-- Uber Driver Picks Up A Passenger From Airport And Learns A Harsh Truth About Her Personal Life

 While Breanne may have been starting a new position as an Uber driver, this was not the only major event affecting her life at the time. Her boyfriend's mother had just been admitted to the hospital, which understandably put stress on the couple. With her boyfriend taking a flight to New York to visit his mother, Bre was now left on her own to start her new job. 

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

Barely an hour after her boyfriend's departure and Bre already received her first Uber client- a woman who needed to be fetched from the airport of all places. With her seatbelt buckled and her key in the ignition, Bre was ready to hit the road. Little did she know that her first Uber ride would change her life as she knew it.

Bre's Relationship

At the time of this story, Bre had been with her boyfriend for quite a while. It was love at first sight for this duo, as they immediately began dating after their first encounter. 

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

While their relationship may have started out casually, the couple's feelings for each other were so strong that they soon decided to enter into a committed relationship. In fact, Bre soon started considering that this may be the man with whom she would like to settle down.

The Couple's Strains

While their relationship may have been fruity, the one issue that this couple did experience was their lack of quality time together. While her boyfriend remained focused on professional life, Bre found herself struggling to balance her numerous jobs. 

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

Sure, the couple went out of their way to spend time together, however, this proved difficult due to their extreme lack of free time outside of work. Nevertheless, the couple continued to make their relationship work, and Bre continued to find ways to spend more time with her boyfriend.

The Heartbreaking News

Having overcome their time issues, this couple's love life was overall running smoothly. That was until Bre's boyfriend received some troubling news. His mother, who was very ill, had taken a turn for the worse and was now in hospital.

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

Visibly grief-stricken, Bre's boyfriend decided to book a flight to New York for the next day so that he could see his mother. While originally planning to talk to him about their future, Bre decided to put her talk on hold and keep him company for the whole night before his flight.

Packing For The Flight

Having already packed his bags, Bre's boyfriend waited in anticipation for his flight the next day. This issue highlighted the difficulties of living so far away from one's parents. While Bre sympathized with him, there was little she could do to improve the situation.

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

Bre nevertheless did her best to comfort her boyfriend. Because family is such an integral part of life, Bre knew that her boyfriend would be deeply affected by his family problems. She, therefore, did her best to comfort him throughout the night.

The Departure

Soon enough, a tough night was over, and Bre's boyfriend was ready to travel to the airport. Before going their separate ways, Bre warmly embraced her boyfriend and assured him that everything would work out. He then kissed Bre goodbye, before heading towards his vehicle. Following a difficult goodbye, Bre headed towards her own car in preparation for her Uber job.

Bre immediately started to miss her boyfriend as soon as they parted ways, While she knew that she would not be able to call him while he was still on the flight, Bre decided that this would be an opportune time to do more driving and make some extra money. While she was still lost in thought over her boyfriend, her phone sent a beep, notifying her that she had a customer waiting.

The Passenger

Upon checking her phone, Bre noticed that her passenger needed to be picked up from the airport of all places. Once she had arrived at the airport for the pickup, she noticed that her customer is a woman in her late 20s. What Bre didn't yet know, however, is that a shocking surprise awaited her during the Uber ride.

With the passenger's apartment number already entered into the system, Bre started driving. The passenger was quite talkative and explained that while she didn't live in the city, she had come to visit her boyfriend. She couldn't help but explain how much she missed her boyfriend, and how excited she was to see him again.

The Destination

As they continued to drive, the passenger kept speaking about how excited she was to see her boyfriend. While she was happy to have a new customer, the chat got Bre thinking even more about her boyfriend.

With her mind now focused solely on her boyfriend, Bre started to feel a sense of sadness because of the distance between them. By now, fifteen minutes had passed and the car had nearly reached its destination. 

The Destination


As they entered through the apartment complex's gates, Bre got an uneasy feeling. This was, after all, an apartment complex was one that Bre herself was all too familiar with. 

Because the passenger did not know which specific apartment building to head over to, Bre waited for her to call her boyfriend to get the apartment building number.

The Countdown

Once they had entered the complex, Bre and her passenger began counting down building numbers as they continued down the road. Finally, they managed to find the correct apartment building. While the passenger was excited to see her boyfriend, Bre was in disbelief over her sudden realization.

Of all the apartment buildings, this was the exact one where her own boyfriend lived. While she had just been there comforting her boyfriend a few hours ago, Bre had now returned because of her job. This only made her miss her boyfriend even more. While this coincidence gave her a shock to the system, what she was about to see next was even more chilling.

The Car

As Bre peered over to the parking lot, she came across a car that looked all too familiar. While at first in disbelief, Bre decided to climb out her car and get a closer look for confirmation. Upon looking at the car's number plate, Bre's worst fear had been realized. 

The car that she had just spotted belonged to her boyfriend. While the Uber driver's temper had started to build up, she decided to contain herself until her passenger had left. In Bre's eyes, her worst fear had suddenly been realized. 

The Worst-Case Scenario

As she struggled to wrap her mind around what was going on, the next thing that came out of the passenger's mouth finally put Bre out of her misery. As soon as she spotted the car, the passenger stated, "I think this is it right here. This is his car."

While taken aback by the passenger's words, Bre decided that it would be best to take a moment to allow what just happened to sink in. Unfortunately for Bre, the drama was not over yet. Soon, she would get up close and personal an all-too-familiar face.

The Boyfriend

Bre and the passenger were now waiting inside the car for the boyfriend to arrive. Throughout the wait, Bre was trying to process everything that her boyfriend previously said. Did he lie about his mother's health? Is he really still here after all this time? She did not, however, have to wait long in order to uncover the answer to all her questions.

As soon as the boyfriend appeared, Bre was gobsmacked. The boyfriend that her passenger had been speaking about is the same boyfriend that Bre had all along! It was now clear that this man's story about his mother had been fabricated, and he had never intended to fly to New York. Now it had been confirmed that he had been cheating on Bre with the woman who was her passenger. 

Bre Was Betrayed

While there were numerous hints that pointed to the worst-case scenario, the personal appearance of her boyfriend provided Bre with the most heartbreaking sting of them all. While finding out that someone has been cheating on you is bad enough, it cannot get much more painful than uncovering this betrayal while in the presence of your boyfriend and the woman he is cheating on you with.

Bre was livid, and as soon as she made eye contact with her boyfriend, she truly started to flare up.

The Encounter

As soon as the guy spotted Bre sitting alongside his other girlfriend, he was completely mortified. He became so panicked that he immediately turned to run. As explained by Bre, "His a** come out the house ready to assist with luggage AND THE DEVIL ROSE UP OUT OF ME LIKE ARE YOU DEAD A** RIGHT NOW he runs".

As soon as her boyfriend started to flee, Bre sprung out of the car and chased him down. Before he could reach his apartment, Bre caught up to him. With her temper flaring up, Bre was about to deliver him some painful justice.

Things Get Violent

Infuriated by this appealing discovery,  Bre started pummeling her boyfriend, embarrassing him in front of a number of witnesses. While he could have tried to cool down the situation by apologizing, her boyfriend instead kept trying to push her away in a bid to get the chance to escape back to his apartment.

While she continued to deliver blow after blow, Bre suddenly felt someone else's hand grab her arm. She turned around only to see that it was her Uber passenger who had now decided to get involved. Things were about to get even messier.

The Fight Gets Even More Intense

While this would have been an opportune time for the Uber passenger to jump in and discipline Bre's boyfriend for his disloyalty, she decided to instead confront Bre. As Bre exclaimed on social media, "As I’m hitting him I guess the nurturing women her decided to protect “our mAn” and she tries HITS me BITTTTTTTTTCCHHHH".

Still fired up, Bre turns to the other woman and begins to defend herself. While she easily gained the upper hand on this mistress, her boyfriend then decided to get in the middle of the fight to protect her against Bre. Ironically, he of all people then called Bre crazy. Eventually, it became clear to Bre that it would be best if she escaped from this confrontation. 

Leaving The Scene

Until Bre had finally gotten into her car, her boyfriend's mistress continued to hit her. It almost came across as if, ironically, it was Bre who was guilty of a transgression. As she fled the apartment complex in her vehicle, Bre felt devastated.

Not only did she find herself in the middle of a horrific confrontation, but her ability to place trust in other people had now disappeared. Fortunately, this would not be the end of Bre's story.

But Then Bre Struck Gold

By this stage, Bre was sad, tired, and out of steam. After such a heated fight, the only thing she wanted was a shoulder to cry on. Luckily enough, Bre's mood was about to be significantly lifted. Soon, Bre would spot something in her car that would make her feel a whole lot better.

Of all things, Bre saw that her passenger left her luggage in the car after getting sucked into the chaos. Seeing as she continued to hit Bre until she got into her car, Bre certainly wasn't in the mood to give it back right away. By keeping the luggage for herself, Bre had served her boyfriend and his mistress a huge dose of karma.

Going Viral

While Bre had no intention of giving the luggage back anytime soon, what she was about to do next would only escalate the sting of karma that her boyfriend and his mistress would be reeling from. Bre decided to broadcast this bizarre experience on Twitter. 

While Twitter is known for being one of the world's most popular social media platforms, few could have predicted the extent of the wild exposure that this story would receive. In fact, Bre's story went viral, receiving approximately 64000 likes and 35000 retweets. 

Her Ex's Reaction

Seeing as the story received so much coverage across the Twittersphere, Bre's ex-boyfriend would have surely been shocked when seeing it broadcast across on the internet. If he had not regretted his bad deed at the time of their heated encounter, he would have surely begun to feel remorseful now.

Whether or not Bre's ex-boyfriend would have regretted his actions, one thing is certain: this social media exposure provoked a response. As you will soon see, regret started to sink in soon enough.

What About The Bag?

At this point, the fight was over. Bre had driven away from the apartment and had not interacted with her boyfriend or his mistress since. While it may have seemed that the feud had finally come to a close, there was one issue that remained unresolved.

This, of course, is the issue of the stolen bag. Having found it in her car after leaving her boyfriend's apartment block, Bre had not returned the bag to her former passenger, who was its owner.

A Hilarious Response

Predictably, her former passenger was furious that her bag hadn't been returned to her, and so she decided to file a report for her stolen luggage. Now, Bre faced a potential legal problem on top of her relationship issues.

Bre's solution to this problem was not just ingenious, but amusing to boot. She admitted that she did believe that someone had left a bag in her car, but because there was no proof of the bag's contents, she gave a bag of trash to her ex-boyfriend's mistress. 

Consequences Of Her Actions

While she may have escaped any form of legal consequence, Bre did not manage to come out from the situation completely unscathed. The fateful ride happened on the second day of her job trial with Uber and the woman gave her a one-star review. 

Not only that, but she also lodged a formal complaint to the company regarding Bre. As a result of these issues, Bre had no choice but to wave goodbye to her job as an Uber driver. Even with all parties to the dispute licking their wounds, the drama wasn't over yet.

Further Communication

While they may have already gone their separate ways, Bre's ex-boyfriend refused to throw in the towel. He continued to send her messages, even after things had ended as badly as they did.. While he continuously tried to persuade her to talk to him, Bre refused to give in, especially since she had successfully moved on with her life. 

As ridiculous as it may seem, Bre's ex-boyfriend even tried to reconcile with her, giving her the lame excuse that he cheated out of boredom. Fortunately for Bre, not only was she strong-willed enough to keep the upper hand, but she also possessed leverage over the cheaters in the form of the missing luggage. 

Still, He Persisted

Bre's former boyfriend just couldn't take a hint. Despite already being shut down, he continued trying to convince her to reconnect with him. While his intentions for their future may have been unclear, what was certain is that he had an ulterior motive for reaching out. After all, his mistress was still missing her luggage. 

Eventually, he resorted to begging Bre to return the luggage, however, as per usual, Bre managed to respond with a humorous comeback. Soon, Bre shared these messages on Twitter for all the world to see.

Bre Remained Cool

Bre had many reasons to become infuriated. Not only did her boyfriend cheat on her, but she found out about this betrayal through a humiliating chance encounter. If that's not enough, her boyfriend's mistress decided to turn on Bre rather than teach the real wrongdoer a lesson.

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

Despite all of these valid reasons to get angry, Bre decided against crying, complaining, or losing her temper. By getting revenge in the witty way that she did, Bre was the true winner in this dispute.

A Relationship Built On Lies

This story was a prime example of unfaithfulness between romantic partners. While Bre's relationship with her boyfriend may have seemed genuine and healthy for a long time, it was ultimately built on hidden truths.

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

This begs the question: can a relationship based on a lie survive the test of time? Based on this story, the answer is a resounding no. As the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots. Once Bre's boyfriend had cheated on her the first time, she could bet that he would do so again in the future. 

Uncanny Coincidence

There are plenty of facts about this story that make it almost seem planned. Out of all the Uber passengers that Bre could have fetched, it was her boyfriend's witness who had been assigned to her. Had that not happened, this gripping series of events would have never unfolded the way they did.

UbernbspDrivernbspPicksnbspUpnbspA Passenger FromnbspAirportnbspAndnbspLearnsnbspA HarshnbspTruthnbspAboutnbspHernbspPersonalnbspLife

While there may be a number of stories of love and betrayal on the internet, this is clearly one of the more famous examples. After all, Bre's tweets on the incident received tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

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