-- What Was Found in Her Attic Was Nothing Anyone Should Have to See

 All houses make weird sounds from time to time, but normally they can be easily explained. Perhaps it’s the wind blowing a door shut, a leaky pipe somewhere, or even a bird that’s flown inside and become trapped. You get to know the quirks of your home and know what is unusual.

But for one South Carolina woman, the things that went bump in the night could not be so easily figured out. And what started off as a minor mystery, went on to become a terrifying experience for her and her family.   

Tracy's Difficult Life

Life hadn’t always been easy for Tracy. She had a large family of five children to look after, and being a single mother made this even more difficult.  She lived with her kids in a poor part of Rock Hill, South Carolina and often struggled to make ends meet. 


Some of her children were fully grown by now but had returned home so that they could all share bills and help make life a little easier. And despite this unconventional arrangement and the hard times, they were happy with their lives.

The Noises Begin

This happy home was threatened, however, when strange noises were heard coming from the attic. The first time it occurred, it was a day in September like any other. Tracy’s mind immediately started picturing an intruder – she did live in a bad part of town after all and break-ins were common enough 


Because of this Tracy had always been careful to lock all the windows and doors. And sure enough, when she checked the house, there was no sign of any break-in or anything to suggest that there was anyone around.

No Sign of a Break-In

It was, of course, a relief to find no burglar around, but it didn’t explain the noise Tracy had heard. And it would only get worse. Over the next few days, the noises continued and still, no one could work out what the source was.


She thought her children must have been playing in the attic for some reason, but when she asked them, they assured her that they hadn’t been up there at all. Which made sense, as the attic was dark and not much fun to play in. And why would they lie about where they had been playing?

It's A Mystery

The attic wasn’t somewhere Tracy visited regularly either. It was primarily used for storing old bits and pieces, so unless she was searching for something, she had no reason to be in there. So if it wasn’t the children, and she knew it wasn’t her, what else could it be? 


You may wonder why Tracy hadn’t been more frightened by these strange goings-on, or why she hadn’t investigated further. But by this time, she had begun to formulate a theory of her own for these unexplained noises.


Could it be an Animal?

It was as she was cleaning the house one day that she noticed something unusual about the noises. As Tracy moved from room to room, she realized that the noises were moving too. The only thing that made sense was that a wild animal was living in the attic.


It could an opossum or raccoon, in which case she would need to call animal control However it was a Saturday and the office didn’t open until Monday, so she was forced to wait out the weekend with this creature making noises overhead.

A Late Night Development

But before the weekend was over, and before Tracy could get the wild animal removed, things began to get even stranger. Later that night something would occur to change her mind about the animal theory and start to really give her cause for concern.


As she lay in bed that night, Tracy was woken by a strange creaking overhead. When she checked the clock it was 2:30 am and the rest of the house was quietly sleeping. What came next was enough to make her sit bolt upright in bed.

A New Sound

Following the creaking sounds were loud pinging noises, the sound of something landing on the floor. She got out of bed to investigate, and despite the darkness of the room, she could see quite clearly that there were nails on the floor.


If these had fallen from overhead, they must have come out of the ceiling. Which led to the frightening question: what in the world could have made them come loose? Certainly not something as small as a raccoon. Whatever was up there in the attic was big.


A Ghostly Theory

With the idea that it was only a wild animal now seeming unlikely, Tracy’s thoughts began to take all kinds of twists and turns as she lay awake in bed. And as happens to most of us in the dark hours of the night, some of these thoughts were a little crazy.


Tracy admitted later that she assumed “there was some poltergeist stuff going on”. This might not seem like a logical explanation, it was all Tracy could think of the account for the sounds. And even though she was scared, she was curious too about who or what could be haunting her attic.

Planning Her Investigation

She knew it was too dark and dangerous to go into the attic that night, so she did her best to get back to sleep, hiding under the covers in fear. She knew that she had to put an end to this craziness once and for all.


Before she fell asleep she decided that as soon as it was light, she would go upstairs and investigate, still not knowing exactly what she would find up there. Or if she would find anything at all. If it was a ghost, there would be no sign of anything amiss.

Help is at Hand

With her plan in place, Tracy woke the next morning ready to investigate. But luckily for her, she was relieved of taking on the challenge herself. One of her nephews came by the house to visit her grown sons, so she asked for some help from the three of them.


She explained how she had been hearing noises, and that she was sure that they were coming from the attic. She even admitted to them some of her crazy theories. When they heard all that had been happening, the three men started for the attic at once.


The First Sign of Trouble

While the men walked up the attic stairs, Tracy waited nervously in the hallway for news of their discovery. And she would soon have unnerving news. As soon as they got near the attic, they realized things weren’t as they should be.


The first sign of trouble was the smell: a foul odor that hit them as soon as they entered the room. Then when they looked around and saw the garbage that had been left all over the floor, they knew this wasn’t just the signs of a wild animal.

The Pile in the Corner

The smell and the trash were only the start of the odd situation that they found. They saw that old jackets had been pulled into a pile and stacked in a corner against the heating unit. Tracy stored some of here coats up there, but certainly not like that.


This strange pile of clothes led them to investigate further. And as they approached the corner, they realized that they were not alone in the attic. Someone or something was huddled up asleep near the heating unit.

The Shocked Stranger

The noise of their approach must have woken up this stranger, for the pile began to move before they had reached it. Suddenly, a man sat up from beneath the clothes and for some moments, all they could do was stare in shock.


This freeze-frame situation between the four of them didn’t last long, however. The intruder sprang to his feet and before the men could do anything, he had rushed past them and out of the attic, making his escape. It was clear that whoever this man was, he was up to no good.


The Frightening Recognition

All this time, Tracy had been waiting with apprehension in the hallway outside. Sadly, she was too surprised to apprehend the intruder as he raced out, but as he pushed past her, she was able to get a look at his face and realized that he was no stranger.


With no chance of chasing down the man who had been hiding, the family called the police. And thanks to Tracy, they were able to provide the cops with a good description, and even a name.

Their Past Together

Tracy’s history with the man in the attic had begun some 12 years earlier. She had first met him when she was looking for someone to do work around the house. Their relationship had initially been strictly professional, but at some point, they had begun dating.


They had been together for a year when Tracy had learned of the man’s criminal dealings. Like any smart woman, she knew that this man would not be good for her. At this point, she called it quits with him, but he wasn’t going to let go so easily.

His Involvement with Drugs

After their breakup, the man in question tried to win back Tracy more than once. But due to his behavior, she had no desire to have any connections with him. After all, she had five young children to think about and didn’t need this bad influence around them.


His problems first started when he became involved in drugs, hanging around known drug houses, then his unlawful activities escalated to include robbing a flower shop. This was not something that Tracy could tolerate for her or her family.

He Ends up in Jail


Once Tracy made her mind up, she never looked back, but her ex-boyfriend just couldn’t let go. He couldn’t seem to let go of the criminal lifestyle either, continuing to commit more crimes and eventually ending up in jail. This man could clearly not be trusted.


With the convicted felon firmly behind bars, Tracy felt she could finally turn a new page and get on with her life. However, the cell walls that held him couldn’t stop her ex from thinking of her, and he continued to contact her during his sentence.

The Crimes Continue

Upon his release, this man was determined to get back at Tracy for all of her rejections. He went to her house and stole her truck, clearly thinking it was a fair price for her to pay. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t think through the consequences of his actions.


Tracy reported the missing truck and her ex-boyfriend was apprehended by the police, ending up back behind bars. Here he continued to send her letters saying that he had changed his ways and left his old criminal life behind.

A New Start

After serving this sentence for the truck theft that she had reported, Tracy again had to worry about what would happen when the man was released from prison. However, there was some relief to be had when she heard a rumor that he had moved to another town.


His new residence in Charlotte, South Carolina was only 40 minutes’ drive away from her home, but the fact that he was in a different state helped to put her mind at rest for her and her family, and let her to believe he had finally given up on winning her back.

It's Not Over Yet


What Tracy didn’t know was that this was all just a lie he had formulated, continuing his pattern of deceit and criminal behavior. He didn’t move to a different state at all; instead, he had stayed closer to her than she ever would have realized.


The letters that he sent to her from prison were just a ruse. But one thing about them was true: he still wanted to get back together with her. And when she said no, he did the next best thing: he moved into her attic.

The Hunt Begins

After the family discovered his secret that day, the police immediately began a manhunt for this shady ex-felon. As they had a good description of the man, they thought it would be easy. However, his local knowledge allowed him to slip through the net and escape before they could find him.


With this disappointing news, the police returned to the house, where they tried to figure out exactly what had been happening. How had he been able to enter the house? How long had he been in the attic? And what had he been doing?

Evidence in the Attic

Police looked at the evidence left behind in the attic and estimated that the man had been there for several weeks, approximately since he had last been released from prison. “He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” said Tracy.


More disturbing was the collection of plastic cups that the man had been using as a toilet. This was the foul smell that initially escaped the room. As the police looked further, they discovered evidence of some frightening activity.

He Had Been Spying


When the police revealed what they had found, Tracy began to think she would never sleep soundly again. Not only had the man been living in her attic, but he was using the opportunity to keep an eye on her.


From his new home, he had found out which part of the attic was directly above Tracy’s bedroom. He then manipulated their air vents so that he could see directly into her room and watch her while she was sleeping.

The Disturbing Truth

So now they knew what he was doing up there, but this was no relief to anyone involved. To think that a man with criminal tendencies, and one who couldn’t take no for answer, had been spying on her sent shivers down Tracy’s spine.


Shocked and confused, Tracy stated in an interview, “It’s got me flabbergasted. How can you look at someone through an air vent?” But for Tracy and the police there was still one more question that remained unanswered: how had her ex managed to enter the house in the first place?

How Did He Get In?

The worrying thing about the attic in this house is that the only way in was through an entrance near the kids’ bedrooms. It terrified Tracy to think that he must have been so close to where she and her children slept.


The police could find no other way that he might have got into the attic apart from this hallway, so Tracy just hoped that he had entered while she was out for the day, and not at night while they were all sleeping and vulnerable.

The House Was Empty

Tracy worked as a nurse and spend long periods of time away from home – sometimes as much as 12 hours at a stretch. Her children, although they are all different ages, were usually out of the house too, either at school, sports, or even working at jobs of their own.


If he had made his way in during the day while they were out, it’s a wonder that someone didn’t see him lurking around outside and waiting for his opportunity. However, no such sightings were reported by her neighbors.

Praying For His Capture

The one good thing about this situation is that Tracy was able to identify the man, giving them his full name and background, making things that much easier for the police. While he has so far been able to evade the police, the positive ID will mean he can be arrested on sight with no reason for hesitation. 


Understandably, Tracy just wants him back behind bars before he commits the same crime again. “I want him to be charged with it,” she explained. “It could be somebody else he does the same thing to, but she might not be so lucky.”

They No Longer Sleep Soundly

As for Tracy and her family, this experience has left them shaken and changed forever. While the man is still on the loose, they can no longer relax in their own home. The fact that he has been known for drug involvement makes it even more frightening.


Although they know that he is no longer in the attic, the children are still unnerved by the fact that he was so close by at one point. Now they refuse to sleep in their own bedrooms and instead prefer to camp out in the loungeroom away from the attic door and the hallway where he made his entry.

A Safe Future for Her Family

Their logic is that if he was able to sneak in once without their knowledge, there is nothing to stop him from doing it again. On the other hand, this ex-con may be so frightened of going back to jail that he is keeping as far away from this young family as possible, hoping to avoid capture.


While they will never forget the terror that this intruder caused them, hopefully, he will eventually be caught and Tracy and her family can return to their normal, happy lives. It’s a lesson for all of us not to let strange noises in the house go unexplained. 

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