Our grandparents are some seriously awesome people – without them, there would be no us. Besides being everlasting pillars of support and ...

Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry

Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry

Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry

Our grandparents are some seriously awesome people – without them, there would be no us. Besides being everlasting pillars of support and kindness, they also do stuff that makes our hearts completely seize up and feel the ‘awwwhhhhhh.’
After a tweet about someone’s Pawpaw eating lunch at a wedding with his late wife went viral, we wanted to compile a list of all the sweet things our grandparents do. Do we deserve them? No, no we don’t. They’re salts of the Earth and we should cherish them.

Pawpaw Ate Dinner With Memorial To His Late Wife At His Granddaughter’s Wedding

When his granddaughter Sarah got married, this grandfather sat down to share the special moment with a memorial to his late wife. She would’ve wanted to be there with them for the special moment, so it’s a good thing they had her there in some way so she could spend it with the people she loved.
grandfather sitting eating with memorial to grandmother at wedding
Photo Credit: @maosoo3h / Twitter
This tweet went completely viral after it was posted by the bride. Yeah, this one is a tear-jerker. She captured such a tender moment that definitely reminds us of all the sweet things our grandparents do.

Pawpaw Made Dinner For 6 Grandkids And Only One Showed Up

pawpaw burgers granddaughter and grandfather eating burgers together
Photo Credit: @kelssseyharmon / Twitter
This tweet went viral a few years ago. Thanks to Twitter user @kelsseyharmon and her grandfather Kenny Harmon, the internet was collectively reminded to appreciate our grandparents more. Seriously, if you can, go hug your Pawpaw and Mawmaw now.
Imagine not showing up to your own grandfather’s BBQ after he made all that food for you. It’s upsetting to hear about people treating their grandparents this way. Luckily this family lives in a community that heard about the dinner and wanted to make things right.

The Community Came Together And Threw Pawpaw A Huge Cookout After They Heard

line at pawpaws bbq cookout lots of people standind around waiting for burgers
Photo Credit: @OfficialJoelF / Twitter
After the tweet went viral, the community threw a massive cookout in Purcell, Oklahoma at a local flea market owned by the Harmon family. Hundreds showed up to the event and were excited to bring a smile to Pawpaw’s face. Needless to say, they’d need more than 12 burgers.
We’re happy to report that Pawpaw was able to eat with his whole family this time at the BBQ. Pawpaw said he took the initial cookout where his grandkids didn’t show fairly well, saying, ‘I wanted everyone to be there but I don’t get upset about things.’ Love you Pawpaw!

This Grandma Knitted The Grandkids’ Tortoise A Sweater

tortise in a little sweater water melon design on the back
Photo Credit: banalez / Reddit
Reddit user banalez has literally the sweetest grandmother who eventually came around to love this tortoise like one of her own. Banalez writes that their ‘grandma didn’t want me to get a tortoise. I come home and my tortoise is wearing a watermelon sweater.’
It’s safe to say she’s changed her opinion about this cute lil guy – if that handmade watermelon sweater is any indication. Do turtles even get cold with their shells? It doesn’t matter since he definitely won’t now.

On A Surprise Visit, This Grandma Cooked Her Grandchild’s Favorite Dish As A Kid

grandma cooking meal smiling
Photo Credit: De_kuu / Reddit
After not being home for a few years, Reddit user De_kuu decided to journey back and surprise his grandmother. In turn, he writes that his grandmother ‘cooked up my favorite dish as a child.’ That’s just way too sweet.
Look at how happy she is to see him and how excited she is that they get to eat together. That food looks incredible too. You can practically smell the peanut butter masala through the screen. This is what love looks like folks, queue the ‘awhhhhh.’

Grandfather Got A Cochlear Implant Tatoo To Be Like His Grandson

grandfather with cochlea implant tatoo beside grandson with cochlea implant
Photo Credit: -criesuncontrollably / Reddit
This is seriously way too sweet. To make his grandson feel better about his new cochlear implant this grandfather went and got the same instrument tattooed to his own head. Head tattoos are painful, but for sure this sweet kid’s smile made it all worthwhile.
Cochlear implants are surgical implants that help enhance the hearing of the deaf or hard of hearing. When you’re a young kid, having any kind of surgery or device on you is new and scary. But he definitely looks like he’s happier knowing that his grandpa is there to support him along the way.

Grandfather Built His Grandson This Nautical Themed Crib

grandfather with cradle shaped like a boat
Photo Credit: BlackEyedBroad / Reddit
We all know how relaxing the motion of the ocean is, unless you get seasick of course. This grandfather took grandparenting to the next sea-level and built his infant grandson a tiny little boat crib.
Look at how he used the rope and pulleys to really tie into the boat theme. The boat itself looks almost functional as well. Thankfully, he’ll never have to worry about springing a leak and having to bail out. Unless you’re standing over this crib crying about how sweet this gesture is – then you’ll need a bucket.

Grandfather Loves This Kitten Even Though He Never Expected To

grandpa with kitten playing with it
Photo Credit: misanthrophile1 / Reddit
Reddit user misanthrophile had a situation where she witnessed her grandfather’s heart completely melt over a grand-kitten she brought over. She writes that her grandfather said to ‘keep this cat away from me.’ Then not even 5 minutes later she took a video of them cuddling and playing.
This just shows that a cat’s cuteness is so incredibly strong that no person on this Earth is powerful enough to resist. That or this grandfather is just way too nice to hold a grudge against this tiny kitten. 10’s across the board for adorableness.

This Photo Of His Granddaughter Looks Good For 20 Years Old

grandpa holding a photo of his granddaughter wallet sized
Photo Credit: Returnofthequeen9224 / Reddit
We all know how much our grandparents love and appreciate our school photos. They carry them around constantly and we only catch a glimpse of the 10 or so they have in their wallets when they open them. We should jump on this trend and start carrying around photos of our grandparents.
This grandfather shows his granddaughter, Reddit user Returnofthequeen9224, the 20-year-old school photo of her from when she was 5. This grandad has true commitment to his loved ones and the non-creasing cause – this photo looks amazing for how old it is.

Dad Finds Out He’s Going To Be A Grandfather And His Reaction Is Adorable

man finding out he's going to be a grandfather hugging a teddy bear
Photo Credit: nikkipoodle / Reddit
Here’s the moment when a father finds out he’s going to be a grandfather and yes, his reaction is so pure and happy. When his kid gave him a present with a teddy bear inside, this dad really didn’t know what to expect. When the teddy bear played a message that told him the news he was so excited.
The video ends with his crying his eyes out. Yes, this dad-turned-grandpa just let the tears come while he was holding onto that teddy bear because he was so happy. Just look at that happy grandpa face.

This Grandfather’s Reaction To Seeing His Granddaughter Is Heart Warming

grandfather seeing grandkid picking her up and holding her
Photo Credit: SuitingUncle620 / Reddit
This grandpa really had the best reaction to seeing his infant granddaughter. When he spotted her in his daughter’s arms he dropped his cane and took the last few steps unassisted to cradle her in his arms. He then brought her to a chair to sit down.
The world truly fell away for him when he saw her – he didn’t need his cane because he was powered by grandfather love. This is such a heartwarming reaction that all of our grandparents can definitely relate to. You go super granddad.

Grandfather Plays ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ For His Cat

grandfather playing somewhere over the rainbow for cat on the ukelele cat looks interested
Photo Credit: @crebitcard69 / Tik Tok
We all talk to our pets, don’t even try and deny it because they’re great listeners. But what’s next level is this grandfather babying his cat to this level by singing and playing the ukelele to it. This is some high tier music therapy here.
This adorable grandfather took a few moments out of his day to make sure his cat had an enjoyable day by playing it ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ on the ukelele. The best part is that the cat actually looks interested. That’s a first for the internet.

These Grandparents Went To Harry Potter World And Loved It

grandfather at harry potter world super happy staring up at the ceiling
Photo Credit: Dog_Sees_All / Reddit
Reddit user Dog_Sees_All shows us that our grandparents can be just as big of fans of Harry Potter as we are. They write that when the whole family went to Harry Potter World the ‘grandpa said that he felt like a kid again.’ That’s the power of Potter folks.
This grandfather’s reaction says it all. How nice is it he gets to feel a childlike sense of wonder again? Shows that you’re not too old to have fun and feel the magic. Now, what house did they get sorted into?

Grandfather Cried Tears Of Joy At Grandson’s NHL Debut Game

grandfather crying at grandson's hockey game split image of player
Photo Credit: TheKillerRabbit1 / Reddit
Our grandparents are proud of everything we do – they just love us so much and want us to be happy. This grandfather definitely felt that overwhelming grandparent pride when his grandson skated out during his NHL debut game. The moment brought him to tears as it would for every other proud grandpa.
The internet did some digging and found out that the player is Tyson Jost who plays for the Colorado Avalanches. He’s a successful NHL player so I’m sure this happy grandfather has had and will have plenty more happy tears to shed.

These Grandparents Didn’t Want A Cat But Now She Sits In A Spot Of Honor

cats sitting at table grandparents set a spot
Photo Credit: Dezean / Reddit
Reddit user Dezean watched their grandparents have a turnaround moment after their family gave them a cat they didn’t want. Dezean writes that they went fro saying ‘we don’t need a cat’ to asking ‘did you set up Lulu’s spot for dinner?’ That’s an adorable 180 turn.
This photo is adorable and truly shows how loving these two must be to warm up so quickly to Lulu. It’s funny that Lulu’s spot has only a single lone steak knife. Either the rumors about cats wanting to kill us are true or Lulu’s eating beef tonight. Either way, so cute.

This Grandpa Wanted To Stay As Fashionable As Possible

granfather and granddaughter she's wearing a military hat and he's wearing a floppy fashion hat
Photo Credit: unfortunatelydelaney_ / Reddit
Even grandparents want to stay hip with the trends – you’re never too old to be fashionable. Reddit user unfortunatelydelaney_ found that out when her 91-year-old grandfather wanted to be ‘cool like her’ so he asked to switch hats. The results are adorable and truly iconic.
He’s rocking the floppy hat and she’s rocking his military reenactment hat with Rotary Club of Illawarra on it. It’s safe to say these two make an adorable and fashionable pair. What a cutting edge grandfather.

Like Grandfather Like Grandson, Includes Matching Outfits And Recliners

baby and grandfather reclining in chairs together matchign chairs and outfits
Photo Credit: hootersbutwithcats / Reddit
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s just rare you see a grandpa and baby imitating each other so perfectly. Who would’ve thought their matching looks would come from such different demographics?
It’s hard to tell from the photo who’s imitating who. Did the baby get jealous of his grandfather’s style and then decide to copy it? Or did the baby show up one day with cool threads and a sick chair so the grandfather went out and bought his own? Either way, this pair is so sweet and so in sync.

Retired Aerospace Engineer Built A Backyard Rollercoaster For His Grandkids

rollercoaster in backyard kids and grandfather
Photo Credit: Raintrooper7 / Reddit
Paul Gregg is a retired Boeing R&D aerospace engineer who kept building dreams even after he retired. He wanted to create a fun space for his 6 grandchildren so he built this wooden rollercoaster in his backyard.
He didn’t stop at just one – he built an original coaster, a large coaster, and a smaller ‘Little Rocket’ coaster. How sweet is all the time he put into this? This is truly a magical land that he’s created right in his own backyard – plus there are no long waits in line like at the amusement parks.

This Adorable Grandma Is Basically Little Bo Peep With Her Lamb That Follows Her Everywhere

grandma with lamb walking through garden
Photo Credit: NilocTheGreat / Reddit
You have to make sure you treat yourself once in a while. Whether it’s small stuff like getting that expensive foamy coffee concoction from a cafe or buying yourself the car of your dreams – investing in your happiness is important. Reddit user NilocTheGreat’s grandmother definitely knows this.
For her 84th birthday she finally got herself the lamb she’s always wanted. The ensuing cuteness is almost too much to handle because this little guy follows her everywhere like he’s attached to a string. So so so cute. End stop.

These Grandparents Give Their Dog A Bandana After His Haircut So He Doesn’t Feel Self Conscious

dog with a bandana looking at camera super cute
Photo Credit: Uberchimeron / Reddit
Reddit user Uberchimeron has a pair of the sweetest, most empathetic grandparents in the world. They write that after their grandparents’ dog gets a haircut, they always put a bandana on him so he doesn’t feel ‘naked.’ If that’s not kindness than what is?
This sweet boy Foster definitely won’t ever feel exposed or uncomfortable with these grandparents looking out for him. He’s also unexpectedly stylish. Hopefully, they coordinate the bandana colors to the seasons because wearing a spring color in the winter would be way more embarrassing than being naked.

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