Corgis are the best for a variety of reasons: stubby little legs, unbelievably round bodies that are too big for aforementioned legs, and ...

happyworld - These Hilarious Corgis Will Make Your Day 10x Better. happyworld - These Hilarious Corgis Will Make Your Day 10x Better.

happyworld - These Hilarious Corgis Will Make Your Day 10x Better.

happyworld - These Hilarious Corgis Will Make Your Day 10x Better.

Corgis are the best for a variety of reasons: stubby little legs, unbelievably round bodies that are too big for aforementioned legs, and look of constant amusement in their face. You’re probably here because you’ve ended up in the corgi-dominated sector of the Interwebz and you need more corgi pictures to swoon over. Well, here you go! We’re sure you’ll relate to #3 the most.

Just Checking In

Oh, hello there. This is Cooper the corgi and according to his owner, he just heard you open that bag of Doritos. Of course, you’re not going to let Cooper have a Dorito but his adorableness in begging might just be enough for you to get up and get him his very own treat.
Next time you want to eat your snacks in peace, good luck. 95% of the time dogs will perk up at the sound of your feet just walking to the kitchen.

Billy, We Need To Talk

This corgi just saw Billy’s grades and would like to have a word with him. It would be an understatement to say that this corgi is disappointed in Billy’s report card, but what’s worse is that Billy’s dog-walking responsibilities have taken a back seat to whatever he chooses to occupy his time with.
If it’s not school that’s keeping you too busy to care for this dog, then what could it possibly be, Billy?

This Is Fine, I’m Fine

You know that moment when you’re just so overwhelmed with life that there is nothing you can do but embrace all the chaos happening around you? We’ve all been there. And this corgi knows the feeling all too well.
Sure, his head is being consumed by own of his own kind but this corgi has decided that this is his fate in life. At least he has lived his life as a doggo to the fullest and that’s probably the most he could ask for.
This dog didn’t seem as stressed as one coming up when he tried to fit in with his pals.

When You Make Eye Contact With That Friend You’ve Been Purposefully Avoiding

Have you ever been avoiding someone for whatever reason, but there’s that one day you slip up and accidentally catch their attention? You know they’ve been wanting to speak to you too since their face instantly lights up the moment you lock eyes.
You have two options at that point. You can either suck it up or you can run away. It looks like this corgi went with option number two and it is proving to be quite unsuccessful.

When You Simply Can’t Be Bothered

This corgi knows a thing or two about rest and relaxation. Nothing is better than chilling on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, enjoying your favorite snacks and your favorite reality television show to go with it.
If we had to guess, we’d say that this pup is a fan of House Hunters and luckily, there is a marathon going on that will take up his whole afternoon. So don’t expect this guy to go out and play fetch with you today.

When You’re Trying Your Best To Fit In

Photo: LAE123/Reddit
One corgi owner shared a picture of his corgi named Edison, saying, “Went to a corgi meet up this weekend. The other corgis are all looking at the ball. My dog on the other hand is derping really hard.”
When you look closely at this picture, it’s not hard to point out which one is Edison. The poor guy had a little moment and may have embarrassed himself in front of the other corgi owners, but at least he was being himself.
Coming up is one pup who is everyone when they have a pizza in front of them!

All That Hard Work Has Finally Paid Off

It’s been a “ruff” four years for this doggo, who’s finally reached the light at the end of the academic tunnel. There were certainly times that he wanted to call it quits and return to the dog house — especially his third year when he had to retake Organic Chemistry for the fourth time.
But this corgi stuck with it and proved that perseverance is the key to success. You can’t make fun of him the next time he’s being a derp, because now he has a degree in Astrophysics.

Corgimelons Are Not The Superheroes We Deserve

This is Boba the corgi, dubbed Thorgi by her owner. Thorgi, “daughter of all treat givers, Goddess of the dog park benches, destroyer of squeaky toys,” is the most powerful corgimelon superhero on the block!
A corgimelon is the defender of all things doggo and has trained with the likes of He-man and his fellow Masters of the Universe (by watching the cartoon, of course). A corgimelon doesn’t receive their helmet until they’ve harnessed the power of the almighty watermelon (which is safe for dogs as long as they don’t eat the seeds or rind).

Don’t Get Between A Corg And His ‘Za

Cotton the corgi doesn’t just like pizza — he LOVES pizza. Just look at the crazed look on his face. Pizza is serious business for Cotton. The first time he sunk his teeth into a dog-friendly slice of deliciousness his soul literally transcended into Heaven.
Now, Cotton tries to achieve that same sense of euphoria every chance that he gets. Pizza might not be the only thing that makes Cotton’s tail wag, but it is certainly the most gratifying.
Not every corgi can be so lucky with food as you’ll soon see…

When Life Has You Feeling Stuck

Forest the corgi may have found himself stuck in the couch, but his predicament is actually relatable to a lot of situations in life. We’re sure that you may have felt similar to how Forest looks in this picture when you’re stuck in a tough situation and you’re not quite sure what to do about it.
Forest’s couch face is how we feel on most of our days. And we’re pretty sure that we deal with our tribulations exactly the way Forest dealt with this one.

When You Want To Be Your Favorite TV Anti-Hero

This is Oliver the corgi, whose owner shared this pic of him dressed up as the main character from the hit show Dexter. Dexter Morgan is known as a very thorough serial killer who doesn’t leave a trace.
Oliver probably utilizes the same tactics whenever he brings in an unfortunate critter from outside. But here he is, practicing on one of his toys who unfortunately didn’t get to see the light of day.

When The Hooman Says No

One Reddit user shared a photo of their corgi, Oreo, saying, “He didn’t get any of our food, and he is being really dramatic about it.” Granted, even the simplest of doggos can be quite the drama queens sometimes.
While it is all a part of the training process, Oreo and his compadres might not understand that. In the meantime, they’re going to act like big babies everytime they see you eating but they don’t see you sharing.
What happens when your corgi’s toy suddenly has magic powers?

What Have I Done?

Nothing says regret better than the look on this corgi’s face. He didn’t think anything of it when his owner called him over because it was time to go home. He probably didn’t even notice the stream in his excitement.
But once all four paws were in the icy water, he knew he made a mistake. It must have been hilarious to see him waddle out of there as fast as he could. Especially since his tiny legs would have made it all the more difficult!

Um, This One Stopped Working

Something appears amiss in this photo. Is that a loaf of bread in the middle of these two doggos? Nope. It’s actually a corgi who apparently has forgotten how to doggo.
This corgi somehow ended up on his back and we wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t get himself back up. And look at his corgi brethren there to the left. This guy apparently doesn’t care that his friend is down. Don’t even get us started on this other doggo, who couldn’t give two barks about a bunch of corgis.

What Is This Sorcery?!

Otis the corgi is incredibly disturbed by this gravity-defying sheep. Otis is not keen on the supernatural, so this occurrence is actually quite terrifying for him. After all, where did this sheep even come from?!
It seems to have appeared out of nowhere. If anything, it’s just there to scare the living daylights out of Otis, who probably ran far, far away right after this photo was taken. His innocent soul can’t handle these kinds of spooks!
Coming up is a very crucial scene that the directors of Jurassic Park left out of the movie…

Enjoy Every Last Drop

Poppy the corgi sure is enjoying every last ounce of her Puppuccino from Starbucks. For those who don’t already know by now, faithful Starbs lovers can let their four-legged companions have a tasty treat too.
The Puppuccino is just a small cup of whipped cream for your dog to enjoy occasionally. Just don’t let them get used to it! Not only does dairy not sit well with a lot of dogs, too much consumption of Starbucks might make them a little pretentious!

Life Is A Balancing Act

This corgi will do anything to gain your affection and maybe even an extra treat here and there. Look at the way that this corgi embodies a sturdy side table, acting as the perfect surface for this precarious set of oranges.
You have to admit, you have to be impressed by this doggo’s patience and finesse. Not many exciteable pets can maintain the stability it takes to become a table, and this corgi has mastered it in ways that your dog probably cannot.

Jurassic Park Deleted Scenes

Jurassic Park is certainly making a comeback in the cinemas lately, but there a lot of crucial scenes that didn’t make the cut. If you’ve been so lucky to get your hands on some deleted scenes, then you might have seen this gem.
These two doggos have clearly conquered the dinosaur species better than the humans have ever attempted to do. Quite frankly, we’re disappointed that this didn’t make it into the movie because it probably would have made that much more money in the box office.

The Look Of Sheer Terror

This corgi has seen things and trust him — once you’ve seen what he has seen you’ll want to get out of the woods too. He won’t say exactly what it is, but if the look of sheer terror on his face is not enough to convince you to pack up and get out of there, well then you’re probably not going to last.
The woods is a terrifying place according to this corgi. The water is cold and something obviously sinister is lurking within the shadows. Please just save this corgi’s soul and get him out of there now.

You’ve Got Mail

Wouldn’t you love to be the lucky sucker who receives an adorable corgi in the mail?! We know we would! This little guy has a lot of love to deliver, we’re sure and he does it all with a wink and a smile.
Corgi mail is arguably the best type of mail and we’re willing to fight anyone who might say otherwise. Forget the birthday cards, the monthly box subscriptions, and even the flowers “just because.” Just go ahead and send your loved ones a corgi.

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