There is nothing that can quite compare to the whimsical feeling of falling in love. In fact, the feeling is so strong that it only takes ...

-- These Men Were In Love Until a DNA Test Changed Their Lives -- These Men Were In Love Until a DNA Test Changed Their Lives

-- These Men Were In Love Until a DNA Test Changed Their Lives

-- These Men Were In Love Until a DNA Test Changed Their Lives

 There is nothing that can quite compare to the whimsical feeling of falling in love. In fact, the feeling is so strong that it only takes a glimpse of an endearing couple to bring about nostalgic feelings of romance for yourself.


Is that the emotion that stirs in your heart when you see a picture this good-looking couple? The pair of attractive same-sex lovers considered themselves soul mates until a DNA test turned their lives upside down.

A Moment of Serendipity

Before they met, the two men had a lot in common. For starters, Jason Osbourne and Alex Brown both lived in New Jersey, America. They were also both smoking hot and worked as models to make a living.


The pair met two years ago in a moment that could only be described as fate. Both of the steamy men had been called for a modeling gig in New York City, and that is when the inevitable occurred.

Two Peas In A Pod

From their very first encounter in New York City, the pair hit it off. It seemed that their gorgeous bodies were not the only thing that attracted them to each other. It wasn’t long before the pair became inseparable.


Jason and Alex were two peas in a pod. Wherever the one was, the other was nearby. The couple became a popular same-sex couple in the modeling scene. The limelight was on them, and that is when the rumors began.  

It Started Out As A Joke

Jason and Alex were in a loving relationship that rocked their world. As an attractive, same-sex couple, the pair received a significant amount of attention. It wasn’t long before more and more people started teasing them about the similarity in their appearances.


The two took the rumors in their stride, laughing along, considering the mere suggestion of them being related as bizarre. Together, they decided to take a DNA test as a joke and to prove that they were not cousins as people said.

Let The DNA Do The Talking

With the pressure of their friends joking that they were cousins, Jason and Alex decided to take a DNA test and prove them wrong. The lovers never predicted that what started out as a joke, would end as a moment of truth that turned their life upside down.  


Hand-in-hand, the two hunky models decided to get their DNA tested. They thought that they would let the results do the talking - and it was during that anticipated moment their world fell apart.

The Moment of Truth

Jason and Alex’s loving relationship got swept up in a hurricane of confusion when their DNA test results were finally revealed. They had spent the last two years as lovers and now they were about to find out the truth.


The truth about their relationship dropped on the pair like a bomb - the handsome couple were actually twins. It seems that the jokes about them being cousins would have been an easier pill to swallow than the truth.

To Laugh Or To Cry?

The two never expected to learn that they were long-lost twins. It was the furthest thing that they could ever have predicted. They had expected to spend the rest of their lives with one another, believing that they were soul mates.


Jason was unsure whether he should jump with joy or cry at the thought that his soul mate and lover was, in fact, his twin brother. But the truth from the results meant so much more than shattered dreams of endless love.

Read Between The Lines

It wasn’t long until the cogs started turning and the pair put two-and-two together. Not only had they just discovered that they were twins, but they discovered something else just as significant.


Jason had just discovered that his gay lover was, in fact, his twin brother. In addition, it means that one of them was adopted and had been lied to their whole life about who their parents were. Reading between the lines of the DNA test revealed an incredible feeling of loneliness.

An Unexpected Birthday Gift

This is definitely not what either of the models had expected or desired. The reality of their 25th birthday celebration was far from what either of them had envisioned.  


The results of the DNA test had ruined their lives on multiple levels. Their plans for their future as a pair and loving item had been ripped from underneath their feet like a rug. To add salt to the wound, they weren’t even sure who their real parents were.

Deep Feelings Of Regret

In between managing the emotions that came with finding out that they were twins, Jason and Alex barely had the energy to think about anything else. However, one thing that kept plaguing their minds was the question - why on earth did they take the test?


Both former-lovers were filled with regret about taking the test. They couldn’t help think about how much easier it would have been if they had just let the jokes slide. How could they not have seen their resemblance sooner?

A Story Goes Viral

It wasn’t long before Jason and Alex’s tragic story of discovery started to gain traction on the internet. Their good looks had already placed them in the limelight and the new scandal simply increased the attention.


Soon, the story had reached corners far and wide, which is not so surprising considering how crazy their story really is. The tale of two sexy lovers - who were actually twins - was making headlines and echoing across the internet.


Sharing is Caring

It wasn’t long before the crazy story of the twin lovers went viral across the internet. One can only imagine the horrified reaction of online audiences as they lapped up the juicy story of two sexy men in an amorous relationship who shockingly find out that they are twins.


Statistics show that people had shared the story an impressive 32,000 times on Facebook, with some of the individual posts reaching 500 likes alone. The story was taking the internet by storm.

A Viral Sensation

Jason and Alex’s story spread like wildfire on the internet. With over 32,000 people sharing their bizarre story on Facebook, it wasn’t long before their DNA results were a viral sensation. It turns out that the shocking circumstance of finding out that the attractive lovers were actually twins was a recipe for sharability.


The unbelievable story had supposedly turned the men’s lives upside down. However, their tale left a few skeptical readers confused and the cracks began to show.

Who Dunnit?

Soon, the cracks in the story of the lovebirds (or rather the twins) started showing. The facts didn’t seem to add up. The hunky men were the spitting image of each other. How could they not have recognized the physical similarities when staring into each other’s eyes?


People started asking questions about the origins of the story that had gone viral. Who was the original author of the story? And who were these twins that supposedly couldn’t put the obvious puzzle pieces together?

World News Daily

The story first made headlines when it was shared by World News Daily. The online publication is listed as a satirical news source that invents viral stories. Thousands upon thousands of readers were absorbed by the story, sharing it among their friends.


It can be assumed that the title of the publication led people to believe that the story was true. It seems that if you put the word “world” alongside the word “news”, it is easier to win the trust of readers.

True Colors Are Revealed

Despite the misleading title of the platform, it turns out that World News Daily is a satirical online publication that invents and shares fake stories rather than reality. As it turns out, the story of the twin lovers was the perfect recipe for going viral.


When the World News Daily was named as the author platform, the story was revealed to be fake news. However, there were many questions left hovering in the air. Who were these good looking men, and what is their real story?

The Perfect Set Up

Although the story of the twins was fake news, it has to be handed to World News Daily. The online platform knew exactly what ingredients were needed to create the ultimate viral story - sex and gay pride.


The two gorgeous models were sexy enough to attract attention on their own. Add a homosexual love affair and the drama of a family scandal and you are bound to have your audience on the edge of their seats.

Jokes On You

It is predicted that not only tens of thousands of people were duped by the story - but rather hundreds of thousands. If the goal was to create a viral sensation, then World News Daily did a remarkable job.


Not only was the story shared over 32,000 people by people who were absorbed with the narrative, but the engagement on these posts was incredibly high - with many of the individual posts receiving 500-plus likes each. Quite an impressive result for a story of fake news.

Disclaimer Text

Perhaps the craziest part regarding the successful virality of the story is that various platforms and organizations began sharing the story despite their speculation. It seems as though the story of the twins was shocking enough to entertain both doubtful and gullible readers alike.


One newsletter in particular even quoted the following disclaimer; “We at San Diego Gay and Lesbian news aren’t accustomed to bringing you fake news, but in this case, we thought you ought to know.”

Sensationalism At Its Finest

Another online news platform reposted the truth of the article in their ‘trending now’ section. The fabricated tale of the twin lovers was posted alongside other scandalous stories such as that of a man dying after eating 37 condoms at an orgy.


This platform also included a disclaimer which stipulates that all characters in their articles are entirely fictional regardless of any resemblance they may bear to real people.

So, what exactly is the truth behind the story of the faux lovers?

The Real Men Behind The Story

The real story of Jason and Alex is significantly different from the fake story that went viral. The two young men are actually a pair of South African twins that go by the name collective name “K2”.


While the part of the story describing them as models is true, the two men have always known that they are twins, and have never been romantically involved. The young men’s real names are Alex and Charlie Kotze.


A Snippet Of Truth

While the fabricated story is laughable, there are a few snippets of the viral story that line up as truth. For starters, both of the young men are models and make a pretty penny by posing for the camera.


In addition, the brothers are very close. While they are not quite soul mates or lovers, they are definitely best friends. Having grown up in the same household with loving parents, Alex and Charlie share a healthy, brotherly relationship.

The Birth Of A Passion

The story of how the twins became models is an interesting one. At first, they were not interested in modeling at all, but it all changed one day while they were relaxing on a beach on holiday.


It was while they were kicking back and catching some rays that their modeling potential was discovered. This led to the birth of the K2 twins. At first, small modeling jobs built the platform for larger jobs but it wasn’t long before they were contacted to present a DIY and renovation show. Unfortunately, the attention also attracted scandal.

The Scandal Continues

The fake news story about the K2 twins being lovers is not the only raunchy story that was fabricated about the two models. Rumors were also flying about that Alex and Charlie were offered a significant amount of money to masturbate in public at an art show.


This story and other unorthodox, slanderous tales have been tagged to the duo. It seems that the dashing pair know how to attract attention. However, there is far more to the young men than what meets the eye.

Not Just a Pretty Face


Comfortable in front of the camera, the young men sure know how to turn heads. What many people don’t realize is that they also know how to turn fields. Their talents go far further than being able to pose in front of the camera - the twins are also farmers.


Farming requires a lot of hard work and all of a sudden, the twins’ sculpted biceps make perfect sense. But still, we have to wonder how the golden boys found themselves working the fields.

Ploughing The Fields

While the two are successful models, they both think of farming as their first love. The sexy twins consider themselves lucky to have been born into a family of farming. In their own words, farming is in their blood.


Farming has not only helped shape and tone their muscles by spending physically challenging days in the fields, but it has also shaped their life mottos. One of their most valuable mantras is “what you plant is what you harvest”.

What They Look For In Love

So if the twins are not in love with each other, who are they in love with? As it turns out, Alex is involved in a romantic relationship, but Charlie is single. When asked about what he looks for in a woman, Charlie comments that a confident woman who keeps him on his toes is his dream woman.


The quote “wait for the one who would do anything to be your everything” keeps Charlie hopeful that his ideal woman is out there - and hopefully looks very different from his brother.

A Day In The Life Of The Twins

The K2 twins spend their days farming in South Africa. They love the outdoors and as their tanned complexion reveals, they spend a lot of time in the sun.


Their social media accounts reveal that they enjoy the majority of their days side-by-side. If they are not working in the fields alongside each other, then they are posing together in front of the camera. However, their glamorous life is not all that it seems.

It’s All About Balance

While it is very easy to get swept away in the dreamy shots of the topless twins, there is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that have helped Alex and Charlie achieve their results.


Their joint K2 Instagram account reveals images of the models working hard, exercising routinely and munching on balanced meals. The young men appear to spend a lot of time in the gym and exploring the natural landscapes. This is quite a different story from the one that initially went viral.

Fake News Alert

It appears that the life of the twin brothers who split their time between farming and modeling is far cry from the fake news that went viral. When the brothers heard about the sensationalist tale, they had to laugh.  


“We laughed about this, because someone clearly had a lot of time on their hands. We are not from New Jersey and we have never been there. We are not gay … Sorry guys and we’re not a couple. We don’t need a DNA test to see that we are twins and we were never separated."

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