There’s nothing more heartbreaking than finding tiny kitties running around, crying for their moms. When a kind neighbor heard the ta...

- Tiny Kitty Saved From Dirt Alley Finds Two Surrogate Moms, And One Of Them Is A Dog - Tiny Kitty Saved From Dirt Alley Finds Two Surrogate Moms, And One Of Them Is A Dog

- Tiny Kitty Saved From Dirt Alley Finds Two Surrogate Moms, And One Of Them Is A Dog

- Tiny Kitty Saved From Dirt Alley Finds Two Surrogate Moms, And One Of Them Is A Dog

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than finding tiny kitties running around, crying for their moms. When a kind neighbor heard the tabby’s cries, he had no idea what to do with it, so he took her to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) in Spokane, Washington. The kitty was a newborn and needed a mom, so she would have been better off in the hands of experts.

20. The Little Stray Kitten

Little kittens have a unique cry that makes people want to step up and do something to help them out. When Nala the newborn kitty cried for help, a kind person took her to the shelter. Thanks to a post on Facebook, the kitty found the right person for the job!

19. A Young Mom

Jamie Myers heard about Nala on Facebook and called the shelter to offer some assistance. She explained that she was fostering a mommy cat that has lost some of her kittens, and Nala would be perfect for replacing them and making the mommy happy.
But what Jamie didn’t know was that Nala would grow strong with the help of her dog!

18. A Foster Family

Because Nala needed to nurse, the cat that was in Myers care was perfect, she explained in an interview with The Dodo:
“She was about a week and a half younger than my group, so I said, ‘My mama is pretty wonderful. She’s been very accepting so let’s see if she can’t nurse.’”

17. Nala Was Making Progress

Thankfully, Myers saw that she took the right decision. Nala immediately nursed, and the mama cat was doing a great job at caring for her new baby:
“Nala nursed straight away, and mama took her in instantly. She started licking her, and grooming her and showing her acceptance and love.”

16. The Kitties Grew Up

Because Nala was younger than the rest of the kittens, and the litter was ready to be adopted as well as the mom, our tabby needed another mom. Myers said that Nala was the last one to open her eyes, and she was still nursing.
That’s when the woman came up with a great idea. You see, Myers took in a dog mom, and here’s where things get quite interesting, and we’re all melting!

15. Izzy and Nala: Mother and Daughter

Maybe they’re not the same species or don’t look alike, but the dog mommy, named Izzy was a perfect mom for Nala! Myers became a foster parent again for the dog and her litter. Izzy had quite a lot of puppies, but she adopted the small kitten.
Your heart will completely melt when you see Nala surrounded by her canine siblings at #11!

14. Missing One Puppy – There it Is!

“The mama dog kept trying to get Nala and pick her up and put her in with the rest of her babies,” Myers said to The Dodo. It was so fun to watch her go after Nala and pick her up to put it back in their’ crib.’
Here’s what Myers said about Nala’s adventure outside the litter…

13. All Babies Need To Stay On The Blanket!

“The kitten could not walk across the floor without Izzy getting up from nursing to hunt her down. She was trying to tell us, ‘This little creature belongs in my family.’” Of course Nala loved all the attention from her new mom and wouldn’t stop playing with her paws!

12. They Belong Together

At first Nala was allowed to walk around the house, but seeing that Izzy kept jumping from her pen to pick up Nala and add her to her litter, it was apparent the kitty belonged together with the puppies and the loving mom. Myers knew that Nala was in good paws and was the lucky person to have been able to shot these next adorable photos…

11. Surrounded by Love

“Nala just all the sudden had all these little warm bodies for snuggles and love, and a new fur mama to care for her, and she just fit in with her second foster family,” said Myers. It was more than enough to help Nala become a grown kitty, but would she act like a cat or more like a puppy? We have the answer!

10. One of the Pack

Nala was great at adjusting her routine. She began to be a little more adventurous like all kitties, explained Myers: “She would get in and out on her own. So when she was done snuggling, she’d get out and go eat her kitten food and play for a little while, and then she’d go right back in.”

9. A Great Family

When it was time to go back to sleep, Nala would always go cuddle with her canine siblings! There’s no doubt she had a great family. Time passed and Nala grew bigger with the help of the humans, cat and dog. She was ready to get adopted…

8. Finding A New Family

Look at her! She’s so sweet and cute, there’s no doubt anyone would want to adopt Nala! And she did find a home of her own, but what about Izzy? She and her litter were still in Myers’ care, and the woman saw that with Nala no longer in the house, Izzy got depressed!

7. A Good Mommy

Izzy was a good mommy who helped foster Nala, but she was heartbroken when the kitty left the house and never returned… However, Myers knew how to make Izzy happy again and she called the shelter!

6. A Pair of Kittens Needed a Mom

Lucky for Izzy, Myers found out that two stray bonded kitten sisters needed a home and a furry mom. So Myers knew that it was the perfect way to make Izzy happy again, and she knew that the dog would love and care for the kittens as she did with Nala…

5. Izzy Was The Happiest Dog on Earth

Myers said that “Izzy has two more kittens she’s loving on.” She was the happiest dog on Earth, carrying on with her job as a hardworking mom. Here’s another story from Myers when she took in a tuxedo cat who immediately bonded with a pregnant dog called Callie.
The story gets better when the kitty starts acting a bit weird…

4. Baby Kitty Finds New Canine Mom

“Our mama dog was very close to delivering her pups at that time and took the kitten in without hesitation!” said Myers. That time, the kitty (that was named Widgie) also ate some food, as he was about two weeks old, but suddenly found out he was the baby of a pregnant mom – because she didn’t let him stray away from her!

3. Callie’s Litter Had A Kitty

“He has no idea he wasn’t part of Callie’s litter! He doesn’t care that he’s a different color....or species...she is his mama, and these are his siblings!” said Myers in an interview with Love Meow.
But what was so fun about the orphan kitty was that he didn’t know he was a cat, said Myers!

2. Widgie Is A Dog!

“To this day kitten doesn’t know he is a cat!” Myers said. And he grew up cuddling with his new mom! Wait until you see them all grown up!

1. The Kitty Grew Up!

The little tuxedo cat grew up next to his canine siblings just like Nala. Thanks to Myers, who shared her story with the world, we had the chance to watch them grow up! It is a sign that love has no boundaries, and cats and dogs do get along very well!

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