@@ Construction Workers Discover Espionage Room Under Important City


There The Whole Time

He couldn’t believe it. He had walked down this street so many times. No one had any clue the little room was waiting down there. 

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But this wasn’t just any government hole in the ground. Judging by the distinct architecture, it had been used for a very unique and troubling purpose.

New Site

Leonid had been part of the archeologist society since he had graduated from university. 

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He was one of few who were lucky enough to be sent around the world to authenticate his country’s treasures. It was a thrilling life. But these newest instructions were taking him somewhere he would have never guessed.

Middle Of Downtown

It was a quick ride downtown. Granted, there had been plenty of construction to fix the city’s roads and other systems but what could they have possibly found that was so urgent? 

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Leonid got out of the taxi and straightened his bespoke suit. A man in a hardhat and yellow vest ran up, looking worried.

Eager Workers

“Mr. Kondrashev? I was told you were coming. I tried to stop them from digging, but a couple of them got too excited.” 

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Leonid steamed with annoyance as he charged through the cold drizzle. By god, if they had ruined anything, heads would roll. He saw a crowd of workers gathered in a circle, looking at the ground.

Deep Underground

There was already a ladder down into the deep hole. Leonid wasn’t about to let anyone destroy the find. 

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So, he handed off his jacket and climbed down. A single floodlight illuminated the space. He was about to ask what they had already uncovered when he noticed something strange.

Strange Echos

Sounds bounced off the walls and created a distinct reverberation. 

Credit: Tass.com


Then, he saw the curves and shape of the room. Stuck in the hard dirt were tiny shell casings. “Spy cambers?” he muttered. It was a leap, but a good place to start. The following weeks would uncover some astounding facts. 

Middle Of Moscow

They were sitting in the middle of Moscow. It was a city filled with history as well as plenty of war and rebellion. 



Even when the walls were young and mortar still drying, there were hushed meetings and whispered plans. Adding the Cold War on top of it all, who knows what was waiting for them under the many layers of rubble.

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