Mom Mows The Lawn Wearing Baby Carrier - Until A Police Car Pulls Up And Her Heart Drops

Imagine a person capable of performing two, sometimes three tasks at once; seemingly doing the jobs of multiple people all the while finding a way to keep smiles on the faces of children. Imagine a person so important to the people in her world, that if she ever takes a sick day, everything seems to just fall apart.
The person you are imagining is a mother or to be more exact, a Wonder-Mom. These strong, powerful women are the masters of getting the most done in the least amount of time. That's the only way a busy mom can complete everything she has to do each day.
Carrying her baby on her hip and a toddler beside her, a Wonder-Mom can do the dishes, complete the laundry, feed the pets, make breakfast for everyone in the house, volunteer for school events, and somehow keep up with her social media accounts without missing a beat.
Astounding, right? And that is an off day. The feats of these spectacular women are breathtaking and legendary.

They are real-life superheroes.
There are times, however when even a Wonder-Mom can struggle. Mother of three Rachel Brindley was juggling the endless duties of homemaker, parent, and on this occasion, the challenging task of mowing the yard while caring for two very young children.
Rachel's husband, Ryan was working overtime on a project and simply ran out of time. He was unable to mow the yard.
Like any Wonder Mother would, Rachel put her 4 month old in an infant carrier strapped to her chest and began the arduous task herself. As she was mowing, a Madison County patrol vehicle slowly cruised by her yard and pulled into her driveway.
Rachel, with her children in tow, was working hard to complete the task at hand was a bit confused about why the officer was stopping, and she confided on Facebook that was afraid she had done something wrong and was possibly in trouble.
The Madison County deputy did stop by because she was mowing the yard while holding her baby, but it was not because she was in trouble. He wanted to lend a helping hand.
The officer, after having taken a pledge to serve and protect, provided the ultimate service possible in that moment. He mowed the yard for her.
Both Rachel and her husband were very grateful for the act of kindness the officer displayed. While it may have seemed like a small gesture, to this family, and in particular, this Wonder-Mom, the officer in question was a huge help.

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