When this woman posted a photo from her relaxing vacation, she couldn't have predicted the internet would've reacted the way it di...

-- Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn't Figure Out Why -- Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn't Figure Out Why

-- Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn't Figure Out Why

-- Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn't Figure Out Why

 When this woman posted a photo from her relaxing vacation, she couldn't have predicted the internet would've reacted the way it did. There were photos taken at different times by her cousin and a friend of hers. She didn't notice anything unusual at first glance, yet she finally saw it when she took a closer look.   


There was something she could never forget in the backdrop of one of the photos. Her heart was racing and her blood was running cold. But now it was a viral sensation. She didn't fully understand what had happened, and how.

The Spot Where It All Took Place

Dundas Peak is one of Canada's most popular hiking areas. It has an unbelievably picturesque perspective that overlooks Hamilton, Ontario. Tews Falls, the largest drop in Hamilton, is actually situated in this beautiful mountain home as well. It became a popular platform for people to target because of the frightening design and elegance of the ground.  


But in that gorgeous wilderness, something had been hidden, and now there was evidence thanks to her. No one would believe what was found here...

The Area Saw a Spike in Missing People Cases

There has been a substantial rise in the number of missing people since the peak became a destination for hikers, according to local authorities. Few have never again been found after going missing.  


From 2016, more than 140,000 tourists took a trip to Dundas Peak, given these warnings and the potential dangers of the mountain. One of these travelers did not know something that he or she would create a very unique chapter in the history of Dundas Mountain. The story is mind boggling.

The Photo in Question

The picture taken by the man appeared in a pose common among the photographers on the brink of the peak. His photograph seemed to be no different from anybody else's. There was nothing to see here. Or was there?  


Perched on the edge on the outside of the shelf, he wore a black jacket and jeans and a leg sticking over the abyss' edge. No one had noticed what lurked behind in the background yet.

Trying to Repeat It

His cousin Kim saw his pictures, and some days later she and her friend planned to go to the peak themselves. She decided to pay a babysitter for her child and headed to the summit to reconstruct the portrait of her cousin.  


The women walked the 2.4-mile circular path to the spot they wanted. They turned to pose and recreate the shot, not realizing that something suspicious was to be found in those very photos just a tad bit later.

Something Shiny Was Hidden

They stood at the edge of the cliff to replicate the image, risking death. That is when they saw something gleaming beneath. They noticed, though, that they were not taking a glance at the water below. It was something that was a lot closer.  


Somebody placed a set of keys about 3 feet away dangling from the root down below.

A Lost Car Key

Kim sat closer so carefully, leaning as far as she dared on the edge. The person who has lost the keys clearly wanted them back badly. She was sitting on her belly when she finally got hold of them. She understood very little that what she did right there would prove to be very significant.  


When she had the keys in her hands, she looked at them and found that a key for a Hyundai Elantra was amongst the keys.

Nobody in Sight

It started getting late and the pair thought it'd be better to go back to their cars and finish their hike. Before the park was closed, they had to come back, that was the policy. The two knew about all the news of the people who disappeared and did not want to remain on the mountain during the evening.  


They hurried back along the road, all the while terrified that no one else would appear anywhere. Then something unexpected happened that send chills down their spines.

Found the Vehicle

The two women got increasingly uncomfortable when they walked to the parking lot. It was exceptionally quiet and empty as they came to the parking lot. Only two vehicles, theirs and one other were left on the property. As they searched closer, they found the Hyundai Elantra was the other vehicle. It was rusty and dirty indicating that it had been there for a long time. 


It was getting way too dark now and the duo did not want to hang around. The girls decided to put the keys on the car's roof while discussing their plan of action in an attempt that the driver could locate them easily. But the same car was shown on TV one week later.

What Happened to the Woman?

A female visitor was supposedly missing as per the sources. Police already found her car in the car park, but they didn't know where she was.  


The announcement surprised the duo naturally. Time went on, and the duo all but forgot about the photographs that they took on the cliff until someone made a remark on Reddit which would set the story in motion yet again.

A Clue Might Have Been Hidden

Kim could not even believe her eyes, she couldn't believe that the person was actually right. The pictures of her and the photo that her cousin took were there, uploaded on the internet. They were being shared side-by-side, with thousands of individuals reading, watching, and exchanging the photos.  


A single analyst discovered it. In the context of her cousin's picture, there was a tiny but important item in the background. When she saw it, she spoke to the other Reddit members directly in the expectation that they would help her get the answers she was looking for.


Going Viral 

Kim's friend said: “So a little backstory. Around a month ago, my friend and I went hiking at Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario…”


She followed it up by saying: “She suggested this location because her cousin went there a few days before us and posted an Instagram of him sitting on the edge of a cliff looking over Hamilton and the Niagara Escarpment. When we got there, we took turns recreating the photo.”

A Person in the Photo

She went on by saying: “Today, she messaged me when she noticed something obscurely in the background in her cousin’s photograph…” 


“Way below the edge of the trail, where the slope is too steep to stand on, there appears to be a thin person standing unnaturally straight with no visible face.” It wasn't unusual for someone else to be in the picture, but something she was ready to finally discover would alter their lives forever.

Was it the Missing Woman?

Kim's friend said: “I know you’re probably thinking that is probably just a brave hiker… but trust me, that spot is completely inaccessible. Maybe it isn’t a person? But I’m not sure what else it can be. I was hoping those who have also been to Dundas Peak and have taken a similar picture could share it. Hopefully, we can figure out what… we’re looking at.”


The report for the missing person described the woman as large, describing her wearing clothing and saying she was last seen wearing jeans and a light gray sweater.

Just a Play of Shadows

The most interesting aspect is that no other pictures taken at Dundas Peak feature the person that appeared in his. Why did the incredible personage not show in the 10,000 other pictures taken in that place if it was just a play of shadows or some kind of a trick of the light?  


The comments flowed effortlessly in.

A Paranormal Occurrence?

There were many people who immediately indicated that many people had vanished in Dundas Peak and around it. They claimed that the incredible figure was an unhappy hiker who encountered a horrible end in the hills. 


Although the picture was disturbing to the minority, many others claimed that a fair clarification should be given. But what might even be the logical explanation here?

The Melting Ice Poles

The "form" was speculated on by a user that the shadow played a trick on the eye while falling on the rock face and thus causing the illusion. One stated that it was a time to blame the melting ice poles for it. That one was obviously just making fun of everyone who thought it was a paranormal occurrence.  


Then, finally, somebody provided the most probable answer: “Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but there’s a trail that leads up to that area and goes around the escarpment just under the rocks. That is, most likely, a person hiking around.”

Claiming It Was Them

In reality, a Reddit user called "tharchitect42" reported that he had created the uncertainty himself one time. The user claimed they climbed on Dundas Peak many times. Nevertheless, on the very day, the eerie photo was taken, he was also hiking around there. And that wasn't everything he said... 


He also remembered that he had dark jeans and a white jacket on, which looked like the mystery person in the photo. Could it be that he was the person everyone was looking at?

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

None of these claims impressed all of us, of course. And since the article had been circulated countless times, international press organizations soon took up the story. Only after the story appeared on the website of MailOnline did anyone provide a different theory.  


The analyst noted that one Christmas Eve under Dundas Peak there was a devastating train crash.

Souls Trapped in this World

In 1934, a total of fifteen lives were lost. Several feel that their souls are still roaming the cliff to this day. While local people have taken the news with just a little grain of salt, the image is still circulating and entertaining people around the world.  


Even though "SlicedUpBeef" goes back to the hill pretty often, she can never overlook her friend's cousin's strange picture. That teaches us that something unexpected can happen even in the most common moments. And she's not the only one who caught something unexplainable on her camera...

After 20 Years, a 14-Year-Old Missing Girl Was Finally Found but Now She Speaks Spanish and Has Her Own Children 

Casey Lynn Hathaway from North Carolina was playing in his backyard one afternoon when suddenly disappeared from his parent's sight. They were worrying and getting hysterical as moments passed - they never thought that leaving their kid playing by himself for a while would lead to the longest 48 hours they will have in their whole life. 

Mastering time alone and independent play is an important development in a kid’s life. As these little ones are learning to do some things by themselves, parents can get a little time to relax as well. That was why Casey's mom had allowed her son to play in the backyard of their home while she was inside preparing their meal. After all, he was accompanied by her older relatives.


However, when the other kids went inside, the three-year-old boy named Casey was nowhere in sight. After 45 minutes of frantic searching, they finally realized that they need all the help they can get. Casey got lost in the woods and the search and rescue operation took 48 hours.

Thankfully, Casey was miraculously found safe with minor bruises only. However, when the kid regained his strength, he kept on talking about something that saved him in the forest.

Up to this day, his parents and even the police can’t believe his amazing story >>>

An Active and Adventurous Boy

Casey Lynn Hathaway is a three-year-old boy from Craven County, North Carolina. At his age, his family describes him as a smart boy who always has a lot of questions. He is an adorable kid that is loved by all. 


Aside from eating his favorite chicken nuggets, Casey also loves to watch children’s movies and cartoons on Netflix. Aside from indoor activities, he is also hungry for outdoor play and is very active especially when other kids visit him in the house. His mom allows him to play in the backyard for a few hours every day even without an adult company. However, the unfortunate event that happened on a Tuesday afternoon would surely make his parents rethink of letting him play outside without close supervision.

A Simple and Happy Family

Craven County is a simple and quiet neighborhood in North Carolina. Unlike most places in the USA that had changed a lot due to modernization, the locals who live in this community tend to be conservative.


The rural feel and the peacefulness in the place are some of the reasons why Britanny and Chris Hathaway are thankful that they got to live in Craven County. They are the parents of Casey and they consider it a privilege to live with their parents and grandparents in the simple community. The neighborhood is quite small, everyone knows one another and even the crime rate is low. Never did they imagine that one day, both of them will wonder whether it’s still safe or not to let her son alone outdoors.

An Ordinary Tuesday

Britanny loves her peaceful life in their humble home near the woods. She had her relatives close to her and they usually visit each other and eat together. That morning, her son’s cousins went to their house and she led them to the backyard so that they could play.


She was busy cleaning the house, chatting with her grandmother and cooking something for lunch. Casey was playing outside with two children who are slightly older than him. It was already a routine and she didn’t feel any kind of trouble. She was happy that her kid got company. However, when the two kids entered the house, she sensed that something was wrong.

Searching Outside

Britanny went out the backyard to look for Cassie. However, he was out of sight. She kept on calling his name while circling the house. She went inside, checked the rooms and even went to the front porch as well. Still, there was no sign of the little boy.


Chris, along with the other people in the house started to feel the panic in her voice. Casey is just three years old and he doesn’t have the habit of going to the neighbor’s house without telling his mom. The others got up and went to the nearby houses to search for him. When minutes passed and they can’t locate him, Brittany painfully realized where his son might be.

The Quiet Woodlands

North Carolina is known for its agriculture and forestry industry. Craven County is a rural community where most residents rely on farming for a living. Just like many others, Brittany’s family home is located near woodland. When Casey was nowhere to be found in the house and in the neighborhood, they suspected that the child had trailed off to the nearby forest.


At once, Brittany, Chris, and their other relatives sprang to the woods to look for Cassie. They kept on shouting at the top of their voice hoping that the little kid was just hiding or stuck somewhere. With each passing minute, Brittany’s heart is being surrounded by fear. The young couple can’t afford to think that something bad had happened to him.


Making the Emergency Call

Forty-five minutes had passed and still, no one in the family was able to locate the little boy. Casey’s great grandmother knew that with each passing minute, the life of the kid is being driven closer to danger. She was left in the house while the others decided to search the woodlands. However, she knew that the situation is getting out of control.


With trembling hands, the old lady dialed 911. She told the agent that the little boy was walking in the woods back there and when the other kids returned home, Casey was left alone. After the call, a search rescue was planned right away.

A Giant Search Operation

In a small county where there is not too much trouble, the news of a missing boy in the woods instantly made headlines. Aside from the rescuers sent by 911, volunteers from FBI, NCIS, US Marine Corps came to the family’s residence to help locate the little boy.


Brittany told the authorities that Casey is 2 feet 4 inches tall and that he weighs 25 pounds. She also showed them a picture of the adorable boy and pleaded to please find him. Her heart was racing all the time his son was out there in the treacherous terrain. Even the condition of the weather outside was alarming.

The First 24 Hours

More than 100 rescuers went into the rugged terrain to look for Casey. The heavily wooded areas measure almost 1000 acres and they need to find the little boy as fast as they can. Aside from the wild animals that might harm the boy, the temperature had dropped to 20 degrees and they feared that Casey wouldn’t be able to stand the extreme cold.


However, after a day of continuous search and rescue operation, the volunteers returned weary and unsuccessful. They were wondering how the three-year-old boy had walked those miles and where did he possibly went. Because of the sad news on the first 24 hours, more volunteers came to look for him.

Other Setbacks

Aside from the professional rescuers from different government organizations, the locals volunteered to join the rescue operation. However, as the weather continues to go bad, the authorities were forced to send the volunteers home. Only the trained searchers were left to continue the operation.


All throughout, Brittany couldn’t sleep or eat. Her son was only wearing a coat and sweatpants when he vanished. Chris, on the other hand, didn’t stop to rest. He’s determined to search the woods as long as he can. He had big hopes in his heart that his son is just somewhere out there, safe and sound.

The Second Day

When 24 hours had passed and the rescuers weren’t able to find Casey, his family began to fear the worst. The extremely cold temperatures can be fatal especially to a little boy. Also, Brittany knew that Casey is not able to look for his own food.


Craven County Emergency Management Director Stanley Kite had treated Casey's disappearance as a missing child case. However, he also asked the community to report anything "remotely suspicious. Moreover, the authorities have used drones and K-9 units and even employed helicopters. Everyone in the rescue team knew that time is crucial. They needed to find Casey as soon as possible.

The Hopeful Tip

Casey disappeared on a Tuesday morning. After a day of the never-ceasing search operation, hundreds came to help the little boy. The number of professional rescuers and volunteers totaled more than 600! The boy’s parents were quite relieved to see how many people are willing to help them locate their son. However, all that matters to them is for their son to be found alive.


On Thursday evening, hope rose when the authorities received a tip from someone who heard a boy crying for his mother deep in the woods. It was around 9:30 pm. Needless to say, the team went into the area with renewed effort and energy. They can’t afford to risk another day.

A Great Relief

Chocowinity EMS Cpt. Shane Grier was one of the professional rescuers who hoped and prayed for Casey’s safety. As a father, he knew that what is happening is one of a parent’s worst nightmares. Although exhausted, he went back into the woods and look for the little boy.


He was struggling on rough terrain when he saw him. The poor boy was stuck in the briars, looking cold and helpless. When he was finally near, he almost cried. Casey is alive. Quickly, he disentangled him from the bush and brought him out of the woods.

Straight to the Hospital

Brittany and Chris cried for joy when they saw Casey in the arms of Cpt. Shane Grier. He was soaking wet, conscious and crying for his mom. They saw that the little boy was dirty and his body showed evidence of frostbites. He was still wearing the same coat.


Right away, Casey was put in the ambulance parked at bay. All of his family went straight to the hospital. Brittany knew that his son was starving and his bruises need immediate attention. However, she felt in her heart that the hardest part was over.

Miraculous Condition

At the hospital, the doctors attended to Casey’s needs right away. However, they were relieved to see that the boy was in “good health”. Nonetheless, they did the necessary evaluation and examination to see if there are further injuries.


Casey was evidently exhausted. He dozed off and her parents allowed him to rest. He was put on IV and was advised to rest for a few days. But when he woke up, to everyone’s amazement, he started to talk about what happened to him while he was out there in the woods.

An Unusual Story

Brittany, Chris and the other members of the family were all waiting for Casey to wake up. Although the doctors advised the parents to let the boy rest, Brittany was curious to know what really happened. She’s afraid that her son might get traumatized.


But when the little boy opened his eyes, he smiled as if nothing happened. He was even surprised to see that all of his relatives are looking at him. Before anyone could ask, Casey told everyone in an excited voice that he was not alone out there. There’s a friend who saved him. But who is this friend?

Casey Hung Out with a Bear

Although relieved, Brittany and Chris couldn’t help but wonder how their three-year-old son had survived the freezing cold with no food and water. Of course, there were different speculations in their mind. But when Casey told them that a friend was with him all throughout, they were keen to find who it was.


Clearly regaining his energy back, Casey told his parents that he was with a bear. Brittany and Chris asked him over and over again. Still, Casey’s answers were the same. There was a bear in the woods and they were together for 2 days.

Horrific Beast

This right here is just a way too terrible thing to see on your camera.  


The last thing a guy wanted to do was to take this image of a kind of winged beast pursuing a sad little deer in a frame in his garden. He set up the camera in hopes of catching the culprit that was leaving dismembered corpses in his backyard. Well, he caught more than he bargained for!


When the Sharks Attack

You probably think of being squeaked by massive waves or perhaps crushed on wood, or worse yet, sunk, as you talk about the hazards of surfing. 


But, you might just figure out that there are many other risks, far closer than might you expect, once you look at this picture. If it was up to us, we would be either out of that water in record speed, or we would be too terrified to move a single muscle. 

Dancing in the Air

Dancing is an excellent way of burning calories and staying healthy with a lot of fun.  


To fly in the skies and come down to the Earth all while dancing... that's something quite special and magical! Some might even consider it a bit too much, and a bit too drastic, but hey, to each his own, we suppose.

Watch Your Step

People who are used to hiking and climbing mountains are aware that the paths they take might sometimes be tight and dangerous, so they take their precautions and bring the necessary equipment to remain safe.


But even those familiar with such rough roads may think long and hard about walking along this extremely narrow route in China. And you, would you do it?

Be Careful Around Escalators

Did you ever see people getting very tense on or off the staircase and thinking: "What is the point of that?" 


Well, tell that to the guy who could have lost his foot if he didn’t react! Don't forget to bring your steel boots every time you visit the store from now on.

A Handyman's Luck

Hopefully, the balance of this handyman is as good as his technical skills. He used the latter perfectly in order to come up with such an idea, but at the same time, we really cannot claim that it was a good idea. 


Though, his business acumen will also drive him up the company ladder, maybe. This is a serious commitment to change a simple light bulb.

Hanging by His Fingers

Although most individuals do not have a problem sitting on a large building, this picture looks like something straight of a Hitchcock movie. There are numerous photos out there of people sitting on the edge of a building and taking in the life that is happening right below their feet. But this guy right here took it to a whole new level.  


Only individuals without acrophobia will think long and hard about what this man does. He's either a bold man or just an idiot. There is no in-between.

Taking Dusting on a Whole New Level

Most of us refuse to dust at home, but we are more than happy that we don't have to do the job of this guy! He is definitely far up over the ground, but evidently, there is a breach of health safety because he has no harness attached to him. At the same time, we are pretty sure that this photo was taken in a country that is probably not regulating the safety standards as much as others.  


Regardless of anything, I'm going to stick to my home dusting, thank you very much.


Time to Change the Toilet

It may look like a horror film, but certain people are terrified of something coming out of their toilets. Okay, it may sound ridiculous, but perhaps it's not usually as distasteful as we imagine. But this image demonstrates quite the opposite.  


After this, you will certainly need a new bathroom. It's best to forget about this one. It is that guy's home now.

Beware of the Sheep

Imagine if you heard a noise outside, and you are home alone late at night. You go hunting and tracking down the sound and you stumble upon this scenery. A bunch of sheep looking at you outside your house.  


This may just be the brightness of the spotlight that lets their eyes shine, but it seems like these sheep have more than a midnight snack in their mind.

The Mouth of a Goose

Geese are very scary creatures — that much is clear.  


Their depictions usually revolve around being heavier, stronger, and more violent "ducks" and they want to scream and attack anybody who dares to align their eyes with them. You ever stared at their faces, however? Actually... Don't do that.

Finding a Frog in Your Salad

Lettuce. For a salad, right? Lettuce is a dark, leafy vegetable used in salads and sandwiches. Fit for vegans, vegetarians, and all others, right? Okay, obviously that wasn't the fact for this particular package.  


When the shopper took a bag of salad, they certainly didn't expect it to start moving around. We certainly hope that this poor little thing was released into the wild after this photo was taken.

Although no missing person was discovered in this story, read on to learn about someone who did go missing in the wilderness...

Letting the Officials Know

The Hathaway family had given their deepest gratitude to all the officers, professional rescuers and local volunteers who helped in saving Casey. Although she’s not fully convinced about her son’s story, she decided to tell them what Casey kept on telling them when he woke up.


Somehow, she wanted someone to confirm if her son’s story was real or he was just imagining things because of the fatigue and trauma. However, even the officials couldn’t confirm whether the “companion” was real or not.

The Officials Thought It was “Cute”

According to Sheriff Hughes, North Carolina is indeed home to black bears. There are many of them in the woods and typically, these bears are not aggressive towards humans.


However, he can’t also say a public statement to confirm if Casey’s claim is true. It could be, it could be not. He even added that what’s more important is that the little boy was already recuperating in the hospital, safe and sound. Even the other authorities considered Casey’s story as “cute” rather than factual.

What Do the Experts Think?

When the story got out about Casey’s version of the story, the attention of media channels and newspaper outlets were instantly caught. Of course, it’s not every day that a little boy is lost in the woods and while he’s there, a bear kept him company. Could the bear possibly have given Casey the food and water he needed to survive?


The experts even think if the little boy survived the extremely cold temperature because of the bear’s natural warm body. However, even the policemen and professional rescuers didn’t find any trace that a bear roamed the area where Casey was found.

Other Speculations

After two days in the hospital, Casey was back in his normal condition. Brittany was happy to see that her little kid seemed to forget the dark nights he spent alone in the woods. He even asked for his favorite nuggets and requested if he could finally watch his favorite TV show, Paw Patrol.


While the news that Casey had totally recuperated, still, what really happened to him baffled most people. There were even speculations that he didn’t spend two days in the woods. Other notions claimed that someone might have abducted him and left him in the woods just before the rescuers found him.

Silencing Absurd Theories

The policemen dealing with Casey’s disappearance case held a press conference to clear some things out once and for all. There were speculations that the boy spent two nights sitting in a vehicle or a house and was put there in the woods a couple of hours before he was rescued.


Sheriff Hughes told the media the official report. According to him, Casey’s body showed evidence that he spent 48 hours in the woods with nothing to protect him from the cold but his clothes. His core temperature was very long and there were frost bites in his fingers. They also said that the little boy didn’t just stay put. He roamed around, always an hour ahead of the rescue team before being caught in the bush.

The Murder of Birds

This is yet again a shot that seems like it was developed and published by Hitchcock himself.  


Whoever the photographer was, they may have been at least somewhat tense when they saw this murder of crows (yes, they are called that way). We would also like to know what was going through their head at the time. It is more than unusual to see such scenery, especially on a road in town.

No Matter What

Brittany decided not to ask his son about the bear once again. Although her mind couldn’t help but wonder, she realized that she wanted nothing more than his safety. If her kid was indeed with a bear, she can only whisper a silent prayer of thanks. If not, she also feels grateful that somehow, the inspiring thought that he was not alone had helped him survive.


The 48-hour period that her little boy was missing was the worst days of her life, according to Brittany. Chris feels the same. No matter what happened, they were extremely thankful that they have their son back.

Mixed Opinions

Casey’s aunt, Breanna, couldn’t help but express on social media how relieved and grateful she felt that her nephew was safe. She snapped a photo of Casey in the hospital and put in the caption that he hung out with a bear. Needless to say, the post gathered different reaction from the audience.


Others think that the story is too good to be true. There are those who praised Casey for his bravery and will to survive while others expressed their fear that the boy was indeed kidnapped. The post that was once public is now private. Still, only Casey knew what happened to him.

A Story to Tell

The authorities had officially closed Casey’s case. They also sent their gratitude to the local volunteers and other organization that joined the giant search and rescue operation. Everyone was happy with the way things ended. Even the other residents of Craven County felt proud and secured. When there’s a problem, they proved that the whole community will act as one.


Sheriff Hughes believed that the kid’s survival was a miracle. He considered the story with the bear an inspiration that helped Casey survived. According to him, no matter what happened, the three-year-old kid has some story to tell when he grows up. Sheriff Hughes also mentioned that he was amazed by the child’s bravery.

Lost in the Wilderness

Oftentimes, the stories about a lost kid in the wilderness can only be seen in horror movies, fairy tales or in a parent’s worst nightmare. However, it really does happen in real life. It’s sad and heartbreaking enough to know that a kid is missing and everyone rejoices when they managed to survive. However, there are cases when others seem to run out of luck.


Aside from Casey, there were other kids that went through the traumatizing experience of being lost all alone without food and water. Fortunately enough, their guardian angels didn’t abandon them and led them back to safety. Here are some.

Yamato Tanooka

Yamato Tanooka was only seven years old when he got lost in the woods in Hokkaido, Japan. It happened in 2016 when the family took their summer vacation. Yamato was extremely hardheaded and kept on throwing rocks at other people. In hopes of teaching him a lesson, his parent decided to abandon him on a road next to the woods. They wanted him to realize his mistake. They drove off for a while and after five minutes, they went back to see if Yamato had learned his lesson. But to their horror, he was nowhere to be seen.


Yamato truly believed that he was abandoned by his parents. So he decided to go deeper into the woods to search for a new home. Fortunately for him, he found an n empty military base with small huts. There was also a used mattress that allowed him to sleep comfortably. However, there was no food and the kid had survived by drinking rainwater. It took six days for the rescuers to find him. Aside from mild hypothermia and extreme hunger, the kid had a speedy recovery. However, the parents decided to seek help from a psychologist to deal with the trauma their carelessness might have brought to their kid.

Jaryd Atadero


On October 1999, three-year-old Jaryd Atadero was entrusted by his father, Allyn, to his friends who went hiking in Comanche Peak at t the Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado. Allyn was originally included in the plan but back out the last minute. Jaryd was keen to go so in the end, his father’s friend decided to take him and promised to look after him.


However, it seems that the group forgot that there was a kid. No one can give a plausible estimate of how long he’s gone from sight when the police interviewed them. A huge search party with 50 dogs helped to find the missing boy. However, it was only years after when the authorities finally found Jaryd’s remains. Up to this day, there is no clear report about what happened. Some say he was snatched by a lion why others think he was murdered.

Tserin Dopchut

In September 2016, three-year-old Tserin from the small village of Khut in Siberia wandered after a puppy. Before he realized that he was straying too far, he was already deep down in the woods of Siberia, a forest known for having wild bears and wolves. Moreover, the temperature at night can drop well below freezing.


Tserin went missing for three days. With all points considered, no one in the village believed that he will be able to come back alive. However, the family and the rescuers never gave up and on the third day, his uncle found him curled up between the roots of a tree. The little boy told everyone that he had eaten his chocolate bar. Everyone was impressed by his bravery and stamina. As a sign of their relief, the whole village held a celebration for his safe return.

Brennan Hawkins

In 2005, 11-year old Brennan Hawkins joined a Boy Scout Jamboree camping trip. They went to Bear River Boy Scout Reservation near Salt Lake City, Utah. The forest covers 17,000 acres. Since it’s an annual camping event, his parents allowed him to go. After all, there were superiors to accompany the boys and there was a total of 1, 400 students camping in the area.


The boy scouts were given their respective partner or “buddy”. Brennan’s partner, however, grew impatient at one of the activities and told Brennan to just follow him to the mess hall. Instead of going after his partner, the boy decided to skip dinner and explored the forest. When the superiors made a headcount and found out that a boy scout was missing, they instantly formed a rescue party. It took four days for them to found Brennan. When asked, the boy said that he purposely hid from the rescuers thinking that they were bad people. Moreover, he wasn’t aware that he was already missing for four days. In his mind, only a day had passed.

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