Crazy things happen to people on a daily basis. Some people barely miss getting hit by a bus while crossing the street, and some people ge...

** This woman learned a quick lesson in the importance of taking her rings off while doing the dishes ** This woman learned a quick lesson in the importance of taking her rings off while doing the dishes

** This woman learned a quick lesson in the importance of taking her rings off while doing the dishes

** This woman learned a quick lesson in the importance of taking her rings off while doing the dishes


Crazy things happen to people on a daily basis. Some people barely miss getting hit by a bus while crossing the street, and some people get saved by a stranger after falling onto a subway track because they passed out on the platform. Quite frequently, people are reminded that they're grateful to be alive just because they were in the right place, at the right time. Check out this list of people who escaped a horrible fate by just a few centimeters.

When she heard a strange noise coming from the garbage disposal, she quickly turned it off to investigate. When she reached in, she pulled out the diamond out of her ring, and it didn't even have a scratch on it.

Driving next to truck drivers can be a bit nerve wracking, especially when you're in traffic.

This impatient person swooped past the truck driver, nearly missing a head-on collision with a station wagon. They must have had someone looking out for them because that was the closest call we've ever seen.

In our opinion, this is the closest call on this entire list.

It's nice to drink a glass of wine while you're working, but this person obviously needs a sippy cup. Somehow they avoided disaster, but hopefully, they learned their lesson.

There are several different things that could be going on here.

Either Michael Myers is on the loose, or people are not being safe while driving on the highway. Either way, this person was pretty lucky!

Life at home can be get pretty chaotic at times, so it can be easy to forget a few things.

Like turning off your running water! This person walked into their kitchen at the perfect time, allowing her to stop the water right before it became a huge mess.

Honestly, you can't really feel bad for anyone who's injured during the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

A horn to the head would not be a great way to end their fun, but this bull missed by just a few inches. He's probably going to stay away from the event next year.

Any car lover would surely understand how lucky this person is.

After all, that's a great classic, in super good condition, and it looks like it only has a broken window. Well, replacing the window isn't fun, but it could have been a lot worse.

Schools all over the country pride themselves on how well their football team does.

Out of support for their team, there was no way they were going to leave the field when the thunderstorm rolled in. In fact, the crowd probably started cheering when the lightning caused a fire to start right next to the field.

When a little girl gets a fish, it's more like they're getting a new best friend.

Obviously, that means that they want their fish to go everywhere with them. So when this little girl wanted to bring her fish to bed, she tripped and accidentally dropped the fishbowl....perfectly. That sure is one lucky fish.

Of all places to sit, this cat decides to sit right on top of a black stove.

If someone was tired enough they wouldn't even notice the cat sitting there. Singed cat fur isn't the best way to make your house smell nice

Hiking through the mountains is an incredible experience for anyone, but you should know what you're doing before you go.

This unsuspecting hiker stumbled across this deadly rattlesnake while on their travels. Luckily, they noticed it at the last minute because that's one way to get a free ride back to an ambulance.

Did the Huns make a comeback when no one was paying attention?

This looks like it came straight from a pillaging scene. Lucky for these people the enormous boulder only ruined their garage, well, and a large portion of their field.

Playing darts can be a lot of fun, but this person learned an extremely valuable lesson in dart safety protocol.

We're willing to bet that this man will never wear sandals while playing darts again. And if he does, then he deserves to get poked a bit.

If you've ever been on a cruise, you understand how large the ships actually are.

Clearly, the captain underestimated the size of the ship because they almost brought this bridge down with them. That would have been a lawsuit for sure.

We're all taught at a very young age the proper way to use scissors.

But we were never taught not to wear sandals while using them. This person's probably related to the person that had a run-in with the dart.

There's really nothing worse than something like this happening when you're trying to get your morning cup of coffee.

Just one more centimeter and this person would have been cleaning up glass before they had to leave for work.

How does something like this even happen to a person?

They must have been going pretty fast to split a telephone pole in half like that. And how are those wires strong enough to hold it in place?

It goes without saying that hockey is typically a pretty aggressive sport.

But this player never imagined he'd be taking a skate to the face. He needed to shave, but he definitely wasn't that desperate.

We've already seen how bad thunderstorms can cause all kinds of accidents to happen.

These people were more than lucky when this tree was split in half by lightning. Not only did it miss the two cars sitting there, but it also missed their house, probably saving their lives in the process.

Road trips are a blast, especially when you're in good company, listening to some classic tunes.

But traveling long distance can come with its own set of problems. This car could have plummetted into the rocks below, but luckily, the barrier kind of worked like it was supposed to. How did they even manage that in the first place?

Waking up early for work is only made better by a hot cup of coffee.

This person got a surprise when they noticed that they weren't preparing their usual cup of java. Care for a side of ranch, anyone?

There are very few people who can say that they walked away from a tangle with a shark.

Fortunately, this woman must not have tasted good enough because the shark took one bite and swam off. Maybe swimming in the pool is a better option from now on.

As a child, most people avoided walking over these out of fear for their life.

Today, people avoid losing their possessions in these grates. This wedding ring was almost lost forever, but luckily it landed in the perfect spot.

Trying to make a quick buck, people spend large amounts of money on lottery tickets.

While most people don't ever have much luck, causing them to lose all of their money. But this person clearly has some luck up their sleeve because they had one of the luckiest tickets we've ever seen.

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a dangerous feat in itself, but imagine having something flying through your window while you're driving down the road.

The driver of this vehicle was one lucky person because that could have surely decapitated him. That's definitely some Final Destination type of stuff.

It doesn't need to be said that wars claim an incredible amount of lives.

Luckily, when this soldier was face to face with death he had a bunch of coins in his pocket. When he was shot in the chest, the coins took the brunt of the blow, ultimately saving him from an untimely death.

This is literally the reason why safety goggles are a must when working with power tools.

If he wouldn't have been wearing his safety goggles this man would've been badly injured. Bet he was grateful for paying attention to the rules of safety!

Baseball is a fun sport to play, but it can be pretty dangerous for spectators.

Usually, you have to keep your eye out for a foul ball, but this player chucked his bat into the crowd. Thanks to a random stranger, this kid was saved from going to the hospital with a concussion.

For whatever reason, motorcyclists seem to think that they're invincible.

This person thought that they could swoop right past the other car, but life had a different plan. Instead of ending up with a horrible case of road rash, they landed right on top of the other car, causing the motorcyclist to thank his lucky stars.

Tons of people enjoy spending their weekends watching dirt bike races, which can be a bit dangerous for those in the crowd.

When this rider flew off the track and into the crowd, the spectator used his quick thinking to jump out of the way. And he did it all while continuing his phone call.

If you've ever left something valuable on the roof of your car then you can empathize with this person.

This photographer got too excited and accidentally left their camera on the bumper of their car. They were lucky to find it still sitting there when they pulled into the gas station because that could have been one expensive mistake.

This is literally the reason why people hate driving behind truck drivers.

This person was grazed by death when a piece of rebar from the truck in front of them flew into their window. Talk about sitting in the right spot at the right time.

Honestly, this looks like something that probably happens all of the time in this parking garage.

Just a small gate to tell people not to drive through? A tricycle could have taken that down.

This picture is exactly what nightmares are made out of.

This man got out of his car and his key slipped through his finger, landing in the perfect spot. One inch to the left or right and they would have had a whole world of trouble on their hands.

Okay, so she's not escaping a terrible fate, but she was in the right place at the perfect time.

Right when they were taking the picture, these three dolphins jumped into the frame. That's definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Hanging out in the company of sharks isn't something most people want to do.

But this brave man thought it would be a great experience. He most likely won't do it again, though, after seeing the footage of a shark nearly taking a bite out of his head.

Contrary to popular belief, nail guns are not meant to be used by just anyone.

Even this trained construction worker had a difficult time using it correctly. Fortunately, when the doctors looked at the x-rays they realized that he was pretty lucky not to have a shattered knee.

Well, this is a whole bunch of nope contained in one picture.

Luckily, they looked down before covering their toothbrush in toothpaste. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder to check your brush before putting it into your mouth.

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