Pets have a knack for getting into precarious situations. Cats seem to hunt out danger, always getting stuck in blinds. Dogs, on the other...

The Insane Plan These Sailors Hatched To Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Ice Floe Will Melt Your Heart The Insane Plan These Sailors Hatched To Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Ice Floe Will Melt Your Heart

The Insane Plan These Sailors Hatched To Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Ice Floe Will Melt Your Heart

The Insane Plan These Sailors Hatched To Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Ice Floe Will Melt Your Heart

 Pets have a knack for getting into precarious situations. Cats seem to hunt out danger, always getting stuck in blinds. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t look for danger, it seems to find them. For one poor dog, that meant getting stranded on an ice floe and nearly freezing in Russia. The good news is it was found by a group of sailors. They just needed to figure out an unlikely plan to save the poor fella. The story you’re about to read will sound unbelievable, but we promise it’s all true.

No One Knows How It Happened

One minute you’re watching your dog, then you look away and it’s nowhere to be found. Where did it go? Usually not on an ice floe drifting into the ocean, which is what makes this story so weird. No one knows how this pooch got stranded so far out to sea, but there are theories.

dog stranded on ice in russia

The most logical theory is that the dog was standing on the ice when it broke off the shore. The poor pup stayed on the ice while it floated away, leaving its owners worried sick.

No Hope For Rescue

dog russian ice no rescue

This dog got stuck in a situation where there was very little hope. Floating aimlessly on the ice cold ocean, we can’t imagine how scared this dog was or what thoughts were racing through its canine mind. It definitely had no idea luck was on its side.

Usually when our pets get lost, they are stuck in a tree or in a spot where they can be easily rescued. We save them and console them, hoping they never get stuck again.

Floating For What Felt Like Forever

dog russian ice floating endlessly

Stuck on the piece of ice, the dog floated endlessly, slowly losing the sight of land. Would anyone come to the rescue? Was this dog’s last day in the sun? The longer it floated the less hope there was.

With the land no longer in sight, the dog looked around. It could have jumped into the freezing water but realized that was a bad idea after sticking its nose in it. Unable to take a leap of faith, the dog waited.

Help Wanted

dog russian ice looking for help

The dog looked around, hoping to see any sign of life. Hours could have passed with the pup waiting patiently on the piece of ice; its paws slowly freezing. Frost even began to gather on its fur.

With only a few hours of light left, the situation was only getting more dangerous. The temperature would drop further in the dark, severely decreasing the dog’s chances of survival and making rescue nearly impossible. If something was going to happen it needed to happen soon!

Spotted In The Distance

russian boat spotted in the distance

It was just another day on the water for a group of Russian sailors. They had no idea what was about to happen. Faintly in the distance, one of the men heard something, but what was it?

Looking into the ocean abyss, they spotted something. From afar, they couldn’t tell what it was; only that it was alive. The noise they heard must have been from this thing floating in the distance. Next, they had to decide if they should attempt to rescue it.

Getting Closer

russian sailor moving boat closer

The sailors decided to approach the creature. If it was a wounded seal or another helpless animal then they needed to rescue it! As they got closer, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

The dog stared up at the giant boat helplessly. The dog was running out of energy and on the verge of passing out. Action would need to be taken quickly. At this point, daylight wasn’t the threat. The real trick was figuring out how to safely get the dog out of the water!

One Big Bark

dog russian ice sailors spotted

Sitting on the ice, the dog must have been relieved when it saw the Russian fishing boat in the distance. Using the last of its energy, it barked once loudly. It was a long shot, but it worked.

Rescue was just on the horizon. The dog watched as the boat inched closer. Once the boat was close enough, another problem popped up. Because it was a giant fishing vessel, the pup couldn’t exactly leap on the deck, it was too high.

The Predicament

russian sailors hatch plan to save ice dog

At this point in our story, there was one big problem. The dog couldn’t jump to safety with how high the deck of the boat was. Even worse, it would have been life threatening for one of the sailors to jump in.

Not only was the water negative 11 degrees Fahrenheit, but there was also no way to get the fisherman back on the boat if one of them took the plunge. They needed to come up with a plan, and they needed to come up with it fast.

Too Far Away

distance between russian sailors and dog on ice

The sailors needed to figure out how to get the ice floe close enough to the boat to rescue the dog. With several feet separating the freezing pooch from rescue, the situation was starting to look bleak.

Every time it looked like the ice was drifting to the boat’s edge, it would begin to drift away. The fishermen need to get the ice next to the boat, and find a way to hold it there until they could lift the dog on board.

Taking The Plunge

russian sailor swims out to dog on ice

It might have been dangerous, but one fisherman on the boat wasn’t about to lose this dog without a fight. Without worry for his own life, he jumped into the freezing water, risking his life for man’s best friend.

In such freezing temperatures, the swimming sailor should not have been able to function. With adrenaline running through him, though, he pushed ahead. He had a mission, and he wasn’t going to give up on this dog without a fight.

Closing The Gap

russian sailor meets dog on ice

Miraculously, the fisherman was able to swim out to the dog. His plan wasn’t clear. Would he force the dog into the water and help lead it back to the boat? When he looked at the dog, it was clear there was no chance for that to happen.

He was forced to swim the piece of ice back to the ship. More correctly, the fishermen planned to drag him, with the ice in tow, back to the boat. Before jumping in the water a tether was tied to him.

Dragged To Safety

russian sailors drag dog to safety

With the fisherman tethered to the boat, he held onto the ice. He then signaled the other men on the boat to reel him in. Slowly and carefully, they pulled their friend, along with man’s best friend, to safety. Of course, they still needed to be careful.

If they pulled too fast, the sailor could lose grip of the ice, meaning they would have to start the rescue over. With the freezing temperatures of the water, though, their first attempt was their only attempt. Another would be too dangerous.

A Race Against Time

russian sailors rescue dog

Pulling the dog towards the boat, one thing became crystal clear to everyone involved: this was a race against time. No one knows for sure how long the poor pup was floating by itself, but the icicles on its fur indicated a few hours at least.

Time, it appeared, was not on the fisherman’s side. He pulled the ice up to the side of the boat and waited for his team to enact the next part of their rescue plan.

A Ladder Of Hope

russian sailor dog ice ladder

Waiting by the side of the boat, there was nothing left for the dog and his savior to do. The next part of the great rescue was up to the fishermen still on board the vessel.

They jumped into action immediately, dropping a metal ladder down the side of the boat. This allowed the fisherman to get out of the freezing cold water and get back to the deck. This wasn’t the end of the plan, though, as it would have been nearly impossible to carry the dog up the ladder, too.

Still Scared

dog doesnt trust russian sailors

Even though the fishermen were all trying to save this stranded dog, it didn’t trust them. As the man on the ladder attempted to grab the dog, it backed away, still understandably scared.

With so little time left to work, the fishermen didn’t have time to earn the dog’s trust. They needed to work fast. The plan they came up so far had worked, but now it felt like the real rescue was beginning. Would they be able to get the dog on deck?

Out Of Options

dog on tether

With no options left, the fisherman on the ladder did the only thing he could think of. He took his tether off and tied it around the dog’s body, that way it could be hoisted to safety.

The frightened dog fought back against the fisherman as he tried to wrap the tether on. Unsure what was happening, the dog had no idea it was being rescued. Finally, after a quick struggle, it was tied up ready to be lifted.

Gentle Hands

russian sailors hoist dog up side of ship

The fishermen may have been ready to pull the dog to safety, but it was far from ready to be rescued. As gently and non-threateningly as he could, the fisherman on the ladder picked up the dog and held him up.

The sailors on board the vessel then gently hoisted the dog up the side of the boat and onto the deck. What happened next surprised everyone. No one knew how much energy the dog had left or how it would react to being on a solid surface again.

New Friends

all the dogs

Once the dog was on board the ship, the fisherman in the water was able to climb up the ladder and back on the boat. He was thrilled to find out that his new rescued friend was no longer frightened.

It helped that the boat had two other dogs on board. They greeted their new mate with warm tail wags. With new friends and a new lease on life, this dog went from terrified to overjoyed

Happy And Healthy

happy healthy russian dog

After the dog was rescued, everyone was relieved to see how happy it was. The only question left to answer was whether or not it was healthy. It had been stranded on freezing water for hours and could have experienced several health problems along the way.

Luckily, aside from needing a hot meal and a warm blanket, the pooch was perfectly healthy. Just look how it smiles as it interacts with all its new furry friends. Our hearts have been melted for sure!

Faith In Human Kindness

russian sailors save ice dog

Stories like this one serve as an important reminder to us all. No matter how hard we think the world might be, there are still kind people willing to risk their lives to save others.

If it had been a different group of sailors, who knows what would have happened with this dog. What’s important is fate intervened. This dog still had a life to live, and these warmhearted sailors were prepared to do anything to make sure of that.

These Best Friends Refused To Be Rescued Without Each Other


These poor dogs were found sticking together after they were abandoned. For months, the strays had been living in a truck yard after being left to wander the streets outside of Los Angeles.

The pup pair stayed together and set up a home for themselves in a truck yard in Los Angeles. They were fed for months by a kind woman who worked near the truck yard but did not seem to trust anyone but each other, even the team who was organized to rescue them once they were discovered.

Best Friends


These two dogs were totally inseparable. Each of them had been wandering the streets for weeks, picking up scraps of food wherever they could find them. Fortunately, the two crafty dogs found each other and teamed up together, forming a two-dog pack.

Not only did this help them increase their chances of survival on the streets, but it also made the two best friends. They were teamed up against the world looking for a way to survive. As domestic dogs without a home, these poor animals could have easily ended up starving to death.

Survival Instincts


While you might think that dogs are totally self-reliant and can take care of themselves if they had to, that is not always the case. Dogs who have been bred to be house pets and who have grown up in a family with caretakers do not have the same survival instincts that dogs in the wild have.

Many of the instincts have been suppressed by centuries of breeding, while others become rusty from living in domesticity. This is why homeless dogs are such a problem; many of them end up starving to death or injured because they simply do not know how to take care of themselves out in the wild.

A Temporary Home


These two dogs had been wandering the streets for weeks before they found their temporary home. The began camping out in a Los Angeles truck yard, next door to a factory. One day, one of the women working there spotted the two strays and decided to help them.

While she was unable to adopt them herself, she made sure that the two dogs were fed. For more than six months, the factory worker brought the dogs food making sure that the pair had enough to eat. For months, she was their angel.

Life-Changing News


After six months, however, the woman received some news that would change her situation and might mean that the dogs no longer had reliable access to food. The factory worker had to move soon, far enough away that she would no longer be able to feed the dogs she had grown to care for. She worried about what might happen to them.

Would someone else take over feeding them? Would they starve? Would the lack of food mean that they went back to roaming the streets looking for scraps of food in the garbage? She decided something had to be done.

Searching For Help


Worried about the dogs’ chances of survival without the regular food that was keeping them going, the woman looked for a place that might be able to help the pair. She did some research before finding a local animal rescue group called Hope for Paws, asking if there was anything the organization might be able to do to help the strays.

Hope for Paws works to help animals in need, making sure that they receive medical attention if necessary. They also help to find these animals happy and safe homes. But would they be able to help these two homeless dogs?

Hope For Paws


One of the founding members of Hope for Paws, Eldad Hagar, said that he would be happy to do what he could to help this dog duo. Hagar went out to the yard where the dogs had been taking shelter to see what course of action would best suit the animals.

Seeing the conditions in which the dogs were living, he knew that there was no way they could continue living on the street. He knew that the best way to help the dogs would be to rescue the animals and help to place them in permanent homes with loving families.

An International Team


Eldad Hagar’s team consisted of volunteers from all over the world who were working with Hope for Paws aiming to make the world a better place for animals. The volunteers came from places as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Costa Rica! The group of volunteers strategized to figure out how to best rescue animals in need.

Many animals who live on the streets become mistrustful of humans, as they’ve been abused or neglected. Having rescued many dogs before, the Hope for Paws team knew that the rescue would not be easy.

Running And Hiding


When the Hope for Paws team went to the truck yard, their suspicions were confirmed. The two dogs had been without human companionship (aside from the woman who had been leaving food out for them) that they were wary of strangers.

It would have been easy if the team could just lure the dogs in with some food, but as soon as the rescuers approached the animals they ran away and hid. Hagar and his team knew that they would have to get crafty to get these dogs away from the truck yard. Together, the team hatched a plan.

An Ingenious Plan


The owner of the truck yard was happy to help the team rescue the dogs, and he became a critical part of the plan because the team had to resort to some pretty complicated tricks to get the dogs out of the yard. First, the team took a plastic barrier and put it in place in the front of the yard so that if the dogs tried to run and hide again, they would be confined to the yard and unable to escape.

The owner of the truck yard took the team into the enclosure. The team’s plan was to surround the dogs, gradually winning over their trust.

A Challenge


Eldad Hagar explained the plan to news outlets after the rescue, telling the media about the unique challenges the team faced due to the particular obstacles that the truck yard presented. As the truck yard was rather large and crowded, it was difficult for the team to navigate the area where the dogs had been living.

“Once we secured the area, [we needed] to try and corner the dogs,” said Hagar. “The rescue was quite challenging because we always had to watch for our heads as we were under the trucks most of the time.”

The First Dog Is Caught


Hagar and the team decided to concentrate their efforts on rescuing the male dog first. While the poor animal was terrified by the presence of humans in the truck yard, he showed no signs of aggression. While many animals in that situation may decide to attack their would-be rescuers, the male dog appeared to be docile.

Instead of attacking, he simply evaded the Hope for Paws team. He led them on quite the chase before he was eventually cornered and had a leash placed around his neck by his captors. The dog was still scared, but he allowed the team to approach him.

One Down, One To Go


The poor dog was still scared but began to calm down once he was aware that the Hope for Paws team was not planning on harming him in any way. His captors slowly gained his trust, and after a while he allowed one of the members of the team to pet him!

As he began to settle down and make peace with the situation, the team gradually shifted their attention to the female dog who was still hiding in the truck yard. The female dog was a lot less cooperative than the male dog, especially after she saw that her friend was captured.

The Chase


Leaving the male dog’s leash clipped to the fence of the truck yard, the Hope for Paws team began their rescue of the female dog. She refused to come out despite the team trying to show that they were not threatening her. She scrambled over boxes and hid underneath trucks, determine to evade the team trying to catch her.

But there was one thing that the female dog risked capture for: her best friend. After she saw him tied to the fence, the female dog ran over to him, trying to make sure that he was okay. The team saw their opportunity and moved in to capture her.

A Smooth Escape


Despite being surrounded, the female dog managed to evade her would-be captors yet again! The pursuit continued for another ten minutes or so, all while the male dog was still chained to the fence. Eventually, the female dog realized that there was no way of escaping. Growing tired, she finally gave up and let the Hope for Paws team capture her.

Just like her best friend, she was terrified at first, but began to calm down after a leash was put on her. After the female dog was leashed, the two best friends were then reunited with each other.

A Scared Pair


Both of the dogs were scared of what was happening, but they were still kind and gentle. While other animals in their situation might have lashed out at their captors, this pair did not want to hurt anybody. They were simply afraid of what would happen to them if they were caught by humans.

Eldad Hagar later said, “Both dogs showed zero signs of aggression. They were just so scared, but also relieved. We brought [them closer to each other] so they [could] have a positive experience with all of us. We just sat there for 30 minutes [and] discussed the names they will be.”

New Names


Now that the dogs were finally rescued, the team could focus on helping them feel comfortable in their new lives. One of the first things they did was give them new names. Since the pair consisted of a male dog and a female dog who worked together in the face of obstacles, the Hope for Paws team decided to name their dogs after an iconic superhero partnership: Lois and Clark.

The team sat with Lois and Clark for a while, helping the two animals to calm down and to settle their nerves. After the animals began to adjust to their new situation, Eldad Hagar decided that it was time to transfer them to an animal hospital.

A Scary Ride


For the first time in months, the dogs were separated from each other. The two of them rode to the animal hospital in separate vehicles. While each dog had members of the team along on the ride to help keep them comfortable, they were very anxious and did not know what to expect in these new surroundings.

The pair had not been able to rely on anyone but each other for such a long time that they were confused and did not know how to react to their new situation, but that would soon change.

A Mystery


After bringing the animals to the veterinarian, it was found that both of the dogs are mixed breeds. The vet also revealed that both of the animals were around two years old. Despite living in such harsh conditions, both Lois and Clark seemed to be in relatively decent shape. Clark is a Staffie-pit bull mix, but Lois is a bit of a mystery.

She is guessed to be some sort of border collie and Australian shepherd mix, but no one is sure! It doesn’t really matter though because both animals were found to be affectionate and loving after their rescue, in spite of being a bit shy after everything the two had gone through.

The Search For A Home


While the two dogs are now living indoors and are being cared for, they are still searching for a permanent home. Both of them are young and housebroken, and get along with other dogs and with people. These two dogs have had a rough start in life, but are ready to start a new journey together!

Hopefully, there is someone out there who will adopt both Lois and Clark because after everything these dogs have been through they deserve to stay together. Not only is their tale an uplifting one, but it is also inspiring. If these two dogs can remain best friends in the face of such adversity, then anyone can!

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