When children in horror movies start drawing what they see in the shadows, you can usually cue the jump scare. So you can imagine the real...

These Creepy Drawings Made By Kids Are Sure To Keep Us Up At Night These Creepy Drawings Made By Kids Are Sure To Keep Us Up At Night

These Creepy Drawings Made By Kids Are Sure To Keep Us Up At Night

These Creepy Drawings Made By Kids Are Sure To Keep Us Up At Night


When children in horror movies start drawing what they see in the shadows, you can usually cue the jump scare. So you can imagine the real, pulsing-pounding terror that's unleashed when children do creepy illustrations in real life. These crayon concoctions are pure nightmare fuel. Just wait till you see what this grandma is holding...

1. Paternal Drama

It's tough being a parent. It's even tougher when you're a parent trying to reprimand your child. But when it comes to an enraged little human that wishes nothing more than revenge, chances are slim that they'll be so understanding.

2. Maternal Mourning

For this illustration, all seems pretty all right. The sun is out. The sky is blue. The only unexpected thing might be that the father and child are parading over their mother, who's no doubt quite peeved about the noise.

Aperture-Turret/Deviant Art

3. All for Fun

Imaginary friends have helped plenty of young children through difficult periods. Still, there's a reason why "imaginary friends" are an easy method in horror cinema to scare the audience, like in The Babadook. They look terrifying!

4. Losing One's Head

It's the start of a horror film, when a young babysitter receives eerie messages from the child she is looking after. Except this picture was real, and hopefully the babysitter knew to forget her duties and bolt right out the door.


5. Look Out Behind You

A social worker saw an image one of their young clients had drawn for them. Apparently the figure depicted had followed after the child. It's unknown if the mysterious woman still lurks nearby, like a certain horror movie villain.


6. Cycle of Life

For one parent, their 11-year old child gifted them a handmade birthday card. Most water slides should be fun — a great summer escape! One that involves the age process each way down its slope, however, might be a pinch too morbid.

Brian Sack/Twitter

7. Looming Over You

Is this a ghostly creature with dark, beady eyes? Is this a vampire grabbing its victim? Who knows. But you wouldn't want to stumble across this entity in a dark, deserted hallway, that's for sure.

8. Red Rum

The title of the piece does not leave much to the imagination, nor does the wave of red that takes up most of the page. Perhaps someone saw The Shining a little too early?

Warner Bros.

9. Sacrificial Lamb

Rummaging through old tokens from one's childhood should be very nostalgic. That is, until a shocking revelation is unearthed. Apparently the oldest in the family attempted an exchange. Their young sibling over to some aliens — for more quiet time, perhaps?


10. Tomb Raider

A young grade school student gave an answer to their teacher's request for a visual depiction of their 100th birthday. Not even a coffin could hold back the child, it would seem.

11. Artist in the Making

Sometimes it's easy to figure out who will grow up to love all things dark and spooky. If, when younger, some kid decided to draw something cryptic and devilish, that might be a pretty big sign.

Universal Pictures

12. Imperial March

The Star Wars franchise is perfect for kids. It has adventure, Ewoks, and a great battle between good and evil. So when Darth Vader's order of execution is drawn out, a child swiftly explains the victim is not the parent, although the picture is for them.


13. Hulk Meets the Kardashians

It's the crossover most people probably were not even aware they wanted. Everyone's favorite reality show family meets Marvel's green giant. A spray tan and a 72-day wedding won't hold much in the showdown, however.


14. An Unamused Birthday

Grandmas put up with a lot. The last thing they should have to worry about are their birthday cards. But one could be unsure how the grandkid missed the mark here. Is it the message? Or the fact that it was hastily written on a casino notecard?

15. The Other Mother

The big question here is what came first: Neil Gaiman's Coraline or this drawing? Both deal with a multi-legged monster, and the scratched out eyes alone could be evidence for a copyright lawsuit.


16. "Cannibalistic" Hill

The imagination of a child is a funny thing. It doesn't need to make sense, just more so tap into the feelings they want to express. It would seem George W. Bush had a place within all that, too.

17. Holiday Greetings

Christmas is the most joyous time of the year, despite the frigid and often bleak December days. So perhaps it isn't all that surprising that a child put together a drawing for "Deathmiss" rather than a red-nosed reindeer or jolly white-bearded man.

18. Ho-Ho-Horrors

Evidently, Krampus may not be the most monstrous holiday figure. It may actually be Santa Claus that you should watch out for when you hear something up on the rooftop and reindeer pause.

Legendary Pictures

19. Smeared Smile

Splattered across a piece of paper with red paint is a visualization of a young illustrator's "ancestor" named Tonso, who apparently visits through mirrors. It seems friendly enough. Do you spot the smile?


20. Inferno

Little Joey is a sweet kid. After Sunday School, he might have learned about a certain fiery underworld. It only made sense he utilized that knowledge somewhere else in life. At least he's reaching out to his dad!

21. That Feeling Inside

Through the eyes of this young Van Gogh, his parents live in a physical bubble. A gas bubble, to be more specific. Evan knows his Mommy suffers through those silent but deadlies with a smile on her face.

22. Crime Scene

Looks like someone might have a future as a courtroom sketch artist. Whatever inspired this youngster to crayon out this scene, well, let’s hope it’s an overactive imagination. Otherwise, someone might want to run over to Billy’s house to check on his Dad.

23. Thank You For What

After years of smiling through excruciating dinners, young Bailey came up with the perfect plan. She folded some paper, scribbled out a few generalized compliments, then squeezed in the hard truth right at the end. Better take some tips from the kid, Mom, cause you’ve been roasted!

24. Maternal Example

This Mom received a lot of judgemental looks from the teacher at the open house, which really confused her. Then, she walked past her child’s art hanging on the wall. When she showed the drawing to her coworkers at the Home Depot they had a good chuckle.

25. Before and After

What Kyle was trying to say with his before-and-after comparison drawing of his mom was that she’s a dynamic woman that really can do both. That was lost in translation. To be fair, the assignment was designed for kids to put their feet in their mouths. 

26. Evil Snake

Not sharing, using curses, shoving on the playground — of all the calls you can get from your child’s principal, hearing that your baby drew a picture labeling you as an evil mom getting digested in the belly of a similarly evil snake is the most amusing.

27. Unboxed

With the never-ending list of things that a mom does for her children, it’s always special when they receive heartfelt thanks...especially after watching mom leave Billy in that box behind Applebees, it’s a good idea to keep her happy.

28. Dad's Allergy

Kids pick up on everything, mostly when you hope they don’t. One observant rascal let it slip that his parents share conflicting views over social media, putting his mom on blast for her Facebook usage, and, even better, his dad’s “allergy.”

29. Pudding Is Good

If the bleak content of this story wasn’t enough of a hint that things aren’t super chill at home, the empty soulless eyes did the trick. Thank goodness that pudding can fill the holes in your heart that an absent father leaves behind.

30. Words of Encouragement

Television’s famous Doctor Phil often uses the parenting phrase: “It takes a thousand ‘atta boys’ to erase one ‘you’re an idiot.’” The same goes for repairing your reputation with your child’s teacher after the little stinker spills the beans that you’re a “suck it up” family.

31. Tough Love

And you thought Dear John letters were brutal. Try getting the news that there’s no hope for rekindling your romance with your wife from a multicolored note written by your kid. You’d break out in a cold sweat every time they’d bring home an art project.

32. Smooth Move

This child attempted to pen a handmade card for their dad and whoops. Looks like this kid covered their tracks with a neat X so dad wouldn't notice. Though, they’d better fess up; after all, whoever denies it, supplies it.

33. Please, Mom

What’s more concerning? The medical condition that caused this mom to burp up poop on her child’s bed or that said child was driven to stay in a hotel to escape their mom’s antics to enjoy a body-fluid-free sleeping space?

34. Stale Cheetos

Before you pass judgment on this mom, make sure you’ve tried the deliciousness that’s a bag of Cheetos, stale or freshly opened. Look, not every day is going to be a farm-to-table level snacktime. Mom’s got a life too! Plus, they played math games. It’s a balance.

35. Circle of Life

Explaining the circle of life to kids is tricky, but this family needs to have another go at the conversation. Nina feels entirely too comfortable with the idea that mom would be out of the picture. That, or Miss Mac is really cool. 

36. Quite a Bus

The teacher nearly spat out her coffee flipping through her class’ renditions of the “The Wheels on the Bus” nursery rhyme. No real explanation for why this child felt compelled to add this particular combination of letters to the side of the rig carrying these smiling travelers.

37. Sleeping Habits

Guilt-tripping lessons started young in this household. As if the words weren’t harsh enough, this son made a visual to drive home his point. Dad’s had several sleepless nights after getting served this heaping dose of shame.

38. Poor Aunt

Aunts aren’t immune to humiliation at the hands of little rugrats. This niece scrawled out an innocent love letter to her tita, making sure to shout out her favorite thing in the world — money. 

39. It’s always touching when your child makes you the subject of their artwork unprompted. You get the satisfaction of knowing that all your love and attention doesn't go unnoticed. Neither does that nightly glass of red you sneak off to drink in the dining room.

40. There are two things Brendan knows about his dad. First off, that guy is a hell of an employee. He really has mastered going to work every Monday through Friday. Number two: Dad enjoys a drink. Truly he hates being thirsty.

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