Waitress That Served A Grumpy Old Man Every Day Gets Bewildering Call After He Stops Showing Up

People go to restaurants when they don’t want to deal with preparing meals themselves or cleaning up afterward. Yet, anybody who’s ever worked as a waiter or waitress can tell you that your night dining out is far from simple for the service staff.
One of the most difficult aspects of waiting tables is staying cheerful and helpful, even when your customers are being anything but! One waitress had such a talent for staying positive and patient that she was the only person on staff at her restaurant who could handle a grumpy regular. Little did she know, this regular was watching her very closely…
Melina Salazar was a Texan waitress at Luby’s who was very popular with customers for her swift and friendly service. In fact, she was so good at her job that she was the only server who could handle the restaurant’s pickiest regular.
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Walter “Buck” Swords, an 89-year-old World War II veteran, was well-known at Luby’s for being short-tempered, cranky, demanding, and generally impatient with the restaurant’s hardworking waitstaff. At least, that was his reputation…
Despite the way he treated most of the staff at Luby’s, Melina was always ready to take his order, even when he was mean to her. Each and every day for seven years, she brought him his food just the way he liked it: piping hot!
Not only did she work hard to get his orders perfect, she always served him with a smile and a friendly “how you doin’ today?” No one knew how she pulled off a happy face every day in general, let alone to her grumpiest customer, but Melina was onto something.
One day, without warning, Buck didn’t show up to the restaurant. Nor did he come in the next day… or the day after that. Melina couldn’t help but begin to wonder if something bad had happened to him, but she had no way to inquire about it.
A few mornings later she was flipping through a local newspaper while she waited for her shift to begin, and what she saw broke her heart: Buck’s obituary was printed loud and clear. He had passed away and would never again visit the restaurant.
Despite his crabbiness, Melina was sad about Buck’s passing, but there was nothing she could do. She continued her life as usual — just without waiting on her favorite crabby customer. But big changes were heading her way.
See, handling Buck’s sometimes prickly needs was just a part of her job description — the customer is always right, after all. And as a war veteran, Buck had been through a lot. The least she could do was to be kind to him. Little did she know, Buck took notice…
It turns out that this grumpy old man did appreciate his favorite waitress. In fact, he was so fond of Melina that he actually mentioned her by name in his final will and testament.
And it didn’t stop there. When the lawyers reached Melina they told her she was receiving $50,000 and his car! The generosity of the old man’s gift was enough to totally overwhelm her. 
Not only was Melina overjoyed with the gifts bestowed on her by Buck, but she was also glad to see her caring nature was noted and not overlooked. Her patience and persistence were entirely voluntary, but they definitely paid off.
The story of a waitress getting a hefty sum of money is not as uncommon as you might think. In 2015, a similar story went viral in New York City, where a famous art dealer spoiled his two restaurant workers by leaving them an incredible sum of money.
It all happened at Donohue’s Steakhouse, a popular restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Whenever the restaurant’s favorite patron wasn’t traveling for work, he ate most of his meals at Donohue’s, always tipping everyone — even the chefs and the busboys.
Donohue’s co-owner and head-waitress Maureen Donohue-Peters loved seeing this patron come in. She and her niece, who also waited in the steakhouse, had known him almost their entire lives and considered him a friend. So who was this charitable chum?
Robert “King of Ming” Ellsworth was a famous art collector. He was known to be humble and sympathetic, urging people to call him Bob and never acting like he was above anybody else, despite being worth about $200 million.
He was called the King of Ming because he specialized in furniture and art pieces from the Ming Dynasty. One of his most famous works is the Astor Chinese Garden Court in the New York Metropolitan Museum Of Art. He traveled all over the world to collect these pieces, but nothing felt quite like home as Donohue’s did.
For lunch, he always ordered the same thing: an open-faced grilled cheese with bacon. For dinner, he would always order the broiled prime chopped sirloin steak with smothered onions. Whenever he ate, he would share half of his meal with his dog.
Sometimes he would come in with his driver or other guests and treat them to lunch as well. If the restaurant owners or staff had a minute, he would ask them to join him and his Golden Retriever so he could get to know them.
When he passed away in 2015, he left Maureen and her niece each $50,000 in his will! They were both shocked and grateful for the money, but Maureen said she would trade it all in to have Bob back at his table. 
She would want people to remember Ellsworth for his generosity, and everyone who knew him would attest to that. Now that’s rich!

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