Have you ever experienced the fear of seeing blinking blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror? Your mind starts to race and your heart...

Awesome - Police Officer Pulls Over a Man on the Highway and Is Brought to Tears by Their Interaction Awesome - Police Officer Pulls Over a Man on the Highway and Is Brought to Tears by Their Interaction

Awesome - Police Officer Pulls Over a Man on the Highway and Is Brought to Tears by Their Interaction

Awesome - Police Officer Pulls Over a Man on the Highway and Is Brought to Tears by Their Interaction

Have you ever experienced the fear of seeing blinking blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror? Your mind starts to race and your heart rate speeds up as you start to pull over. Then suddenly, you start asking yourself different questions. Am I speeding? Did I make a mistake? Did I hit someone?

Once you pull your car to the side, a police officer approaches you. With a shaking hand, you give them an anxious smile. You are now mentally preparing to respond to any questions they might ask you. But what if they said something that left you totally speechless? What would you do then?

Why Are You Flagging Me Down, Officer?

Meet William Jazwinski. William served the army and is now a war veteran. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family.

And one day he was pulled over by a police officer, seemingly out of the blue. He was surprised, to say the least. William wondered what would happen next.

Dreaming About the Army

Before finding his way to the army, William was an innocent kid. He grew up in the lively neighborhood of Somers, New York. He then studied at Arlington High School. Although at ten years old, William expressed an interest to serve his country. He dreamed of becoming a sergeant one day in the army. He imagined being part of the U.S. Army.

Any parent would be proud and concerned with the desire of their kids to enter the army. It is dangerous, but it is also one of the noblest jobs around. So, it was natural when William’s mother showed some signs of disapproval. And, of course, she has every reason to be worried.

A Dream and Nightmare Come True

William held onto his dream of being an army man. And that dream eventually came true. In 2003 during the Iraq War, William entered the army. Unfortunately, he was one of the 177,194 troops who was sent into the war zone. It was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. William gave his farewell, leaving his family, girlfriend, and his regular life. However, William is still dedicated to his dream. But, he is also mentally prepared for the worst.

William’s family and loved ones did not give up on him. And when they heard that 4,000 soldiers did not make it, they all prayed that William was not one of them. They just want their boy back.

Not the William They Knew

Thankfully, William was able to survive the war. He was healthy and safe. After a year of service, he was sent home. William’s family and friends are more than ecstatic. However, William was not the same anymore. Things he never saw before in the war create such an impression that he still has a hard time going back to his normal life. It was obvious that he is mentally and emotionally suffering. After his family convinced him, William went for counseling.

However, it did not take long before the shadows of his past started lurking again. That was until a strange encounter he had on a lonely road gave him the jolt he never knew he needed.

Mindlessly Driving Home

William once again attended his counseling sessions. It was dull, but he needed to be there. He then started his long drive home to Lefors, Texas. His eyes were focused on the white lines on the road. Before he knew it, his body went autopilot and his mind started to wander.

In his sad small world, it was his wife and daughter that keep him going. He constantly thinks about how if it weren’t for them, he would not even be alive anymore. The constant memories of the war still haunt him. William then suddenly realized that a car behind him had been following him. It has been some time now. That’s strange...

Getting a Little Bit Paranoid

William immediately panicked when he realized that it was a cop car. He thought it was a random person following him. His eyes darted to the speedometer. He lightly sighs when he saw that he was not traveling over the speed limit. And luckily the day before, he actually checked that his lights were all in working order. William knew that the police had no reason to be following him.


He reassured himself that he was just being paranoid. However, a voice in his head is telling him that something is about to happen...

The Cop Car Keeps Following

However, since the police car is not flagging him down, William has no intention to stop. Up ahead, he saw a quieter road. He quickly headed down and turned to that road. He is expecting the cop car to disappear. But sure enough, the police car continues to follow him. He looks in his rearview mirror just to make sure he is seeing it.

Now, there is no denying that he is being followed. William anticipates that any minute now, the blaring sound of the siren will turn on. However, he did not expect that the next thing that will happen will unnerve him more.

What Is Happening?

William did not expect he would be in this situation. His anxious nerves are catching up to him. From his experience in the military, it is less nerve-wracking if you know what is coming. So, he does not know how to respond to this kind of situation. William just hopes the police car would just move over.

Five minutes passed, but it felt like forever. The police car continues to follow him. There are no blinking blue and red lights. There are no speakers or sirens. It is just him and the police car silently cruising the empty road.

Finally, a Sign!

Now, William plays the waiting game. Then, he saw that the police car blink its blue lights. He suddenly felt relieved. He is being signaled to stop and pull over. He followed the order and parked at the side. William is expecting that the police officer would go through the standard procedure. He is now preparing to show his license and other documents.


As the police car approached, William had no idea that he would not be needing to show his license in this upcoming strange encounter.

Something in His Dashboard

The police officer left his car and went straight to Willaims’. William rolled down his window and asked the officer what’s the matter. The police officer was polite and explained that there was nothing wrong. However, William noticed that the police officer is looking at something in his dashboard.

William took notice of it. He saw that the police officer is looking at something he holds dear. But he didn’t know, it is something the police officer also has a story to tell about.

The American Flag

During his stay in the US Army, William served as Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator. To remind him of his stay in the army, he placed an American Flag on his dashboard. It was a bittersweet memory he will forever cherish. The police officer was looking at the said flag. The officer's next action is something William did not foresee.

The strange encounter began when the police officer expressed his gratitude. Apparently, he knew William was a veteran. But how did he know that?

Just Like “Talking to an Old Friend”

Instead of a ticket, William received a warm conversation with the officer. It was a casual talk he did not expect. Finally, the officer speaks up why he is so grateful to the war vet. It started when the officer asked William about his experience and time in the army. And then, the story unfolded.

The unnamed officer told a narrative that had a strong emotional connection to what William went through. It was so familiar, William feels like he is talking to an old friend. As the officer continued with his story, a twist was revealed.


It Was the Army Sticker

The police officer explained that it was not the flag that caught his attention. It was the army sticker on William’s bumper that made him follow the man. In his perspective, William displayed the flag and the sticker with the intention to remind him of his military career.

The sticker immediately gave the impression that a war veteran owns the car. The police officer was curious to know if the driver of the car at that time was a vet. So, he instinctively followed. He did not intend to creep out William. Once he flagged William, he knew he was looking at a war vet.

Unresolved Pain

Their conversation started with the police officer asking about his time in the army. It sounds uncomfortable, but William felt at ease with the officer. He shared that he went to Iraq and did a 15-month stint out of Ft Benning. Then before they knew it, stories and memories are being shared between the two.

After listening to William’s story, the officer started to tell his own. Stories that are still haunting him to that very day. When he saw William in the car, it caused him to remember unresolved pain. However, he does not blame William for the negative feelings he is having.

That Familiar Pain

The police officer was hesitating, but he shared something personal with William. “My son went to Iraq. He didn’t make it home.” These are the words William did not expect to hear. He understands how hard and painful being separated from your family is. He also knows the pain of losing someone because of the war. William offered his condolences and help.


Recently, William was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This is the reason why he attended counseling sessions. PTSD is a very common illness military men and women have. It is not their fault that they experienced trauma. Anyone can have it. However, some people discriminate against people with PTSD. William understands the officer and claims that he can help. He just finished a PTSD program. He thought the officer would be needing it too.

A Special Request

However, the police officer made the conversation a little bit lighter. He pointed at the flag. The officer claimed that he also bought a flag for his son that they keep in their house. And, an unexpected question, or more like a favor, arose. It is something Willian could not refuse. He sees the shining glimpse in the eyes of the officer.

“Can I ask a question? Would you mind stepping out and receiving a hug? You remind me of my son. You look exactly like him!” the police officer said. For others, it may be an uncomfortable request. But for William, it is a simple request he would never deny.

“I Thought You Were Him”

“Do you mind stepping out and receiving a hug? You remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days (that) he’s gone.” These words were enough to make the two men cry. However, did William hug him?

Of course, he did! As shared in this Facebook post, they had a rather intimate moment. It was not just a hug. It provided comfort and solace for both of them who were suffering.

Silently Crying

William expressed in his post how he and the police officer embraced each other. They cried to their hearts’ content. It was a silent moment for a minute or two. They ended up crying on their knees. It was painful, but a beautiful moment for them. Finding someone to share a sentiment that they could relate to is a relieving feeling.


They were able to release their grief. They were total strangers. But for William, it was comforting and familiar. And at that moment, he was able to let go of something that had been holding him back for too long.

A Time to Let It Go

With the warm embrace they shared, William felt his fears and trauma dissolve. It seems as if all the uncomfortable and sad feelings were lifted out of nowhere. And that all because of a random confidential meeting. The tears they shared in the long empty road will be forever embedded in their hearts.

William did not know that that moment was the exact thing he needed to release the lingering negative memories. He did not expect that a heartfelt moment would do more to heal his PTSD than any counseling. As they said their farewell, William may not remember the officer’s face. But, he will be forever grateful to the memory he left with him. As he drove home, he felt happy and light. He cannot wait to share the story of what just happened to his wife and daughter. Sometimes all someone needs to know is that they're not alone, and sometimes this can be found in a chance encounter with a friendly stranger.

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