If you’re a dog owner, you know that pups are quite the scent sniffers. They can find virtually any food, or animal, or person no matter w...

$$ A Man’s Dog Lures Him To An Abandoned Boat And What He Finds Hiding Underneath Is Shocking $$ A Man’s Dog Lures Him To An Abandoned Boat And What He Finds Hiding Underneath Is Shocking

$$ A Man’s Dog Lures Him To An Abandoned Boat And What He Finds Hiding Underneath Is Shocking

$$ A Man’s Dog Lures Him To An Abandoned Boat And What He Finds Hiding Underneath Is Shocking

 If you’re a dog owner, you know that pups are quite the scent sniffers. They can find virtually any food, or animal, or person no matter where they are. Under the couch? Sure. On top of the counter? Absolutely. In a deep-wooded area? As you’re about to find out, YEP.

A group of guys headed off to a cabin for a bachelor party retreat and one of them brought their dog along (naturally). What happens next ruined their weekend plans altogether, but, it made for a great story.

A Usain Bolt Take-Off

Soon after the fellas got to their cabin, they were settling in nicely. All of the sudden, one of them saw the dog take off running out of nowhere.


She was transfixed on an area in the woods and wouldn’t let it go. She wouldn’t go back to the cabin without further investigation.

Cabin Fever


If you’ve ever stayed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere before, you know that it can get constricting. The dog hadn’t even been at the cabin for more than three hours before it caught the scent of something.

For a dog, being out in the woods is an absolute dream.

Off To The Races


When your dog takes off and starts to sprint in a certain direction, good luck catching it. This is what leashes are for. But, in the deep woods, leashes don’t exist.

It took a few minutes for the guys to catch up to the pup. When they did, they noticed something very weird.

Something About This Boat

By the time they got to the dog, she wouldn’t leave this boat. They tried to coax her away with treats and sticks. She wouldn’t budge.

The dog was trying to dig underneath the boat to get to something, but what was it? The guys were actually afraid of what could possibly be in there.

You’ve Seen The Horror Movies


This is how every horror movie starts. A remote area near a cabin. A strange, upsidedown boat in the middle of nowhere. I don’t blame them for thinking a dead body could be under that thing.

Fast forward a bit, and the dog couldn’t get under the boat enough to fully flip it over.

Face-To-Face With The “Thing”


The guys were hesitant to even open the boat. Ignorance is bliss with this kind of stuff. But, the dog was too persistent and wouldn’t leave.

So, they lifted up the one side of the boat and it was the best possible surprise of all time. Two of the cutest kittens.

Mortal Enemies?


You might think that the dog was smelling out her enemies. I mean, it’s just a fact that dogs and cats historically don’t get along.

The guys stared in awe of the little kittens, but there were so many questions to be answered. They couldn’t believe what they found.

Who Were These Little Furballs?


The men had no way of knowing any of the backstory. Why were they under the boat? How long have they been there?

Where is their mom? Were they abandoned by their former human owners? The guys had to make a quick decision as to how they were going to handle this situation.

They Were In Great Shape


One thing was for sure, the kittens were in GREAT shape. They weren’t dirty, or unclean, or smelly — they were in tip-top shape.

They didn’t have any injuries at all which led the guys to believe they were just abandoned and were looking for a cozy place to call home.



What was also surprising was how well their dog treated the kittens. You can never be sure how a dog will treat a kitten. They can be pretty unpredictable.

Thankfully, she was very gentle and caring for the cats right off the bat. It’s like she immediately went into mother-mode, which is so cute.

The Wild Card


Another issue that was resolved quick was seeing how the kittens would react to the dog. But, right away the three got along. The kittens had no fear of her and were so comfortable it was almost as if they’d be friends forever.

Her maternal instincts make this story more pleasurable than it could’ve been.

The World Opened Up


After the guys realized that their dog wasn’t going to ravage these kittens, they decided to throw the boat wide open. This opened up an entirely new world for the little cats.

All they wanted to do was play in the new forest that has been brought in front of them.

It Didn’t Take Long


It really didn’t take long for the dog to start taking in the kittens as her own. She started licking them like their own mother would do.

She was very worried about all of the dirt that could be caked on their fur. It was truly a magical moment for all the guys.

Life Or Death


This truly was life or death for these cats. If it wasn’t for the dog’s sense of smell leading them to the boat to begin with, who knows what would’ve happened to these kittens.

Not only that, but the maternal instincts that kicked into gear to make the little babies feel safe and comfortable certainly helped.

The True Hero


While the guys were thankful for the discovery, they weren’t even the most excited ones. Can you guess who was more excited?

It was almost as if the dog knew what she had done. It was like she knew she saved a few lives today and her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

The Change Of Plans


Not surprisingly, the guys had to have a little change of plans. No longer was it just a bachelor weekend in a remote cabin.

They brought the little kittens to the cabin with them so that they could enjoy a nice meal at their behest. I’m sure the kittens didn’t mind it.

The Feast Of A Lifetime


One day these kittens are trapped under a boat in the middle of a forest. The next, they’re eating like kings and queens.

They both got a big bowl of food that the kittens thoroughly enjoyed. They brought this meat for hamburgers and hotdogs, but instead, it was used to save some lives.

The Truth…


It turns out that the kittens were in fact abandoned there by their mother. The men ended up taking them to a vet so that they can get a check-up on their health.

They wanted to make sure that there were no diseases hanging around these little felines. And the result?

The Moment Of Truth


The moment of truth came when the vet told them that their little friends were perfect. The vet said that she was SHOCKED at how good of shape these two were in considering where they were found.

Soon after the vet trip, two of the friends ended up adopting the little kittens.

Perfect Ending


Honestly, it was the perfect ending to a great story. The men enjoyed each other’s company, and they even made a few new unexpected friends.

As for the dog? Well, she can now go to sleep feeling like she’s a hero that saved a few lives. Great job to everyone involved.

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