hyperactivz.com 50 years ago, Janice Rude was a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles. It was here that she met freshman, Prentis...

@@ 50 Years After This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Wedding, Fate Intervened @@ 50 Years After This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Wedding, Fate Intervened

@@ 50 Years After This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Wedding, Fate Intervened

@@ 50 Years After This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Wedding, Fate Intervened



50 years ago, Janice Rude was a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles. It was here that she met freshman, Prentiss Wilson. Rude worked morning shifts at the school cafeteria, and Wilson showed up bright and early every morning to see Rude’s beautiful face and fetch some breakfast. The pair claimed that it was love at first sight.

Although Wilson made an effort to exchange these little moments with Rude, he never really believed that he had a chance with her. She was a year ahead of him in school and he truly believed her to be way out of his league.

While Wilson spent his days swooning over Rude, she just so happened to be feeling the same way. Both were very shy – so for a short period of time all they had were brief, blushing glances when they crossed paths. With time, their relationship would turn into so much more than they had expected

Janice Rude grew up in Reno, Nevada in a lower-middle class family. Her parents were always very good to her and always offered their support without pushing her into anything. When she decided to enroll in Occidental College for Biology, they were extremely proud of her.

Prentiss Wilson’s upbringing was a bit different. Wilson came from an extremely wealthy family and was expected to attend college. Once he was accepted into Occidental College, he joined the Kappa Sigma Fraternity where he eventually became president. Wilson’s parents were always pushing him to succeed and had big plans for his future.

Rude quickly noticed that there was something special about Wilson. For example, when a black young man applied to join Wilson’s fraternity, the National Fraternity Union denied his request solely because he was black. As president of the fraternity, Wilson gathered his fraternity brothers and started his own private fraternity, just so he could accept this black student.

Janice Rude and Prentiss Wilson were a pair from two different worlds that came together through fate. While Wilson was waking up every morning hoping to see Rude, she was doing the same. Rude would show up to work hoping to be placed at the cereal bar, where she knew she would run into Wilson.

A few weeks after Wilson met Rude, he finally learned her name. Although this doesn’t seem like much, it was a huge step for him. It was at that point that he finally knew the name of the woman he would hope to spend his life with.

Every year, before the students returned home for Thanksgiving break, Occidental College held a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for their students. Working in the cafeteria, Rude expected to see Wilson in her line that night. When Rude never showed up, she became extremely disappointed and even a bit concerned.

When Wilson never showed up to their pre-Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria, it set something off inside of Rude’s heart and made her take a giant leap of faith. Without much thought, Rude found a friend of Wilson’s and asked why he wasn’t at dinner.

Wilson’s friend reported that he had gone home early to his family. In a moment driven by love and passion, Rude actually found out Wilson’s home address and hopped in her car to go see him. Knowing this was an extremely bold move, Rude hoped she was making the right decision.

The most incredible part? Wilson lived in Santa Maria – 160 miles away from their college. Something sparked a fire in Rude that night and distance did not matter. In that moment, she just needed to see her secret love and tell him exactly how she felt about him.

Rude’s heart began to race a little bit faster with every mile she drove. As she got closer to Wilson’s family home, she realized what she was doing was absolutely crazy. She had barely ever talked to this man and she didn’t know what his family was like.

When Rude arrived at Wilson’s house, her heart nearly stopped. Finally, she gathered up the courage to knock on the door. Wilson opened the door and his face dropped. He could not believe what he was seeing right before his eyes: the love of his life at his door step, 160 miles away from their school.

Rude was absolutely ecstatic with the way her bold move turned out. Wilson felt like he was in a dream as he had just been sitting on the couch thinking about her. Wilson’s family fell in love with Rude immediately, as well. In that moment, everything seemed perfect.

Wilson has stated that his mother instantly clicked with Rude – the same way he did. While Rude’s visit could have easily been a disaster, it ended up being perfect. Rude joined the Wilson family for Thanksgiving dinner, and after this night, their relationship only grew stronger.

Wilson and Rude quickly became attached at the hip. After weeks of shy encounters, they were finally in the relationship that they had dreamed of. Before they knew it, they were engaged and planning their life together. Unfortunately, this was where their story went downhill.

Shortly after Wilson proposed, the couple announced their engagement in the local paper. The announcement ended with, “No date has been set for the wedding.” This was when Rude’s father found out about the engagement, and to put it lightly, he was not happy with the decision his daughter had made.

Rude’s father did not approve of her marriage plans and threatened to pull her college tuition if she did not end things with Wilson. This was an absolutely heartbreaking decision for Rude, but she felt that she had no choice. Rude and Wilson both agreed that she needed to stay in school.

“We tried to figure things out but I guess we weren’t smart enough,” Wilson says on the breakup. Rude’s mother even tried to take out a second mortgage to help her complete her degree while also getting married. Unfortunately, that did not work out.

The separation was extremely rough for the two, but they knew it was the right thing to do. Prentiss Wilson went on to Harvard Law School and then became a very successful tax attorney. Janice Rude graduated from Occidental College and opened a swimming pool business in Reno, Nevada. Both Wilson and Rude eventually got married to other people.

Flash forward 50 years, and both Wilson’s and Rude’s mothers passed away within months of each other. When Rude discovered that her mother had kept her engagement article in her wallet for over 35 years, she decided to reach out to Wilson for lunch. What they discovered next blew their minds.

Wilson also discovered that his mother held on to their engagement announcement after all of those years, as well. Now, both divorced and brought together once again by fate, it was clear to Wilson and Rude that their time had finally come to be together.

The summer following their reunion, the pair got married. They both knew that their mothers had wished for this all along, and they were happy to finally make it happen. The couple used their original engagement announcement as their wedding invitation, circling “no date has been set for the wedding” and adding in “the date was finally set…”

Now, Janice Rude and Prentiss Wilson are finally living their happily ever after. After spending years apart, they picked up right where they left off. Although their story is a long one, fate would not let the universe keep them apart. As Prentiss Wilson said, “Some things were just meant to be.”

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