In a hopeless place like this planet of ours, some stories remind us that the world is still a wonderful place to live in. It keeps us loo...

happyworld - See How This Guy Completed The Beautiful Journey Of Becoming A Father And A Grandfather Within A Couple Of Months! happyworld - See How This Guy Completed The Beautiful Journey Of Becoming A Father And A Grandfather Within A Couple Of Months!

happyworld - See How This Guy Completed The Beautiful Journey Of Becoming A Father And A Grandfather Within A Couple Of Months!

happyworld - See How This Guy Completed The Beautiful Journey Of Becoming A Father And A Grandfather Within A Couple Of Months!

In a hopeless place like this planet of ours, some stories remind us that the world is still a wonderful place to live in. It keeps us looking forward to a better day and a great life, in short, raises our hopes. The internet is today’s “big thing” as it plays an informative role. Thanks to the virtual world, incidents that remained unheard before, go viral instantly nowadays. For unbelievable stories like this one that is shared across the globe and these wonderful people get the deserving appreciation for their work. Go ahead and read further to know this amazing story that restores faith in honest and generous relationships.

Just Another GuyYoungest Grandfather

A 23-year-old guy named Tommy Connolly is just like any other guy of his age group. Tommy is pursuing his studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Alongside he is working as a part-time real estate agent who spends the remaining time, with his family, and friends. Keeping everything aside, he is always working hard for his hobbies-turned-to-passion. Everything seems to be like every normal guy’s life, isn’t it? But soon enough Tommy was about to take a huge step in his life that will make him stand far away from the line of ordinary people.

Above Average Athlete

Other than his hectic schedule, Tommy has been adjusting his hobby in between everything correctly. He manages all the fields perfectly, whether it be his work, studies or relation. This guy who is living an ordinary life is actually much more than that. He runs faster than most of us as his speed, hard work, and determination made him a professional runner. He already won awards at the regional level and his coaches are now looking forward to his participation in the international championships.


Tommy prefers sports and activities that require more physical strength compared to indoor games. He is full of joy and spends his off days, hiking, white water rafting, and rock climbing. He believes in working harder and saving it for the right time. Tommy and anyone who knew him never imagined that very soon he had to focus on a big-time responsibility. Nobody understood this at first not even Tommy but everything was about to turn upside-down very quickly.  So, here’s how it started!

Girl Behind Successyoungest grandfather

Along with his supportive family, for Tommy, that one person is his girlfriend, Olivia Tauro. She is extremely encouraging of his athletic and business pursuits. Their eight years long friendship took a step ahead when Tommy and Olivia started dating each other. Olivia has been cheering Tommy throughout his adventurous journey. She has been equally enthusiastic as Tommy about his traveling across the globe. Her actual test was just waiting for her to check how much more supportive she could possibly be?

A To-Be BusinessmanYoungest Grandfather

Tommy is much more responsible when compared to the rest of the youngsters. The subject of business and economics always interests him. After noticing the fact that he’s good with the management of money as a result of which he saved quite a good amount of money. That’s why he wished to start his own business soon in the coming years. That’s what he was working hard for all this time. But he was completely unaware that one message was about to change or we should say fix his priorities forever.

So Far Supportive?

Family and girlfriend’s existence in his life made life happier but some decisions are to be taken after listening to the voice of one’s conscience. Tommy is always excited about his academic as well as professional career. He is quite ambitious to achieve his goals. But the question that arises here is that will he be putting everything on hold just to do the right thing? Who’ll decide what is this right thing? And is it going to cost Tommy’s career? Whatever may be his action, it was surely going to be admired by the world.

Almost ForgottenYoungest Grandfather

Thanks to Facebook, many people get in touch with their relatives, old friends, or people whom they lose contact for obvious reasons. So, it all started with a message that came as a surprise to Tommy. For a moment he couldn’t believe that he was talking to a beloved person whom he thought would never be able to get along with again. That time Tommy’s expressions were just like most of us when we got in touch with a person we missed but couldn’t get a hold on.

The Message

It was his loving younger cousin, Kiarna Chapman texting him whom he didn’t see for over a decade. She moved to Southport with her family and since then they both were out of contacts. Tommy was overwhelmed by his sister’s initiative to talk. However, it didn’t take long for him to understand that the situation wasn’t good at all with Kiarna. She was in a miserable condition. Tommy couldn’t leave her all by herself in the toughest phase of life for a valid reason.

Soft CornerYoungest Grandfather

Tommy and Kiarna shared a strong bond as cousins during their childhood. Yes, things changed with time but the duo still felt connected from hearts. “I was really excited to hear from her because I’ve always had a soft spot for her. She was my favorite little cousin, she was the sweetest girl and we got along so well,” tells Tommy. Her one message was about to change her elder brother’s life upside-down.  

Troubled Teen

Kiarna was 16 years old when she reached out to Tommy via Facebook. When Tommy out of curiosity asked her about life, schooling, whereabouts and more. He got a strong feeling that Kiarna’s life wasn’t on the right track anyway. While Tommy has lived a wonderful teen life his sister’s young days were not going as good as his. Trust us when we say that it wasn’t just regular teens’ arguments with their parents or peer pressure struggle or boyfriend issues. 

Rough ChildhoodYoungest Grandfather

Kiarna’s life took a horrible turn when she had to leave her home due to her family issues. It was a critical situation as everything was out of her hands now. Tommy later told more about her terrible timespan, “she was homeless, no shoes, no phone, with less than a backpack full of clothes.” She didn’t have anywhere else to go and she spent nights in front of the Gold Coast section. She was stressed and at that young age, this opened dark doors in front of the young Kiarna.

Life On The Roads

Being homeless is a hopeless situation for young kids like Kiarna. For survival, she got involved in criminal activities and faced quite a lot of hustling situations with the police and the law. At first, she got into drugs but quickly quitted as soon as the ground reality hit her brain. She was struggling every moment of her life to get rid of these troubles which soon seemed to be never-ending for her. As if this ain’t enough, there was more to her tragic time.

Foster Life

Before ending up on the roads, Kiarna had spent months in the foster care quite a few times that Tommy realized after meeting her. She was just an illiterate teenage girl who got into bad company and almost ruined her life. But was that all? No, what was revealed later on stunned everyone.

Good With Police

Homeless teens like her rarely make it back to a normal life. Their lives most probably end up in the same state of addiction, chase around with police. “Life dealt Kiarna a poor hand, and she’s had to play it best she could. She’s spent more time on the streets than anywhere else, and knows the police better than she knows her own family,” Tommy mentioned in his Facebook post. Till now Kiarna was holding on to her emotions but her strength was on the verge of breaking into pieces.

Child In Jeopardy

Kiarna’s boyfriend was serving his jail term, she was all alone in this unwanted lifestyle. On top of it, everything around her was a complete mess at that time. She was learning on the streets but that’s not it, she was yet to deal with the biggest shock of her life. This shock was soon to be the most pleasant thing that ever happened to her.

Not Seeking Any Help

After knowing Kiarna’s pathetic life, an ambitious guy like Tommy was now completely distracted from his own goals. He couldn’t help but worry about her present as well as future. The teen girl never asked to meet or any help from him, all she wanted to have a conversation in this lonely phase of life. That’s when she contacted Tommy, to have a conversation. Little did she know, this simple step was going to turn her life in another way around.

Jumping Into Action

Tommy was deeply buried in regret about not checking on his loving cousin over the last years. He was so much busy with his life that he never got a chance to look how she’s doing and now everything was getting out of his hands. They shared a lovely childhood together and now years after things were changed drastically for Kiarna. Tommy wanted to see her right away as it was his day off he decided to meet her and take the conversation ahead from there. 

Her Story

Instead of laying back with ease at home Tommy chose to go to Gold Coast and meet Kiarna as he couldn’t wait anymore. Tommy said, “I went and picked her up and she basically started telling me about her situation, which was hard for me to hear because she was my favorite little cousin when I was growing up.” Tommy’s great reunion turned out to be his biggest test of life.

At The Lunch

“She didn’t ask me if she could stay with me but I had that day off work so I drove down to the Gold Coast straight away and picked her up. I took her to lunch and she told me her story,” explained Tommy. He was aware of his fault that he might have known this before he would have surely not let her live on the streets. Life was sad for Kiarna and Tommy came as a ray of hope at that moment. But things weren’t just as bad as they looked at first glance.

Concerned Brother

“It made me want to do whatever it took to help her. It made any problems I ever had seem irrelevant because the life she has had is so intense. My focus just immediately turned to her,” Tommy recalled that how guilty he felt at the moment he saw her and how badly he wanted to make it up to her. At that point, he was least bothered about anything else. He didn’t know the whole story and now was the decision making time.


In any case, Tommy knew leaving Kiarna back on the streets wasn’t an option. Not even once he thought of his family and girlfriend’s reaction after knowing this decision. Tommy was still working a part-time and studying himself, still, he offered help to his little sister. He asked her to stay with him for a while. However, this ‘for a while’ was about to extend way more than anyone thought. Tommy has always been in love with kids as you’ll understand after looking at the picture above.

Secret Kept Going

Kiarna was offered to live with her older brother who was determined to help her out in all the possible ways. She had no clue about her future nor she had any plans or goals. The girl wasn’t mature enough to live alone when she was living alone on the streets. Tommy, on the other hand, was a responsible guy who wanted to achieve big in his life and was focused towards his dreams. He didn’t know a secret his little sis was hiding from him which could bring Tommy into a big-time trouble depending on how he’ll react to it.

Big Step

Tommy was certain that he wouldn’t let her suffer through this kind of life anymore. He wanted to give her a normal life that every kid deserves. He was planning on getting her back to school where she could learn all that she missed. When all the determination, great plans for Kiarna were made and Tommy was ready to become her official guardian that’s when a shocking discovery was waiting for him.

How Long?

Out of fear she didn’t tell Tommy about her actual condition. She knew that if this secret gets disclosed Tommy wouldn’t help her anymore. The secret that was yet to be told was that she was pregnant for 23 weeks. But an almost 5 months pregnancy couldn’t stay hidden for too long and Kiarna’s terror was just not letting her speak up.  However, what actually happened made this brother-sister duo one of the most amazing ones we’ll ever know.

Secret Revealed

Tommy eventually got to know the truth and he was disappointed after knowing it. The reason for his disappointment wasn’t her pregnancy but the fact that she kept it hidden from him. Tommy has always been a guy who sticks close to his family and friends during their tough times. Therefore, there was no way he’ll leave Kiarna alone in this. Although he himself wasn’t stable he was trying to give Kiarna a better life.
But now, with the news of a baby coming things might change. The fate of this baby seemed darker than Kiarna’s life on the roads as there were even bigger issues surrounding them.

Bigger Issues

Kiarna informed Tommy that child services are keeping an eye on her since they got to know that she is a homeless minor pregnant. They have already told her that once born, her baby will be taken away from her. The thought of not being able to keep her baby after birth was haunting. Yes, at 16 years of age, she was too small to bring up a baby. Her motherly instincts were too strong that letting her baby grow in someone else’s hand was scaring her to death.
Now that Tommy knew this, everyone was waiting to know his next move in this situation.

Begging For A Chance

“Since carrying this gorgeous boy, all of my friends kept telling me that he would be taken away from me. This made my pregnancy very difficult. All I wanted was to give this little man a better life than I had – a second chance was all I wanted,” told Kiarna. Tommy at the same time decided that he’ll stand by Kiarna’s dream to raise her baby boy. How would he make that happen?

Race Against Time

Kiarna was a minor and without any guardian so the authorities can still her boy away from her. Tommy was submitting all the legal documents to become his little sister’s legal guardian. It was quite difficult than it seemed though. They met a shock at their first step of this process which almost shattered all their hopes.

Not Allowed

When Tommy tried to submit the required documents, the authorities told him that he didn’t meet the criteria due to many reasons to be a foster parent. Both of them were disheartened and Tommy was a bit afraid still he was certain to resolve this situation to get his sister out of this trouble no matter what it takes. Tommy wasn’t ready to give up rather his further steps made everyone doubt on him.

Sticking Together

During their bad time, Olivia, his girlfriend stood with Tommy hand in hand like she does before. She has always been supportive of his decisions and this time also she believed in him. Her presence always gave him the strength to face what did not seem as logical from many people’s point of view.

Anything It TakesYoungest Grandfather

“Everyone likes to tell me this is such a big responsibility, but I wasn’t thinking about uni or work or anything, all I was doing was thinking that she needed me,” recalled Tommy. Tommy was being more than helpful he wasn’t worried for himself but for Kiarna. He consulted with a legal advisor who suggested him a few ways to get his sister out of this mess. Those ways were about to cost Tommy a lot.

No More Competitions

As per the legal advisor, Tommy was now ready to get over a few legal obstacles and for that, he used all his savings in renting a bigger apartment. Tommy has to stop his training and quit all the competitions; his sole passion. But for him investing in his saving his sister and her baby was more important than investing in his own career. Everything was to be done quickly before the baby is born.

Investing In RelationshipYoungest Grandfather

“I’ve spent the last few months working, moving houses, having meetings with different departments, signing forms, being assessed and monitored, chasing funds, setting up her bank accounts, buying baby stuff, furniture, going to hospital and doctor appointments and getting [Kiarna] settled in,” said Tommy. He was doing everything that he had in his hands for her. It was like he forgot about his own life for her. Were all these efforts really going to pay off?

Persistent In Teaching

Tommy was always taking out time of Kiarna to make her feel comfortable in the new environment. Whenever he was free, he used to teach her how to read and write. Not only reading and writing but he started teaching her how to drive as this will help her in long run. With Tommy’s efforts and Kiarna’s hard work, she cleared the driving test and got her learner’s permit. She even got braces and everything seemed to be right to Kiarna now, she was only scared if this happiness would end soon .

Such A Sacrifice

Tommy was too close to becoming an international athlete when he gave up and decided to help his sister. People were criticizing Tommy’s decision as they said he is being emotional and doing a lot more than he should. He was blamed that he is not being practical but Tommy’s priority was taking care of Kiarna and her baby. Tommy has always given preference to his family and that’s what he was doing now. This affected his studies too for some time but he managed to bring it back on track. Soon his patience and all the extreme steps worked out.

Are We A Family?

In all this rushing time Tommy’s family was with him so were his friends. And that’s what mattered the most for the young man who was doing all he could to make Kiarna a legal part of his family. The good news of the baby was around the corner but was Kiarna’s custody going to be approved by then? This was their only concern. With fingers crossed they waited but never stopped. 

A FatherYoungest Grandfather

This time Tommy applied for a full custody of Kiarna. They made all the improvements as their legal advisor suggested and now all they both could do was to pray and hope for the best. This time the wish of these young people was granted as they were now legally father and daughter! “Happy to say she has a new home, as I’ll be taking care of her from now on,” told Tommy. The life of Kiarna and her baby now seemed better than ever before. Were they able to manage?

Preparing For The Big DayYoungest Grandfather

As Kiarna’s due date was reaching close. Within the last few months, her life changed and she landed from the streets to a beautiful home with a brother-turned-father. Now she was living an ordinary life like teens of her age with good clothes, new braces and a license too. Tommy always treated her as his best buddy and gifted her a kitten. She loved kittens from childhood and this was a big dream come true. Tommy was now a father and he was preparing to become a grandfather. When we tell you how Tommy managed this, you might have to take another look at it before believing.

It’s Time

On March 16th, Tommy was waiting outside the delivery room and was completing his assignment at the same time. He even played a part in the birth process by cutting the chord and filming his legal grandson’s birth. Next day, he made it to his college with the complete assignment. The birth was just a start to a new beginning.

A New FamilyYoungest Grandfather

Tommy, the 23-year-old guy didn’t even realize that he was now the youngest grandfather in the world. “She’s the toughest girl I know!! All she wants is for him to have a better life than she’s had. There’s still a long way to go, but things are on track and she has the opportunity she deserves. When bad things happen, it’s your family that supports you,” Tommy explained. 

A New LifeYoungest Grandfather

Kiarna named her son Kayden and now lives happily with Tommy and his girlfriend Olivia. The people who criticized him for his big decision were now praising the young grandfather. One of his knowns even started a GoFundMe page for Kiarna and her son. “Christmas came early for Kiarna today. She received funding for the first time, she’s moved into a house to get us a brand new fridge, washing machine, dryer, TV unit and some things for the kitchen. We are very lucky. Been a while since we’ve been able to wash our clothes properly!” said Tommy.

The Best Gifts

“They say the best gifts in life come badly wrapped. When he was born, it all started to make sense. I lost some friends and family along the way…They never saw the bigger picture. All I wanted was to keep this boy safe and happy. I’d pick him every day of the week, 365 days of the year. I may not be your real dad, but I’m your family and I’ll always be here for you. I haven’t seen my real dad for over 13 years. I learned that a father is what a father does… “ Tommy posted on his Facebook.

Real Estate AgentYoungest Grandfather

“My cousin does 90 percent of the work– and if it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold to make sure two lives are going to be saved, it’s nothing at all,” told Tommy who started his new venture named as UN Real Estate and adds, “We are NOT stereotype real estate agents. We are real people,” Tommy stated. His companies tagline states, “We don’t wear ties, we don’t tell lies”. But that wasn’t the only thing in Tommy’s life that changed.

Happy Birthday Kaydenyoungest grandpa

“Family is what family does. Happy birthday to the happiest boy in Queensland, the best looking boy in the family, the best anti-depressant that money couldn’t buy, and the future world champion in whatever he chooses to do. I love you kid,” Tommy mentioned on Facebook. Such a wonderful guy who is now living life to the fullest! If you enjoyed Tommy’s story, do share it with your friends!

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