-- Love Always Wins! How A Nurse Found True Love Again After Suffering Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare

 Rebecca Goedecke thought she had it all—the perfect marriage to the love of her life, a beautiful daughter and an amazing career as a nurse.

However, little did she know that everything was about to come crashing down around her ears.


Rebecca’s life was about to fall apart in the most spectacular fashion, leaving her questioning everything about her marriage after she discovered some nasty surprises about her husband of seven years.

It's a story that's every woman's worst nightmare.

It Was All Going Great

Rebecca was hard-working, successful and most importantly, happy.

After working her way through nursing and grad school with a newborn, her dream job had led her to Florida, with the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with by her side.


However, after starting this new chapter of their lives together, Rebecca was soon to discover that her husband wasn’t who he said he was.

Picture Perfect 

Looking back, in a blog post on Love Maters, Rebecca describes this time as magical.

She was happily married, they had a healthy 3-year-old daughter, and they lived in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, close to Jacksonville Beach, Florida.


Rebecca could have lunch by the ocean, every day was filled with sunshine, the future was bright.

This idyllic life seemed almost too good to be true—and it turned out, it was.

A Shocking Surprise

It all happened one Monday afternoon...

Rebecca was on her way home from work when her life collapsed. Just two days before, the family had happily celebrated their daughter’s birthday with a luau party.

But, as she drove home to their house, she noticed there was something strange going on in the front yard.


As she drove closer, she noticed that all of their belongings were thrown out in the front yard—the family had suddenly been evicted from their home.

Completely clueless as to what was going on, Rebecca was shocked to be told she was not allowed back in the house, and that the locks had been changed.

The Life She Always Wanted

Rebecca was to be shocked even further though after discovering this wasn't just a simple eviction.


In fact, she was left stunned and heartbroken after discovering that while everything seemed to be going so well for her and her family, her husband had actually been keeping a shocking secret from her the whole time they were married.


Rebecca thought she had ‘made it’—she had a healthy daughter, a happy marriage, the beach close by and a home she felt happy in.

Little did she know though, what she was about to uncover would change all of that in an instant.

Something Wasn’t Adding Up

Rebecca felt lost and hopeless, but most of all: confused.

She couldn't understand why they had been evicted from their home. Rebecca had been paying her share of the rent and bills, and she prided herself on always being an extremely responsible person and mom.


After talking to her landlord, Rebecca found out they were three months behind on their rent.

All the time, Rebecca had thought her husband was taking care of it, but somehow the money had mysteriously disappeared, and he couldn't, or wouldn't, explain how.

Piecing It Together

Looking for answers, Rebecca started putting two and two together. Upon reflection, she realized her husband had been acting pretty strange recently.

From weird sleeping habits to weight loss and mysterious errands he had been running, he was always going somewhere but never wanted to take his family with him.

She had pushed the thoughts aside as she carried on about her busy life as a working mom, but now the red flags were impossible to ignore.


As she kept looking for clues, Rebecca noted that her husband also never parked his car in the driveway, choosing instead to leave his car further away in guest parking spaces.

That’s when she started searching his car for an explanation.

A Hidden Addiction


And she soon found her answer, albeit one she really didn't want to face up to.

Scattered around in the car she discovered a slew of empty cans and prescription pill bottles.


Her husband had been hiding his unhealthy habits—in the car he drove his daughter around in. He had been endangering their child and his own health.

But a substance abuse problem was not the only thing he had been hiding from her.

That was only the tip of the iceberg.

Undelivered Messages

In the trunk, Rebecca found yet another part of the explanation as to how her husband had been managing to lead a secret life—several years worth of mail that he had been hiding from her.


From bills to birthday cards, he had been keeping it all buried away in his car.

It suddenly dawned on Rebecca that all the money she gave him that was meant for rent, had been used to feed his addiction.

As bad as this already was, unfortunately, it didn’t stop there, as she would soon find out.

A Web Of Lies

Rebecca recalls how devastating all the discoveries were at the time.

“Confused, hurt, and angry were my only emotions for the next few days," she admits. "I was running on fumes and couldn’t eat or sleep.”

How could she have missed all the signs?


Spending all her time and energy on raising their daughter and building her career, she hadn't been able to focus on anything else, and it had all seemed to be going well.

But all the while, her husband had been building a web of lies.

Rebecca started the painful process of piecing it all together and was soon to discover that her husband was not the man she thought he was.

A Credit Card Disaster


The lies just kept piling up.

Rebecca found out that her husband had stolen her identity and ruined her credit. All throughout their marriage, he had been opening credit cards and taking out personal loans—in her name.


Rebecca always thought she was on top of her bills, but her husband had managed to hide it all from her, racking up huge debts in her name while using her stolen identity.

However, in another shocking twist, Rebecca learned that it wasn’t just money problems he had been hiding, it was also his true identity.

A Different Life

As it turns out, Rebecca’s husband was never in the Marine Corps, as he had always claimed. His education, his job, it was all a huge lie.

For almost a decade, Rebecca had been married to a man she—as it turns out—didn't even know.


Her life was already crumbling to pieces when she discovered the most painful truth of all though—her husband had another daughter with another woman.

The husband Rebecca thought she knew so well, turned out to be a complete fraud, and after she confronted him about his web of lies and secret life, he abandoned her and their daughter in a Target parking lot.

No Place To Go

After being abandoned by her good-for-nothing lying husband, Rebecca and her daughter were literally left with nothing.

With her credit totally ruined, wasted rent money and being evicted from their home, she and her daughter had no place to go.


So, without any belongings and limited access to money, they were forced to move into a cheap motel.

They Had Hit Rock Bottom

Still reeling from all of the deception and lies, Rebecca was clueless about what to do or where to go next.


She took a trip to Walmart to get the basics for her and her daughter to tide them over for the next few days, having not even a clean set of clothes to change into.


Rebecca was devastated because they literally had nothing. Her husband of seven years had managed to leave her not only with a broken heart, but also with no money, no credit, and no home.

However, somehow she managed to keep her head high, writing in her blog post that she chose to view their stay in the motel as a ‘vacation’,

Not surprisingly though, she admits that she constantly cried over what she had lost and how she had been so wickedly deceived by the man she loved.

Back To Her Parents' House

After licking her wounds for a while, Rebecca pulled herself together and started to focus on forming a game plan.

Having no support in Florida, she made the decision to move back to her home state of Tennessee and to live with her parents while she rebuilt her destroyed life.  


So, as a 32-year-old woman, with a 3-year-old daughter, completely broke and broken, Rebecca packed up the meager belongings she had and began their journey back home.

To add to the misery of her situation, she left the bright sunshine and warmth of Florida, which she had so loved, to arrive in a dark, freezing cold and snowy Tennessee.

It seemed like the perfect scenario to fit her situation and mindset.

Never Gave Up

But even though it all seemed hopeless, Rebecca stayed strong, for her daughter. She would cry over all the things the lost, even the part of her heart that was stolen.

But as a testament to her strength of character, Rebeca was not going to let the man who ruined everything she had built in her past ruin her future too.


Through it all, she made a tremendous effort to keep a positive and upbeat attitude.

Looking On The Bright Side

Rebecca did everything in her power to turn her situation into a positive one. 

She focused on the fact that her daughter was able to get to know her grandparents better as she spent time with them every day. And she drew strength from watching her daughter grow up happy and healthy, playing with the exact same toys she did as a little girl the same age.

Rebecca filed for divorce from her deadbeat ex-husband and started adjusting to her new life as a working single mom.


But despite being in a safe environment, surrounded by her loving family, Rebecca was starting to feel lonely.

She was desperate to start her new life properly and wanted to make some new friends in town. And despite having her heart torn apart,  Rebecca started opening up to the possibility of finding love once again sometime in the future.

Finding new friends

Rebecca was eager to meet new people and form new friendships, but having recently arrived back home, she didn't know where to start.

Then one day, she decided to text an old friend from high school. While joking around with him, Rebecca asked her friend if he had any hot single pals that he could introduce her to.

To her surprise, he took her lighthearted question seriously and gave her the name of a single buddy of his, Steven.


Little did she know at the time, but this seemingly innocent conversation would later turn out to be a turning point for Rebecca.

And the start of a whole new chapter for her and her daughter.

“I Know That Little Girl!”

Not surprisingly, as she was still recovering from the betrayal she had gone through, at first, Rebecca was hesitant about dating again so soon after her divorce.

Still, she was curious about the guy, Steven, that her friend had mentioned.

She decided to check him out on social media. There she found that he was a single parent too, with a daughter of the same age as hers.


Rebecca showed her mother a picture of Steven with his daughter, and in a bizarre twist of fate, she immediately recognized the little girl.

What Are The Odds?

Despite Memphis being a big city, it turns out that Rebecca and Steven were connected in some way.

Steven’s ex-wife’s sister was Rebecca’s mom’s hairdresser, and she had photos of the little girl in her salon—which is how she had recognized her.

Rebecca's mom decided that this could not just be a coincidence, it had to be a sign, so she insisted her daughter arrange to meet-up with Steven.


After some gentle prodding from mom, Rebecca reached out to Steven with a Facebook message, and he responded back right away.

After messaging back and forth for a while and then speaking on the phone several times, they decided to meet in person.

Head Over Heels

After a fantastic first date, Rebecca found herself immediately falling for Steven.

She couldn't stop thinking about Steven after she left him, and found herself imagining a future with him.

But, she was hesitant about falling in love again, as she still had her past trauma fresh in her mind.


Rebecca's self-worth and self-esteem had been dealt a huge blow following the breakdown of her marriage. And, she struggled to allow herself to trust another man after having been so cruelly lied to and treated so badly by her deceptive ex-husband.

She saw herself as damaged goods, and couldn't imagine why Steven would be interested in a woman like her, with problems such as hers.

All Cards On The Table

After everything that had happened, it's little surprise that Rebecca was skeptical about falling in love again.

However, Steven was every bit as into Rebecca as she was into him, and he wasn't about to let her walk away.


Steven was willing to put the work in that was required to gain Rebecca's trust. He wanted her to know he had nothing to hide.

He showed her his credit score, bank account, and up-to-date mortgage payments.  Moreover, he gave her the keys to his house, so she could snoop around whenever she wanted.

By doing this, Steven didn't only win Rebecca's trust, but also her heart.

Even though Rebecca wasn't looking to be saved, Steven swooped in and did just that, in addition to helping her get back on her feet again.

Leaving For Heartbreak, Staying For Love

Love was never the reason Rebecca moved to Tennessee—if anything—heartbreak was. But, it turned out, love was the reason to stay.

Within a matter of weeks, Rebecca and Steven had become inseparable, and so had their daughters.

A few months after they met, Steven proposed.


That’s when she knew that there had been a bigger reason behind all of her suffering: she had moved back home to find the true love of her life.

The couple moved in together, and after a small elopement ceremony officially became a happy merged family.

Rebecca never expected to find love at rock bottom, but she did.

Happily Ever After

Time passed by, and Rebecca and Steven moved into a bigger house.

Eventually, they even had a child together.


Despite coming from a complicated situation, the two have managed to build an amazing and happy life together.

The story of how Rebecca and Steven met is special and unique, but then, so is their love.

When people ask, they usually just say they met on a blind date and got married four months later.


But at the end of the day, all that really matters is that Rebecca got her happily ever after.

And, as the mother-of-two says in her own words, "In the end, love wins."


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