One of the purest forms of love is the one we develop when we are in our growing years. You meet someone and embark on the journey of unde...

happyworld - Indiana Couple’s Honeymoon Trip Takes An Unexpected Turn When They Decide To Climb The 3800 Ft. Mt. Liamuiga happyworld - Indiana Couple’s Honeymoon Trip Takes An Unexpected Turn When They Decide To Climb The 3800 Ft. Mt. Liamuiga

happyworld - Indiana Couple’s Honeymoon Trip Takes An Unexpected Turn When They Decide To Climb The 3800 Ft. Mt. Liamuiga

happyworld - Indiana Couple’s Honeymoon Trip Takes An Unexpected Turn When They Decide To Climb The 3800 Ft. Mt. Liamuiga

One of the purest forms of love is the one we develop when we are in our growing years. You meet someone and embark on the journey of understanding each other, growing mature together, and moving ahead with your life and goals together. And the most beautiful thing is when you get to marry the love of your life.
Marrying your college mate is proof of the fact that true love exists. And the cherry on top is when you plan a honeymoon in a serene and beautiful place like the mountains, where the two of you can spend quality time. But what if your most special day turns into the biggest nightmare of your life?
The same is the story of Clay and Acaimie Chastain, who share a forever kind of bond. But soon after their marriage, their whole life will take an unexpected and drastic turn. “You think you have your life planned out and then God has other plans,” said Debra Catron, the bride’s mom.

Clay Chastain

Clay graduated from Purdue University in Animal Science at Indiana College. Creatures were a passion for Clay. He had worked as an animal caretaker at Indianapolis Zoo. Adventure, curiosity and a passion to explore defined Clay, who was soon going to earn a masters degree in Swine nutrition. 

Acaimie Chastain

Acaimie had been a management and marketing student, an altogether different stream from what Clay had been and the two met each other because of being in the same university. They both fell for each other immediately after meeting and have been together ever since their graduation. 


In January of 2019, the two decided to take their relationship to the next level. Clay planned a pretty magical setup and went down on his knees to propose the girl he had decided and wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Official Announcement

Acaimie shared the exciting news that month with everyone. She posted it on her social media account on Facebook. “Looks like I got me a gem… and the ring’s pretty nice too”, she wrote on her Facebook account, referring to her fiance and her engagement ring. 

Date Finalized

No sooner had Clay proposed Acaimie than they decided upon a date to tie the knot and be together officially and forever. July 13th, 2019 was finalized for the wedding and since time was very less, preparations started at a fast pace. Who would have thought their wedding would change everything for them forever.


The first and foremost thing that was to be finalized for the wedding was the venue. After many discussions, Acaimie and Clay decided upon Crawfordsville, Indiana as the place for their fairy-tale wedding, that was remembered by everyone. 

The Wedding

July 13th finally arrived and Acaimie and Clay were all ready for the most special day of their lives. The bride and the groom were happy to finally be together forever. The wedding was indeed magical but the bride and groom’s smile was soon going to get vanished. 


After their wedding, Clay and Acaimie set up for their honeymoon in West Indian Island, St. Kitts. They were to travel two thousand miles away to be on their first vacation as husband and wife. But this vacation would be the worst vacation for them. 

St. Kitts

St. Kitts is one of the most beautiful places for a vacation. It is home to a lot of beaches which are surrounded by mountains where people can even go for trekking. There’s everything in St. Kitts that a person can imagine while making his/her to-do list. 


Since Clay was adventurous, he decided that while on the honeymoon, he would also go on a trek to the famous Mount Liamuiga. Even though Acaimie was scared of heights, she decided to accompany her husband on the trek. 

Mount Liamuiga

With a height of 3800 feet, the dormant stratovolcano of Mount Liamuiga is one of the most famous attractions of St. Kitts. And if you reach the summit of Mount Liamuiga you can witness the jaw-dropping scene of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding islands. 


Clay and Acaimie decided to take the two-mile trek up Mount Liamuiga. They took a lot of pictures which they uploaded on their social media and they were worth seeing, where the couple looked so in love and happy with each other, with the beautiful scenery around them. 


The trek was not going to be easy, but the only thought that disturbed the couple was Acaimie’s fear of heights. There seemed to no other barrier in their trek but soon it was all going to fall apart and the newlyweds would not be able to handle it. 

 Beautiful Scenery

Clay and Acaimie started climbing the summit towards the dormant volcano on the island so that they could have a clear and broad view of the green beauty that surrounded the whole island, proving to be a breath-taking view. 

Stay Back

Acaimie had somehow managed to put aside her fear and climb up to a certain height to the summit but soon she became very uncomfortable and scared. The higher they reached, the scarier she felt and so Acaimie said she would stay back and not go any further. 


Realizing Acaimie’s fear and discomfort, Clay supported her decision and decided that he would continue upwards all by himself, alone, and climb to witness the volcano’s crater and the mesmerizing view that awaited him.

Weird Feeling

After Clay went all by himself, Acaimie started to have a very weird feeling and her uneasiness seemed inexpressible. She was scared of heights but this feeling was not about that for sure. Was she afraid alone? Or was it something ominous?

Very Casual

Since Clay was an adventurous person, he did not feel any kind of discomfort in climbing. He said, “We decided we were just going to… find a visitors center and find a tour guide.” But when they went to the center, they could not find anybody. He added, “It was kind of just the beginning of the trail, so we were just like, ‘Okay, we don’t need a guide. We’ll just go ahead and do it.” 

Something Ominous

In fear and discomfort, Acaimie called up her husband of two days, to check on him. She told to CBS Miami, “I started getting like this feeling, this really bad feeling, that something really bad had happened. I started to call down the mountain, and I asked ‘Hey, Clay, are you okay? Is everything alright?’” 

No Answer

To her utter horror, Acaimie did not hear and answer from her husband. She listened carefully if there were any sounds in that isolated place but in vain. When she tried looking down, she couldn’t see anything either. 


Acaimie tried calling Clay but there were no signals and so she had no other option but to go down herself to check on her partner. All her fears of height had suddenly vanished away and the only emotion that prevailed was the concern for her husband.


The wife started climbing to find her husband. “I was freaking out about what I was going to find at the bottom,” she said. She reached fifty feet downwards but Clay was nowhere to be seen and Acaimie kept on growing restless. 


Acaimie found Clay’s cellphone cover at first, and that gave her a real bad feeling. Then she saw his cellphone that was broken, but Clay was still not to be seen anywhere. She kept shouting his name out loud in the hopes of finding him, but it all seemed to be of no use. 

A Clue

After shouting at the top her lungs Acaimie finally landed with a clue. “I just listened really, really closely and I heard what sounded like Clay saying ‘help,’ just really, really faintly,” Acaimie told Florida station WSVN.


What Acaimie saw next, left her speechless and she froze in the position she was in. Clay had fallen from fifty feet and there was vomit of blood all around him. “I just kept praying the whole time,” said Acaimie who was scared to death.


“I was holding onto the ropes, kind of walking down backwards like you would a ladder,” Clay recalled. “Next thing I notice, I’m sitting on the ground with my head between my knees and vomiting up blood, and there’s blood all down my shirt. I think that a rope snapped and I fell. But we’re not entirely certain because I don’t remember falling at all.”


There was no help that could be called for, anywhere near the injured couple. And to make things worse, there were no signals in the cellphones either. Acaimie knew that they were entirely alone and she would have to do something on her own.

Pillar Of Strength

Acaimie put in all her strength to save herself and her husband. She said, “I looked at him and said ‘we’re going to have to climb out of here’. So I had him holding onto the rope and I was telling him where exactly to put his feet and I pushed from his butt to get back out of the crater.” 

Wonder Woman

Acaimie, who is herself just 100 pounds, hiked pulling her husband alone with her, screaming for help all along. Clay, on the other hand, was barely conscious and was vomiting blood all through his way. 

Stronger Together

Acaimie kept telling Clay, “We’re going to have to trust God and we’re going to have to try really hard to stay awake and I know you don’t want to climb but we have to do this and you have to listen to me. We’re going to have to be strong, and we’re going to have to climb out of here.”

Ray Of Hope

“I was just coaching Clay and telling him about how proud I was… I was just like so happy that he was conscious – at least able to move, even if he didn’t know what was going on – and that he was able to lean upon me and still make his descent down”, said Acaimie. 


When finally they were halfway, call services returned and Acaimie immediately called 911. Paramedics did arrive, but it took a while and until then, the two had almost finished their descent and had reached the road. 


Clay was immediately taken to the hospital and he underwent all the checkups and scans. The reports showed that he had a fractured skull and an almost broken vertebra, and this shattered the couple. The surprise came in when the doctor told them that the reports were all faulty. 


Clay had no severe injuries that would last forever. Instead, the injuries were relatively minor. “It was just a miracle that he wasn’t injured worse than he was,” Acaimie Chastain said. “It was incredible to me that he didn’t have any broken bones.”


After going through such a big tragedy, the couple wanted to be back in their homeland but the doctors said that with Clay’s given condition, it would not be advisable to take a commercial flight back home.

No Chances

Air had entered Clay’s brain cavity and the pressure that passenger experiences while flying in a commercial flight was not considered fit for Clay. And so, thoughts of going back home became blurry for this Indiana couple. 

Both Injured

It was not just Clay that was injured. Even Acaimie had received a lot of minor injuries. She had badly bruised legs. Clay added of his wife, “One of her big toenails is about to fall off from pushing against the front of her shoe so much on the way down the mountain.”


A GoFundMe Page was opened by Acaimie’s sister Sabrina, and the page raised $35,000 so that the newlyweds could reach back home. They could pay medical bills with this money and also get injured Clay to a hospital in Florida. 

Generous Public

The people on GoFundMe Page were more than generous to the couple. For instance, Sue and Craig Svensson wrote on the page, “Acaimie – you’ve been a sweet friend and big help to us since you were 14. We were thrilled to witness your sacred marriage vows and to celebrate with you just one week ago today.”


Kind people get kindness in return, someday or the other. You just need to be patient. Acaimie and Clay are proof. Clay’s buddy Kylee Randle said, “You are one of my favorite friends from growing up. I’ve always admired your zest for life and charisma for others”, and Kylee donated his share too. 

Adventurous Accident

Though Clay was adventurous, he had never expected he would end up with an accident as dangerous as this one where he could have lost his life also. Acaimie, on the other hand, was already scared of adventures like this one, and this incident made her even more scared. 

Never Stop

But Clay and Acaimie decided that they would not let this incident stop their lives, and adventures would continue for them. One of Clay’s friend said, “Sounds like your adventurous side had a rough day… but don’t let that stop you two from more adventures and amazing memories in the future! Thank God you are okay, and your amazing new wife is so badass.”


Clay and Acaimie finally reached Florida where they were admitted in Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, to further provide the couple with the best treatment for their conditions respectively.

The Doctor

The facility’s Dr. Maxine Hamilton told of Clay’s condition to CBS saying, “Clay had a fracture at the base of the skull in the temporal bone. This is a very serious injury.” “Fortunately in Clay’s case, the fracture was where the bones did not actually become displaced; they stayed together.”

Concerned Public

All the people who had prayed and donated their share for Clay and Acaimie, wanted to know what Clay’s condition was after days had passed. They took to the GoFundMe Page and numerous comments were posted to ask about his health. 


It was after reading the trail of comments that Sabrina updated them all about Clay’s condition. She wrote on the page, “It has been discovered that Clay is leaking spinal fluid from his brain into his nose and throat. He is bedridden, and it looks like he will require a drain placed in his skull for a few days to enable the drainage and continued antibiotics to help prevent infection.”


After seeing the amount people had donated for the couple, they were more than grateful. “We’re just so thankful to everyone back home. All the support that we have received has been so overwhelming,” Acaimie said in her interview with CBS Miami.

Like A Movie

When the whole accident had taken place, one thought that continuously ran in Acaimie’s mind was that all of it was like a movie and she continuously kept on praying that it turns out to be a movie and not reality. 

Love And Support

“An accident like ours is never something that you think would ever happen to you. You read stories about crazy situations that happen to people and say, ‘That would never happen to me.’ Now that it has. It’s crazy to be the recipient of such love and support.” Acaimie said while talking to The Indianapolis Star on July 2019.


The wedding vows that Clay and Acaimie had taken, actually came to life and both of them stood on their vows and supported each other in difficult times, without having any second thoughts or doubts about their own safety.

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