Do you have bad neighbors? Some people do. Their neighbors have all-night parties, block the driveway, neglect their homes, make constant ...

Awesome - Police Investigate House With Reported Smell And No One Expected This Awesome - Police Investigate House With Reported Smell And No One Expected This

Awesome - Police Investigate House With Reported Smell And No One Expected This

Awesome - Police Investigate House With Reported Smell And No One Expected This

 Do you have bad neighbors? Some people do. Their neighbors have all-night parties, block the driveway, neglect their homes, make constant noise, or have bad taste in Christmas decorations. However, if you have excellent communication skills or you are a people-person, you just might solve this. But… What to do if the house is the one giving you problems, and there are no owners around? What to do?

This is precisely what happened to this neighborhood in a small Madagascar village. It all started with an unusual smell that would come and go. Then, the scent was present 24/7. It was so bad that people were thinking about abandoning the village. They called in the professionals who discovered something that no one expected to see. Read on to see what almost made people leave their homes.


30. The Very Bad Smell

Everything was as usual in this small village, until one day a strange smell appears. At first, people believed that the wind brought something for the sea and that it will be gone in one day.

29. What Was This Horrible Smell

However, the smell was determined to stay. So, now the villagers had to determine what the smell was. Moreover, they had to discover from where did this smell come from.

In just one day, everyone in the village could smell it. The smell was so strong that it was unbearable to breathe. Still, they couldn’t figure out where the scent was coming from.

However, they knew one thing for sure – it was suffocation the entire area. Every next day would be worse than the previous one. They had to do something.


28. Something Had To Be Done

As the smell got worse and worse, it became clear to everyone that need to work together and discover what the issue was.

Moreover, they had to work together and to locate where the issue was. It was crucial to figure out where the smell was coming from. However, not even teamwork could prepare them for what was coming.

27. The Smell Got Worse And Worse

After some time, good organization and proper investigation they manage to pinpoint from the smell was coming from.

The island already had a few abandoned houses that no one ever came to visit. It was discovered that one house is to blame for horrible blame. Wait! Can a house smell that bed? It turns out that it can’t. So, what was the real issue?


26. This House Was Different

The definition of an abandoned house is clear – no one lives there, or anyone visits it. However, that wasn’t the case with this abandoned house.

Everyone believed that this specific house was empty. However, they started seeing people coming and going from the house.

25. So… Was The House Empty Or Not?

Everyone was in shock. They simply couldn’t believe that anyone would even step inside the house, let alone leave there.

24. The Smell Came Back

What was inside that house? Surprisingly, in just a few days, the smell was gone entirely. As it often happens, the entire neighborhood went to their regular daily activities.

Just when everyone thought that the nightmare is over, the hell was just beginning. The smell came back even worse. In no time, the entire neighborhood was on their feet.

They knew that this time something had to be done. So, they called an emergency meeting, where they talked about concrete action moves.

23. The First Step

At this point, everyone could agree that the horrible smell is coming from the specific house. Moreover, it was the same house as the last one.

However, they knew that they are not allowed to investigate on their own, so they did the only right thing. They called the police.

22. Investigating The House

At first, they weren’t sure just how serious their call might sound to the police. Still, they knew that something had to be done.

They told the police that they have a problem and that the smell was starting to concern them. Typically, the police send a crew to investigate. Maybe there was a body that started decomposing?

21. Calling For Help

The police did their job. They did their duty, talking with the neighbors, and decided to investigate the house. Even some neighbors helped them to navigate them through the property.

No one knew for sure what was inside the house, so they called a few people with them to help them if needed. Their crew was included some experts who weren’t from the police force.

20. Team Of Specialists

Since they had no idea what might be inside the house, the police called in some experts. The team of specialists included a wildlife expert and a medical examiner.

One of the members of the wildlife committee was Soary Randrianjafizanaka. She was called as an expert to investigate the house.

19. Wildlife Committee Member

Randrianjafizanaka was the head of the agency, and when she heard about the house, she knew what needs to be done. There was something unusual here, and she wanted to investigate the place personally.

Moreover, the troubled house was in her area. She had no idea what could be inside the house. However, she wasn’t too surprised once they discovered what was causing the smell.

18. The City Of Toliara

The suspicious house was located in the city of Toliara. Toliara is a place located on the southwest coast of Madagascar.

The town is known as a beautiful and peaceful place, without troublesome people or any crime rate. So, at the time, no one could even suspect that the house was a place of real trouble.

17. The Environmental Agency

Randrianjafizanaka was called in in case they find anything animal-related. After all, Toliara is located on the island, and there is a unique balance between the human world and nature.

It comes as no surprise that the city had the Environmental Agency, that has been established for a very long time. The Agency had a rich experience with craziest animal-related situations. Still, were they needed here?

16. The Animal-Related Situations

The Environmental Agency had experience in dealing with kittens to enormous predators. That’s why the police always called them. At the time, police had no idea if they are needed in this situation or not. Still, they were about to enter the house.

Upon arrival, it was clear that the house was smelly. While they were standing there, no one could guess what the smell was. They just knew that it was terrible.

15. The House Appeared To Be Ordinary

On the outside, the house looked like any other ordinary house. It was large, average, but with a massive secret inside its walls.

It was creepy how silent everything around the house was. So, they decided to step inside. At the time, they had no idea that the interior of the house would leave them speechless.

14. Stepping Into The Unknown

As soon as the experts and police entered the house, they became lightheaded. The smell was so strong. Still, they had no choice but to keep moving.

They had to move deeper inside the house, to discover what the source was. At one moment, Randrianjafizanaka said that she thinks that the house is full of animal waste.

13. Was It Really Animals?

Randrianjafizanaka was sure that the smell was animal-related. She knew that only animals trapped inside could make such a stench.

Shockingly, at the moment, she couldn’t rule out that there may be people in the hose. However, it looked as if nobody could be living there, or even more in such conditions. Or could it be? The final truth was just one step ahead.

As they made their way through the smelly house, suddenly they heard some noise. The sound wasn’t loud, but it was loud enough for everyone to listen to it.

12. The Final Truth

They weren’t alone. At the time, they were sure that other people are inside as well. Finally, two unfamiliar groups of people were looking at each other.

11. Digging Holes

The team saw that people had shovels int heir hands. They were digging holes. The police asked them what they were doing, and they started acting strangely. It was clear that they were up to no good.

The diggers looked like they were trying to hide something. The police made a move toward them, and the diggers put their hands up in the air immediately. They were arrested and escorted to the police car. The team knew that people were hiding something, so they decided to go deeper inside the house. At that moment, the floor started moving.

10. The Moving Floor

Everything inside the house indicated that no one was here. The interior of the place was utterly destroyed, there was no light, everything was covered in cobwebs, and the floor was… moving?

It took them a few minutes to realize what was underneath their feet. They were actually standing on top of animals.

9. There Were Tortoises Everywhere

Almost the entire floor was covered in tortoises. They were packed in like sardines. Even Randrianjafizanaka looked at the poor animals in disbelief.

She was more in shock when she realized that these were no ordinary tortoises. It was hard to move with so many animals around, but they were sure that the rest of the house had tortoises as well.

8. They Badly Needed Help

Luckily, Randrianjafizanaka knew what they need to do. The first step was obvious – they had to move these tortoises out of the house as soon as possible, and take them somewhere safe.

These poor animals were so badly treated, that she was afraid they wouldn’t survive. At the time, Randrianjafizanaka knew that these tortoises were rare. They were known as radiated tortoises. Moreover, they are rarely spotted in the wild, and Madagascar was home to only a few of them.

7. They Are Often Poached

These poor animals are so rare that criminals often poach them. Some people even eat them. Others own them as pets. However, holding them is against the law.

Still, underground operations are enormous and include stealing tortoises and selling them. At this point, the species is almost extinct.

6. They Are Really Endangered

There was a time when this species was thriving. However, in recent years, that changed drastically. In 2010, there were below 6 million of radiated tortoises left. Now, they’re only around 3 million.

In this abandoned house, were over 9,000 of them. From home, the tortoises were taken to a safe place. Many of them were sick.

5. Bringing The Population Up

Since they have found so many of them, Randrianjafizanaka hoped that they could help to bring their population numbers up. Sadly, there were some bad news. As soon as they took Tortoises to a safe place, the truth was out.

It was discovered that many of the tortoises were severely ill. Most of them were very dehydrated. Although vets did all they could, they couldn’t save them all. Simply, it wasn’t possible to work with over 9,000 tortoises.

4. Animal Cruelty Is A Real Thing

Many people have been arrested, caught, and charged for animal cruelty, but it continues to happen. People are driven by money, and they don’t care about the well-being of these and other animals.

Moreover, they rarely treat them with respect. Many people boycott the pet industry, but the animals are still being caught and sold illegally.

3. What Happened With Tortoises From The Abandoned House

Around 8,000 tortoises survived. The team wasn’t sure should they release them back into the wild, or place into another facility.

However, it turns out that the tortoises couldn’t be released back into the wild. Since they spend so much time inside the house, return to the wild could be fatal to them.

2. Future Plans For The Tortoises

Finally, the tortoises remain together, in one place. They are well taken care of. They have attention, food, water, and people excited to spend time with them.

Now, the researchers are focusing on getting population numbers back up. On the other hand, the police is dealing with people who smuggled them.

1. The Punishment For The Crime

It was discovered that people who hoarded these poor animals are not only criminals but animal abusers as well. People wanted them to be punished.

They were eventually punished for their crimes. This was also an excellent way to send a message to anyone who might be involved in such activities.

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