Imagine going for a stroll on a typical beautiful evening then coming upon the strangest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. A huge rock, but ...

Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach

Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach

Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach

 Imagine going for a stroll on a typical beautiful evening then coming upon the strangest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. A huge rock, but was it a rock?

Not only that, you end up being stuck outside your house because the authority figures you called in to deduce what it is came in droves and quarantined your home.

Yes, this is hard to fathom but one couple lived it after deciding to do more than look at the strange object but to seek help.

Here’s what happened next:

Taking a Stroll

It was early 2016, when Steve Whitten and his spouse, Viola, were strolling on Middleton Sands. It was their preferred shoreline in Lancashire, England. It was a block away from home and offered great views of the Irish Sea. The pair lived in the village of Overton.

Preferred Place

Steven and Viola liked to walk around quiet and unpopular places. They liked Middleton Sands. It was not their idea of relaxing being in the midst of a crowd.

Something’s Amiss

When they were looking out at the view, Steven noticed something is not quite right. It smelled like something bad and was bothering him. They were not prepared for what they were certain to come across.

Inquisitive Pair

The odors reeked like rotten cabbage; they had not encountered this before. Steven and Viola were really curious about the smell even after being repulsed by it, and so they kept walking around. It was until they discovered a slightly less than rugby ball-sized grayish lump.

Peculiar Stone

Steven and Viola trailed the stench straight to where it came from. A bizarre and disgusting smelling rock was beached by the waves. It was worn smooth through the decades, at least by the pounding of the waves. What did the duo find?

Fascinated to Know

Steven reached for the stone very gently. He read books on beaches, particularly the area where he was standing. However, Steven has never heard of a smelly rock being found. The whole reason he got intrigued about it.

Unusual Odor

He sniffed the rock and concluded that he had never experienced such a stench before. The rock smelled horrible but also very recognizable. He said it smelled like an organic manures fused with a squid.

Grand Prize

Steve and Violet were always dreaming of winning the jackpot. Maybe that day will come. 

The couple struggled to decide over what to do with the stone. They didn’t actually know what to do about it. They were debating whether they should leave it behind because of its unendurable smell or bring it home. Which one did they agree on?

Rolling The Dice

This pair has always had the dream of being rich. And if they happen to grab it. They believed that by hedging their bets, they could live up to their vision. They were wishing that it would bring them heaps of cash and assist them in buying a static caravan

Carry it Home

Steven decided to bring the rock. He wrapped it with Viola’s scarf. He wanted to make sure no one would find out about the rock. He couldn’t wait to do some further research to find out if his suspicions were correct.

Seeking Support

Immediately, the couple got their fishing scales to measure the oddly shaped lump. It made the couple more excited because it weighed 3.5 pounds. Steven knew he needed some help if he wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Many Opinions

Steven posted a picture of the rock on their Facebook group. The instant the photo was uploaded, the comments poured in. Wait and see what they will do next.

Is This an Asteroid?

People left messages with their theories about what the rock was and where it came from. It was thought to be a piece of molten ash from the ocean floor. Others thought that looked like an asteroid.

Unlimited Possibilities

An aspiring meteorologist recommended that Steven should try to find out what is actually on the rock. The guy argued that his hypothesis was right, and a magnet test would prove it. But in the end, he was wrong.


Steven told a reporter that the rock felt like a rubber ball. It is solid and waxy like a candle. When touching the candle, wax sticks to your fingers. What do you think it is?

High Anxiety

If you will think of it, it is the odd-looking rock that would cause the Whittens so much trouble. After Steve tested the rock with the magnet, he immediately thought something was wrong. We are getting scared too.

Remaining Cautious

He suddenly became reluctant if he would still test on the rock. A rock that they found lying on the seashore, not fully understanding if it was hazardous or would cause harm. He was careful with it.

What Is The Magnet Experiment?

The strongest of all tests for gold is the magnet analysis. It is said that gold always attracts magnets. Utilizing magnets to discover the material provides the reader with valuable insight.

Events Were Unfolding

After subjecting the rock to the magnet test, it was found that it was pure iron. It was not a space rock. He still has to figure out what caused the object to smelling so bad.

He decided he didn’t know what he was doing. He wasn’t sure what he was doing was safe or not. He promptly made a phone call. That’s when the men in their suits arrived at his house.

Trying to find Specialists

At this point, he realized he didn’t know what he was dealing with. People online did contribute some support, but we cannot entirely control them. After that, he did what he needed to do. He asked for help from experts. Wait till you see what is next.


The officials turned up at their residence, sealed it off, and sequestered it. The men in their safety clothing enter the house to dispose of the particle safely. Steven and Viola were standing at the front of their house, trying to give them directions.

Closer To An Answer

The egg-like lump was put inside a box on the dining room table. After carefully examining the rock, the officials left the house without telling Steven and Viola the news, which was truly scary.

At a Loss

Steven, next to his wife, anxiously waited and tried to figure out what was going on. He didn’t expect the worst from it. The rock looked very odd, and the officials’ faces were a little frightening.


Steven was relieved when he discovered that the thing he picked up at the beach wasn’t hazardous. The “rock” was a waste that was tossed on the beach. The officials informed Steven that the “rock” was ambergris. The officials also told him it is very rare and sometimes washed up onshore. So, what is ambergris?


Ambergris is an expensive substance, the smell of which is regarded as “a synthesis between a squid and farmyard manure.” However, after drying, its smell mellows into sweetness. This solvent has been used in creating fragrances for centuries. A few scholars believe the substance is safe to eat.

Whale Waste Matter

Ambergris is a by-product produced in whale bile ducts and then expelled. It sounds weird but thinks about the fact that some people consider dried cockroach parts to be a rare find and worth a fortune.

They felt lucky that they could find something rare. There was a downside.

Sperm whales produce ambergris. Basking whales are found all over the world, from the coastal waters of Britain.

Sperm whale are very large. The sperm whale population was once sparse but has since increased.


Whales were hunted for their blubber in the past. They made candles, soaps, and machine oils from their blubber. Ambergris was gathered for its fragrance. This ban was enacted owing to millions of whales being slaughtered. Ambergris was banned from import.


It is formed slowly and only becomes better when it’s older. It is unknown how much sperm whales generate this item. However, experts estimate 1% of sperm whales have the ability to produce it. There are formed from chemicals in the Atlantic Ocean that are harmful to humans.

Illegal Items

Ambergris is now a prohibited substance in the United States. The criminal activity of bartering ambergris is part of a wider prohibition on whale hunting and mistreatment. Ambergris is thought of as a waste product in the UK. What would it cost?

Floating Gold

Steven and Viola were surprised when they learned that another ambergris was discovered at the beach in Morecambe, in close proximity to the beach where they made their finding.

It turns out that the ambergris found in Morecambe was retailed for a massive 15 thousand dollars! Steven and Viola began contemplating how much they would get for their piece of “floating treasure.”

Loads Of Cash

The Ambergris that the couple discovered in Morecambe was double the quantity of the Whittens. That massive piece of whale waste weighed in at six pounds. 

That implies the Whitten’s can sell their ambergris for approximately 65 thousand dollars. They will definitely be smiling from ear to ear, knowing that going for a stroll and picking up waste matter could be the jackpot they’ve dreamt of winning.

Fulfilling Their Vision

So what have they decided to do with the money? Will they be paying off their mortgage or maybe clearing some other type of debt?

According to the couple, if they indeed make a lot of money from their rare find, it would be used to purchase a caravan that they’ve been dreaming about owning for sometime. Well, we are believing for them that their dream will be fulfilled.

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