Raising kids is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Children get hyper, loud, and make their parents fully exhausted by the end of t...

$$ Mom Calls Police On Her 3-Year-Old Daughter When She Discovers What Child Did In Backseat Of Car $$ Mom Calls Police On Her 3-Year-Old Daughter When She Discovers What Child Did In Backseat Of Car

$$ Mom Calls Police On Her 3-Year-Old Daughter When She Discovers What Child Did In Backseat Of Car

$$ Mom Calls Police On Her 3-Year-Old Daughter When She Discovers What Child Did In Backseat Of Car


Raising kids is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Children get hyper, loud, and make their parents fully exhausted by the end of the day.

This Arizona woman was a mother of two. And one day, her children were really testing her patience, resulting in her doing something completely out of her character.

Michelle Fortin

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Anyone who has ever been in the car with children knows it's not always easy. Michelle understood that every time she got into the car with her children.

Busy Mom


However, that day, this mother realized she couldn't handle her daughter anymore, no matter how hard she tried. What her 3-year-old did in the backseat of her car that day was beyond her imagination.

Enough Is Enough

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She would often misbehave, but the trick she pulled that day was just too much for her mother to bear. Like most days, Michelle put her two kids in the backseat of her car, buckled them in their seatbelts and drove off.

Losing Patience


During the car ride, her children started yelling at each other. At first, Michelle didn't think too much of it since they behaved the same way many times before.

What Is Going On?


Then, she looked in the rear-view mirror of her car but couldn't figure out what was going on. It seemed like her kids were yelling for no reason at all as per usual.

In A Fight


Then, her son yelled, "Mommy! Mommy! She unbuckled her seatbelt!" The boy was talking about her 3-year-old sister Camille. The girl was out of control. Michelle pulled the car over immediately.

Camille IS Misbehaving


What her daughter did was unacceptable. Michelle had to make sure Camille was wearing her seatbelt before continuing the ride.

Failed Attempt


She tried to explain to her how dangerous it was to take off the seat belt while driving, but she wasn’t taking her seriously. Her daughter kept laughing and ignoring her, and Michelle was losing her patience.

The Beginning


She buckled Camille back into the seat and drove home. Michelle realized she couldn't handle her daughter anymore, so she took appropriate action.

Solving The Problem

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What Michelle did when she got home was something that most mothers would never do to their child. Desperate for help, the woman took out her cellphone and prepared to make a call.

Screaming For Help


Michelle decided she had to call for help and dialed the Scottsdale Police Department on her daughter.  Little did she know what she was in for...

Hoping For The Best


She was hoping the authorities would take her request seriously and help her out as she believed her situation required extreme methods. But would she regret this decision later?

Police Arrives


Shortly after Michelle's call, two police officers arrived at her home. When they knocked on the door, they asked to speak to Camille. They had no idea how young the child was.

Hard Decision


Michelle quickly pointed to her daughter. But would they take her request seriously? After all, Camille was just a small child.

The Arrival

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When the policemen realized how young the girl was, they were speechless. They took the girl out of Michelle's car so they could have a chat with her. They wanted to explain to Camille how important it was to wear your seatbelt.

Camille Meets The Police


The officers told her that if another driver wasn't paying attention and crashed into her mother’s car, she could get severely injured and even die.

Feeling Scared


Camille looked scared. She didn't say a word as she listened to what the policemen had to say. Was calling the police even worth it?

In Trouble

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The police also said that it was against the law to take off the seatbelt while the car is moving, and she could be in trouble. Michelle's plan worked, and Camille finally admitted the truth to her mother.

Camille's Words

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She said, "I will always wear a seat belt, and I won't take it off until the car stops, and my mother says it is okay to take it off." But her mother had more to add...

Hard To Believe


The girl understood the big mistake she had done and swore to never take the seatbelt off without her mother's permission again. But would she keep her promise?

Dangerous Behaviour


"There might be people who are going to think I took the situation to the extreme. However, I believe it was a teaching moment,” said Michelle. The woman believed that calling the police was the best way to keep her daughter safe while riding in the car.

The Officers' Opinion


The officers sided with Michelle. They were happy to help her teach Camille a lesson she would never forget. In fact, Michelle might have saved her daughter's life that day.

Learning A Lesson


If Camille didn't learn the importance of car safety, her life could have been in real danger. They knew that after their visit, Camille would never try to unbuckle again without her mother's permission.

The Plan Worked

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Michelle's plan worked, she was glad her daughter finally understood the importance of car safety. What the girl said in response was a big relief for the worried mother.

Camille's Words

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The girl understood the big mistake she had done and swore to never take the seatbelt off without her mother's permission. But little did Camille know she was about to become famous due to this incident.

Participating In Reality-TV

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Good Morning America and Inside Edition later interviewed Michelle about calling the police on her daughter. But they weren't the only ones invited to the interview.

Doing The Right Thing

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The woman believes that calling the police was the best way to keep her daughter safe while riding in the car, and later the policemen were also invited for an interview.

Additional Guests


During the interview, the officers were asked if they were upset or frustrated to have responded to a call on a 3-year old girl. The policemen's opinion on Michelle's situation was astonishing.

Police At The Interview


When the policemen arrived, they said something Michelle and everyone else would never forget. The woman instantly felt relieved once she heard what the policemen said during the interview.

Officer's Reaction


The officers said, "Absolutely not." They were glad she called them because now her daughter will never put herself in danger again.

Learning An Important Lesson


They also hope that other kids would follow their advice as well. The girl will remember this conversation for the rest of her life. But what the officers shared next was even more touching.

Saving Her Daughter's Life


The police officers said that Michelle's call to them that day might have saved her daughter's life in the future. No one knows what could have happened that day if her brother didn't notify Michelle about her sister.
Police believed Michelle and the girl's brother did the best thing for Camille. The reason for their statement was simple.

Probability Of Car Accidents


"Accidents can happen in a split second. If the child is not wearing a seatbelt, the results can be tragic," the officers said. Parents always need to make sure their child is wearing a seatbelt at all times.

Food For Thought


No matter how experienced the driver is, one can never rely on anyone else driving on the same road. Other drivers can be unpredictable. The police were glad Michelle gave them a call that day for one particular reason.

Taking Responsibility


While Camille's mother was a good driver, the other drivers sharing the road could have been under the influence, reckless, or inexperienced in driving.

Great Opportunity


The two policemen found Michelle's call to be an excellent opportunity to teach a valuable lesson. Later, the police shared another important message.

Feeling Thankful


Not only the officers gladly helped Michelle, but they were also thankful that they could teach these kids the importance of car safety. That day, Camille and her brother learned about the role of the seatbelt once and for all. But Michelle wasn't the only mother who called the police on her own child, one desperate Michigan mom was forced to do the same one morning after learning what her son had done.

Zachary Towns


Zachary Towns was a 14-year-old boy attending Grand Blanc West middle school in Michigan. Just like his peers, Zachary loved playing video games, especially Fortnite. Little did he know how his innocent hobby would affect his entire future.

Bad Habits


Zachary would often stay up late at night playing games, resulting in a significant change in his sleep schedule. Waking up early for school was a big struggle for this teen. "I'm pretty lazy, can't lie. I like to sleep in," said the boy.

Busy Mom


His mother, Crystal Towns, on the other hand, couldn't relate to his problem. Crystal held three jobs besides taking care of her kids.

The Beginning


Sleeping in was rarely in the cards for her. Looking after her children was never an easy task for her either, but what Zachary did one morning shocked her to her core.

Dealing With Her Son


Crystal had always been struggling with waking her son up for school. Sometimes Zachary would go as far as to blame his sister or the alarm for not waking him up on time. However, that morning, he was out of control, resulting in Crystal doing something she never thought would be necessary.

Zachary Refuses To Wake Up


That day, the boy was on his worst behavior. "I woke him up. He thought he was just going not to go, and I said 'nope you're learning today, boy,'" she told him. Crystal had only one choice left.

Calling The Police


Towns had enough with the morning dilemma of waking Zachary up in time for school. She took out her cellphone and called the police on her son.

Teaching A Lesson


Crystal was hoping to teach her son a lesson once and for all. Since Zachary refused to listen to her, she thought that a conversation with a police officer would help him understand. However, what Zachary told Crystal after she announced her decision, left her speechless.

Zachary's Words


"I wasn't very shocked at all I was just like oh ok off to Dan. She does a lot of things like this. She's one of those moms that will get on you, but my mom could care less," Zachary said. However, once the police arrived, Zachary's attitude quickly changed.

School Resource Officer


Zachary was shocked to find out that the officer who came to get him, was in fact, a school resource officer from the Grand Blanc Township. What the officer did next left Zachary with no choice.

Going To School


The officer knocked on the boy's door and announced himself, "I'm here to take you to school, and you are riding in the backseat." But how would Zachary react?

Going To School


The teen followed the officer's order, got in the car, and went to school. Towns hoped this would teach her son a lesson, and what the boy said later gave her hope.

Final Words

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"I don't think I should have pushed my mom's limits because that's the 100th time I've done it this year," the boy said. Crystal, on the other hand, is confident that she made the right decision. She said, "I did what I needed to do. I would do it all over again and feel good about it". While Zachary is quite lazy, Crystal assures everyone that he is a smart kid with a big heart.

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