Some say that the bond between sisters is far stronger than the one formed with friends. One might even describe the relationship as magic...

** These Sisters Are "Polar Opposites" And Now They're Twitter Famous ** These Sisters Are "Polar Opposites" And Now They're Twitter Famous

** These Sisters Are "Polar Opposites" And Now They're Twitter Famous

** These Sisters Are "Polar Opposites" And Now They're Twitter Famous


Some say that the bond between sisters is far stronger than the one formed with friends. One might even describe the relationship as magical. Having a brother or a sister is really cool. You get to go to the same school, the same classes, perform the same activities and even share the same circle of friends. And let’s not forget that you always have someone to turn to for advice or a 50/50 shot of being a kidney match in case one of you needs one. But some siblings are as different as night and day. Just ask Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant who are going viral on Twitter for being complete opposites.

But her 33-year-old sister, Jessica Toutant has wavy rainbow-colored hair and has no issues smiling. But their dissimilarities didn’t end with their physical appearance. So, Alexandria decided to create a Twitter thread showing why she thinks she and her sister are polar opposites.

@aalexandriabish / Twitter

In one split-screen tweet, Alexandria showed how different their homes looked on the outside.

“My sister and I are polar opposites,” she tweeted, adding, “Her home vs mine.” While Jessica had a few adorable unicorn floaties in a kiddie pool and a multi-colored fence, Alexandria had a typical front door colored in white with a doormat that reads, “Go Away.”

@aalexandriabish / Twitter

Then Alexandria posted a photo of herself and Jessica where she looks magical while Alex is positively wicked.

Jessica looks cheerful as she dons blue Minnie Mouse Ears while on a trip to Disneyland while Alexandria looks more like an evil enchantress.

@aalexandriabish / Twiter

But it doesn't end there! The sisters seem to pick total opposite outfits when they're playing dress up too.

She posted a few photos that also show Jessica wearing a Tinkerbell-type getup while Alexandria is sending some major Elvira-inspired vibes in that black dress.

@aalexandriabish / Twitter

You could say that one sister is all about bubbly bold colors and glitter while the other sister is none of that.

“My sister’s living room vs my living room,” tweeted Alexandria. The bright green wall and colorful couch and décor belong to Jessica while the living room containing multi-faceted art and black and brown colors obviously belonged to Alexandria.

@aalexandriabish / Twitter

As you might have imagined, the threat went viral with 4,000 comments and 673,000 likes.

It even had 107,000 retweets. Twitter user Fahad thought the sisters looked like Celestia and Luna, the characters from “My Little Pony.” Celestia was larger than most other ponies and more colorful while Luna had darker shades of blue. Remind you of anyone?

@freakishlyartsy / Twitter

A Twitter user named Koishi Komeiji’s Biggest Fan didn’t use people or characters for his comparison.

He posted a photo of two stores at the mall. One was a store like Sanrio, which is pretty much kid-friendly. The other was Hot Topic, a cool and hip store with clothing and fashion accessories that some parents have nightmares about.

@FlamingMercury5 / Twitter

Some Twitter users like Byrdbrain, posted who they thought were the sisters’ animated doppelgangers.

In this comment, Alexandria and Jessica were sort of like Kara and Sara from the animated series “American Dragon.” Sara is the happy blonde who gives bad news and Kara is usually the anti-social one with an emo look who gives out the good news. And we can't stop cracking up over these comparisons!

@EarliestByrd / Twitter

Twitter user Nils Kuiper Verberne put their two cents in by adding a photo of two different townhouses.

One home looks dark like a haunted house. You know, the kind of place you’d expect Wednesday Addams to move to someday. The other is colored in purple and pink and looks like a place Barbie would live in.

@EarliestByrd / Twitter

Another user compared the sisters to characters from the oh-so popular animated sitcom, Daria.

Daria Morgendorffer is brainy and a bit of a cynic, which sounds a lot like Alexandria, while the cheerleader standing next to Daria seems to resemble Jessica. But perhaps it’s their age gap that accounts for the sisters’ differences.


Another Twitter user also agreed with Byrdbrain that the sisters were like Sara and Kara.

Maybe they should make a TV series based off of Alexandria and Jessica. It should be about how these two sisters get into all sorts of trouble over being polar opposites. But these adorable ladies are not as different as one might think.

@ebonielise / Twitter

There might be an explanation as to why Alexandria’s a little more goth than Jessica.

Alexandria is a self-taught makeup artist/sculptor/illustrator, who does all kinds of crazy body art, drawings and more. And she’s been perfecting her technique over time and getting better at it every year.

Alexandria Bishop / Facebook

But Alexandria told Yahoo Lifestyle that despite their differences, they love to do the same things.

“We get along really well and have the same taste in movies, television shows, and share similar views on life,” she said about her sister, Jessica. But she admits that she was the little sister who loved to annoy her big sister Jessica growing up. It really doesn't get any cuter than that!

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