When the shoppers at Walmart in Palm Springs, California arrived at the store on the day before Thanksgiving in 2019, they were met with h...

** A Mysterious Woman Pays for Everyone’s Groceries Before She Is Recognized by a Fan ** A Mysterious Woman Pays for Everyone’s Groceries Before She Is Recognized by a Fan

** A Mysterious Woman Pays for Everyone’s Groceries Before She Is Recognized by a Fan

** A Mysterious Woman Pays for Everyone’s Groceries Before She Is Recognized by a Fan


When the shoppers at Walmart in Palm Springs, California arrived at the store on the day before Thanksgiving in 2019, they were met with huge crowds of frantic shoppers. This day is always busy and it’s usually stressful for shoppers who are trying to stick to a budget during the holiday.

When one woman mysteriously began paying for other shoppers’ items, she brushed it off by saying that she had just won the lottery and wanted to share her winnings. This explanation was enough for some people, but one woman at the store soon recognized the do-gooder because she was a huge fan of her music…

Everyone Struggles Financially


Most people can recall at least one time in their lives where they were strapped for cash. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, especially around the holidays. But could anyone save the customers checking out in Thanksgiving 2019?

Being Short on Cash is the Worst


There’s nothing more embarrassing than loading up a cart full of groceries and then being told by the cashier that your card has been declined for insufficient funds. Of course, we could simply dig into our wallet or purse and pay with cash. But what if there isn’t enough money?

No One Shows Any Sympathy


All kinds of thoughts run into our heads under these situations. We think about calling someone to lend us some money or ask the cashier to take some stuff out and watch them roll their eyes while everyone in line groans. But we certainly wouldn’t expect someone rich and famous to get us out of a bind.

Celebrities Don’t Generally Shop for Themselves


Most celebrities have people that take care of the groceries for them, which is why we don't often run into them at the grocery store. So, what would a famous person even be doing at a supermarket?

It Was the Day Before Thanksgiving


It happened on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. It was the day before Thanksgiving and Walmart shoppers in Palm Springs, California, were roaming around the aisles looking for things they needed like food, home products, kitchen utensils and a few other miscellaneous items like bath and beauty staples as well as shoes and apparel. But an amazing experience awaited them in line.

Everyone Was Very Anxious


Like most customers shopping over the holidays, the people waiting in line at Walmart were worried. Had they put too much in their cart? Would they be able to afford everything inside it? Should they put some stuff back? But they didn’t realize they had nothing to worry about because an angel was about to take care of everything.

She Started Swiping Her Credit Card


This angel in the form of a woman walked into Walmart and started using her credit card to pay for everyone’s groceries. Naturally, everyone was very confused. So, they asked her what she was up to and the answer left them bewildered.

She Was a Winner


She identified herself as Cici and explained to the baffled Walmart customers that she had won the lottery. But this didn’t explain why she was helping a bunch of perfect strangers the day before Thanksgiving.

They Didn’t Trust Her Motives


Everyone was very confused by this woman. Was she a nutjob from the street? Why was she telling everyone she had just won the jackpot? Was she trying to rub it in? As it turns out, she wasn’t trying to show off. She was just letting them know that she wanted to pay for them. But how did people react in the end?

They Treated Her Like a Star


Naturally, people wanted to take photos with this kind lady who was willing to pay for their items. And as far as everyone else was concerned, she might as well have been a freaking superstar. Well, as luck would have it, she actually was!

Everyone Was Grateful to Her

Sia Music Chile

Although initially skeptical, they eventually embraced this awesome stranger’s kind heart and thanked her for her generosity. But she wasn’t being completely honest with the customers. In fact, she had a secret that was about to come out right away...

She Didn't Tell Them Her Real Name


But she didn’t tell the shoppers her real name, which lead her fan to wonder, does she want me to tell people who she really is or should I leave it a secret so she can shop in peace?

She Lied to Keep Her Cover


This woman hadn’t actually won the lottery. She is a famous singer the world over, who can hardly walk on the sidewalk without being recognized when she’s in full hair and makeup. But with this laid back look, she looks just like anyone else.

This Isn't Her Usual Routine


A normal day for this woman includes singing in a recording studio or directing actors on a film set, so it isn’t often that she’s seen out and about just shopping like anyone else, which is why her fan almost didn’t believe that it was her.

She's Usually in Front of the Cameras


This woman was hard at work filming and writing a new film when this event happened, so it’s also surprising that she could take off enough time to do some shopping for Thanksgiving during her grueling schedule.

She's Known For Her Voice


The woman is very famous around the world for the sound of her voice, so it is understandable why the shoppers in the store didn’t recognize her at all. But a huge fan realized why she had the funds to pay for everyone’s groceries…

Someone Was Suspicious of Her

Instagram / Sia

One of the customers noticed something familiar about Cici. They discovered that she wasn’t really a lottery winner at all. Had this woman raised everyone’s hopes up for nothing or could she actually fork over the cash to pay everyone’s bill?

She Was a Famous Singer

Paramount Studios

That same customer realized that Cici was in fact Australian singer Sia. Once everyone realized this, they were shocked, to say the least. And someone was quoted saying: “I love that she did this not for recognition of showing kindness, but just actually being a kind person.” Then the story hit the internet.

Twitter Users Were Elated


Social media blew up with posts about what Sia had done. One Twitter user wrote: “She didn’t want people to know who she was or why she was doing it.” And more posts kept pouring in praising the singer. But was Sia upset that a fan blew her cover?

Her Kindness Had to Be Acknowledged


The fan who blew her cover is known as Adri Buckles, known on Twitter as @mexican_locaaa. And while she was grateful for Sia’s act of kindness, she also felt bad that she had told everyone so she apologized to the singer on Twitter. But she wasn’t the only one to praise the singer.

She Was in a League of Her Own.


Twitter users couldn’t stop showering Sia with love and affection over what she had done. Most celebrities don’t take the time to do this and opt to simply send money to charity. But Sia was in a league of her own.

Everyone Was Crushing on Sia


People from all over the place were responding to @mexican_locaaa’s original message claiming Sia was their celebrity crush. Not that anyone could blame them because from their perspective, she was the ultimate champion through and through.

She Didn’t Do It for Praise


If there’s one thing everyone realized right away was that Sia hadn’t done this for praise and attention. It was a selfless act and had her fan not blown her cover, no one would have ever known who she really was. But could she motivate others to do the same?

Kindness is Contagious


They say that when someone does something nice, others generally fall in line and do the same. But in case anyone was confused by Sia’s actions, @conscious_sis explained that the singer didn’t just do this at Walmart.

It Happened Again at TJ Maxx

Patti Zarling / USA TODAY Network / Wisconsin

Reports started coming in on social media that someone had gone to the TJ Maxx across the street from Walmart to pay for everyone’s things at the register. But was this the one and only Sia or a copycat do-gooder in disguise?

There Was a Sia Sighting

Twitter / Sia

Twitter user @elsiehurtadoo posted: “Went to tjmax today & this nice lady decided to pay for everyone’s stuff because she “won the lottery”... facebook just told my mother it was @Sia, I didn’t recognize her... & I blame the fact that she hid under that wig for so long.” Of course, most people would have a tough time recognizing her.

She Was Practically Unrecognizable


As most Sia fans know, she often hides behind a wig or a big hat while performing music onstage, so fans are more familiar with the sound of her voice than her appearance. This has given her the chance to lead a normal life when she’s not doing a concert.

She's Been a Singer For Decades


Sia has been a professional musician since 1990 and before her wigs became a fixture of pop culture, she had written hit songs for other artists including Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones.”

Her First Album Bombed


Before “Titanium” was released, Sia had been performing for decades. She was the singer for a jazz band called Crisp, which broke up in 1997. After the band broke up, she released her debut album “OnlySee,” which song about 1,200 copies when it was released.

She Didn't Want to Be Famous


In the years to follow Sia released three more albums, which were all critically acclaimed, and her fame started to grow. This lead to an uncomfortable moment for the star, who realized that she didn’t want to have a recognizable face anymore.

A Moment With a Fan Changed Her Life


The moment that lead to Sia’s decision to back away from the spotlight happened in 2010. During dinner with a friend where her friend revealed to her that she was diagnosed with cancer, a fan came up to Sia and asked for a photo. In this moment she wanted anonymity more than anything, so she backed away from the spotlight.

"Titanium" Became a Huge Hit


Sia took a break from performing in 2010 to focus on writing for other artists and during this time she recorded a demo for the song “Titanium.” This song soon blew up across the world and lead the singer to be recognized the world over, but not by her face.

She Was Upset By Her Success


The singer Sia retired from performing because she no longer wanted the pressure of being a performer who worked long hours touring the world. So, when “Titanium” went viral she wasn’t too happy about it saying, “I was really upset because I had just retired. I was trying to be a pop songwriter, not an artist.”

She Chose a Disguise

YouTube / BBC

The singer decided to wear wigs that would cover her face while she performed because she didn’t want to have any of the negative effects that come with fame, including being recognized everywhere you go!

Her Plan Worked


Her plan to avoid recognition worked and through the last ten years, Sia has been able to release solo albums, tour the world and direct and write a film titled “Music,” which will be released in 2021, all while still being able to go unrecognized at the grocery store.

She Is Able to Stay Humble


Other famous people may be absolutely hounded by paparazzi if they even attempt a stunt like Sia’s, but that’s one of the reasons why fans look up to the Australian songstress. She is humble enough to not show off her worth when it’s unnecessary.

She Isn't Often Noticed By Fans


The singer’s plan worked and ultimately, she can typically go unnoticed in her day to day life when she isn’t performing. That is, unless an absolutely die hard fan just so happens to catch her performing a good deed for some unsuspecting customers.

She Wore the Perfect Disguise

Sia Music Chile

Only a hardcore fan like @mexican_locaaa would have recognized Sia in her civilian clothes. The Aussie singer had her hair tied in a high bun and she was wearing a long coat. So, most people wouldn’t have ever known had it not been for that one fan. But everyone was very grateful to Sia and they showed it.

A Customer Thanked Her


There are plenty of ways to say thank you and one shopper decided to thank Sia by giving her flowers while the music star was busy swiping her credit card to pay for someone else’s groceries.

She Restored People’s Faith in Humanity

Sia Music Chile

While some stars allow their fame to get to their heads, Sia restored everyone’s faith in humanity by paying for everyone’s merchandise and even complimenting a couple of babies along the way. So even those who aren’t familiar with her music are now familiar with her larger-than-life generosity.

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