It's never easy to start a new life somewhere new because it takes time to get used to all the new people, places, and unfamiliar soun...

-- This Dog's Story With His Owner Will Show You What Real Happiness Is -- This Dog's Story With His Owner Will Show You What Real Happiness Is

-- This Dog's Story With His Owner Will Show You What Real Happiness Is

-- This Dog's Story With His Owner Will Show You What Real Happiness Is

 It's never easy to start a new life somewhere new because it takes time to get used to all the new people, places, and unfamiliar soundings. Dogs also deal with these sorts of challenges when they find themselves in a new home.


Some dogs find it difficult to adjust to their new owners and daily routines, while others relish the opportunity to start anew. Here are some great moments caught on camera of these happy dogs enjoying their new lives.

A Nibble or Two

The little puppy is so excited to see his new owner that instead of going for the good ‘ole lick on the face, he went for a nibble on the nose. 


Now that’s what we call some serious puppy love.  

Stolen Heart

Sweet baby expressions can steal a person’s heart and so can adorable little dog faces.


This lady saw this dog abandoned on the side of the road. After just one glance at the cute little dog’s face, she decided to take her back home.

I'm With Scruffy

We all love taking selfies and sharing them on social media with our friends and family. It turns out that dogs love them too! 


This little pup just can’t wait to show all of his friends this pic on his Facebook page.

Party Time!

Let’s get this party started! This excited dog just loves to bust a move when its owner is around.


He loves all the great tunes on the radio, but can you guess what his favorite song is? Did somebody say “Who Let the Dog’s Out”?


No Need to Hit Snooze

Alarm clocks aren’t friends of ours, so we do everything possible to shut them up.


But not when it comes to this alarm.

Superman's Kryptonite

When a dog wants a snack or a cuddle there is always a card to play that wins every time.


The infamous ‘Puppy Eyes’ work every time, no matter how hard one may resist. Look at this dog and tell me you wouldn’t give him a little extra dessert. Superman has his kryptonite and we have ours.

Serenity Now

Now that’s life. What more does this pup need? With warm sunshine on her face and a big hug from her owner, this puppy is just so content with life.


We bet you that her owner Is feeling just as pleased as she is right now.

Feeling Cozy

There is a must when it comes to babies and dogs, and that is giving them big warm hugs and kisses. 


Tata sure does love the affection she is getting from her new owner.

Getting on The Same Page


Getting a dog is not an easy decision for a couple, because in a sense it’s like having a child. Like a couple who are considering having a child together, it’s important for both partners to be.on the same page before getting a dog.


This was the case here, where the husband really wanted a dog but his wife wasn’t quite there yet. That all changed on this Christmas when his wife came home with a brand new puppy. Just look at the joy on the husband’s face. 

Batman's Sidekick

Ask Batman if it’s tough fighting crime all day? If the caped crusader was honest, he would tell you it is very stressful and arduous.


Crime fighters who don’t wear bat suits also feel the same way after a hard days work catching the bad guys. Luckily this policeman’s sidekick is always by his side to cheer him up.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

As with a baby, a dog sometimes needs the comfort of being rocked to sleep.


This puppy is just so happy to be rocked to sleep by her caring owner

They Come in All Different Sizes

This Reddit user found this dog online and fell in love with it right away despite its bearlike size.


He said, “I went to adopt a dog and ended up with a bear’’. Well when it comes to dogs, sometimes the sweetest ones come in really big sizes.


Old habits are hard to kick. That’s why many prospective owners choose to buy a pup that has not developed any bad habits yet.


Pups who are not set in their ways are much easier to train, while grownup dogs might be reluctant to kick a habit. This guy loves the mature dog that he adopted from a shelter, bad habits and all.

Breaking the Cute Barrier

What does cute girl plus cute puppy equal? Super cute couple. These two are going to have a great time playing in the snow in the winter and jumping on all the leaves in the spring.


We’re not sure who is more excited about all the fun they are going to have together. Our guess is that they both feel the same.

Spot the Difference

It’s like looking in a mirror. These two are so close that they just love to take great selfies together.


This time both owner and dog are mimicking each other.  What awesome stunt are they going to pull off next time?

Lifting the Blues

One of the worst feelings that come along with depression is the sense of always being alone no matter how many people are in the room. Luckily dogs aren’t people, because they love you unconditionally.


Also, the feeling one gets when caring for another living being provides great benefit for those suffering from depression. This girl’s dog can’t heal her depression but she sure does alleviate the horrible feeling of being alone.

Staring Who Are You Looking At?

Who are you looking at little boy? It seems like this adorable puppy can’t keep his eyes off of his gentle owner.


Size doesn’t matter when love fills the heart.

Sweet Dreams

It's been a long day for these two. After a long-time playing catch at the park, it’s time for this delightful boy and his buddy to get some shut-eye.


There is nothing more peaceful than a child dreaming sweet dreams together with their best canine friend.

Friends Forever

Who doesn’t like a giant hug? Dogs certainly love the affection that they get from the owners, especially if it’s a child. 


There is something about the innocence of a child that makes the bond between themselves and their dogs so very special. This dog will forever be cherished by this little boy.

Nosing Around

With a big kiss on her nose, you can tell that this puppy really loves her owner and vice versa.


After this photo was posted on Reddit one user commented, “the camera may have been quick enough to catch this protruding puppy’s tongue, but it still couldn’t capture his fast-flicking tail!”

We Swear It Wasn't Us

What are these two up to? It looks like this adorable girl and her dog are about to get into some fun mischief.


After receiving the puppy for Christmas this girl was so happy to have a best new friend. Now that’s what we call some holiday cheer.

When Life Seems Perfect

This attractive white fluffy puppy and his owner are so happy to be spending time with each other.


Next time you may be feeling blue, take a look at this picture again and we guarantee that a smile will cross your face.

Great Match

It’s not easy for older dogs to get adopted from a shelter, because many new owners prefer to pick a puppy.


By the happy looks on their faces, we are sure that this woman couldn’t have chosen a better dog, and this dog couldn’t have had a better owner.

Smiles Ever Since

Unfortunately, the elderly get very lonely after their spouse passes away.


A son helped alleviate his mother’s lonesomeness by buying her a very friendly dog to keep her company. This lady has been all smiles ever since.


Not only do elderly people get lonely but so do dogs who are advanced in age.


This older dog seems so appreciative to have a loving person to keep him company.

Meet My New Sister

The day before this picture was taken Sarah’s parents told her that they were adopting.


Sarah cannot hide excitement after the new member of the family came home.  Harley is just as enthusiastic to be a part of the family.

Happy Old Men

Many older dogs in the kennel have a poor chance of being adopted due to age and health issues. When this guy came into the kennel to adopt a dog he saw this older dog and knew in his heart that he was meant to bring this dog some happiness.


By the look on both of their faces, it is clear that he made the right choice.

The Right Touch

This dog had an itch that was bothering him for a long time. Many prospective owners tried to help him out, but they just didn’t have the right touch.


After this lady helped him, they both knew right away that this partnership is just what the doctor ordered.


Max is very happy to be out and about with his owner in matching colors.


This mixed breed and his owner’s personalities complement each other so well. Now that’s what we call a match made in heaven.

Sasha Got Swag

How much did these owners pay for such a decked-out collar for their dog? Nothing at all! Sasha came from a pet store that held an adoption fair that gave out free food, toys, and accessories to new owners.


Not only did these folks get a great dog, but got a slick collar in the process. By the way Sasha you look great.

Seflie Face

This dog wasn’t sure what type of facial expression she should give for this first-time selfie with her owner.


She was stuck between the surprised look and the exciting look. Somehow this clever dog managed to pull off both, and we just love it!

Bear Hug

This dog must think that he is a bear because he is giving his owner a gigantic bear hug.


The unconditional love a dog has for their owner comes in all shapes and sizes. Here he shows his owner how big his heart really is.

Nap Time

You know a baby is in peace when they fall asleep peacefully in their mother’s arms. This cute dog feels the same by knowing that she will always be safe and loved by her owner.


Remember though to never wake up a baby sleeping peacefully, nor a serene sleeping dog.

Daddy's Home

Dogs just love showing their affection to their owners by giving them kisses.


This dog was so happy to see her owner that she jumped on him and gave him a bunch of kisses all over his face.

Life Changing Moment

Just adopted a few minutes beforehand this lovely dog seems to still be in shock after what just happened. One minute she was all alone in a kennel and the next minute she has a loving owner.


Someday day this dog will look back at this photo and remember how life changing this moment was for her.

Eyes Wide Open

 ‘Look I got myself a new owner!’ Even though dogs can’t talk, they can undoubtedly let you know what they are thinking with their eyes.


This one certainly couldn’t hide her excitement.

Picture Time

This dog made sure that everyone knows how ecstatic he was after being just adopted.


By the look of things, her owner is just as thrilled.

A Special Friend

It took months for this special needs teenager to finally meet her new dog. When she first met Peach, she couldn’t have been any more delighted to have a new best friend.


Not only will Peach help her with her daily activities but will certainly shower this teen with all the love that she deserves.


This dog was so glad to be adopted by a benevolent owner that he made sure to show the world how happy he really was.


According to his owner, Mika would not stop smiling all the way home. We are sure that his smile will be contagious to his new family.


It can be hard to tell a friend a secret because they might spill the beans accidentally. Dogs are the best secret keepers, and this girl sure does know it.


We do wonder what she is telling him? Perhaps where all the dog treats are being hidden.

Better than A Hug

How cute is this picture? The little girl’s arms aren’t big enough to give her best friend a proper hug, so she did the next best thing to show her affection to him.


She laid her head on him and gave him a good pat. Not only is she comfortable lying on her fluffy dog, but her dog seems to be just as pleased with the affection he was getting.

High Paws

Hallie Noble named Paws after the kennel from which she adopted him from in Dallas, Texas. 


By the looks of things Paws seems to be very happy with his new name.

Snuggle Time

This dog looks so content snuggling in her owner’s arms. She knows full well that her owner will love and take care of her in the best way possible.


It’s pictures like these that best show the mutual love felt between dog and owner.

John and his Penny

This photo was taken at the moment Penny the pup was adopted by John Sechrist from the Bidawee adoption center in New York.


Don’t worry about the cat, because we know she will soon find a loving home as well.

I'm Not Tired

Surprisingly, the reason why dogs yawn throughout the day is not because they are tired.


It actually implies that they are nervous or excited. Roxy is definitely feeling the latter as she gives out a great big yawn in the arms of her owner, Sarah Brown Carter.

A Happy Ending

By the great big smile on Rex’s face, you would have never known that his previous owner treated him very badly.


Rex suffered from severe neck trauma after his previous owners took advantage of the shock collar he wore. Thankfully, Rex is now being treated right by his new owner Dan.

Not a Fluke

You know that this adoption was no fluke.


Fluke was adopted by John Patrick in 2017 and this is the first photo taken together of them. Their friendship will certainly last for a long time to come.

Joyous Times

Dogs are so happy after being adopted by a whole-hearted owner. 


Humans are just as enthralled to have a new canine friend, as Kelsi Keys put it, “Adopting Dax is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has been there through all of the ups and downs of my life. He is the best adventure partner and cuddle-buddy. I keep him safe and he keeps me wild.”

Great Big Family

These owners weren’t sure about adopting Cora from the BISSELL Pet Foundation event in Grand Rapids. She was definitely a sweetheart, but they weren’t sure how well she’d get along with the other animals in the house.


Still, their hearts told them to adopt Cora, even though there were three cats and one other dog living with them.  To the owner’s delight did they find out that Cora enjoyed spending time with all the other animals. What a nice big happy family!

See My Love

This adorable deaf dog was abandoned by her original owner.


Terabyte was found in a field by a sweet little boy. Even though this cattle dog cannot hear, we are sure that she will be well taken care of and feel all the love that she will receive.

Chilling Out

Now, this is a happy family. This stunning eyed dog is a Husky-mixed-Alsatian, who was adopted by a couple from Oakland, California.


Hazel and her family took this picture while hanging out together in the front room.

Head Out A Window

It’s always great to see a dog stick their head out the window of a car to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. Oliver was actually quite nervous when he first went into a car but now he loves the ride.


His owner Jenna Gunselman remembers Oliver’s reaction the first time he rode in a car; “The first time we took Oliver on a car ride, he was shaking and crying (we assume because the only time he had ever been in a car before was to take him to the shelter). Now he loves car rides because he knows he’s going to get to see a new friend or go play somewhere!”

No Qualms About It 

Christina Haberkern and her partner felt that their handicapped Labrador needed another dog to keep her company. When they took Zoe to the shelter to find a friend, the duo had difficulty deciding which dog was best for Zoe.


Zoe had no qualms about it and found her friend by walking straight up to him. When Zoe reached Marty’s pen they both touched noses and wagged their tails. Ever since than Zoe and Marty have been having a great time together.

What Time Can Do

My oh my look what nine years of friendship can do. On the left, Suki was looking a bit ruffled the day he was adopted and look at him 9 years later. The picture on the right shows Suki well-groomed and in good health, you can tell that he has been well taken care of all of these years.


The owner shared her feelings about her friendship with her dog by saying, “Suki has been a major support for me, especially for my mood disorders. Suki has been with me since freshman year of high school.”

Say Cheese

This picture-perfect puppy is aptly named Kodak.


After being rescued from a hoarding case, this Labrador-mixed-Shepard is having the time of his life and is taking great pictures with his devoted owner.

Before and After

It’s amazing how tender love and nurture can impact a dog’s life.


On the picture on the left, Bella was unkempt and in poor health condition on the day she was adopted. The picture on the right shows what just a few days of proper care and affection can do.

A Loving Gaze

The look in this dog’s eyes tells us how happy she is feeling.


Those revering eyes are looking up at her owner and saying without words how thankful for being rescued from the shelter.

Cuddle Time

Bull Terriers are often sullied by potential owners because people believe that they are aggressive angry dogs. Sadly, this biased belief has caused many abandoned Bull Terriers to remain unadopted.


Bless this woman’s heart who looked past the stereotype and adopted this dog. It turns out that Bull Terriers are just as affectionate and devoted as any other dog if they are treated well.

Puppy in A Basket

This little puppy in a basket is just so happy to be riding in a car.


Why? Because he was just rescued from a shelter and is heading home to a kind caring family. Yay for him!

Hello There

Look up heartwarming on Google and we guarantee this picture will land as a top result. 


This dog has just been rescued from a shelter and will be joining a new family where he will be showered with kisses and hugs.

A Safe Drive

This cute little puppy is relaxing quite comfortably on his new owner’s lap.


He has just been adopted from a kennel and is on the way to his new home. The satisfaction on his face shows that he has nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

Good Morning

This picture was taken the morning after he was adopted.


Look how excited this dog is knowing how much fun he will be having with his new family.

Did Someone Say Picnic?

What a beautiful day for a picnic.


With a cozy blanket to lay on, open grass to run freely and a few tasty treats to snack on, this puppy couldn’t be happier to be with his new family.



Its been a rough life for this dog after being abandoned by her previous owner.


Look at her now and see how grateful she is to be with a new owner that will give her all the love and attention she has long been waiting for.

Happy as Can Be

Does this face not just melt your heart?


Unashamed, this adorable puppy is letting everyone know how delighted he is to be given a safe and caring home. Let the happy days begin!

No Questions Asked

What does the love between a dog and his owner look like?


Just take a look at this picture and all of your questions will be answered in a heartbeat.

A Great Weekend

This is what a charming boy and a sweet dog look like when they are bonding together.


These two are definitely going to have a great time together experiencing all the fun things planned for the weekend.

Feeling Young Again


Life often slows down for the elderly who cannot keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Animated dogs like these know how to bring the spirit of life back to their older friends.

Unconditional Love

Being a teenager isn’t easy when dealing with all the change that is happening around them.


It’s difficult to find unconditional love at this time, so we definitely understand the emotion behind this picture when this lad was given a friend who will love him no matter what.

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