With the advent of new technology, the gap between the generations has widened infinitely. This has created a difference in the thoughts o...





With the advent of new technology, the gap between the generations has widened infinitely. This has created a difference in the thoughts of the younger generation. The values that were taught to them are fading out day by day and due to this, they have started to think that they are better than others. A young cashier had the same illusion but her bubble burst when she met this old lady.

What the lady did was something less imaginable and everyone present there was stunned.

Simple And Easy?

Dorothy is an aged woman with a simple mindset, having a sense of least dependence on others and getting the things done on her own. Her expectations from life are simplicity and ease of work. But does it always happen as we think it would?

The Shopping Day

Her day started like the others. She used to shop in bulk so that she could save time and money. The idea was the more she bought per shopping session, the less she would have to shop in total. According to her, this was meant to be another usual day at the store but one person changed everything.

Too Normal

She never prioritized riding around on one of those motorized shopping carts or have groceries delivered to her door, she handled it all by herself. As she went from shelf to shelf around the store with her cart, she filled it up with a variety of products from cosmetics and packaged food to fruits and vegetables.

This Or That?

Dorothy’s shopping was going pretty well. She had visited the supermarket a number of times and had no trouble finding all the things she required and wanted, keeping the confusion aside what’s needed and what wasn’t.

Done With Shopping

Her trip to the market was a success. Although after having so much confusion and walking she completed her shopping and proceeded to the cash counter to get the groceries billed and end her session there. Even the queue at the billing counter seemed to be moving quickly.

The Cash Counter

As she slowly pulled up to the front of the billing counter, she started unloading her stuff and the cashier didn’t look pleased and looked at her with a sigh as its probably the biggest load she had ever dealt with that day.

The Plastic Issue

After scanning all the stuff with a laid down expression, the cashier asked Dorothy how many carry bags she required for the stuff she purchased. Deep down, she didn’t know how many plastic bags she’d be requiring. With that dilemma in mind, she started packing the stuff on her own.

The Messing Comment

Dorothy started to load her stuff. The cashier started helping the confused Dorothy and while doing so irritably said, “You should bring your own bags as plastic is not safe for the environment.”

The Big Surprise

The old woman was startled by this comment. She had been going there for years but never got commented on this thing, she never expected any of their staff to treat her in such a way, so for her, it was a bit of a surprise.

The Head Start

So she looked in the eyes of the cashier who was aware of the fact that she has turned her focus towards her and with a very polite tone Dorothy apologized and said: “We didn’t have these green things in my earlier days.”

The Blame

Instead of accepting the apology the cashier replied in a very rude way “This is the problem for our generation now as your generation didn’t care to save the environment for the future generation.” The lady was surprised by this and surely she had enough.

The Bottle Factor

With this rudeness of the cashier, Dorothy thought of teaching her a lesson and said “Back in our days we used to return the milk bottles, the soda bottles to the shop and the store send them back to the plant where they get cleaned and sterilized and then get refilled so we did recycling back then but we didn’t have this green thing”.

The Paper Bag Agenda

She told the cashier “The Grocery stores used to bag our groceries in the paper bags that we used for various things. But too bad that we didn’t have this green thing back then.” The look on the face of the cashier was more surprising than the speech itself.

The Old Memory

Dorothy continued her statement by sharing a memory: “Most memorable besides household garbage bags was the use of brown paper bags as book covers for our school books. This was to make sure that public property (the books provided for our use by the school) was not defaced by our scribbling’s. Then we were able to personalize our books on the brown paper bags.”

The Attachment

She was explaining the cashier and more crowd was getting together in the line. It was obvious that the cashier was more keen to attend other customers than listening to her but her speech had most likely made a connection with some of the customers in the queue and her conversation with the cashier had become impressive.

The Interesting Conversation

The lady’s points were reasonable and valid. The woman continued to tell her more about the way of life back in her days, expressing how simple but effective it was and reusing and recycling of materials were practiced even way back then. So everyone standing there was listening to her as they found it interesting. It looks like they were not in a hurry to leave.

The Walking Scenario

She kept explaining the girl about how good were the old days and how they lived a healthy life than today in certain terms. She said, “We walked upstairs because we didn’t have an escalator in every store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn’t climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time, we had to go two blocks but you know what you are right we didn’t have this green thing in our days.”

The Health Factor

The lady was right. It is true that back then people lived a healthy and fit life than this generation due to their way of life. People use to walk miles and climb stairs as they didn’t have the technology like today.


The lady kept on talking “We used to wash the baby diapers as we didn’t have the throw away type back then and wash our clothes by hand instead of washing machines at their time. We don’t rely on a machine for our work.”

Power Saving

After taking a break to catch her breath she continued “Back then we use to dry our clothes online because we didn’t have some 220 volts energy-gobbling machines to complete our work. We weren’t used to waste the energy and electricity on that, but we didn’t have the green thing at that time.”

Valid Points

Dorothy was making some legitimate and logical points which attracted more crowd than before and in no time there were a lot of people standing. What seemed like regular rhetoric at the market became an interesting discussion.


The television has become a part of the nuclear family over the years since after coming in the market in the 50s “We had one TV or radio in the entire house not in every room like today and with a screen of size of handkerchief not the size of the state of Montana” 

The Audience Support

At one moment she realized that she was keeping the crowd too long but once she saw the smile on their faces she got aware of the fact that they are also interested in this. She had managed to charm her audience and was ready to make her speech more interesting for them. With that, Dorothy decided to continue talking.

The Arm Exercise

Every time there were new points and topic to start on. She started with the kitchen this time saying that in their time they use to stir and blend things by hand instead of electrical appliances and to make her point she showed her flexible hand and some of the customers laughed at this.

Change Of Time

The lady made herself clear that today there are various electrical appliances to do the work which they have done with their hands. And technology today is making the younger generation weak and lazy.

The Lawn

“Back then we don’t fire the engine and burn gasoline to cut the lawns, we used push mowers that run on human power,” she said. It is true today even our lawn is cleaned by the power tools which are only making us less active.


The lady commented that “We exercised by working so we didn’t need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that run on electricity. But you’re right; we didn’t have the ‘green thing’ back then.” In a way, this is the better way to stay fit, as it doesn’t feel like you’re doing typical exercise.

Public Transport

The lady spoke about how they used to take public transport to travel instead of carrying their personal vehicles. And how that was useful to the environment.

The Traffic

She wasn’t done with the transport reason so she continued how taking public transport helped to cut the traffic and make the city cleaner. And how it helped to keep the pollution low as fewer vehicles on the road means less damage to the environment

The Old Happy Days

“Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour taxi service in the family’s $45,000 SUV or van, which cost what a whole house did before the ‘green thing.” The lady told.


She was rounding different topic and this time she took the conversation to the smartphones, “We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn’t need a computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from satellites 23,000 miles out in space to find the nearest burger joint.” This made a few of the customers laugh again!

Family Time

The lady spoke about how they used to spend time with their family and talked to each other about their day, but now everybody is interested in the phone. It seems that the phone has become an extension of a person’s body. Nobody can go anywhere without bringing their phone.

End Of The Topic

The conversation made the cashier speechless and the lady gathered her goods and made way for the next customer, the cashier was completely knocked by what just happened.

The Realization

She was done with her speech and she looked towards the cashier for one last time who was standing there quietly and astonished, and after that, the lady left the shop without any backward glance.

A Simple Mistake

The cashier was regretting and ashamed about Dorothy’s reaction on the plastic bag comment. Usually, she was used to getting the last word and telling other people how they should live. And now she was thinking about how could lecture her so much.


Dorothy left the store and made her way to the car. She was quite relieved and at the same time anguish towards the thought of the younger generation. She was feeling a little tired after her big performance and wanted to rest.

The Video Clip

However, the lady was unaware of the fact that someone has made the clip of her speech as it was quite a remarkable speech and as she drove home she was unaware of what surprises are about to come next.

Sharing Of Her Thoughts

Two days later Dorothy made her internet debut. The video of lady’s speech went on the internet as someone had recorded the scenario and it seemed it made more sense than the incident itself.

Going Viral

The video went viral and within no time crossed 2 million shares showing that the customers weren’t the only one to enjoy the incident. Showing that there are some people who aren’t just interested in gossips.

The Waste

The speech has reached the hearts and showed that some people are concerned about the environment and they remember how things used to be and how simple life was and how it used to cause less damage.

The Concerns

It showed that people who were commenting on the thread were concerned about the environment and were aware of how things were better before.

Touching The Hearts

Dorothy’s speech struck a chord with the heart of the listeners and with those who are concerned and they are taking the step to do what needs to be done towards this plastic waste.

Taking A Step

That one single speech made a wider effect in no time and more people came up with a suggestion and step were taken to create a better future. The global community didn’t just smile and nod at her message, they actually stood up and decided to make a difference for the better of our planet.

Simple But Great

Her speech was humble but holds great meaning. It made a huge difference in the perception of the people and was changing their views towards the environment.

Falsifying The Myth

Along with changing the perception about nature it also falsified the myth that the old generation is responsible for today and did nothing to save the world. She proved they were also concerned about the environment and her generation did their best to save it.

The Difference

People are not aware of how much their activities are causing, like the industrial sector. The damage industries are causing are worse than before. They are killing nature at high speed.

The Change

Things have changed a lot in the past time from fresh to polluted air, from sitting together to chat rooms on mobiles and from parks to the gym. There is nothing left like before this is not the place it used to be.


The speech taught one more thing to the viewers and that was to respect our elders because what we are and what we have is all because of them and they have much more knowledge and experience.

The Credit Factor

The lady has proved that being old means they need extra credit along with respect and her point and views deserve that. She became a mentor to a lot of people and taught them how to stand for themselves.

Not A Regular Grandma

Her opinion, her experience, the points, and her view proves that she is a different and cool grandma, not a regular Grandma. An ordinary Grandma with some extraordinary opinions which makes her different from others.

I hope you liked this article about the courage and passion of the lady and the change which had come in all these years to us, to this environment and we hope that we will get those days back someday, the environment will get better and the use of plastic will end.









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