1. Time for Kindergarten Anj Little, a mom from Pennsylvania, thought that putting her 5-year-old daughter Madie to kindergarten will be j...

Awesome - Teachers Saw Her Making Weird Movements in Kindergarten, But What They Revealed Will Change Her Life Forever Awesome - Teachers Saw Her Making Weird Movements in Kindergarten, But What They Revealed Will Change Her Life Forever

Awesome - Teachers Saw Her Making Weird Movements in Kindergarten, But What They Revealed Will Change Her Life Forever

Awesome - Teachers Saw Her Making Weird Movements in Kindergarten, But What They Revealed Will Change Her Life Forever

1. Time for Kindergarten
Anj Little, a mom from Pennsylvania, thought that putting her 5-year-old daughter Madie to kindergarten will be just as same for everybody else. She was thrilled her daughter finally grew enough to start learning and making new friends.
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But news that she could have never predicted, were on the way. However, Anj wondered if her daughter will go along with her peers.

It was finally the right time for Madie to start going to the kindergarten. Like most 5-year-olds, she was looking forward to meeting and playing with her new friends.
2. Unpredictable Series Of Events
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Anj kept sending Madie to school and was happy to see that her daughter liked spending time with her peers. However, Anj will soon find out the news that will change her and Madie’s life forever.

3. Strange Behaviour
After a few weeks into the school year, it seemed just like another regular day for Anj. But something happened in the kindergarten that Madie’s teacher had to share with her.
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Anj received a call from the teacher that revealed her something that she couldn’t have seen coming. The teachers from the kindergarten said her daughter was behaving strangely.

4. Sudden News
Supposedly, while at her after-school program, the kids were watching a movie and the teachers noticed Madie was making weird movements. She tilted her head back and her arms were moving back and forth. As soon as Madie’s mom heard about this she called the doctor.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little

The doctor told them to bring her in right away as Madie might have had a seizure. But this wasn’t it. Something else was about to be discovered.

5. Madie’s diagnosis
Anj scheduled immediately an appointment with a neurologist. She wanted to know what happened to her daughter. They immediately had a test to determine what caused Madie’s seizure. The doctors had her blow on a pinwheel to try and trigger some change.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
The test worked, and after an MRI diagnosed Madie with absence and petit mal seizures. It was more than scary for Anj to hear, but at least they knew what was wrong.

All she could think of was how to help her daughter. The doctors told her that Madie might experience seizures in future as well, but that they wouldn’t last longer than few seconds.

6. Frightened Mother
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Right after the test, Madie was given medication to fight the seizures. Anj believed strongly that this would solve the problem, but soon it will show that it won’t be enough. But not only, but they will also discover something that will kick them off the right track once again.

7. More seizures
Even if they gave Madie the medication that should have helped her, she kept on having seizures. These seizures now lasted longer than the doctors’ forecast. The diagnosis the doctors first gave her was wrong.
Anj was desperate for the right treatment for her daughter. Madie’s neurologist tried giving her different meds but nothing helped to stop the seizures. Unfortunately, they got only worse.

8. Side Effects Show Up
Madie was given about 4 different seizure medications in a short period of time. Not only did they not work for her, but some of them brought a lot of side effects.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
It turned out that little Madie was even allergic to one of the medications. The doctors did a follow-up EEG’s that revealed that she had normal activity. But something was still strange about Madie’s case.

9. Looking For New Answers
Anj, like any mother, scared for the health of her child, did everything in her power to find the right doctors and the correct medication for her daughter.
Source: Penn State
They went to Hershey Medical Center to the pediatric neurology department, but it turned out they couldn’t help them. Anj continued looking for new ways to help her daughter.

10. Frequent Seizures
After realizing that they couldn’t find a solution in Hershey, they were referred to CHOP in Pittsburgh. At this time, Madie was having up to 15 episodes of seizure a day.
These strange ‘spells’ overtook her body and would make her basically paralyze leaving Madie unable to move or talk. Sometimes during the seizures, she would have involuntary movement of her arms and legs. But this wasn’t all that was making her mother preoccupied.

11. Strange Behaviour
Not only did this brave kid have exhausting seizures, but she remembered everything while having them. The fact that Madie was aware of everything going on around her, broke her mother’s heart.
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Anj couldn’t understand how her daughter had only a few seizures a day while being in Kindergarten and now that she grew older her seizures became more intense and frequent.

12. No More School
When a child’s health is at risk, nothing else really matters. So Madie’s parents decided to pull her out of school in order to find what was the cause of the state their child was going through.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
They did a video monitoring at Hershey, but they couldn’t catch anything. When they came back 6 months later to do a follow-up Anj had a video of one of the episodes Madie had. What the doctor will tell her next, will leave Anj speechless.

13. Arrogant Doctor
After taking a look at the video, the doctor told Anj that Madie was making all of this up and that’s “all in her head”. He suggested to take her to a psychiatrist instead.
Anj couldn’t believe that he was saying something like that. She was more than sure that her child couldn’t be pretending about such things.
14. Not Leaving The Hospital
Being frustrated by the doctor’s answer, Anj made it very clear that she was not leaving the hospital until she finds out what was wrong with her daughter.

Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Only the movement specialist could have helped them, but it was really unlikely to find him in the hospital that day because he was only there one day a month. But they were lucky this time!

15. Waiting In Desperation
It seemed like an eternity while Madie and Anj were waiting for the doctors to tell them if Madie will get to see the movement specialist.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Finally, they came back to them and told them the specialist they were looking for was at the hospital. Of all days, he was there the day they desperately needed him.

16. More Tests Coming Their Way
The movement specialist came in and introduced himself as Dr. Coffman. He had Madie do a couple of tests in order to discover what was happening to her.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
But after he watched the video Anj brought, it took him just few seconds to reveal to the scared parents what was wrong with Madie.

17. The Right Doctor
Madie was initially given a wrong diagnosis. And finally, her new doctor, that her mom called “their very own Dr. House”, helped them find the cause of Madie’s seizures.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
He diagnosed Madie with Paroxysmal nonkinesigenic dyskinesia, or PNKD. But apart from finally knowing what was their daughter suffering from they found out something else.

18. Uncertain Forecast
On a follow-up appointment, their doctor explained that some kids might stop having these issues around puberty, but that with others, it can even get worse. He told them that there’s no cure for this condition and that there’s nothing that could make it better.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Dr. Coffman said that Madie could have an episode one day and then not have another for 20 years. Her case was really unpredictable, and that’s what made her parents even more anxious.

19. Interrupted Life
The good thing was that the longest seizure Madie ever had lasted only a few hours when these episodes can last for entire days.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
The frequent seizures made Madie’s life quite difficult. Even if the episodes lasted for a minute or two during her elementary school, her life was constantly being disrupted.

20. Fear Of Phone Calls
Anj, obviously, couldn’t relax. She reacted like every frightened mother would: “Every time my phone rang, my stomach dropped wondering if it was the school calling to let me know she was having an episode or that I needed to come pick her up because it had been more than 15 minutes.”
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
Eventually, Madie’s episodes became longer but were happening only once or twice a day.

21. Poor Brain Cells Communication
Dr. Coffman told Madie that this was probably happening because the channels that connect her brain cells didn’t always work properly.
This was the reason why her body ‘paralyzed’ in the episodes. Madie and her mom went through a lot of suffering situations only to experience something they never believed could happen.

At the end of Madie’s 7th-grade year, Madie made it through her entire 7th-grade year without a single episode of seizure. Anj thought that this day might never come.

22. Puberty Changed Everything
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
It turned out that the puberty might have solved their problem. Anj was crying out of happiness and stated that aside from the birth of her children, she has never been happier in her entire life.

23. Finally Relaxed
Today Madie can go to follow-up appointments every few years instead of several times a year. They will have to monitor is everything is fine when she gets older.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little
But all in all, Madie is now a happy 13-year-old who never gives up and can make anyone laugh.

24. Happy family
Anj said that her daughter now plays roller hockey, and is going to the ice rink. Madie is also an amazing singer, but she doesn’t like doing it in front of people.
Source: Courtesy of Anj Little

She doesn’t let anything bring her down, and with her smile, she could light up the darkest of skies. Her mom calls Madie “her hero” for a good reason.

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