Life can get hard for anyone and animals are no exception to it, not even this cute little kitten. You might be surprised to know that a m...





Life can get hard for anyone and animals are no exception to it, not even this cute little kitten. You might be surprised to know that a massive number of 7.6 million animals are brought to the animal shelters across the USA every year and half of them are cats. Astonishing, isn’t it? Not everyone ends up being adopted as the number we just mentioned is anything but ordinary. So the question is what happens to the remaining ones? Unfortunately, as much as 1.4 million animals are euthanized every year. Will this little kitten meet the same fate or the future that awaits him is much better? Read this heart touching story to find out.


This little kitten was only a couple of days old when he was first found crying on the street. The cat was all alone and no one was by his side. He sat near a trash can in a back alley and kept on crying as if he had been abandoned. It was hard to tell whether he was once a pet as he didn’t have any leash on or anything that would assure the fact. Was it a stray cat or his previous owner had abandoned him?

Not Looking Good

Luckily for the kitten, a volunteer who worked at the animal shelter spotted him while he was out there on his own. He looked good, neither physically nor emotionally. He appeared to be weak and was perhaps starving for hours. In the first look, the volunteer could tell that the kitten needed help and he decided to take him with him to the animal shelter where he would be better than he was at the time.

Animal Shelter

The kitten was brought to the animal shelter with the thought that he would be better with other animals around to accompany him. He wouldn’t feel alone around other cats and humans to take care of him but the little kitten kept crying and never stopped. The potential foster pet owners who visited the animal shelter wouldn’t adopt him because they thought that he was too vulnerable as he kept crying. Was there anyone who would take the responsibility of this cat or euthanizing him was the only option left now?


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It’s heartbreaking to see anyone cry and it was more devastating for the people at the animal shelter to constantly see the cat suffer and not know why he was crying. They were unaware of the kitten’s emotions and they couldn’t think of anything that would bring comfort to him. They had never witnessed anything like that before and they were clueless about how to stop him from crying.

An Angel

The people at the shelter were taking proper care of the cat and they were determined to bring a change in the kitten’s life. They would feed the kitten on time and even tried to play and interact with him but there were many animals out there and they couldn’t just shift all their focus on him. Although, this little kitten was still crying and if they couldn’t get him an owner then euthanizing him was the only way out. When every door was closed for this little cat, someone walked into his life like an angel and what happened next brought a smile on everyone’s face.

Crying for Attention

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It was one day when things won’t remain the same and the poor kitten’s life would take a 180 in the most unexpected way possible. What most people didn’t like about this kitten would change her life forever. The crying which was a barrier in the adoption process until now would magically attract someone who visited the animal shelter for the first time. So what happened next and who was this person who would immediately fall in love with this crying kitten.

A Woman

A woman had visited the shelter one day who goes by the name Bashiboi on Reddit. She was roaming around the shelter looking at different animals when she heard the kitten crying. She was intrigued by the sound of the cat crying and decided to follow the sound. In the next moment, the lady was standing right in front of the crying kitten and she had something on mind.

It’s Love

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“I went to a shelter with the intention of adopting an adult cat. My ears were drawn to the screeching of this three-week-old kitten,” the lady said. While the lady had visited the shelter to adopt a much grown-up cat, there was something about the kitten that changed her mind and she can’t quite put her finger on it.

It was Fate

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You’ll be surprised to know that the kitten was brought in the shelter on the same day this woman had visited the shelter to adopt a pet. Serendipitous, isn’t it?  Or it is right to say that it was perhaps meant to be. She decided to adopt him from the moment her eyes caught the sight of this cute little kitten. But she couldn’t just adopt him yet as there was an issue with this cat. So what was it that stopped this lady to adopt this cat right at the moment.

Not Adopted Yet

As we discussed earlier that the cat was only 3-weeks-old and her physical condition wasn’t as great as it should have been. The cat was starving before he was brought to the shelter and he appeared to be weak. The cat was too young and he had also suffered from the trauma that was the fallout of him being abandoned. It was too risky as of now to hand the cat to the foster owner. While this was already bad enough, it turned out that the poor cat was suffering from bad health as well…

Bad Health

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At the time when the volunteer at the animal shelter had discovered this kitten, he was all alone, scared and almost starved himself to death. As a reason, he had suffered serious dehydration and it was better for him to stay under the observation of the animal shelter for a while. The vets out there knew better about how to take care of this kitten and she would soon get a new family once he was fully recovered. Would the lady still adopt this cat with all these complications?


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There were a lot of complications with this kitten that would send any potential foster owner running for the hills and the lady who showed the will to adopt the kitten was scared for a moment as well. But she had made up her mind and was determined to adopt this little but cute ball of fur and give her a better life which he rather deserved.

Can We Go Home?

The process to adopt a pet is quite simple and it only takes a couple of hours to the most. The lady headed back to her home to bring her Id’s and other essential documents that one needs to successfully adopt a pet from the shelter. She came back within an hour or so and completed the process at the shelter’s registration desk. Now all she had to do was to pay $50 as a fee and she could now take the little kitten home. But there was one important thing she hadn’t done yet.


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The proud owner and the new mother of this little kitten were yet to give him a name. It’s important to give your pets a name, right? One won’t be calling them simply kitten, puppy, cats, dogs or whatever for that matter. She decided to name the cat after her and named him “Bashi” which was the first half of her name Bashiboi. So Bashi could now freely love her life and play around with her new owner and toys. What? Toys are fun for these sweet creatures as well.


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Bashi was a lucky cat to have ended up in the hands of such an adorable human being. The first few days of Bashi’s life were full of struggle but now he’s living larger than life. You can look at the picture above and see how big his bed is. At his new place, Bashi is certainly being spoiled with love and comfort. But doesn’t this cute ball of fur deserves all the happiness in this world? Luckily for Bashi, his owner thinks the same.


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Bashi wasn’t in the best of the shape and health when her owner Bashiboi saw him for the first time. But things were different now. Having said that, it didn’t happen overnight and it was the love and care of this lady that helped Bashi recover faster than he was expected to. The picture you can see above was clicked after four weeks since the time Bashi was first brought into his new family. Bashi is now fully recovered and is in the pink of his health.

Getting Back to Normal

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Bashi was initially weak and underweight when he was first found. He needed to gain a few pounds to look the size of an average kitten of his age. His owner made sure it happened and you can look how healthy and relaxed Bashi looks in this picture. Whoever said “nothing heals better than love” was indeed right.


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Bashi loves a lot of things but cuddling with his owner sits at the top his things I love to do” list. He just closes his eyes and immediately stops doing whatever he was up to as soon as Bashiboi hugs her and run her finger on his head and his back. He often starts licking her hands and there are times when he just dozes off. It does wonders to the little cat. Who said you needed meditation for a relaxed mind?


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There are so many things about cats that we humans can never understand. A cat owner would definitely tell you from their experience that you can never predict or judge what goes on inside a cat’s mind. I’m not complaining, this is just the way they are and we are okay with it. Bashi was perhaps a bookworm in his past life as he loves watching his owner read the book he sometimes turns the pages as well. Quite impressing for a cat!

Lots of Energy

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Bashi was full of life after regaining his health and making it to a hundred percent. Don’t let his innocent face fool you as he can get mischievous at times. He often runs around the place and makes a mess of his room while playing with his toys. Yes, he has a room oh his own. At times he runs wild and ruins the sheets but his owner doesn’t mind him as his actions are of no harms.   


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Bashi’s story spread like a wildfire when his owner shared it on Reddit and the cool cat became famous overnight. Everyone on Reddit who came across this amazing story made sure to leave a comment and wished the best for Bashi and his owner. While many acknowledged the kind act of Bashiboi, others couldn’t get over how cute this little kitten is. Read further to see what the people had to say about this cat and his owner.

Love All Over

The cat who struggled to get himself a foster owner a few months ago was being adored for his cuteness all over the internet. A Redditor wrote, “I just can’t get over how cute this cat is, wish the best health to him.” Bashiboi was surprised but happy at the same time to see so many people taking interest in their story but what she liked the most was the love that people showered on this cat.

All Grown Up

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Bashi looks a lot different than what he did when he was first brought to the shelter. He looks more happy and healthier than ever and he doesn’t cry any longer. Bashi is four months old in the above picture and he has had a crazy transformation over the last three months. He no longer suffers from dehydration or any other health issue for that matter. He’s fit and fine but there’s more to just physical transformation that has happened to this cat.

Incredible Transformation

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Bashi went through a dramatic transformation. What was a scared and miserable cat then is now a happy go lucky cat! Bashi might not know how lucky he is to have ended up in the hands of Bashiboi but he does make sure to reciprocate the love his owner showers on him. But this kitten needed some training to transform into the obedient pet he is now.


Much like dogs the cats need to be trained at a young age as well. It’s important to train your kitten as you don’t want them to be digging a trash can, ruining or scratching the furniture, pooping all over the place or leaving the room in a mess. Yes, a cat can do so much of damage. Not only the training made Bashi more obedient and smart, but it also strengthened the bond he had with his owner.

So Big!

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Remember how Bashi’s owner spoiled him by getting him all the comfortable luxuries that included a big bed. Well, the bed is no longer that big as this cat has grown up to be bigger than the bed. In the picture above you can clearly see how big this cat is now and to give you an estimate of his size, may I tell you that this bed is of the exact same size as the bed Bashi used to sleep on when he was a little kitten.

Play Time

It’s a firm belief that cats are lazy and that they don’t like to play much but there are a lot of things said about cats that aren’t true. We discussed earlier how energetic Bashi is and he loves to play interesting games with his owner. The cat too doesn’t want to get stuck in the routine, you see! Some of her favorite games are fetching, feather and string, hide and seek. Yes, you read that right, fetching isn’t only for dogs.


It is a common myth that indoor cats need not be vaccinated but it is not as such. there are as much as 5 viral diseases including rabies that a cat needs to be vaccinated for irrespective of whether it’s an indoor or a stray cat. The vaccination process usually begins when the cat is 8 to 12 weeks old and the total cost for which varies from $100 to $200 depending on the pet but it’s totally worth it.

Adoption Over Shopping

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There are many reasons why adoption is better than buying a pet from the pet store. Bashi’s owner advised people to rather adopt pets from shelters instead of buying them from a store.” In my opinion, people should adopt cats or any pet they are considering to add to their family from animal shelters and not from breeders,” she said.

Why Adopt?

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We too are advocates of adoption over shopping as adopting an abandoned animal helps in saving a life. These poor cats get a second shot to live a healthy and happy life if a responsible owner decides to adopt them. It’s for the greater good ultimately as the owner gets to have an appreciating pet and the pet gets to have a loving and caring family.

A Foodie

There’s a lot of things that Bashi loves but nothing comes close to his love for food. He loves to eat cat food but doesn’t let the myth of a cat’s love for milk fool you. There’s a food item that Bashi, much like any other cat would choose over anything. Cats are meat eaters and Bashi always make sure to empty his bowl when he is served with cooked meat and chicken. P.s. raw meat can make a cat really sick.

No History

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If you have ever bought a pet from a pet shop, you would know that they don’t have a detailed record of the animal’s history. While it is the exact opposite with the animal shelters. They make every possible effort to ensure that they are aware of the animal’s history by keeping a detailed record. This is really helpful both for the pets and the owner as the potential owner knows what he’s getting while adopting. 

New Family Member

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Crying Kitten:sickly-stray-cat.jpg

When you decide to get a pet you should also make sure that you treat them like your own family. Pets rely heavily on their owner and it is their responsibility to take proper care of these sweet creatures and give them with all the love, comfort and care they can. Not only your pets, but you should also act kind towards the stray animals that you spot while you are out. You can feed them with some food whenever you can and should never be violent toward them in any way.

A Cat Person

I don’t like labeling and believe to live in a free world but differentiating people on the basis of whether they are a cat person or a dog person doesn’t seem to do anyone harm. It is an ever existing question and we always ask this to people when we are getting to know them. Hey! Are you a dog person or a cat person? Bashiboi admitted that she has always been a cat person and the idea of petting a cat always excited her and she’s more than happy to have Bashi in her life.

A Happy Ending

As much as 1.4 million animals across the animal shelters in the USA are euthanized every year and Bashi would have met the same fate if things had not happened at just the right time. Call it the cat’s fate that Bashiboi was at the right place at the right time or you can say that it was meant to be. Bashi is lucky to have a happy ending to his story as many don’t meet the same fate as him. On an ending note, we would again like to request you to opt for adoption in case you decide to bring a pet into your family.





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