The miracle of childbirth is one of the most incredible and unbelievable things that any person can experience. The fact that women’s bodi...

-- This Amazing Grandmother Was Put In A Sticky Situation When Her Daughter's Water Broke -- This Amazing Grandmother Was Put In A Sticky Situation When Her Daughter's Water Broke

-- This Amazing Grandmother Was Put In A Sticky Situation When Her Daughter's Water Broke

-- This Amazing Grandmother Was Put In A Sticky Situation When Her Daughter's Water Broke

 The miracle of childbirth is one of the most incredible and unbelievable things that any person can experience. The fact that women’s bodies can change so much, can adjust themselves and grow an entire human being inside of themselves, making a baby in only nine months, is an astonishing and award-worthy feat. But the fact that it is also the most commonplace thing ever - something that brought each and every one of us into this world and therefore something that we all take, in some ways, for granted.


Especially with modern medicine, birth has become something that is seen less as revered and more as assured. But this birthing story is one that remains astonishing, heart-touching, and exciting! It is certainly nothing close to mundane. Read on to learn more!

Meet Mom!

April McMasters is a mother from Delaware originally, where she was born to the Lawson family, and she eventually moved and raised her family in Holiday, Florida. She is happily married to long time husband Brent McMasters, together since 1993. She runs a home servicing company with her family, helping people keep their houses insulated and keep their energy levels down. They insulate and cool homes, helping people to keep their bills low.


April is certainly a career woman who knows the value of hard work and hands on type living! Additionally, she has always been very involved with her family. She is a mother who cares for her children attentively and she is also a wife who tries to be there for Brent when he needs her.

From the Home I Love

April has a daughter, Makayla. Makayla is April’s youngest daughter, and she and her mother are very close. April has a son as well, but this story centers on female power! After all, they are the ones who have the children growing in their stomachs throughout the time it takes for a baby to be ready for their birth. Indeed, April’s son lives in Texas with his wife and their dog, very far away from home.


It is probably very hard for April to be far from her son because she is very close to her children and has always been involved in their lives. Everyone knows that a mother and a son share a very particular bond, and April, who loves her kids dearly, has a hard time being far away from them. But she does still have her daughter, Makayla, who lives right nearby! 

Stuck on You

Makayla lives in Florida now, very close to her mother’s home. They are very close as a mother and daughter, going shopping together, talking about life, enjoying each other’s company and cooking food together to help sustain their families. The mother and daughter duo are closer than most mothers and daughters, since they have been through many changes together.


Makayla has always turned to her mother when she needs help, especially with her relationship. April has a strong marriage based on many years of practice, and she is always happy to help her daughter with any advice she can offer.

Mama I'm a Big Girl

Many mothers and daughters have a complex relationship with each other: it’s hard to live up to your mother’s expectations sometimes, and to feel like you are always in her shadow is especially difficult. At the same time, it is hard to look at a child you brought into this world sometimes and not understand them.


You want the best for your children, as a mother, but you also expect the most from them, because you understand that they’re capable of many things and you want them to live up to their potential. April and Makayla have a very good relationship, that isn’t involved in negativity, which is built on a foundation of trust and understanding. They are there for each other, which is, unfortunately, kind of rare sometimes in this complex world!  

Any Other Name

Makayla’s last name changed from McMasters to Cole a few years ago, when she married the man who had been her boyfriend for a couple of years already and had always been and would always be the love of her life. As husband and wife, Nathaniel and Makayla live happily together, but Makayla and her mother still see each other quite often.


After all, it’s hard to completely cut away from your parents, and most marriages do not require it, but would rather incorporate the pre-existing family into the new family unit! Indeed, Makayla and her mother see each other often and when they cannot make time to meet up in person they talk over the phone like many people love to do. 

Self Employed 

Makayla has a business as a hairstylist, dying and cutting people’s hair in her neighborhood. Surely her mother, who runs a business as well, is very proud of her daughter for following her footsteps in her entrepreneurship methods. After all, it is always a good thing for mothers and daughters to understand each other’s work, rather than not understanding why someone would choose their career.


Indeed, April is very supportive of her daughter’s business, recommending her on Facebook and liking her advertisements and all the pictures of the resulting hairstyles. Of course, this is only the beginning of a wonderful career for Makayla, and there are plenty of other new beginnings in store for her.

Start of Something New

Eventually, Makalya and her husband began to start talking about having a family, building a house and home of their very own. They wanted, of course, to raise children that would be as close to them as they are to their own parents, and Makayla had big shoes to fill in terms of living up to her mother’s excellent example of parenting. Makayla was a very young beginning mother, but she probably felt ready enough!


She may have been nervous to have her first child in general since although giving birth is no longer that dangerous it is still a very difficult experience and one that takes a large toll on people. Starting a family is also a very difficult thing to decide upon, but knowing that her mother would always have her back, Makayla probably was not as nervous to go forward with the choice.

Fresh Family

When April found out that she was going to be a grandmother for the first time, she was probably over the moon with joy and excitement! After all, it is a huge stepping stone in one’s life path. From going to a parent and always having to care for a child twenty-four-seven, to having your kids move out and dealing with empty nest syndrome.


Finally, they were getting used to not having those kids around, and the natural next step is to help those children raise up their own kids. The whole fun is that you no longer have to be completely responsible for the basic needs of the little ones. April was a young Grandma-to-be, but she was definitely really excited for her daughter’s news. 


Tough Times Ahead

April helped her daughter throughout the pregnancy, giving her advice and aiding her with the changes she was experiencing. There is a lot to talk about regarding pregnancy, especially the first one. The two definitely spent a lot of time talking about how the body changes for the sake of the baby, funny food cravings, and the terror of morning sickness. There is a lot to bond over, and it’s a special time for a mother and daughter, as the latter finally sees what the former went through in order to gift her with life. There was an additional difficulty, however.


Makayla suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, a pregnancy complication that involves terrible nausea and dehydration. It’s a very severe kind of morning sickness, that in hard cases lasts an entire pregnancy. Makayla and her mother dealt with it together, side by side. They definitely got much closer over the time they got to spend together, and tackling a challenge together is the best way to bond. 

Here it Comes!

One day, April was out at her work for a normal afternoon when she received a phone call from her daughter. April surely always answers calls from her daughter, but she was especially attentive as she knew that Makayla was very close to her due date. April answered the phone to find her daughter on the other end of the line - in the middle of a contraction!


Makayla asked her mother to come home as soon as she could, as her water had broken and the contractions had begun. April, of course, as any attentive mother would have, left work early and went right home, driving fast but safe so she could make it on time. April got there just as Makayla was beginning to go into more contractions, so she called the hospital.

The Way it Goes

Normally, a pregnant woman who begins to experience contractions will contact the hospital. If the hospital thinks the contractions are far enough apart, they will tell the woman to make her own way to the hospital and be checked in once the contractions are closer together, which signals the imminent arrival of the baby.


If the contractions are too close together, the hospital will send an ambulance. Unfortunately, an ambulance would definitely be in the cards tonight - but would it arrive on time? 

Keeping Time

Once April had the doctors on the line, she began to time the contractions that her beloved daughter was experiencing. Makayla was young, and it was her first pregnancy and also a difficult one.


The contractions seemed to be distant by many minutes. Indeed, the hospital said that Makyala’s contractions were too far apart from one another and that she could not yet come in to be checked in for the obstetrician.

Hold Your Breath

So April was left to keep timing the contractions and seeing where they would lead. She held Makayla’s hand through the pain, and they both tried to remember the breathing exercises pregnant women are taught.


There is a lot to go through before the baby is ready to come out, and some pregnancies can last over ten hours, or even go into multiple days. Contractions can be spaced very far apart. Makayla and her mother could never have imagined where these particular ones would lead. 

Now it's an Emergency 

April, of course, had experienced contractions herself over her first two births. Even if she could remember how they had felt, the memory was dull beside Makayla’s current pain. It is hard as a mother to watch your children suffer, and April must have fretted knowing that these could not take Makaylan’s pain away.


Suddenly the contractions began to come closer and closer together. April looked to check how far Makayla was dilated, to see if it matched the hospital’s instructions. However, when she looked under Makayla’s dress, she saw a baby’s head where she hadn’t expected to see one yet! Immediately, she dialed 911. As the phone dialed, she was probably praying that someone on the other line would have answers for her. 


Unusual Situation

A 911 operator answered the phone with the speed that is normal for 911 calls. The operators are well-trained individuals, who have dealt with all types of people in panic, hard places, scary situations, and while they are hurt or suffering. Certainly, they do not get this call every day though! April had to tell the operator that her daughter was having a baby, right now, in their bathroom!


The 911 operator was very professional, and since they are indeed very well instructed, they knew what to do even with such an unusual situation. They walked April through the birth. Makayla’s body, of course, knew what to do, but April had to assist with the operator on the phone guiding her, as Makayla pushed harder than she ever had before in her life.

Welcome to the World!

Finally, the pushing was over. April held a beautiful baby boy in her hands, screaming his head off. April was overcome with emotion and tears, and Makayla was definitely exhausted after such an arduous process.


April had to clean up the baby while still dealing with the emotional overload of having been not only present at the birth but a complete participant. Eventually, an ambulance siren could be heard wailing its way toward their home, coming to bring more professional help to the situation. But as far as the McMaster girls were concerned, the hardest part was already over. 

Meet Maddex

The beautiful baby boy was named Maddex, and April was as proud as any grandmother ever has been. Makayla’s father and husband were notified, and the whole family met them at the hospital so that they could be there to officially meet their newest family member and welcome him into the world.


 Maddex had a very unusual birthing story, but luckily he was not an unusual baby: he was quite healthy and hale and ready to take on the world and the challenges it had for him. After all, what challenge could possibly face him, now that he had put his mother through such a unique birthing experience! And April was, of course, the talk of the town. 

Try Again

A year later, Makayla was pregnant again. This time, since they knew that the first birth had happened so quickly, she and her husband tried to be more prepared. They scheduled induction in advance and were all ready to go shortly before the due date when the contractions began again!


 This time they luckily made it to the hospital. Makayla started to breathe through the contractions and their doctor was called, but the baby was out of Makayla’s belly before the doctor even arrived on the scene.

Nix the Doc

The doctor, in the end, wasn’t needed except to check the healthy baby boy over and make sure that Makayla would recover properly. Makayla’s babies just seemed so eager to live their lives that they did not wait around for doctors or staff members, and did not care if their mother was in a bed or the bathroom! They wanted out, as soon as possible! 


This is how Nixen came into the world, so eager that the first hands to hold him wouldn’t be a doctor, but in fact his mother and father. Of course, April came to the hospital right away to meet her newest grandson.

Grandma of The Year

April was so happy to have two grandsons, Maddex and his adorable younger brother Nixen. April doted on them all the time, taking them traveling to see their uncle in Texas, taking them to work with her, buying them toys and taking care of them.


Makayla needed a lot of help as she was still in school for some of her son’s earliest years, and her mother was always there to step in and pick up any slack that was needed. April is definitely an example of an adoring mother and grandmother, and since she is still so young she has a lot of energy to spare and pass around to her little grandkids. But she wouldn’t be stuck with only grandsons forever, and the next grandkid would be born in just as shocking a way as the first. 

More's Family!

Eventually, Makayla and her husband decided that they wanted to try for a third child, a little girl this time. Makayla had been through two pregnancies this time, and though she was still a young twenty-two she felt like she knew more of what to expect.


She knew that pregnancy was very difficult for her. Unfortunately, she had suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum throughout both of her previous pregnancies. 


Hyperemesis gravidarum makes recovering from a pregnancy very difficult, as it saps the energy out of you and requires a lot of IV fluids and hospital visits throughout and after pregnancy.


Makayla must really love her children to sacrifice herself by going through that difficulty and undertaking such an ordeal.

Helping Hands

Of course, the whole time her mother was there to help her through the tough moments, switch out her IVs and give her the medication she needed, so that her husband could keep working and the grandkids would not be left alone. Eventually, Makayla did get pregnant. 


Although they worried this pregnancy would be hard too, they thought that the challenge was worth it, and everyone stepped up to aid them.


Waiting for Her

It was indeed a little girl, and Makayla and her husband were very excited. They decided to schedule induction again so that there would not be a surprise, and learning from the last time they had a bag all packed and waiting in the car at all times.


April had received a home birthing kit, mostly as a joke from a friend, but she kept it on her person throughout the last few months of the pregnancy. She prayed that she did not have to use it, but if she did she wanted to be prepared! 

Here She Comes!

This time, Makayla’s water broke at 3:30 AM, and the family did not waste time with a call to the hospital or trying to time the contractions. They got right in the car, leaving Grandpa to watch Maddex and Nixen


April drove and Makayla and her husband sat in the backseat, breathing through the pain and pressure. Afterward, Makayla told the Tampa Bay Times “I just at one point knew, okay, we’re not making it,”

Pull Over!

This was most definitely true. They had to pull over on the side of the road, and April, now for the second time, single-handedly delivered her third grandkid.


They were in the back of a car, and it was awkward and cramped. But somehow, April managed to keep everyone calm. 

Hello World!

Nathaniel was there for this birth in full, and he was likely holding his wife’s hand throughout the difficult moments. But April, armed with past knowledge and a new but just as helpful 911 operator, again helped guide the baby out of her daughter’s womb and into the world.


This is how Braelynn entered the universe, screaming in the backseat of a parked car, at 4AM in Florida. It was certainly an eventful beginning!


Now April is a grandmother to three wonderful grandkids and still helps Makayla recover from her difficult pregnancies and taking care of her three rambunctious children.


Makayla is a very lucky young woman to have a mother who is so capable of staying calm under pressure and going above and beyond the normal call of duty for a grandma!

Career Change?

Most people never help deliver a child, let alone go through the whole thing twice! Maybe April McMaster should consider a career change from home insulation to a midwife.


At least the personal midwife of her loving daughter. She definitely has some very encouraging past experiences, and after being interviewed about her experiences, she even has some exposure!

My Mum Helped Bring Me Out!

Indeed, oldest son Maddex loves his grandma very much, and he and his siblings fondly call her “Mum” rather than grandma. Maddex, at four years old, loves to recount the story of how he came into this world. They were certainly crazy circumstances, involving an unusual location, a helpful operator, and his grandmother’s own loving hands.


But from the excitement, Maddex gets out of the story you can tell he wouldn’t have it any other way. If their beginnings are anything to judge by, these kids are going to have very interesting lives, with a loving grandmother who will be there for them through it all.

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