-- This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers A Hidden Secret


The Traveler

If you buy a house in the middle of the forest, you can expect some surprises here and there. But what one man experienced was something he’d only seen in thriller movies. Up to that point, what he’d just seen was only the stuff of the human mind’s imagination, a mere plot in a movie. This man, Simon, loved nature and everything to do with it. He’d mostly seen the beautiful aspects of it but his perception was going to change after what he was about to see. 

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

After completing the purchase, Simon immediately moved into his new house but not before a final inspection. On the floor of his kitchen was a secret door that the previous owner had never mentioned. He couldn’t muster enough courage to unlock the door and resigned to wondering what could be on the other side. But one day Simon resolved that he was going to face his unfounded fear and open the door. What’s the worst that could be behind the door anyway?

As the door creaked open, all the blood suddenly drained from his face...

The Perfect House

Simon was an avid traveler who preferred getting lost in nature. He was a globetrotter who could never pass up an opportunity to get close to nature. Hiking and fishing were just a few of the activities he undertook in his leisurely times. He was particularly fond of forests and liked to spend a great deal of time hanging around trees and plants. His love for the forest reached its height when he resolved that he was going to settle in the forest and promptly began his search for the right house. 

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

Lady luck was on his side as he didn’t have to look for the perfect home for too long. His luck stretched further when he discovered, much to his pleasure, that he was going to pay way less than he’d expected. Nature, it seemed, wanted him closer as well.

Or perhaps, there was something else working in the background? He was about to find out...

Small But Beautiful

The house was stunning and scenic. All his guests would marvel at how lucky he’d been at finding such a beautiful house. 

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

They sighed at how little he had to pay compared to how they nearly had to sign up their souls as collateral to get their houses. Simon could hardly believe his own luck which bordered on the suspicious.

How could an incredibly beautiful house cost next to nothing? He would soon find out.

A Jackpot?

Everything was going according to plan and the day he would move into his new house finally came around. 

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

It was time to finally start enjoying his jackpot of a house which he now owned after spending close to nothing.

The only rude shock thus far had been the secret door he’d discovered in his dining room...


The secret door was positioned on the floor, under the dining table. There was clearly something underneath the floor that the previous owner had not informed him about. It triggered a bit of alarm in Simon who decided to investigate further.

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

He loved his new house so much and if something was not right he was going to get to the bottom of it.

Please Hold the Door

What could be behind the door? Why didn’t the previous owner mention anything about the door? These and a dozen other questions raced across his mind and fired up his curiosity. Perhaps the owner himself did not know about the door, he thought. It was a far-fetched thought but still possible.

Perhaps the secret door had been sealed to cover some ugly or scary secret. Simon knew that he’d need more than just energy to unlock the two secret doors. He would also need a lot of courage.

Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

Since he’d not mustered enough courage, he decided to ignore the door. He placed a table above the door and tried to take it out of his mind.

But even this could not quite put out his curiosity, which eventually burned through his fear and he eventually opened the door. However, he first had to entertain some guests at the house.

Showing the Guests Around

His guests, who were mostly friends and family, were a tad amazed at how excited Simon could get when he showed them around the house. He left them to continue the exploration while he went into the kitchen to make tea for them.

As he prepared the tea, he threw a casual glance at the mystery door lying underneath the table, a door that was about to bring proper chaos into his life.

That’s Odd

Simon’s friends really loved the house but when they finally ended up in the kitchen, they felt something was a bit off, especially the placement of the table.

So naturally, they inquired about the mysterious door which Simon casually revealed that he’d never actually dared to open.

Hiding Something

His friends were astounded at his seeming indifference. Many of them even begun to suspect that he actually knew what was behind the mystery door and that he was just trying to keep it away from them.

Who willingly misses out on a great opportunity to uncover a mystery like that, they reasoned. They continued to prod him further and he began to fill up with courage.

Sleepless Night

As his friends and family left that evening, Simon mulled over the thought of opening the door. Could he do it and, more importantly, should he do it? he thought to himself. As he went to bed that evening, the thought of what could be hidden behind those doors lingered on his mind.

He couldn’t manage a wink of sleep as he kept staring at the door practically the whole night. A strange feeling engulfed him, exciting and scary at the same time.

A Curious Man

After many sleepless nights, wondering about the mysterious doors, Simon knew the moment had come. His curiosity had taken over and drove him to this inevitable decision; to open one of the doors.

He’d turned the questions in his mind over and over; why in the world would someone make a door on the floor? It had been done on purpose, no question about it, but reasons remained a mystery.

Purposely Hidden

The meticulous design of the door made it almost impossible for the casual eye to notice. It largely remained hidden from people and had Simon not inspected the house carefully, then he may never have noticed it. Even his friends only noticed it because of how oddly placed the kitchen table had been.

Someone clearly took pains to conceal the door and he wondered if perhaps it may not be such a great idea trying to open the door.

A House of Mysteries

A secret door on the floor of a lonely house located deep in the woods. This may sound like an introduction to a synopsis of a scary movie but it was a reality in Simon’s world. What kind of person digs a secret room and then makes a secret door to hide it? The kind of person who didn’t want anyone to find it thought Simon.

It had to be the kind of person who was hiding something really important. But Simon had the eerie feeling whatever was hidden behind the door was the kind of thing he would regret ever seeing.

Starting Off

The Imgur user was scared but curiosity had now taken over and was now slavishly driving him to find out what lay behind the suspicious door.

He phoned a handyman named John and asked him to come around and check it out. John was an adrenalin junkie and Simon was more than certain he would enjoy uncovering the mystery.

Documenting a Journey

Not wanting to miss a single detail of this mysterious journey, Simon set about documenting every bit of progress. Beginning with the opening of the door, he started a post on Imgur which he gave the title “Sirbumpsalot.” He would use the name to document the entire venture.

“Never had the guts to open it,” the Imgur user began. “The handyman John came by and was all too eager to have a look,” he wrote.

A Tense Situation

Even John, the eternal adrenalin junkie approached the task with a bit of caution. He was initially pumped and couldn’t wait to check it out but a cold chill washed over him as Simon moved the table away.

He was hesitant but he also knew that at that point, there was no going back.

Rotting Wood

As John peered inside the door, he noticed that the wood was rotten and weak. A closer look revealed venomous funnel-weaver spiders roaming about, clearly rattled by the unexpected visitors.

Their bite could prove fatal to a human being. The human flesh would begin to rot after a simple bite from a funnel-weaver spider. This was not the kind of start they had envisioned for their adventure.

Problems Galore

The two men had no intention of killing the giant spiders. They removed them one by one rather than try to swat them to death.

It seemed they were ready to put their lives on the line to find out what was behind the door.

Spiders Handled With Care

After about an hour, they’d removed all the spiders which game them a fresh zest for their adventure despite the toil.

They cleaned out the cobwebs and, after releasing the arachnids back in the wild, went back to the mystery door.

Let’s Keep Moving in

Their curiosity had overpowered their fear and was now driving them towards the mystery door. They had to know what was behind the door and uncover the mystery once and for all.

They were not exactly naïve but they were blissfully unaware that the journey they had just begun would compel Simon to have to face some uncomfortable truths about his new house.

Rusty and Broken

An unbearable smell hit their nostrils as soon as they got closer to the door which had a rusty ladder leading downwards into the room. The door had clearly never been unlocked for a long time because the concrete lining around the hole had begun to crack. A hint of rusty iron and mold had added to the cocktail of foul smells in the hole.

It was time to go in and Simon lit up his flashlight as he began to move in to get a better look. He’d barely moved before he felt some movement and quickly saw a shadow.

Some Movement

The two men stopped cold when they saw something moving. Perhaps someone lived inside the filthy hole, after all, they thought. A spark of memory lit up in Simon’s mind and he began pulling up memories of strange incidents that had been reported in the area.

One of the memories stood out and seemed most closely related to what they had just discovered.


There had been several stories about hikers suddenly disappearing in this part of the woods. Their disappearances were never solved because none of them were ever found.

Perhaps that particular mystery might have something to do with the hole he’d just uncovered, he thought. He was about to find out.

One of Them Found?

His assumption did make sense, he thought. But as he tried to remember the last time he’d heard about a disappearance in the area, he began to fear by unraveling the mystery behind the hole, he may actually be inviting a threat to himself.

The Descent

Simon fetched a ladder and they both began to climb down the hole, one after the other, covering their noses with their hands to avert the unbearable smell.

They had to take extra care as they went deeper into the darkroom. Spiders crawled on the walls beside them and Simon instinctively shut his eyes in fear as if waiting for an ambush from the creepers.

The Invader

About halfway down the ladder, Simon felt a soft touch on his right shoulder. Something was crawling across his shoulder towards his ears.

His blood ran cold and out of pure instinct, he grabbed it with the left hand and tossed it away in a lightning-fast maneuver that didn’t give his hands the time to feel what he’d just held. He gathered himself and continued his descent until he felt the touch of damp earth.

A World of Darkness

The darkness spread all over the room had certainly added to the scary scene down the room. He scanned the room and later remarked how it had suddenly given him the creeps.

“Yeah, creepy…” he would later write. As they both looked around the dark cabin, they could only wonder what it was built for.

What Exactly Was It?

“There seems to be a faucet. And ventilation. A bomb shelter maybe? Or a cistern?” Simon would later write. But it was something the two men saw that drained the blood from their face.

The “Unidentified”

At one corner of the room, some kind of slime had gathered up in a heap, what he later called an “unidentified gnarliness.”

The trough was big enough to fit a human adult but it was filled with a mysterious ooze. The ooze seemed to have been down there for more than a year. The men were at a loss trying to figure out how it could have appeared there. Was there something underneath?

A Raft of Possibilities

Could the ooze be mold? Fungus? Stagnant water, or perhaps a combination of everything? Simon speculated. But he also knew that the possibility of the ooze having some strange kind of substance in it was not too far-fetched.

And an ugly thought that it contained human remains crossed his mind.

A Great Idea?

He was not going to risk touching the slimy object with his bare hands so he grabbed a stick and began to prod the trough with it.

“Broke up the unidentified gooey mass,” he would later write. But Simon still had no idea about what he was dealing with.

Figuring It Out

John on the other hand was trying to figure out what the ooze was made of and why it was giving off such a horrible stench. It was definitely not a chemical, that much was clear to him.

It had to be something alive and organic since the walls were also covered with slime and mold.

How Many Years Old?

The slime must have been down there for more than a year. He had been staying in the cabin for years and all the while, the mysterious object had been hiding beneath his kitchen floor.

Even though there was no light around, the roots had still begun spreading on the scummy sides.

John Goes in

The two men popped out back in the kitchen, relieved to be breathing cleaner air. They sat back on the floor, recovering from their strange expedition as if they’d just landed from the moon. They would not be going back inside the dark hole, certainly not Simon who’d seen enough.

But John, with perhaps more adrenalin than sense, decided that his curiosity had not been satisfied and that he would be going back down to get a second look.

Something Happened

Simon’s mind began to fill up with all kinds of assumptions. Perhaps a hiker who’d gone missing a long while before he’d moved in was hidden in the trough, he thought.

He really wanted to know more but he was not particularly excited about taking a second trip down the dark hole. John on the other hand had not come this far just to give up on the expedition that easy.

Working From the Kitchen

Instead of sitting back and giving up completely, Simon decided to inspect the trough from his kitchen. He grabbed the longest stick he could find around the house and began to poke through the slime from his position on the kitchen surface. The slime provided a little resistance but after some relentless prodding, Simon managed to dissect it.

The sight was even more disgusting and his eyes widened when something floated up above the slime.

What He Said

He later described what he’d seen on a tangle of roots.

“Turns out it was just a tangle of roots soaking in the rusty water. But we also seem to have some of the Super Mario movie fungi. Looked pretty sinister, dotted with gooey drops of who-knows-what sort of nope-erry,” he wrote.

Just the Beginning

The peculiar journey was far from over and the two men would soon stumble upon their biggest discovery yet.

Simon could only wonder whether the room was “Built as a cellar for cleaning game, or a cold storage, or perhaps a bunker.”

A Small Opening

John the handyman thought he had seen it all but he couldn’t have been more mistaken. He spotted another hole carved in the room’s back wall.

“The back wall had a little opening,” Simon would later write. “The hole was about a foot tall and a foot wide. It was not a very big hole.”

Another Secret Room?

The house was now turning into a maze of secrets and giving out strange vibes. The secret room also had a secret room. Each discovery was leading to new and scarier discovery.

It may be a warning, Simon thought, that they should not go any further with their expedition. But somehow, the two men didn’t quit and still wanted to find out more.

The Room Beyond

John squeezed into the secret room, his heart throbbing in uncertainty and fear, unaware of what he might find inside. A strange sight greeted him. He could not see any furnace around and yet a huge pile of ash sat in the room.

There was no other possible source of the ashes in the room and he wondered how they could possibly have found their way there.

A Haunting Past?

It seemed, from the mere presence of the ashes, that something unfortunate may have taken place inside the hole. Of course, there was no way the two men were going to figure it out. Their exploration seemed to have come to an end and they came up the ladder and onto the floor.

Simon’s dog had been eagerly waiting, perhaps hoping for some great news. He too wanted to know if they’d found anything interesting.

Sealing the Hole

Simon and John elected to install a board over the entrance of the secret room so that no one fell through into the dark, slimy, underworld.

“Looks like we’re just going to leave that closed for now and brainstorm possible uses for when the time is right…” he wrote in his post.

Table Arrangement Again

And then he dragged the table over the door as he had done before, only this time it was to put away the mysterious door rather than trying to restrain his curiosity.

He was not interested in finding out the source of the ashes and what they were made of. Despite the weird findings, he was going to go back to loving his house.

An Empty Space

To his relief, there was nothing strange or threatening in the basement. 

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

The secret room that made his blood run cold had been nothing but an empty space beneath his floor.

“The Hell Room”

When all was said and done, Simon went on to name the secret room as “The Hell Room” when he posted the story on Imgur.

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

He posted an update of The Hell Room story in November 2016, announcing that he would be descending down the room one more time to see if he can rehabilitate the space for other uses.

Holidaying in India

But he kept his plan on hold for quite a while when he won a free vacation to India. He could barely squeeze out any extra time to make another expedition into The Hell Room.

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

In any case, he’d vowed to never re-enter the cabin without his handyman buddy John.

An Incredible Find

What is the most unbelievable thing you’ve ever found in your basement? These kinds of things happen to people.

This Homeowner Found a Trap Door Under His Kitchen Table and Discovers the Hidden Parts of His House

What kind of reaction do you think you would have had if you discovered a door under your kitchen table? Like Simon, would you have waited that long to find out?

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