Everyone knows that flying in the 21st century is much more inconvenient than it was a few decades ago and we’re all used to it, even th...

- Man Can't Pass a Package Through the Airport, When She Finds Out Why She Does This - Man Can't Pass a Package Through the Airport, When She Finds Out Why She Does This

- Man Can't Pass a Package Through the Airport, When She Finds Out Why She Does This

- Man Can't Pass a Package Through the Airport, When She Finds Out Why She Does This

Everyone knows that flying in the 21st century is much more inconvenient than it was a few decades ago and we’re all used to it, even though we don’t really like it. There are many rules and regulations that have to be followed, especially when it comes to flights in the United States. However, when a couple from Florida saw a passenger who was forced to get rid of a package he was carrying, their inquisitive nature took over.
The boyfriend and girlfriend who saw this wondered what would be so problematic in that package that he had to throw it away. This inquisitive pair decided to retrieve it from the garbage and soon they uncovered something amazing.

All Ready to Go

A girl from Tampa, Florida by the name of Ivelise Hernandez wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when she arrived at St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport. While the young woman was waiting to get on her flight to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania she was accompanied by her boyfriend Rico Bankston who had given her a ride to the airport.
This trip to the airport seemed ordinary and in the beginning, there was nothing going on that could suggest this would be a day they wouldn’t forget any time soon. While they were standing in the security line, they noticed that just a few paces in front of them a man was being told to throw away a package he was trying to bring onto the plane.

A Minor Inconvenience

When it comes to traveling, everyone’s least favorite part must be standing in line at the airport, however, Ivelise had her boyfriend Rico by her side so she at least wasn’t bored. However, while they were waiting they noticed that a bag inspection was taking much longer than it should have.
A man was trying to take a wrapped package through the metal detector and with that, he was holding up the line. As the man was pulled aside and questioned, Ivelise and Rico started listening to the argument that was taking place by the metal detectors.

A Long Wait

All Rico wanted to do was for his girlfriend to continue on her way to boarding the flight without too many delays but the man who was ahead of them in line was having trouble with his carry-on bag. One of the items inside of it must have been restricted.
He wasn’t allowed to pass through with this package and the security guards weren’t backing down. The man argued and pled, and it was obvious that he would do anything not to be parted from it. All of this made the couple wonder why he was so upset.

Stopped by the TSA

After the events of September 11 in 2001, air travel was changed forever in the United States and the rest of the world as well. The Transportation Security Authority in the US, better known as the TSA, have very strict rules regarding what can or cannot be packed into luggage you’re planning to bring on a flight.
On a daily basis, American and international passengers alike are shocked and surprised when they find out what they aren’t allowed to bring on board. Unfortunately for the man in like, the TSA agents didn’t approve of what he was concealing in his carry-on bag.

Strict Rules and Requests

All flights after 9/11 have been filled with travelers who always grudged and rolled their eyes at the requested that seemed ridiculous to them. It does sound strange since passengers are asked to throw out a random item from their bags before they’re allowed to board the flight.
Even some everyday items such as toothpaste could be taken away if they break the rules of permissible liquid ounces. It is annoying but if something like toothpaste gets taken away from you, there’s no problem in buying it again later. However, what this man had in his bag was much more valuable than toothpaste.

The Hopeless Argument

While Ivelise and her boyfriend Rico were patiently waiting in line, the man in front of them was getting more and more upset. He even tried to bargain with the TSA agents and asked if the box could be set to the lost and found.
However, all of his was in vain since the agents refused his request and told him to just throw away the package into a nearby trashcan. Ivelise noticed that the man was almost in tears and so she felt like she should do something about it.

Thrown Out

It didn’t matter how much the man pleaded with the TSA agents, they simply refused to let the man keep his package. With tears in his eyes, he took the package to the nearest trashcan and threw it away glumly.
The man who was now obviously distraught continued onward to get on his flight. While this was going on, it was Ivelise’s time to go through the security checkpoint herself and say goodbye to her boyfriend. However, before she did this, she asked Rico for a very unusual favor.

An Unusual Mission

Ivelise and Rico were incredibly upset by what they had witnessed at the airport. As Ivelise was getting ready to pass through the metal detector, she gave her boyfriend a hug and kiss, and leaving him to do an unusual, but still the very important mission.
Ivelise asked Rico to rifle around through the trashcan and find out what was so important about that package. She was then able to board her flight and go to Pennsylvania, wondering what Rico would find in the mysterious package.

Taking the Package Home

Since Rico wasn’t going anywhere and therefore wasn’t passing through security, he could take the package which tossed away and simply carry it out of the airport. He needn’t have worried because since the package had just been tossed out and not hauled off for additional screening, so that meant there was no risk.
Rico took the mysterious package out of the trash, left the airport and drove back home to Tampa. He was very careful with the package since he knew it must have been very important.

An Anxious Passenger

While Ivelise was on her flight to Pittsburg, she felt very shaken and uneasy because of the way the TSA agents had treated the man in line in front of her. She was incredibly anxious and couldn’t wait to find out what was in that package and why the TSA agents couldn’t make an exception.
As soon as Ivelise landed and was able to turn her phone back on, she called Rico and asked him what he had found in the package.
As soon as she had safely landed, Ivelise turned her phone back on and called Rico, wondering what he’d found inside the package. And when he told her what he’d discovered when he unwrapped it, she knew immediately knew what had to be done.

Inside of the Package

When Rico got home and opened the package, at first it seemed like what was inside of the package wasn’t worth all of the trouble. It really wasn’t something that should have sparked up such a huge debate. In fact, to the casual observer, it was just an ordinary trinket.
Inside the package was nothing more than a snow globe. However, when Rico took a closer look at the it, trying to find any sings that could show why it was so special to the owner, he soon realized why the man was tearing up when asked to part with it. When Rico flipped the snow globe over, he instantly understood how valuable it was.

Taking a Close Look

However, this snow globe wasn’t just a trinket that was bought at a souvenir shop. It was a specially commissioned globe and two photographs were inside it: one showing an elderly couple and one showing a little girl. If would, the snow globe played the song “Greensleeves”.
Underneath the snow globe, there was an engraved message that said “We love you, Katie. Nana and Papa 1/25/16”. Ivelise and Rico knew exactly what they needed to do with this special package.

What Next?

When Ivelise returned home to Florida after her visit to Pittsburgh, she and her boyfriend knew that they couldn’t just throw away the package like the TSA agents had done at the airport. They knew that they had to track down the person who owned the snow globe.
It was obvious that this package was very special to the man who had been forced to throw it away and by the looks of the snow globe, it was important to his family as well. Ivelise and Rico had to solve the mystery and find this family, but it seemed impossible.

Where to Start?

Even though Ivelise and Rico wanted to do a good deed and their hearts were in the right place, there’s no denying that it wouldn’t be hard tracking down the owners. How could they track down someone with no clues as to who they could be?
There were no names on the snow globe, no address or anything that could give a hint to Ivelise and Rico where they could even start looking. They had one lead, however, that the man who owned the snow globe was traveling from St. Pete-Clearwater Airport on the same February day as Ivelise was going to Florida. With this one clue, the couple had to be creative.

Doing the Detective Work

The first thing Ivelise did was go to social media. She went to Facebook and wrote a post on Facebook where she included pictures of the snow globe and the engraving on the bottom. She wrote down all of the details she could remember and hoped her friends would share the message forward.
Even though this was the only thing the couple could do, they were still hopeful. Ivelise was determined to turn the tears she saw in that man’s eyes into tears of joy. However, there was a slight problem.

The Wrong Audience

Even though she tried her best to get her message across Facebook, Ivelise was aware that she couldn’t reach a large audience on Facebook. Even though she have a lot of friends, her list of friends didn’t include anyone who could possibly know the man who owned the snowglobe.
Ivelise and Rico were thinking realistically and guessed that the post would be shared 200 times if even that much. However, they were both wrong. They could have never guessed what would happen next.

Going Viral

However, the couple had obviously underestimated the power of the internet. Ivelise’s Facebook post went viral in the blink of an eye and it was soon all over the web. As the post was rocketing though cyberspace, Ivelise and Rico’s hopes were growing more and more each day.
In just seven days, Ivelise’s touching Facebook post about the unique snow globe had been reposted more than 48,000 times. However, it was still a huge county and they had no way of knowing where the man lived. Was there a chance they could find the owner?

The Reposting Finally Worked

Even though the numbers of reposing and kept rising, they still had no way of knowing if this was helping their search. After countless shares, someone finally contacted the couple.
However, the person who reached out to the couple wasn’t the man who they saw at the airport. This person didn’t even know the man who had to throw away the snow globe, and they were only remotely connected in a strange way. The person who left the message was actually an employee of a gift shop by the name of Things Remember. What she told Ivelise made her heart jump.

A Break in the Case

It turned out that the Facebook message Ivelise had received had taken the search forward radically, even though it wasn’t in the way they imagined it. This employee particular didn’t have anything to do with the snow globe from the airport, but she was lucky enough to have a photographic memory and she remembered that model.
The worker took the baton from Ivelise and decided to send the image of the snow globe to her company headquarters in Ohio, hoping that they could recognize the order. The events that followed were completely unbelievable.

Finally Found the Buyer

After headquarters got in touch with the worker from Things Remembered, she finally had the name of the person who bought the snow globe: Linda Modry. Mrs. Modry had ordered this special globe for Katie, her five-year-old granddaughter. Unfortunately, Katie never received her gift because of the incident at the airport.
Katie’s dad, who was actually the man Ivelise and Rico had seen at the airport, was meant to deliver the gift to the little girl. When he returned home and told his daughter what had happened, Katie was very disappointed. However, things would soon change.

Everything Started Coming Together

Ivelise and Rico were extremely excited by how everything was developing so quickly. They now knew the name of the person who bought the snow globe and knew where to start looking. All the pieces of the puzzle were finally falling into place and their kindness was spreading.
Ivelise made her Facebook post just wanting to do a good deed but at first, she knew nothing about the globe’s owner. Now, she knew where it had been purchased from and who the person who bought it was. However, this wasn’t the most amazing twist.

Covered by the News

Ivelise’s Facebook career was a success, and it turned out that she and Rico didn’t wait long to return the package. Ivelise got the customer’s phone number from the shopkeeper from Things Remembered, after she got authorization from headquarters.
Since the post went viral, the local news became interested in the story and several TV stations decided to capture the magic moment of reunion. Ivelise would soon also learn just how important her random act of kindness was.

A Long-awaited Meeting

Linda Modry was determined to get her granddaughter’s gift back and she didn’t even let a tropical Florida rain storm stop her from visiting Ivelise Hernandez. Ivelise was waiting with news crews in her home.
Linda and Ivelise were two women who had no other connection except a simple snow globe. The package it was it was obviously very important to the owner and over time it became important t Ivelise as well. Not knowing what to expect, Linda knocked on the door of Ivelise’s door.

A Loving Embrace

Ivelise excitedly opened her door and the two women well into a joyful embrace the second they saw each other. Linda handed Ivelise a bouquet of beautiful flowers and the younger woman started to tear up, enticed by the beauty and purity of the moment.
Ivelise was able to fulfill an act of kindness and her heart was filled with the purest kind of joy. After so much trouble, she was able to solve the mystery of the lost snow globe. And now that Linda was finally there, she was about to hear the story that made her realize just how important this snow globe was.

A Very Special Birthday Gift

Even though getting a snow globe specially engraved would be hard to replicate, this grandmother’s timing was also very special. It turned out that her granddaughter Katie’s birthday was approaching and she hoped that the snow globe would arrive in time for the special day.
And if Ivelise hadn’t asked her boyfriend to go through the trash can, and if Rico hadn’t found the package, this little girl’s birthday would have been very disappointing. Ivelise was also going to learn what the engraved date actually meant.

Unconditional Gratitude

This snow globe, which was bought with the most loving and purest intentions, was finally returned to the owner. Linda was beyond grateful to Ivelise and while she was choking back emotions, she knew that no matter how grateful she was, gratitude wouldn’t be enough. Linda needed Ivelise to understand how important this act of kindness was.
However, she knew that Ivelise needed to hear it from someone else who could explain it much better. So, Linda took her cell phone out and dialed a phone number. While this was going on, Ivelise was waiting impatiently.

One Happy Family

The meaning of this once-abandoned package was much more important than Ivelise could have guessed. That’s why Linda called her son who Ivelise and Rico had seen at the airport, Michael, since she thought he would explain the situation much better than she could.
Michael had been visiting his parents in Florida and he was returning back home to Ohio when Ivelise and Rico saw the emotional scene at the airport. Linda and her husband had given their son that package in time for a special occasion.

 A New Family Member

It turned out that the date on the bottom of the snow globe, January 25th wasn’t a birthday, but it was still very significant to the family. It was the date Katie was adopted and became a member of this loving family. This snow globe wasn’t just a way for Linda and her husband to remind their granddaughter how much they loved her.
It was also meant to show how important their adopted granddaughter was to them and in their eyes, she was in their family and in their hearts forever. As Linda handed Ivelise her phone, the young girl wondered what the rest of the family could possibly say.

One Big Happy Family

Ivelise was beaming with happiness when she took the phone and she soon realized that it wasn’t only Michael on the other line, but little Katie as well. As Linda told her five-year-old granddaughter that she got her special snow globe back, the girl was ecstatic.
Ivelise couldn’t have been happier when she heard Katie jumping for joy on the other line, and she knew more than ever before that her random act of kindness was the right thing to do. Ivelise was overcome with happiness and she also had a thing or two to say about the situation.
Nothing could have better showed Ivelise how much her act of selflessness and determination had meant. They could hear Katie jumping up and down with joy on the other end of the line. It was a lot for Ivelise to process. What she would say about the whole episode was truly incredible.

A Kind Heart and Basic Instinct

According to Ivelise, this act was nothing unnatural and for her, it was the logical thing to do. Her mother always taught her to do the right thing and be good to others. She also added that if she found herself in a similar situation, she hoped a kind stranger would do the same as she did.
Since Linda now had her precious package back in her hands, she vowed to herself and to Ivelise that she would pack the snow globe much more carefully and place it in her checked luggage before she took it to Ohio. Linda had only the kindest words to use to describe Ivelise “People are basically really good, and she’s just exceptional.”

Feedback from the Public

After the whole ordeal was done, Ivelise went back to Facebook and posted the story on her wall and on the Love What Matter, and she got amazing feedback. Everyone loved the story and was amazed by the fact she was ready to go through so much trouble for a stranger. Ivelise brought a smile back to a little girl’s face and everyone who read the story was incredibly moved.
The story of the reunion went viral just like the original Facebook post, and the comments were nothing but words of praise and encouragement. That just goes to show you how a small act of kindness could go a long way in making someone smile.

Her Very Own Blessing

Two years after this event, Ivelise was blessed enough with getting pregnant with her own child, and there is truly nobody who deserved this gift more than her. She will undoubtedly be a wonderful mother who will teach her child to be just as kindhearted as she is.
And judging by all the hilarious viral posts she always shares on Facebook, such as the “make a child disappear challenge” she will also be a cool and fun mom. She will probably also teach her child never to try and pack a snow globe in carry-on luggage since there actually are some rules and regulations about that.

Bringing Snow Globes into Airplanes

There was a reason Katie’s snow globe wasn’t allowed through airport security. Since it was larger than a tennis ball, it wasn’t allowed to be in someone’s hand luggage. So, if you want to bring a snow globe into an airplane, make sure that it’s smaller than a tennis ball, no matter how strange that sounds.
According to Lisa Farbstein, who works for the Transportation Security Administration, any snow globe that is bigger than a tennis ball isn’t allowed on board a plane. Even though this might seem strange, there are even more ridiculous rules passengers have to follow. You won’t believe which items get taken away at the airport every day.

Some Other Banned Items

The TSA has very strict rules about liquids you’re allowed to pack, and this even includes canned goods, which state that they need to be under 100 ml. Snow Globes are banned because they’re filled with gas and liquid. There are actually even stranger things that are banned, such as sporting equipment, shoe insoles, fishing rods, and even tents.
Some other items that can’t be brought onto an airplane are helium balloons, hair dye, and art supplies because of the chemicals they contain. One of the strangest items on the banned list, however, are cheese and sausages because they are hard to distinguish them from bombs when they go through the x-ray machines. However don’t worry because with the constant development of technology, some new CT machines will be able to check the liquids without taking them out of their container, so at least we will be able to pack as many liquid items as we want.

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