When Keely Favel was 24 years old, something extraordinary happened to her. She discovered that she was pregnant, but her doctors didn’t b...

** She Discovered She Was Pregnant, But Her Ultrasound Showed Something That Wasn’t Normal ** She Discovered She Was Pregnant, But Her Ultrasound Showed Something That Wasn’t Normal

** She Discovered She Was Pregnant, But Her Ultrasound Showed Something That Wasn’t Normal

** She Discovered She Was Pregnant, But Her Ultrasound Showed Something That Wasn’t Normal


When Keely Favel was 24 years old, something extraordinary happened to her. She discovered that she was pregnant, but her doctors didn’t believe her. Even though her pregnancy test came back negative, it was obvious by her growing figure that she was with child.

Then her doctors performed an ultrasound on her stomach, and that’s when they detected something they couldn’t explain right away. The results shocked Favel, who didn't even have time to prepare for her future to change before she was whisked into surgery...

Her Stomach Was Growing


Keely Favel’s stomach was growing fast, which in most cases meant one of two things. She was either not eating properly, or she was with child. But none of these answers made any sense to her.

It Wasn’t the Result of Overeating


In 2014, the 24-year-old resident from Swansea, Wales, gradually started growing a baby bump. And she looked like she was ready to go into labor. And while she never considered herself thin, this growth was too unusual to be the result of overeating.

She Was Always Careful About Her Diet


Favel was the kind of gal who loved her curvy body almost as much as going to the gym. So, she didn’t understand why she was gaining weight. And nothing she did could slow down the growth. She was quoted by Article Skill.com explaining: “It crept up so slowly [that] I didn’t know anything was wrong – I thought I was putting on timber,” she said. And no amount of tweaking to her diet or exercise regimen could slow down the weight gain.

But She Tried to Think Positively


Favel was hopeful that this was just something hormonal and that her body weight would regulate itself. But her stomach continued to grow and more importantly, her belly hurt every time she touched it, and it was hard like a watermelon. What was happening to her?

There Was Only One Other Explanation


Since she had ruled out an issue with dieting, she figured that the only other logical explanation for her stomach woes was the result of the only obvious answer. And yet something in her gut told her this wasn’t possible.

She Thought She Was Pregnant


She had gained weight in such a short amount of time, and her stomach was growing. Also, she was a in a steady relationship, so naturally, she assumed she was pregnant. But was she ready to be a mom?

It Happened So Fast


Her stomach swelled quickly and within a couple of months, she already looked like a woman who was nine months pregnant. This scared Favell because of how rapidly it happened, which also put some questions in her mind. 

She Couldn’t Find an Outfit to Wear


At this point, Keely’s biggest problem in her mind was which outfit to wear to her company’s Christmas party. Even dress that she tried on seemed to highlight her stomach, which was exactly what she didn’t want to do while she tried to figure out what exactly was going on with her body.

She Became Self-Conscious of Her Body


She started to get self-conscious about her body, as anyone who put on dozens of pounds overnight without knowing why would! She felt like she wasn’t thin enough, even though she was living a very healthy lifestyle and working out constantly.

Pregnancy Made Her Nervous


She wasn’t sure if she was pregnant, but the mere possibility scared the heck out of her and her boyfriend Jamie Gibbons despite being hopelessly in love with one another. Simply put, they were too young and certainly not ready for this. But she had to know.

She Focused on Her Work


Her nearest family couldn’t catch a flight to Wales to see her often, so Keely spent most of her time with her friends and boyfriend. Because she didn’t have too many people to confide in, she decided to ignore her body’s problem and keep her head down, focusing mainly on her job.

Her Boyfriend Was Supportive


Keely and her boyfriend Jamie had been together for ten years already and they knew each other very well. They were also both honest with each other about not wanting to have kids at the moment. But, they knew that it was a possibility that they couldn’t rule out.

She Couldn’t Wait Nine Months to Find Out


Keely knew that the doctors had told her that she wasn’t pregnant, but she still had doubts in her mind because her stomach continued to grow at a rapid pace. She at least hoped that the problem would be over with soon because pregnancies only last for nine months. Once she had dealt with the problem for over a year, she really started to worry.

She Took a Pregnancy Test


Favel and Gibbons, who had been together for ten years, bought a pregnancy test and waited for the results. But when the test came out negative, the baffled couple bought a second test. But that one also came out negative. So, they were left with only one choice.

She Was Shocked By the Results


Keely was stunned to see that she wasn’t actually pregnant, or so the test said. This left her with even more questions because she couldn’t even fathom what was going on inside of her body, but she knew that whatever was happening was not normal.

She Waited For the Swelling to Go Down


Keely waited for a while for the swelling to go down before she visited a doctor. Only when it truly seemed like there were no answers or solutions for her stomach’s growth did she decide that she needed a second opinion on the situation.

She Sought Medical Advice


Favel mustered up the courage to see a doctor, but after examining her, he dismissed her and told her that she had just put on weight. And yet, she knew that this wasn’t the reason for her “baby bump.” This became evident as her stomach continued to grow beyond the normal rate of gestation.

Her Stomach Kept Growing and Growing


Usually, pregnancies last about nine months unless the baby comes out prematurely. But Favel’s stomach kept growing for two years. Then one day she alarmed her co-workers when she simply fainted at work for no reason.

They Said Her Fainting Was Caused By Stress


Her coworkers and doctors said that her fainting spells were simply caused by stress and nothing else. She decided to go back to life as normal and continue working, even though her body was sending her signals to slow down.

Her Doctors Were Clueless


After she regained consciousness, Favel rushed herself to the doctor’s office to get checked out again. “It was a tough period in work and when I passed out my GP put it down to stress,” she explained. Left with no other options, she kept on going as if nothing was wrong, but there was.

People Asked When the Baby Was Due


People that she met often asked her when her baby was due, which made Keely feel embarrassed. She felt so ashamed of her body that she eventually started going along with the bit and let people think that she was carrying a baby. It was easier than trying to explain the turmoil that she was in.

She Had to Wear Maternity Clothes


By December 2016, Favel was wearing maternity clothes because her old clothes wouldn’t fit. But after experiencing a couple of more fainting spells, her co-workers demanded that she go back to the doctor and get some answers.

Her Appearance Started to Change


Keely also started to develop a serious case of acne, which she also thought were due to some kind of hormone imbalance in her body. Along with this and the maternity clothes she had to wear to cover her stomach, she wasn’t feeling like herself anymore.

Her Skin Changed Texture


She soon noticed that the skin on her stomach changed texture. Not only was her bump hard, it almost seemed like she had developed a hard shell on her abdomen. She wanted to stay positive about the situation, but she knew that even if she was pregnant, this was not a normal pregnancy.

She Waited Two Years For Answers


It was ultimately two whole years that Keely waited for answers. She and her boyfriend Jamie were both flabbergasted by the situation, but they tried to keep a positive mindset. They knew that they could support a child if they needed to, but that didn’t seem to be a possibility at the moment.

Doctors Said She Was Just Overweight


Her doctors pushed aside her feelings with another claim. They thought that she was simply overweight. They had no explanation for why her body would be storing access weight only in her abdomen, but they didn’t give her a second theory on her body’s strange experience.

Doctors Didn’t Initially Listen


Despite several attempts to get doctors to listen to her, they didn’t take her seriously. They even blamed the bump on her acne medication. But she knew that wasn’t the case. Then her general physician shed some light on the mystery.

The Ultrasound Frightened Her Doctor


Her doctor eventually did an ultrasound, and it became clear to Favel that what she was seeing was not a baby. Then the doctor requested a consultant to weigh in on the problem, and that’s when Favel really started to worry.

A CT Scan Was Performed


Favel wasn’t pregnant, but doctors suspected it might be a tumor. So, they performed a CT scan, and it revealed the answer to questions she had been asking for months. But the answer was just as frightening.

Her Life Was in Danger


The CT scan showed that the growth inside her stomach was an ovarian cyst that was 24 centimeters thick and filled with fluid. In this case, it might have been blocking the blood flow to the ovaries and if it burst, it would put her life in danger.

She Was at Risk of Losing an Ovary


The doctor told her that she might have more than one cyst and that she might end up losing one of her ovaries but she would certainly lose her life if they didn’t operate. So, she called her mom who lived in Australia to visit her.

Her Family Rushed to Her Side


Although her father wasn’t able to fly to Wales, her mother was at her side two days later. Now, all she had to do was emotionally prepare for the surgery which was set to take place in 4 weeks. But when the time came, all the love and support from her family and boyfriend weren’t enough to keep her calm.

They Had to Perform a C-Section


Although she wasn’t pregnant, a high-risk obstetrics specialist informed her that doctors had to make an incision from her chest all the way to her pelvic bone, which was commonly performed back in the day of early C-sections. And while this terrified her to the core, she had to deal with it.

2017 Was Favel’s Year


On March 9, 2017, Favel went under the knife, and she was a nervous wreck. In fact, two nurses had to hold her down while they injected her with a needle. At that point, she started to lose consciousness but as she did, she feared she would not survive the surgery.

The Surgery Took Hours


Doctors had assured her that the surgery would take about an hour, but the cyst was such a medical mystery that it actually took five hours. Fortunately, the surgery was a complete success. Would Favel finally get her life back?

The Hospital Staff Was Excited


From the moment that Keely exited the operation room, the hospital staff around her were excited to show her the outcome of her surgery. “I remember still being groggy from the anesthetic as they wheeled me back to the ward and excited hospital staff was shoving photos in front of me,” she said.

She Went Back to Her Normal Figure


After her operation, her family, friends and co-workers offered her their emotional support, which truly helped her during her recovery period. Now she’s back to being her old self again, but she still has some scars from her long-term ordeal.

The Cyst Had Made Her Life Difficult


The cyst had made doing basic things like walking up the stairs very difficult. But now, “Mr. Whippy” as she had nicknamed it, was out of her body and out of her life. And soon, her life started to change for the better.

She Still Has Stretch Marks


She had been carrying a 60-pound cyst, which was almost like carrying 7 fetuses for several years in her stomach. And although it was gone, it left her with some serious stretch marks. But that’s a small price to pay to finally be rid of the cyst that was making her life difficult.

The Couple Went Through Something Harrowing


The main worry in Keely's life was the thought that her cyst might effect her ability to get pregnant, should she choose to, in her future. Because the cyst effected her ovaries, there was a good chance that she might never get the chance to have children of her own because of it...

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel


Favel had endured doctors who didn’t initially believe her and a massive cyst that was warping her stomach, and she has the scars to prove it. But there is a bit of good news. Now that the cyst has been removed, she’ll be able to get pregnant when she and her boyfriend are ready to start a family.

They Were Excited to Be Pregnant

Alexandra Kinova

When a couple learns that they’re expecting a baby, it can be a very exciting time. So, when Alexandra Kinova and her partner Antonin Kroscen from the Czech Republic discovered they were having a baby, they were very excited. But they had no idea what life had in store for them.

Parenthood Didn’t Scare Her


She was 23 years old at the time but she wasn’t scared at all. She already had one child, so she knew exactly what to expect from the bundle of joy cooking in her proverbial oven. But she had no idea what life had in store for her!

She Thought She Had It All Figured Out


She assumed that her second pregnancy would be a breeze since she had already had a trial run with her first baby. But when she went to the doctor, she got some information she never could have expected.

She Wasn’t Just Having One

AP: Stanislav Zbynek

Kinova thought she was having one child, but it turns out that she was having twins. Although women have been having twins for centuries, this birth was about to make history, but no one knew it at the time... not even the doctors.

They Had No Idea What Was Happening


Had she been abducted by aliens and taken aboard the mothership? Was she pregnant with alien babies? Was her partner not the father? Was this going to turn into a Maury moment? She had no idea, but an ultrasound offered some insight, or did it?

They Scheduled Another Check-Up


The initial ultrasound didn't offer much information other than the fact that they could confirm Kinova was pregnant. At the early stage in her pregnancy, her doctors were glad to see she was healthy and no one involve could expect what the next ultrasound would find.

The Doctors Were Surprised


Kinova's next check up brought more answers than the first. With just a few more weeks of time, her doctors were able to identify the heartbeat of her baby, and to everyone's joy, they found more than they bargained for...

Her Joy Was Multiplied by the Power of Two

Blesk: Martin Hurda

When Kinova finally had her ultrasound, she discovered that she was carrying twins. She couldn’t believe her luck, and neither could Kroscen. They were going to be parents of three rather than two children, since Kinova already had a child. But their assumptions were a little premature.

They Started Planning for Twins


For months, the couple started planning for twins. They bought baby clothes and the furniture they would need to keep their babies nice and comfortable. But they were oblivious of what was coming and it was a doozy.

She Was Oblivious to the Truth


As the time passed between check-ups, Kinova never expected that her pregnancy was out of the ordinary or that it would soon become international news. Surely, having twins isn't something that strange, is it?

Something Still Seemed Off


As Kinova's pregnancy continued, she once again felt that something was wrong. So, she counted the days until her next doctor's appointment and assured herself that everything would be fine until then.

Her Next Check-Up Was Alarming


When her next doctor's appointment came around, her doctors looked at her medical records and back at Kinova and seemed baffled. What could they see about her that immediately tipped them off that something was wrong? Whatever it was, they knew they needed to get her another ultrasound and figure out what was going on.

Her Husband Didn't Know What to Expect

Alexandra Kinova

Her husband, who was by her side during her first pregnancy and who joined his wife to all of her doctors appointments couldn't guess what the doctors were expecting to find in this ultrasound. He also didn't suspect that he would soon have more on his plate than he could handle.

She Was Sure Everything Would Be Okay


Even as her husband and doctors showed concern for Kinova, she didn't let her confidence waver. She knew that she had taken good care of herself since finding out that she was pregnant and she never missed a dose of her prenatal vitamins. Kinova was sure that her babies would be healthy, but the doctor's face told a different story...

The Doctors Weren't So Sure


As Kinova was taken to a hospital room for her appointment, she overheard doctors speaking in hushed tones around her and throwing concerned glances her way. What was so obvious to them that she couldn't see?

She Was Worried For Her Children


The glances that her doctors gave her as they lead her to her room was worrisome. Even Kinova started to worry about her health, as she hadn't before she stepped foot in her doctor's office. When she left the office that day, she too would understand why her doctors were so worried.

Everything They Believed Was a Lie


Kinova's ultrasound was a fairly routine procedure, as it is for any expectant mother. But, her doctors were concerned at just how much her stomach had grown in the few months that she was pregnant. That’s when doctors gave the couple some news that left them shaken to the core.

She Feared She Had Miscarried


When the doctors told her she wasn’t carrying twins, she assumed they meant that one of the babies had passed away in utero. Perhaps one of the twins absorbed the other twin, which tends to happen during multiple births. But that wasn’t the case either.

She Wanted Answers


If Kinova wasn't expecting twins, what was going on? Had she even been pregnant at all, or was she experiencing some strange tumor that had grown at a crazy rate. The answer was something that hadn't been seen in nearly 500 years.

She Was Scared for Her Health


Being left without answers made Kinova start to fear for her health, and more so for the health of her unborn babies. She had done everything right and watched what she ate since she learned that she was expecting. Even the thought of losing her babies brought her to tears.

The Doctors Were Shocked


At just one glance, her doctors knew that Kinova's pregnancy wasn't normal for a woman expecting twins. Her stomach had grown at a rate that wasn't normal for a woman even expecting triplets. The ultrasound they performed brought the doctors suspicions to light, but they still didn't have answers for the expectant mother.

The Ultrasound Brought Up More Questions than Answers


Was Kinova expecting triplets? Like anything in medicine, it was hard to tell. Her ultrasound proved that she was at least expecting more babies than she initially was told, but they weren't sure just how many she could expect.

She Was No Longer Carrying Twins

AP: Stanislav Zbynek

For a moment, her heart sank when doctors told her she wasn’t having twins. Luckily, she was still pregnant. She just wasn’t having only two babies. And once she found out the real story, she simply couldn’t believe it.

She Didn’t Know How Many Babies Were Coming

AP: Stanislav Zbynek

The doctors told her she wasn’t carrying twins. But she wasn’t carrying triplets either. Kinova hadn’t undergone any kind of fertility treatment, so the likelihood of multiple births was impossible, and yet, all signs seem to suggest otherwise. But how many was she actually having?

She Was About to Have a Full House

AP: Stanislav Zbynek

After making sure for themselves, the doctors broke the news that she was having quadruplets. Understandably, the couple was startled. They initially thought they’d only have two children. Suddenly they realized they were going to have five children in total, including the one they already had. And just when they thought they were through with surprises, another one popped up unexpectedly.

There Was Still One More Surprise


Kinova and Kroscen rushed to the store and started buying for the two extra babies they hadn’t foreseen. But then she went in for another ultrasound, and it revealed something no one had seen coming.

The Ultrasound Revealed Another

Ruth Advertising

The couple already knew they were having four babies. But this time the ultrasound showed that there was a fifth baby in utero. Kinova was having quintuplets. But why hadn’t doctors detected it before?

They Couldn’t See the Baby


Doctors didn’t know about the fifth baby right away because there were so many fetuses in Kinova’s belly. They were also constantly moving around in there so that made it difficult to get an accurate scan. But there was still something they couldn’t figure out. Was there a sixth baby?

She Wanted to Know the Genders

Alamy Live News

Kinova wasn’t expecting sextuplets but she still wanted to know the gender of the babies so she could figure out how many blue baby outfits versus pink outfits they had to buy. Unfortunately, with so many babies, doctors couldn’t make out the gender of the unborn fetuses yet. But would they find out before the birth?

The Babies Were Ready for Their Debut


The couple had to wait until the babies were born to figure out their genders. When Kinova went into labor, there were 40 people in the room to take care of her and the quintuplets. A lot could go wrong with so many babies. But was her life in danger, too?

Extra Doctors Were Called to the Operating Room


Doctors at her hospital had never experienced a multiple birth with so many babies, so extra hands were on deck to keep mother and children safe. A cameraman was even brought in to capture the incredible moment on tape. There was hardly any space in the operating room for Kinova's husband or parents to witness the birth.

Extra Nurses Were on Staff, Too


Each baby was looked after by two nurses as soon as they were born, to check their vitals and make sure they were healthy. It is a common occurrence during multiple births for one or more of the babies to experience health problems or not live long after the birth. It was vital that these nurses checked on each and every baby immediately.

All Were Born By C-Section


Because of the amount of babies, Kinova needed to deliver by C-section under the supervision of many doctors. This was the safest method of delivery to ensure that there weren't any unnecessary birth complications.

The Smallest One Needed Extra Attention


Each of the babies needed attention, and extra support was given to the smallest of the children. After just a few days of recovery, Kinova and all five of her new babies left the hospital to start their life as a family together.

They Now Had Five New Family Members

Youtube: factsverse

According to the neonatal unit’s chief medical doctor, the births took place without any complications. The couple was so happy with their new family. But how many boys and girls did they end up having?

Grandma Lent a Helping Hand

Alexandra Kinova

Kinova's mother and her husband's mother not only assisted Kinova in carrying the babies out of the hospital, they also joined the new parents at their home for the next few weeks to help take care of their grandchildren. But, they also insisted on asking for government assistance for their grandchildren, because the births soon became national news...

They Knew Their Genders and Their Names


Kinova and Kroscen were beyond happy with their new family. She gave birth to 4 boys which she named Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin. She also gave birth to a girl named Terezka. But she had no idea she had broken a record.

The Birth Made Local History


One of the obstetricians in the room that day was Alena Makarova. She did some research after Kinova gave birth and discovered that the family had made local history on the day the quintuplets were born. But what made these babies so special?

They Were the First of Their Kind

Blesk: Ladislav Křivan

Makarova was interviewed by The Telegraph. The obstetrician stated that birth statistics in the Czech Republic had been recorded since 1949 and there was no mention of any quintuplets. So, was Kinova the first mom in this region to ever give birth to five children?

Quadruplets Are as Rare as Quintuplets

Blesk: Ladislav Křivan / Zbyněk Pecá

It turns out that in the Czech Republic, quintuplets are born only on an average of about once every 480 years. What makes this even more interesting is that the odds of conceiving quadruplets naturally is one in seven million. But what about quintuplets born around the world?

Most Multiple Births Are the Result of IVF

Zbyněk Pecák / repofoto ČT

Quintuplets born around the world are usually the result of some type of fertility treatment like In Vitro Fertilization. But since Kinova conceived naturally, is it possible that the answer to this mysterious multiple birth lies in her family genes?

Multiple Births Are Normal in Their Family

Reprofoto ČT

According to Kinova and Kroscen, twins run naturally in both their families. Because of their combined family history, it’s not surprising that they gave birth to quintuplets. Caring for one child is tough enough. But five can be exhausting. Did they have enough help?

They Had a Few Helping Hands

Reprofoto ČT

People from all over the world offered the couple donations to help support their huge family. They also received plenty of help in taking care of the babies from family and friends. And now that the history-making family is complete, they can look forward to a happy future together.

Donations Were Raised to Ease Living Costs

Alexandra Kinova

When the story broke that Kinova's quints were born, people from all over the world offered their support in the form of donations to the couple. Because an event like this is seldom seen, there were hurdles that the couple had to go through to access the money that was being raised for them.

The Local Government Gave a Helping Hand

Alexandra Kinova

One thing that stopped the couple from getting access to outside donations was the fact that the government had already agreed to give the family some assistance. They provided the family with a nanny, but that was soon proven to not be enough help to care for the six young children in the house.

A Request for Aid Was Denied

Alexandra Kinova

Requests for more government assistance were denied, but only because the system had never dealt with a situation like Kinova's family before. The Czech Social Affairs Ministry released a statement that said, "Simply put, our system is not prepared for such multiple instances of 'good luck.'"

Nothing Will Tear Them Apart

Alexandra Kinova

Despite the hurdles that the new family has had to endure to take care of their miraculous children, Kinova is happy raising her children. With every birthday that passes, the family celebrates with five little cakes for each of the children and invite all of their friends over to share in the excitement.

More Than She Can Handle

Alexandra Kinova

At times, five babies seemed like too much to handle, but Kinova and her husband have proved that anything is possible. Medical advisors said that the babies have a 95% chance of growing up healthy, and every day they beat the odds.

The Quints Turn 5!

Alexandra Kinova

Even five years after the miraculous birth, Kinova hasn't lost her stamina as she has grown into motherhood. One thing that fuels her is the fact that her situation is so rare. The chance of naturally conceived quintuplets is one in 48 million pregnancies. Some 800 quintuplets live in the world, more than 130 of whom were conceived spontaneously.

A Happy Family

Alexandra Kinova

With years having passed since Alexandra first learned that she was expecting quintuplets, she never expected her children to fill her life with so much joy. But, one thing is for sure, she doesn't want to have any more kids!

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