had signed up to join the Navy.

She appealed before the court, “These kids are not awful, terrible kids.” Her attempts of convincing the judge were also futile as in the case of Mouzon, and the judge was ready to punish the teen culprits with a heavy blow of justice.

Hard Lines

A real dispute had erupted between the family members, trying to pursue the judge to grant the teens bail, and the prosecution which was not in favor of this idea as it would hinder the investigation.

The prosecution claimed it was "due to the violent nature of the crime… and also the fact it took four law enforcement agencies two days to apprehend [the offenders].” The judge's decision on the matter was eagerly awaited, and the silence in the court could be described as deafening.

The Emotions

The awareness of the gravity of the situation which they were in had slowly started to appear on the teen's faces in the form of tears, as they anticipated the judge's ruling.


As the possible consequences of their actions started to sink in, we could finally see them, for who they truly were, not much more than just two sobbing, petrified children.

The Law

No matter their own intimate feelings, by the laws of the state of South Carolina, judges cannot rule in favor or against bail being set for the defendants. That means, that the young men would have to remain in custody until the trial begins, which was the main reason behind their emotional response, realizing they had just lost their freedom.

Their reactions were agonizing to observe for the public attending the trial.

The Proceedings

The crimes that these teenagers had committed can be compared to the crimes of coldhearted assassins, and the hopes of their families in them receiving bond were probably doomed from the beginning.

Many questions were raised in the community, whether these men, despite their age, could present a viable threat to society in the future. A valid question comes to mind. Are they inherently wicked or could they rehabilitate into good men?

Awaiting Trial

It seems that the denial of bail by the court will only be the start of these teenagers' problems, as they wait for their trial to begin. The authorities are very decisive in their intent to deliver justice for Kadeem and his now recovering girlfriend.

Our thoughts are with the family of Kadeem and we sincerely hope that the law enforcement will provide them with the satisfaction of punishing his murderers so that he may rest in peace

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